BloomsyBox: My Hand-Tested Flower Delivery Review

It’s been a few months since we last ordered fresh flowers from BloomsyBox so we treated ourselves to a couple of farm-fresh bouquets ahead of spring to let you know what’s cooking at this flower delivery specialist. For reference, the bouquets ordered for our Bloomsybox review were paid for out of our own pocket and shipped directly to our West Coast editor in Seattle! In short, we had a nice experience all around, read on to see our bouquets in action and some tips on ordering the best arrangements.

BloomsyBox 2021 Review - Petal Republic's Essential Guide

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About BloomsyBox

BloomsyBox Flower Delivery in the USA

A bit of background if you’re new to the world of BloomsyBox. Launched in 2015, BloomsyBox is a ‘farm-to-door’ florist that specializes in seasonal flower arrangements that are available as individual bouquets or via their popular weekly or monthly flower subscription club

BloomsyBox ships fresh flower arrangements to homes, offices, and venues throughout the United States directly from their network of flower farms around the world. There are no storefronts or warehouses involved which has a few practical benefits.

The theory goes you’re getting seasonal flowers days fresher than you might find elsewhere and by cutting out the traditional ‘middlemen’ there’s usually a buck or two to be saved when it’s all said and done. 

Where Are My BloomsyBox Flowers Coming From? 

Flower Farms in Colombia

Much like the vast majority of cut-flowers produced and sold in the United States, BloomsyBox sources the majority of their blooms from flower farms in Colombia and Ecuador (in addition to some leading European and Thai producers). 

These regions have served as the cornerstones of global floral production for years now. They benefit from idyllic growing conditions and advanced farming infrastructures that allow for a vast array of flower species to be produced throughout the year. 

When you consider the likes of Valentine’s Day, which falls in mid-February when much of the northern hemisphere is frozen solid, regions such as Latin America provide the best geographically adjacent options for lush red roses that simply couldn’t be produced domestically. 

Sustainability and The Environment 

We hear a lot about sustainability in the floristry industry but what does that really mean? 

Wastage is a huge problem throughout the supply chains due to the delicate and rapidly degrading nature of a fresh-cut flower but there are things that can be done to lighten the impact of our desire for beautiful blooms. 

For instance, sustainably conscious florists are experts at stock and inventory management, carefully balancing demand with supply to ensure they’re never overstocked with unusable flowers. In addition, past prime blooms under the right stewardship can be turned into sumptuous dried flower arrangements which last for months and months. 

At the beginning of the process are the farmers themselves who are growing flowers to meet the needs of weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, and more throughout the year. 

Rainforest Alliance and Veriflora Certified Producers

Rainforest Alliance Certified Flower Farms

Rightly so, BloomsyBox is quite active in letting you know the flowers they source are only coming from Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms or Veriflora Certified Producers. 

The Rainforest Alliance was set-up as a way to ensure collective action for people and the environment producing in regions where the destruction of natural habitats and exploitation of local workers has been rife in years gone by. The Alliance strives to ensure that 3 key pillars of sustainability (spanning social, economic, and environmental factors) are adhered to throughout the flower production process. This means local workers are paid a fair wage and have access to healthcare whilst the farms themselves are required to implement ecologically considerate production processes throughout. To learn more, I’d recommend visiting the Rainforest Alliance who has a number of detailed FAQs. 

Floral Style and Collections

BloomsyBox Flowers

BloomsyBox floral designs tend to not be overly complex and that’s never really the intention. Arrangements stand out for being bright, bold, fresh and imaginative as opposed to be being overly artistic and dainty.

You’ll find notes of classical floral design techniques interspersed with more contemporary styles if you’re after something a little more modern. Typically there’s a good variety to pick from which helps if you’re shopping for something celebratory or more somber. 

