What to Expect from Enjoy Flowers: My Hand-Tested Delivery Review

If you’re searching for affordable, modern flowers that arrive directly from the farm, Enjoy Flowers may be the company you’re looking for. I ordered two bouquets to review to see if their flowers lived up to the long-lasting and unique bouquets they talked about online. In short? Enjoy Flowers exceeded expectations. Keep reading for my full review.

Enjoy Flowers Flower Delivery Review

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    My Enjoy Flowers Experience – The Essentials:


    Style & Design:Modern, bright, and playful. The designs I ordered closely resembled those shown online.
    Quality & Freshness:Overall, the flowers were super fresh and high-quality. A few of the roses arrived with discolored outer petals, but this was a minor issue.
    Packaging: The flowers arrived in a well-packaged box with stylish wrapping and notes about how to recycle.
    On-Time Delivery:Arrived on time though no option for same-day or next-day delivery. 
    Ease of Ordering: An easy-to-use website without too many upsells.
    Value For Money:Both bouquets were an excellent value, considering each arrangement cost $59 and came with free shipping. Both bouquets consisted of high-quality flowers, a large number of stems, and modern designs. Plus, the flowers bloomed nicely and looked terrific even a week after they arrived.
    Overall Score:4.5 out of 5

    About Enjoy Flowers

    About Enjoy Flowers
    Credit: Enjoy Flowers

    Who Are They and Where Are They Based?

    Enjoy Flowers operates a direct flower delivery service, which they refer to as the “farm-to-front-door” model. They utilize their 50+ years of experience growing flowers in Colombia to ship flowers directly to customers’ homes and offices.

    Although they have an address in Florida, the majority of the company is based in Colombia.

    What is Enjoy Flowers Known For?

    As mentioned above, Enjoy Flowers is known for farm-fresh flowers. Bouquets are grown, arranged, and shipped in Colombia. Since flowers never sit in warehouses, Enjoy Flowers is best known for its farm-fresh blooms.

    All of Enjoy Flowers’ bouquets are modern, mixed arrangements with a bit of an unexpected twist. They pair classic flowers like roses and lilies with stems like sea holly, succulents, and spiked speedwell. Their bouquets cater to everyday occasions but are also special enough for holidays and significant events like birthday celebrations, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day.

    While Enjoy Flowers does offer one-time bouquets, they specialize in subscription flower delivery services. After you subscribe, you will receive a bouquet every two weeks or once a month.

    Delivery Information and Details

    Enjoy Flowers offers free shipping on all of their bouquets. They currently deliver to anywhere in the contiguous United States.

    Enjoy Flowers does not offer same-day delivery since all of their flowers are shipped from Colombia. Additionally, they do not offer delivery on weekends. This is a consideration as you’ll need to plan 5 to 7 days in advance, typically to specify a delivery date that works for you.

    Do They Only Sell Flowers?

    They do not sell potted plants or any other products. However, you can add a vase to a single bouquet order.

    Where are my Enjoy Flowers Flowers Coming From?

    Enjoy Flowers is extremely transparent about its flower sourcing. All of their flowers are grown on flower farms in Colombia (a major flower-producing nation serving much of the United States).

    Enjoy Flowers advises that they work closely with partner farms that provide employees with “above average wages and benefits.” These farms have also developed a housing fund to support local workers.

    Sustainability Practices

    Enjoy Flowers sources its flowers from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. The Rainforest Alliance was set up as a way to ensure collective action for people and the environment producing in regions where the destruction of natural habitats and exploitation of local workers has been rife in years gone by.

    The Alliance strives to ensure that 3 key pillars of sustainability (spanning social, economic, and environmental factors) are adhered to throughout the flower production process. This means local workers are paid a fair wage and have access to healthcare whilst the farms themselves are required to implement ecologically considerate production processes throughout. To learn more, I’d recommend visiting the Rainforest Alliance which has a number of detailed FAQs. 

    Enjoy Flowers Floral Style, Collections, and Prices

    Enjoy Flowers Floral Style and Collections
    Credit: Petal Republic

    Flower Subscriptions

    The subscription model is the core of Enjoy Flowers’ business. Customers can choose both the bouquet style and size as well as the delivery frequency. Plus, they can cancel at any time.

    The company breaks subscriptions down into three collections: signature, farm-fresh, and DIY.

    Signature Collection

    The Signature Collection is filled with the likes of garden roses, proteas, scabious, and lilies. The bouquets have modern and elegant design touches throughout. 

    Like with all collections, the price per bouquet depends on the size, the delivery frequency, and whether or not you choose to prepay.

