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The Best Florists for Weekly or Monthly Flower Subscriptions

Updated September 17th, 2021 by Petal Republic USA

There’s nothing quite like fresh-cut, seasonal flowers in the home. The perfume, the full luscious blooms, and the ornate arrangements that rotate with the seasons really are special. That’s what makes a regular flower subscription – be it weekly or monthly – such a treat. From bold, stylish weekly rose bouquets to farm-fresh monthly seasonal garden boxes filled with peonies, ranunculus, lilies, and more, there’s a host of great flower subscription services all available at the touch of a button. Here you’ll find 11 of our favorites delivering throughout the United States today. Perfect for the home in addition to making an excellent floral gift for the Holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or a thank you gesture to a friend, loved one, or colleague. Enjoy! 

11 Best Flower Subscription Services and Boxes:

1) UrbanStemsBest for Modern & Stylish Flower Arrangements $$
2) Ode à la RoseBest for Luxury French Floristry$$$
3) BloomsyBoxBest for Farm Fresh Single Variety and Tropical Blooms$
4) Enjoy FlowersBest for Seasonal & DIY Flowers $
5) The BouqsBest for Eco-Friendly Flowers Straight from the Farm$$
6) H BloomBest for Luxury & Elegant Floral Designs$$$
7) ProFlowersBest for Choice $$
8) Farmgirl FlowersBest for US Grown Flowers$$
9) 1-800 Flowers Best for Timeless & Traditional Floral Arrangements$$
10) Kremp FloristBest for Affordable Monthly Fresh Flower Boxes$
11) It’s By UBest for Creative & Electic Floral Collections$

The Best Flower Subscription Services in the USA

1. UrbanStems

A stylish, on-trend flower delivery & gifting specialist loved for their colorful and captivating arrangements. Monthly seasonal flower subscriptions start at $50.

About UrbanStems Flower Subscription:

UrbanStems is a modern and stylish flower delivery service that has grown rapidly over the past few years. Interestingly, their business was launched on Valentine’s Day in 2014 by a couple of college friends intent on creating a better flower gifting service after one too many bad experiences ordering flowers elsewhere.

Above all, they are known for working with some of the best floral designers around to create one-of-a-kind seasonal flower arrangements that you won’t find anywhere else. Expect the color palettes, and blooms to rotate and evolve as we move throughout the growing season which we love.

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Flower Subscription Options:

With UrbanStems you just need to pick one of three options and select whether you’d like your flowers delivered weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

  • The Classic Plan ($55 per delivery + glass vase included with 1st delivery) – features a rotating selection of timeless designs.
  • The Seasonal Plan ($75 per delivery + glass vase included with 1st delivery) – features handpicked floral arrangements that prioritize the seasons at hand.
  • The Luxe Plan ($100 per delivery + curated vase with each delivery) – includes premium and luxury stems, and cutting edge designs.

Bonus – you can pause, edit, skip a delivery at any time.

For 10% off all subscription flower services at UrbanStems use our special code: PETAL10 at the checkout.

Flower Subscription Delivery:

UrbanStems provides subscription flower delivery across the US. Delivery is FREE.


For more, see our in-depth UrbanStems review here.

2) Ode à la Rose

Impeccable French Floristry featuring luscious roses and beautiful mixed-seasonal arrangements. Prices from $68 per delivery.

About Ode à la Rose:

Ode à la Rose is a captivating French floristry studio with deep roots in Parisian floral design. Here you’ll find a world of decadent blooms sourced from leading European, domestic, and international flower farms. A stand-out flower subscription option for gifting and the home.

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Flower Subscription Options:

The Ode à la Rose flower subscription service is available in either medium (approx 20 stems per delivery) or large (around 30 stems) size options. You can pick between weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly deliveries with savings to be found the longer you sign-up for.

Each delivery features a signature Ode à la Rose bouquet filled with an array of seasonal blooms which is composed by their excellent in-house floristry team.

Flower Subscription Delivery Options:

The Ode à la Rose flower subscription delivery service is available nationwide.


3) BloomsyBox

Sustainable, Rainforest Certified flower subscription specialist. Monthly flower subscription boxes start at just $40.

