Editorial Code

Petal Republic’s editorial code of conduct and standards for content published on petalrepublic.com.

Our Editorial Mission

Petal Republic (Registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office) is an independent digital media publisher centered around the world of floristry, floral experiences, urban gardening, house plants, and interior styling through flowers & plant life.  

Diversity & Inclusivity 

The site is curated by a truly global team from diverse professional and academic backgrounds and interests spanning horticultural, botanical, floristry, and design disciplines. We endeavor to provide a platform for a broad array of voices and experience levels. 

We cover numerous geographic territories, including the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia. 

Our Commitment to Integrity

Petal Republic is an independent publisher committed to providing informative, accurate, and helpful content for our global audience. All editorial features published on the site are created by writers with relevant experience or expertise in the respective topic. 

Reviews and Recommended Editorial Features

At Petal Republic we strive to showcase exceptional floristry and plant life across a global network of cities where we live and work. These are the key pillars and standards that guide our reviews and recommended editorial features: 

  • Floral & Plant Design: Creativity, style, and artistry across floral and plant styling are paramount to us. We strive to uncover exceptional florists, plant shops, garden centers, urban nurseries, and online specialists curating unique, personalized, and compelling floral arrangements and plant compositions. We celebrate a broad array of styles, be they classical, contemporary, artistic, or avant-garde. 
  • Shopping and delivery: we look for the best customer experience. Websites and shopping channels that are easy to navigate have smooth and simple purchase functions, clearly represent on-screen and in-store what the customer will actually receive, and provide choice and flexibility with ordering and delivery. 
  • Customer feedback: based on our own shopping experiences, speaking to other recent customers directly, recommendations and opinions from industry experts, as well as consolidating wider reviews and benchmarks across social media and other channels. 
  • Sustainability: floristry, like any industry, has a responsibility to improve and promote sustainable business practices. We embrace those who are instigating change and working to make the planet a better, cleaner place today and for the future.   

Content Licensing 

For any enquiries relating to syndicating or licensing content from petalrepublic.com please connect with our team via the ‘Contact Us’ form. 

Shopping & Affiliate Links

Petal Republic is reader-supported and 100% editorially independent. Some of our articles may include links to shopping sites, products, or services chosen at the sole discretion of our editorial staff where you’re able to purchase an item you’ve seen. In some instances, we may earn a commission as a result of a sale occurring that originated from our website. This is of no cost to the reader but does help to support our editorial independence. Under no circumstances would Petal Republic accept any form of paid advertising from a 3rd party to be included within an editorial feature. 

Gifts & Giveaways 

We do not accept gifts or other incentives from companies as a condition or request to write a review or story, whether positive or negative.