    • Single size (20-25 stems): $53.10 – $59.00
    • Double size (50 stems) $80.10 – $89.00
    • Medium size (35 stems) $67.50 – $75.00

    Farm Fresh Collection

    The Farm Fresh Collection centers around seasonal flowers and bouquets tend to veer towards fun, but they still have a touch of elegance.

    • Single size (20-25 stems): $44.10 – $49.00
    • Double size (50 stems) $53.10 – $59.00
    • Medium size (35 stems) $76.50 – $85.00

    DIY Collection

    While bouquets in the Signature and Farm Fresh collections arrive hand-tied, the DIY collection provides loose stems. While the flowers are still high-quality, it’s up to the recipient to make them shine.

    • Single size (20-25 stems): $44.10 – $49.00
    • Double size (50 stems) $53.10 – $59.00
    • Medium size (35 stems) $76.50 – $85.00

    Event Packages

    If you need flower arrangements for a holiday or celebration, an event package may be good. Enjoy Flowers changes the available packages depending on the seasons, so you will always be able to find something new.

    Packages allow you to choose from bouquets, centerpieces, and garlands. Options start at $65 and go up to $125.

    One Time Bouquets

    Along with offering subscription services, Enjoy Flowers also allows you to send single bouquets. Available styles change throughout the season, but you’ll typically be able to choose between seven and ten options.

    Styles range from bright and fun to sleek and elegant. Each bouquet contains 20-25 stems and costs $59.

    My Enjoy Flowers Experience 

    The Arrangements I Ordered

    Velvet Crush

    Velvet Crush Flower Arrangement from Enjoy Flowers
    Credit: Enjoy Flowers

    The Enjoy Flowers website describes the Velvet Crush bouquet as a mix of roses, calla lilies, alstroemeria, and more. The photo displays a blend of crimson, maroon, and purple flowers with subdued greens.

    The bouquet I received was practically identical to the one pictured online. I loved how the florists included tall spikes of stock and delicate roses, and various types of greenery. Plus, I couldn’t stop looking at the ruffled petals of the garden rose.

    While the roses and stock took a few days to unfurl and bloom, the bouquet looked terrific for over a week.

    Deck the Halls

    Deck The Halls Flower Arrangement from Enjoy Flowers
    Credit: Enjoy Flowers

    The website described and pictured a bouquet filled with a mix of bright yellow flowers and white blooms. As with the Velvet Crush bouquet, the arrangement I received was almost identical.

    I loved how the bouquet fell bright and cheerful while also maintaining a hint of elegance. The roses and mums bloomed over the course of a week, which was fun to watch. While some of the smaller white roses wilted after five days, the rest of the bouquet held up for over a week.

    The Online Ordering Experience at Enjoy Flowers

    Enjoy Flowers Online Shopping Experience

    The Enjoy Flowers website is nice and simple to navigate. While some people like endless options and add-ons, I’m someone who enjoys a few excellent choices rather than hundreds of sub-par options.

    With that said, if you like a wide variety of options or single-variety bouquets, you may not find what you’re looking for here.

    Once you decide to order a single bouquet, you have less than ten options to choose from. After selecting the flowers you like, you just have to enter your delivery address, preferred delivery date, and payment information.

    Taking Delivery

    Taking Delivery of my Enjoy Flowers Arrangements
    Credit: Petal Republic

    After I ordered my arrangements, I was sent an email with a tracking number to check in on. As advertised on the website, the flowers were shipped directly from Colombia. 

    Both arrangements arrived on time and were left in boxes at my door. Since I was home, I was able to quickly bring the flowers inside. However, if you’ll be gone for a day, you may want to have someone bring your flowers in out of the heat or cold.

    The arrangements arrived in sturdy cardboard boxes with elegant floral illustrations and clear labeling. After opening the boxes, I was met with more secure packaging as well as thoughtful messaging.

    Each bouquet was wrapped in a plastic sleeve as well as an elegant floral paper wrapper. These stems were zip-tied to the bottom of the box to prevent the flowers from rolling around.

    The box’s interior contained graphics with information about unpacking and arranging your flowers to help them last as long as possible. There was also a sheet with information about becoming a floral subscription subscriber (and a unique discount code).

    Finally, the packaging contained information about sustainability. They reminded you to recycle the cardboard packaging and also provided information about rainwater reuse.

    After I removed the arrangements from the box, I discovered the stems of each bouquet were in a plastic bag filled with floral foam. Since the foam was still moist upon arrival, the flowers did not look wilted. I also found a packet of floral food attached to each bouquet.