Credit: BloomsyBox

About BloomsyBox Flower Subscription:

BloomsyBox is a much-loved, sustainable, flower subscription specialist. What’s great is they only work with Rainforest Alliance certified nurseries. Importantly, these growers adhere to strict environmental, social, and economic guidelines. This means no toxins are used in the growing process, farmworkers are looked after and sustainable farming practices are maintained throughout.

In addition, this is seasonal subscription floristry at its best. Floral arrangements are composed shortly after cutting right on the farm and immediately packed and shipped. Plus, the stylish arrangements prioritize the growing season so you’ll receive a rotating collection of the best blooms growing throughout the year.

For more, see our in-depth BloomsyBox review here.

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Flower Subscription Options:

BloomsyBox offers both weekly and monthly flower subscription delivery services:

Weekly Flower Subscription: 

  • Weekly: $44.99 per week (featuring an assortment of the seasons best stems)
  • Bi-Weekly: $49.99 every 2 weeks (as above but every 2 weeks)

Monthly Flower Subscription: 

  • Original: $39.99 per month (featuring the best flowers of the season) 
  • Deluxe: $49.99 per month (featuring larger arrangements and a wider selection of premium flowers) 
  • Premium: $54.99 per month (the big daddy, featuring luxury and exotic stems)
  • Roses: $44.99 per month (you guessed it, a rotating collection of premium roses) 

Flower Subscription Delivery:

Flower subscription boxes from BloomsyBox include hand-tied flower bouquets wrapped in eco-friendly paper. The flower buds are also neatly packed pre-bloom so you’ll get to witness their full spectacle. Delivery is FREE across the US.

Flower Subscription Discounts & Coupons:

See our latest flower discount codes & coupons here.


4) Enjoy Flowers

Family-owned and operated for over 50 years. The place to go for both charming single stem and mixed floral arrangements. Stylish flower subscription boxes start at $41.

About Enjoy Flowers Subscription:

Enjoy Flowers is a family-owned and operated flower subscription specialist with over 50 years of experience in the floristry world. What’s unique about Enjoy Flowers is that all their fresh-cut flowers and elegant fresh floral arrangements ship right from their very own farms.

They also produce a number of unique flower varieties that you won’t find elsewhere. What’s more – they only work Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms which ensures the growing process is as kind to the environment as possible. For instance, over 96% of the rainwater on their farms is collected and re-used in irrigation for the flowers. Nice.

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Flower Subscription Options:

Enjoy Flowers make this nice and simple. Firstly – pick between 3 styles:

  • The Signature Collection (from $50 per delivery) – features ready-to-go artisanal, stylish arrangements – expect roses, lilies, calla lilies, peonies, and more.
  • The Farm Fresh Collection (from $41) – features the seasons best blooms such as spray roses, carnations, matsumoto and more.
  • The DIY Collection (from $41) – leaves the floral design to you, simply receive the best stems ready to be arranged at home.

Then select a size (regular, medium, or large) and frequency (every 2 weeks or once per month). Easy.

Flower Subscription Delivery:

FREE delivery is available across the US.

Flower Subscription Discounts & Coupons:

20% discount is available on your first order when you sign-up for the Enjoy Flowers newsletter


  • Online Store: Enjoy Flowers
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 305-433-7445

5) The Bouqs 

A modern, stylish, farm-to-door flower delivery favorite. Flower subscriptions start at $40. Delivery is available across the US. 

About The Bouqs Flower Subscription:  

The Bouqs is a highly regarded online-only flower delivery service. They are also one of the roaring success stories from the hit show ‘Shark Tank’. In short, the business focuses on getting farm-fresh flowers to your front door in as quick a time as possible. There are no middlemen, warehouses, storefronts, and the like to slow down that process – just fresh cut flowers sourced directly from the best sustainable farms.

What’s more, they’ve patented a unique process to help preserve flower buds soon after they’ve been cut which helps them stay fresher for longer. Nice.

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Flower Subscription Options: 

The Bouqs flower subscription comes in 3 size options (Original / $40, Deluxe / $55 and Grand / $70). There are discounts available (up to 25%) depending on the number of orders you book upfront. There’s also a choice between weekly flower subscriptions, monthly flower subscriptions, and annual flower subscriptions – each can be tailored to your own needs.

