Up Close with The Bouqs: My Hands-On Flower Delivery Review

The Bouqs is a popular flower delivery service best known for its modern, farm-fresh blooms and creative flower arrangements suitable for gifting and the home. The company offers flowers, plants, and gifts for various occasions yearly. Plus, they have flower subscriptions for customers across the United States. I recently ordered two flower arrangements from The Bouqs. I wanted to see how they deliver on their values of sustainability, compassion, and farm-fresh flowers. Here, I’ve shared everything you need to know about the ordering process, the quality of the flowers received, and things to consider if you plan to order from The Bouqs. 

The Bouqs Flower Delivery Service in Dallas, Texas

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My Experience Ordering Flowers from The Bouqs – The Essentials:


Style & Design:Bright, stylish, and abundant. I was impressed by the bouquet designs and the size of my larger arrangement. Both added a nice focal point for my holiday celebrations. 
Quality & Freshness:The flowers were particularly fresh. Some of the Peruvian lilies arrived in a pre-bloom state. They opened up nicely after a few days. 
Packaging: Robust, well-constructed, and recyclable. One box arrived slightly dented from transport, but the bouquets were still well-protected. 
On-Time Delivery:Arrived within the specified delivery window.
Ease of Ordering: Generally fast and clutter-free. You will see a few additional options and promotions during the ordering process. These include adding a vase or subscribing to receive regular flower deliveries. 
Value For Money:I thought the value was great, considering the variety of flowers, arrangement designs, eco-friendly packaging, and prompt delivery. The company’s larger ‘grand’ bouquets offer the best value for an impressive amount of flowers.

About The Bouqs

About The Bouqs

Who Are The Bouqs?

The Bouqs is a flower and plant delivery company based in Marina Del Rey, California. 

Their business centers around sustainable and transparent practices to deliver farm-to-table flowers across the country. They work directly with flower farmers to deliver fresh arrangements directly to homes, offices, and venues throughout the United States today.  

Interestingly, the company also featured on the popular investment show ‘Shark Tank’ a few years ago now. 

Whilst The Bouqs are primarily an online florist, they also have retail stores where you can pick up a bouquet in person. Locations include Beverly Hills and Studio City, California; Dallas, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; and Washington, DC. 

What Is The Bouqs Known for?

This company is known for partnering with eco-friendly farms and local florists. The Bouqs’ signature style plays off their farm-to-table approach to flowers with a modern and stylish twist. Prices are generally quite affordable. 

Where Do The Bouqs Deliver?

The Bouqs delivers to all 50 US states. However, delivery and product availability are limited for Hawaii and Alaska. 

The company offers same-day, next-day, and specified-day delivery options. These options will depend on the arrangement you select. The Bouqs’ website allows you to search by bouquets available for same-day or next-day delivery in your area. 

Do They Only Sell Flowers? 

Aside from fresh bouquets, The Bouqs sells dried flower arrangements, houseplants, and gifts. You can also include a vase with your order or turn your purchase into an ongoing flower subscription. 

The Bouqs Floral Style, Collections, and Prices

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Each of The Bouqs’ arrangements features a unique variety of colors and textures. You can choose your bouquet based on flower or plant type, with options like tulips, succulents, roses, and tropical species.

Listed collections include corporate and professional gifts, dried arrangements, wedding florals, and holiday bouquets. Most bouquets come in three sizes: original, deluxe, or grand. 

The original will have around 12 stems, depending on the bouquet. Choosing the deluxe size will double the number of stems, and the grand size will triple the blooms in your order. 

Prices will vary depending on various factors, including flower type, bouquet size, and delivery time. The largest bouquets offer the best value: triple the stems at only a slightly higher price. For example, an arrangement of white Asiatic lilies costs $49 for the original size and $79 for the grand size. 

My Experience Ordering Flowers From The Bouqs

The Arrangements I Ordered 

I ordered two different bouquets from The Bouqs to add some unique focal points to my holiday decorations. Here is how they’re described on The Bouqs’ website. 

Yours Truly

Yours Truly Flower Arrangement from The Bouqs
Credit: The Bouqs

The Yours Truly arrangement features white roses and mixed Peruvian lilies as focal flowers. It is accented with waxflowers and eucalyptus stems. 

Scarlet Rouge

Scarlet Rouge Flower Arrangement from The Bouqs
Credit: The Bouqs

The Scarlet Rouge arrangement has burgundy and red carnations as focal flowers. It is accented with red hypericum berries and dark green and red leafy foliage. 