    Unboxing Enjoy Flowers Arrangements
    Credit: Petal Republic

    After removing the bag and rubber bands holding the stems together, I was able to separate the stems and get a better look at the flowers. Each bouquet included a few mums that were protected with a fine mesh sleeve. After removing this protection, the petals sprung out with no damage.

    Overall, the flowers looked remarkably fresh. The only flaw I could spot was some minor discoloration on the outer rose petals. However, this wasn’t a big deal.

    Both the roses, alstroemeria, and stock were pre-bloom. The petals weren’t so tight that the flowers were unenjoyable – instead, they looked like they would last for quite a while.

    Setting Up the Enjoy Flowers Bouquets at Home

    Setting Up my Enjoy Flowers Arrangements at Home
    Credit: Petal Republic

    After I unpacked the flowers, it was time to arrange them. While the bouquets would have looked nice without much styling, I couldn’t resist spending some time playing with the different types of flowers.

    I followed package instructions and gave each stem a fresh cut using a pair of scissors. Since some of the flowers and greens had woody stems, I utilized a sharp knife and cutting board to trim these stems.

    By cutting the stems to various lengths, I was able to create a full and balanced bouquet. I liked that Enjoy Flowers provided flowers of various textures, colors, and heights to play with. Plus, they included plenty of greens to round out the arrangement.

    With this process in mind, I think an Enjoy Flowers bouquet would work well for people that like arranging flowers as well as those who want to take flowers directly from the box to the vase.

    The Verdict 

    Enjoy Flowers The Verdict
    Credit: Petal Republic

    Overall Opinion

    Overall, I was highly impressed with the bouquets I received from Enjoy Flowers. I constantly found myself raving at the quality and appearance of the bouquets each time I walked past them.

    Both arrangements closely resembled the bouquets shown on the Enjoy Flowers website, both in style and size. I loved how each bouquet contained a mix of styles and textures to play with, while well-matched colors blended the bouquet together. Additionally, each bouquet was large enough to be a statement piece in the middle of a table.

    Not only did the flowers arrive in good condition, but they really did last. The roses and stock slowly bloomed over the course of a week, and the bouquets were still stunning a week after they arrived.

    Considering the quality and size of the bouquets, I think Enjoy Flowers is an excellent value. Not only are the bouquets only $59 each, but they come with free shipping. I would definitely order from Enjoy Flowers again.


    Enjoy Flowers The Highlights
    Credit: Petal Republic

    Enjoy Flowers exceeded my expectations in many areas:

    • Modern and unique designs
    • Attractive price point
    • Durable and stylish packaging
    • Long-lasting flowers
    • Easy to follow instructions and care tips

    Areas With Room for Improvement

    While I didn’t find the following areas bothersome, some people might consider them negatives: 

    • Limited number of bouquet options
    • Need to order at least a week in advance

    What Occasions Might Someone Consider Ordering From Enjoy Flowers?

    Occasions to order from Enjoy Flowers
    Credit: Petal Republic

    Enjoy Flowers has flowers for just about every occasion. Most of their bouquets would work well as birthday presents, house-warming gifts, and get well soon flowers.

    Alternatives to Enjoy Flowers

    If you’d prefer to receive arrangements pre-arranged in a vase rather than in a box, consider ordering from Teleflora or From You Flowers. And if you’d like to keep the farm-fresh vibe but are looking for more options, check out The Bouqs or BloomsyBox who offer comparable arrangements at similar price points.

    For more premium options, Ode à la Rose offers a chic selection of French-inspired bouquets and ornate arrangements, and UrbanStems are a good spot for modern and stylish designs. Both offer nationwide next-day shipping as well. 

    Enjoy Flowers Buying Guide FAQs

    Where are Enjoy Flowers Located?

    Enjoy Flowers is located in Colombia, but they also have an office in Florida.

    How long can Enjoy Flowers bouquets stay boxed?

    It’s best to unpack your flowers ASAP, but don’t fret if you need to keep your flowers in a box for a few hours.

    How long do Enjoy Flowers arrangements last?

    Enjoy Flowers guarantees that their flowers will stay fresh for at least seven days after delivery. If they don’t, they will send a replacement. However, from what I experienced, these flowers will last at least a week.

    Where does Enjoy Flowers deliver?

    Enjoy flowers delivers throughout the contiguous United States.

    How much are Enjoy Flowers flower arrangements?

    Single arrangements cost $59, while bouquets in subscription options cost between $44 and $88.

    How much are Enjoy Flowers delivery fees?

    Enjoy Flowers never charges delivery fees! That’s right, delivery costs $0.

    Do Enjoy Flowers Offer Same-Day Delivery?

    No, Enjoy Flowers does not offer same-day delivery. The earliest delivery slots are typically 5 to 7 days from the time of placing the order.

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