When BloomsyBox originally started out the business was sort of a wholesale proposition catering to nimble brides and event planners looking to source fresh flowers in bulk. The services have evolved and grown over the past few years and today they’re well known for both their weekly or monthly flower subscription club in addition to having lots of options for fresh cut flower arrangements for one-time orders if you’re just shopping for a particular occasion. 

The Weekly and Monthly Flower Subscription Service Plans

Here are the current collections by price and delivery frequency: 

Weekly BloomsyBox Subscription: 

  • Weekly: $44.99 per week (featuring an assortment of seasonal flowers)
  • Bi-Weekly: $49.99 every 2 weeks (as above but every 2 weeks)

Monthly Flower Subscription Box: 

  • Classic: $43.99 per month (featuring an assortment of seasonal flowers) 
  • Deluxe: $49.99 per month (featuring larger arrangements and a wider selection of premium flowers) 
  • Premium: $54.99 per month (the big daddy, featuring luxury and exotic stems)
  • Roses: $44.99 per month (you guessed it, a rotating collection of premium roses)
  • The New York Botanical Garden Collection: $69.99 per month (featuring hand-crafted bouquets inspired by the awesome NYBG). 

All subscription plans are very flexible which we appreciate so if you ever found yourself craving roses or more premium arrangement you can easily request and switch over. You can also skip/pause at any time if you need a break or are likely to be on vacation for instance. 

One-Time BloomsyBox Bouquets

Here you’ll find a nice collection of seasonally-inspired flower arrangements, year-round mixed bouquets, exotics, and an extensive choice of farm-fresh roses, orchids, and potted plants. 

Prices range from $40 up to around $70 and you’ll receive somewhere between 20 and 50 stems of your favorite flower depending on what you pick out. 

For this order, we went with the Premium Pink Cupcake bouquet and the tropically-inspired Rainforest Surprise. Here’s what they look like on the BloomsyBox website when you’re placing an order:

Premium Pink Cupcake Bouquet

Premium Pink Cupcake Flower Arrangement from BloomsyBox

Rainforest Surprise

Rainforest Suprise from BloomsyBox

Online Ordering at BloomsyBox: 

BloomsyBox gets top marks for its website usability and general smooth ordering processes. Their website is always visually engaging, clearly descriptive, and very straightforward when it comes to ordering flowers when you’re in a bit of a hurry. You’re rarely bombarded with upsells of cards or balloons or deluxe versions which often just confuse the process with some other well-known flower merchants. 

BloomsyBox Flower Delivery Options in the USA

It’s important if you’re considering a bouquet from BloomsyBox (particularly a one-time bouquet) that you’re going to need to plan ahead a little as there’s no same-day or next-day delivery options here. Monthly delivery options give you a bit more flexibility.

The earliest delivery dates are typically 5 to 7 days out (remember your order is coming straight from the farm and not a local flower shop) so you’ll need to do a little pre-planning if you’re buying for a specific gifting occasion for friends, family, and loved ones. 

What’s great is the delivery service is available nationwide throughout the United States via FedEx (including Alaska, but not Puerto Rico or Hawaii yet). 

You can also specify delivery instructions if you sign-up for a FedEx account (such as specific locations for the flowers to be left and preferred time slots on the day of delivery). You’ll also receive a tracking number to keep an eye on delivery when it’s in transit. 

It’s also worth noting that deliveries are currently made Tuesday to Friday each week. 

BloomsyBox Review – The Experience

Our two bouquets arrived on time as promised which is always a great start! As you can see, each bouquet gets its own delivery vessel to keep them snug in transit. 

BloomsyBox Boxes on Delivery

The cardboard packaging is all recyclable as well so once you’ve removed the flowers simply fold and discard with the rest of your paper and cardboard household recycling. 

Once you open the box, you’ll notice a few neat tricks the BloomsyBox team has put in place in the interest of ensuring your bouquet is in the best possible shape it can be. 

First off you’ll see the stems are secured in place with ties and some additional padding and the whole bouquet is wrapped in paper. 