In addition, you can pick between a range of floral styles including seasonal / designer’s choice,  The Bouqs rose collection, and finally those that feature classic and popular stems and choice of flower type (such as calla lilies, carnations, tulips, irises, ranunculus, and peonies). 

Your flowers will be delivered boxed, carefully packaged with pre-bloom buds. What’s more, The Bouqs include easy-to-follow guidelines and flower food to help you craft the floral arrangement at home.

Flower Subscription Delivery: 

The Bouqs deliver across the US via UPS. The delivery fee may vary based on your location.


6) H Bloom

A bespoke, premium flower subscription service when you want to tailor the arrangements to your exact specifications. Flower subscriptions start at $75. Delivery is available across the US.

About H Bloom Flower Subscription:

H Bloom is one of the more premium flower subscription services. Perhaps best known for their work furnishing leading corporations across the US with impeccable floral installations and weekly flower delivery services. Above all, their service is all about personalization – you tell them what you’re after and they’ll take care of the rest. In short, expect highly customizable designs and exquisite stems sourced from the best growers around the world. So, if the price isn’t really an issue, H Bloom is a great pick for ornate floral design in your home (or office).

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Flower Subscription Options:

Subscriptions start at $75 but anticipate spending $100+ per delivery based on your own individual requirements. Their process always starts with a complimentary design consultation with their team. Here you’ll discuss your floral goals and dreams as well as agreeing on a suitable budget.

Flower Subscription Delivery:

Flower subscription delivery is available across the US.


  • Online Store: H. Bloom
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 800.860.0928

7) ProFlowers

Exceptional choice and one of the cheapest options for a great flower subscription. Arrangements start as low as $30. Flower subscription delivery is available across the United States.

About ProFlowers Flower Subscription:

ProFlowers is part of the FTD family of flower companies. Above all, they are one of the largest floristry networks in the world. This has multiple benefits for you in terms of choice and is also one of the cheapest options for flower subscriptions out there.

In short, The ProFlowers subscription service is a way to schedule multiple flower deliveries upfront and save up to $70 compared to ordering the arrangements separately. As such, this is a great flower subscription service when you want to schedule in flower delivery for multiple upcoming events (such as birthdays, the holidays, graduations, weddings, or just for yourself).

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Flower Subscription Options:

Flower subscriptions at ProFlowers work as bundled offers. In short, they refer to this as the ‘ProGifter Club’. Simply select from an assortment of tailor-made, ready-to-go floral arrangements and schedule the delivery dates and locations you want them to go to. To maximize the value you should aim for a minimum of 3 bouquets at a time. Arrangements start as low as $30.

Flower Subscription Delivery:

ProFlowers provides flower delivery across the US.


  • Online Store: ProFlowers
  • Telephone: 1.800.580.2913

8) Farmgirl Flowers

The bastion of ethical, local, hand-crafted floristry. Farmgirl Flowers curate a monthly ‘Market Box’ flower subscription which costs $69. Flower subscription delivery is available across the US. 

About Farmgirl Flowers Subscription:

Farmgirl Flowers have a stellar reputation for their ethically sourced and hand-curated floral arrangements. What’s more, this is floristry done one stunning bouquet at a time which we love. Firstly, stems all come from local growers wherever feasible. Then, an expert design team crafts a range of elegant and stylish arrangements utilizing only what’s fresh and available on that particular day. These are then wrapped in reusable burlap coffee bags (a signature Farmgirl move) and shipped out to the lucky recipients.

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Flower Subscription Options:

Farmgirl Flowers create an amazing Market Box ($69/month) of fresh flowers which is available for subscription across the US. In short, think of this as having an expert florist going to one of the best farmer’s markets in town and filling up a box full of the most decadent, seasonal blooms just for you. What’s more, The Market Box typically features 3 to 4 varieties of flowers and includes approximately 25 stems. You can choose between weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly flower box subscriptions and specify as long as you’d like to keep receiving them.

Flower Subscription Delivery:

Farmgirl Flowers ship the next day across the US.