The Online Ordering Experience at The Bouqs

The Online Shopping Experience at The Bouqs

The Bouqs’ website is easy to navigate. The home page offers special holiday promotions and bestsellers and includes various searchable categories. You can click the collection you want and scroll through several options that may suit your preferences.

The product images on The Bouqs’ website are better than other sites I’ve ordered flowers from in the past. So, I had fun browsing through the options before finding the bouquets I wanted to order. 

Once I found my bouqs, the ordering process was straightforward. First, I was prompted to choose between the original, deluxe, and grand size options. You can click these sizes to see photos of how the different sizes look, which helped me decide what to order.

Next, I chose a delivery date. Dates seem to depend on the availability of flowers in your area. There were different dates for the various bouquets I looked at, but most were available within a few days of my order.

Then, I was invited to upgrade my order with a vase before adding the bouquets to my basket. I didn’t need a vase for either bouquet, so I removed those added items before proceeding with my order.

Then, I had to select whether this order was a one-time purchase or a monthly flower subscription. I clicked one-time purchase for both bouquets and then ‘add to basket.’ 

At this point, the site prompted me again to subscribe for monthly flower deliveries in exchange for 30 percent off my order. Since I had already chosen my preferred purchasing option, I thought this felt a touch excessive. However, it was easy enough to click ‘no thanks, continue to cart.’

Receiving My Delivery from The Bouqs

The Bouqs Flower Delivery Box
Credit: Petal Republic
The Bouqs Packaging
The Bouqs Packaging and Instructions
Receiving Flowers From The Bouqs

The two arrangements I ordered from The Bouqs were delivered on time in secure boxes. The boxes were functional with some stylish touches and information about the brand. While one of the boxes arrived slightly dented, both bouquets were all in good condition.

The flowers were vibrant on arrival, though a few weren’t in full bloom yet. This is to be expected particularly when flowers are being shipped overnight or 2-day.

Inside The Bouqs’ delivery boxes, the bouquets were wrapped in plastic with flower food attached to their stems. Each box came with a personalized greeting card and a small informational pamphlet. The pamphlet included care and arrangement tips, and more information about the subscription service.

Setting Up The Bouqs Arrangements at Home

The Bouqs Flower Delivery Experience
Credit: Petal Republic

My flowers were arranged well on arrival, but I did a bit of arranging myself following the tips that came with my packages. 

First, I cut the stems as indicated in the instruction pamphlet. Then, I added water and flower food to vases I had on hand. 

Finally, it was time to place my flowers in their new spot in my home. The larger arrangement I ordered, Yours Truly, came as two separate bouquets. So, I took a bit more time arranging that bouquet than the smaller Scarlet Rouge bouquet. 

Here’s what the bouquets looks like composed:

Yours Truly Flower Arrangement by The Bouqs

Yours Truly Flower Arrangement Arranged from The Bouqs
Credit: Petal Republic

Scarlet Rouge Flower Arrangement by The Bouqs:

Scarlet Rouge Flower Arrangement Arranged from The Bouqs
Credit: Petal Republic

I enjoyed following the tips listed to really make the Yours Truly bouquet my own. Plus, it was fun to show visitors a bouquet arranged by… Yours Truly!

The Verdict 

Overall, I enjoyed my experience ordering flowers with The Bouqs. I could see the value I was receiving from the added touches in the packaging to the flower variety and quality.

Additionally, I felt good about ordering from a company that cares about its growers and florists. I enjoyed that they provided more of a behind-the-scenes look at floristry than other vendors.

When I’ve bought flowers in the past, I had no idea where they were grown. So, I enjoyed seeing the farmer profiles featured on The Bouqs’ website. In fact, I would have loved to learn even more about the farmers and florists who brought my bouquets to life. 

The Bouqs Verdict
Credit: Petal Republic

I thought the company did a good job of ensuring my bouquets closely resembled the images on their website. However, the lilies in the Yours Truly bouquet were slightly different colors than those pictured online. Additionally, the eucalyptus stems in the Yours Truly bouquet were replaced with bright green, leafy foliage. 

Personally, I preferred the Scarlet Rouge over the Yours Truly arrangement. Both had high-quality blooms, but I loved how vibrant the red flowers were in the Scarlet Rouge bouquet. They really stood out against the neutral decor in my home. 

Honestly, I would happily order from The Bouqs again. To me, flowers feel like such a personal gift, and often the online ordering process can feel impersonal or even gimmicky. The Bouqs went the extra mile to make the whole experience feel more personal and welcoming, and I appreciated that.