BloomsyBox Packaging

You might also notice the blooms are still somewhat closed. This is to be expected as BloomsyBox (like other flower delivery services) ship their flowers pre-bloom calculating for the period of time from cutting through to delivery at your door. You’ll typically get to witness their full spectacle about 2 to 3 days after you’ve unpacked and arranged the flowers in a vase. 

BloomsyBox Flowers packaged for shipping

What Comes in a BloomsyBox: 

In addition to the flowers, of course, BloomsyBox includes the prerequisite packet of flower food and a handy leaflet with some details on the bouquet you’ve received. 

BloomsyBox Flowers, Flower Feed, and Instructions

What Condition Were the Flowers on Delivery

Our flowers arrived in great condition which I’m pleased to report. You can see the outside petals of the rose flowers starting to dry a little (again, pretty normal – I’d always recommend gently peeling away a few of the outside petals when you’re first arranging the bouquet in a vase as they’re often the first thing to wilt in transit as the flowers are craving a drink after being out of the ground). 

Additionally, there wasn’t too much ‘filler’ used in the actual bouquet (think random foliage and leaves which can detract from the flowers themselves). 

BloomsyBox Flowers and Flower Food

Setting Up Your BloomsBox Bouquet at Home

Our arrangements were looking really beautiful on delivery and looked virtually identical to what we saw on the screen when we were originally placing the order.

You won’t need to summon up your creative floral design skills if you don’t want to either, which is great for those who just want to enjoy their floral arrangement without the fuss. The arrangement was also larger than I was expecting (not complaining!). 

BloomsyBox Premium Pink Cupcake Arrangement at Home

We followed the included BloomsyBox tips by cutting the stems about an inch from the base and removed any leaves further down the stems that might be submerged in the water. 

Then, simply prepare the vase by sprinkling the flower food sachet in and topping up about a third to halfway with cold tap water. Now, drop the cut stems into the vase and you should be good to go. 

BloomsyBox Tropical Flowers after 7 days

As a general rule, I’d recommend keeping an eye on the water level in the vase (every home environment will see different speeds at which the water evaporates) and switch out to fresh water every couple of days if possible to maximize the longevity of the arrangement. 

Also – keep the fresh flowers away from any ripe fruit and make sure they’re not in a spot exposed to bright, direct sunlight which can scorch the delicate flowers.

How Long Will My BloomsyBox Bouquet Last? 

Your mileage might vary but I always look for a fresh flower bouquet to last a minimum of 7-days with the hope of them still looking plausible after about 2 weeks. Remember, your BloomsyBox bouquet isn’t going to bloom for 2 or 3 days so you should be in for a good 10 days at least of beautiful fresh flowers. 

Here you can see our arrangements after 7 days looking very spritely still. 

BloomsyBox Flowers after 7 days

BloomsyBox Review – The Verdict: 

All in all, we had a super positive experience with BloomsyBox on this occasion. The flowers delivered were virtually identical to what was described and presented on the website at the time of ordering. The bouquet was definitely bigger than I was anticipating, filled with delicious and voluminous flower buds which were really beautiful after a couple of days once they’d bloomed. 

Factoring in price, the quality of the flowers, and the clear care and attention that went into curating the bouquets I’d say they’re definitely a good option to consider for a host of gifting occasions for friends, family, and loved ones – be it for birthday flowers, anniversaries, thank you gestures, new babies, graduations, etc., in addition to fresh seasonal blooms for the home or office. Bear in mind the delivery options though, as you’ll need to allow for a minimum of 5 to 7 days for the flowers to arrive.

For alternatives, I also frequently order from the likes of UrbanStems, The Bouqs, and Ode à la Rose who operate similar farm-to-door delivery services with a slightly different twist in terms of style.

For more, check out BloomsyBox here. They also run a number of discounts and coupon codes throughout the year (typically 10% to 15% off your first order if you’re interested in saving a buck).

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