Highlights of Ordering with The Bouqs

The Bouqs Floral Style and Collections
Credit: Petal Republic

One great thing about my experience with The Bouqs is that my bouquets lasted around two weeks. Both were beautiful from the time I received them, with colors and textures that seemed to be designed with care.

In fact, several family members commented on how great my bouqs looked on tables in my living room. They were particularly impressed with the vibrant red flowers in the Scarlet Rouge bouquet. 

I also enjoyed reading through the extra materials that came with my order. It was fun following the arranging tips and feeling like I was learning a bit about floral design in the process. It was a unique experience that I hadn’t had when ordering flowers in the past. 

Areas The Bouqs Could Improve

Cons of ordering flowers from the Bouqs
Credit: Petal Republic

The Bouqs’s website mentions that bouquets arrive in eco-friendly paper cones. However, mine came wrapped in plastic. I imagine this was due to the materials available to the designer who made my arrangements.

However, I’d love to see the company’s great sustainability efforts extended through all packaging. I’d also enjoy reading more about their sustainability practices for sourcing and delivery.

What Occasions I’d Consider Ordering from The Bouqs

I think The Bouqs is a good choice for ordering flowers for special occasions like birthday flowers, holidays, and anniversaries. They’d also be a good pick if you’re looking to add fresh blooms to your home’s decor. 

For more, see the latest flower collections at The Bouqs here and our in-depth review of the Bouqs Valentine’s Day collections.

Alternatives to The Bouqs

Enjoy Flowers and BloomsyBox operate similar farm-to-door flower delivery services at comparable price points. 

From You Flowers is a very popular flower delivery service offering affordable arrangements and always has discounts and deals available on their site if you’re looking for a bargain. 

If you’re looking for something a little more extravagant than The Bouqs, you may consider Ode a la Rose or UrbanStems. Both have high-quality arrangements with plenty of lavish designs to choose from. 

The Bouqs Buying Guide FAQs:

Where Are My Bouqs Flowers Coming from?

This company prides itself on transparent sourcing, which you can see as you navigate their website. They have ‘meet the farmer’ videos that introduce several eco-friendly growers who work directly with The Bouqs. 

The site features growers in Ecuador, California, and other areas in the US and South America. You can even read a ‘meet the farmer’ profile for your selected arrangement by scrolling down the product page. 

How Sustainable are Flower from The Bouqs

The Bouqs partners directly with eco-friendly growers is to make their flower delivery service more sustainable. In addition, The Bouqs advise that flowers are cut to order to minimize floral waste associated with their production processes. 

When I received my bouquets, I was happy to see that most of the packaging was sustainable and recyclable. The paper inside the package even encouraged recycling or reusing it as gift wrap. 

Where is The Bouqs located?

Headquarters for The Bouqs is located in Marina Del Rey, California. However, this company has retail shops and delivery available for customers across the United States. 

How long can The Bouqs flowers stay boxed?

The Bouqs flowers are prepared to stay boxed until they arrive at your door. Remove them from the box when they’re delivered to ensure the nutrition, water, and sunlight they need to stay fresh as long as possible.

How long do The Bouqs flowers last? 

You can expect arrangements from The Bouqs to last anywhere from five to seven days. However, some bouquets may last even longer with the proper care. For example, my arrangements lasted nearly two weeks after I received them. 

Where do The Bouqs deliver? 

The Bouqs delivers to the 50 US states. However, availability is limited for Alaska and Hawaii, and delivery is limited to specific regions in Alaska. The company doesn’t deliver to Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, the US Virgin Islands, or APO/FPO addresses.

How much are The Bouqs flower arrangements?

The Bouqs flower arrangements cost anywhere from $39 to $125 or more, depending on your selection. For example, an original, classic-sized bouquet of 10 Matthiola stems costs $39. In contrast, a curated gift trio of ‘grand’ sized roses (part of a three-month prepaid Bouqs subscription) costs $206. The company offers discounts if you make your order a subscription. 

How much are The Bouqs delivery fees? 

If you have an account with The Bouqs, you’ll pay a $12 delivery fee. If you process your order without an account, you’ll pay $18. The company offers free shipping if you order through their Subscription and Scheduler services. Additionally, all orders that request a Saturday delivery will be charged an extra $9.

Do The Bouqs offer same-day delivery?

Yes, The Bouqs offers same-day delivery for certain products depending on your location. Simply visit their Same Day page and enter your recipient’s zipcode to browse same-day bouquets available for you. 

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