9) 1-800 Flowers – Bloom of the Month Club

A much-loved flower subscription service from one of the big players in the flower delivery world. Flower subscriptions start at $59.99. Delivery is available across the United States.

About 1-800 Flowers Subscription:

A goliath of online flower delivery, 1-800 Flowers also provides one of our favorite flower subscription services. In short, The Bloom of the Month Club features a special, seasonal arrangement that rotates each month throughout the year. What’s more, each arrangement is hand-selected and hand-designed by the always dependable in-house florist team.

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Flower Subscription Options:

Subscription flower delivery at 1-800 is super easy. Simply choose the flower subscription length you’d like – 3, 6, or 12 months (each works out at $59.99 per delivery). Then select your delivery date and away you go. What’s great is they include a free glass vase with each delivery so you’re good to go as soon as you receive the flowers each month. A great option if you’re thinking of gifting a flower subscription for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or other celebration.

Flower Subscription Delivery:

Delivery is available throughout the US.


10) Kremp Florist

A multi-award-winning national florist of some repute. Also some of the most affordable flower subscriptions around starting at just $24.95. Flower subscription delivery is available across the United States.

Kremp Florist Flower Delivery Subscription
Credit: Kremp Florist

About Kremp Florist Flower Subscription:

Kremp Florist is a multi-awarding winning retail florist. In operation for over 60 years, this family-owned and operated business has also been bestowed numerous honors over the years including overseeing the floral arrangements at 4 Presidential inauguration ceremonies. Whilst they are based out of Philadelphia, they’ve grown to serve the entire US with fresh, timeless floral arrangements.

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Flower Subscription Options:

Kremp Florist provides a weekly, national flower subscription service. Simply select the size of arrangement (Standard is $24.95, Medium $34.95, Large $44.95) and the frequency (4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 6 months or 12 months). You can also request specific styles, colors or let them pick whatever’s in season and available that particular month.

Flower Subscription Delivery:

Kremp Florist flower subscriptions are available to ship nationwide.


11) It’s By U

The place to go for some arts and crafts interspersed with your flower subscription. Expect to pay from $49.95 per month.

Its By U Flower Subscription
Credit: It’s By U

About It’s By U Flower Subscription:

It’s By U is a fun and unique proposition that adds some art and craft to your flower subscription each month. In short, here you’ll get to hone your floristry skills with their special DIY kits which include everything you need to create a magnificent floral arrangement in your home. What’s more, nothing brings peaceful serenity quite like working with flowers. We love the concept and makes a great gift for yourself as well as for a host of occasions.

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Flower Subscription Options:

It’s By U create a range of different styles to choose from:

  • Fresh Garden (starting $59.95) – includes an array of fresh garden flowers and big bold roses.
  • Warm Industrial (starting at $49.95) – modern, artistic arrangements come paired with a geometric vase.
  • Modern Farmhouse (starting at $49.95) – stylish, European inspired designs – perfect for home and office decor.
  • Rosy Outlook (starting at $74.95) – hand-selected rose collections.

Then simply pick between monthly or twice monthly and you’re good to go.

Flower Subscription Delivery:

It’s By U flower subscription is available for delivery nationwide.


  • Online Store: It’s By U
  • Email:
  • Telephone:

The Best of Petal Republic

For more exceptional floristry, see our comprehensive guides to online flower delivery and the best houseplant delivery specialists in the USA.

Flower Subscription Buying Guide FAQ:

What is the Best Flower Subscription? 

Some of the best flower subscription services offering weekly or monthly flower delivery are Enjoy Flowers, UrbanStems, BloomsyBox, The Bouqs, H Bloom, ProFlowers, and Farmgirl Flowers. 

Is there a flower of the month club? 

Yes, most of the best flower subscription services offer a flower of the month club featuring seasonal flower varieties and occasion-specific arrangements for the likes of Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

How does The Bouqs subscription work? 

The Bouqs flower subscription is super flexible. You can pick from 4 curated collections (Roses, Farmer’s Market, Seasonal, or The Classics). You then pick how many stems you’d like to receive in each delivery and often you’d like to receive (weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly, or every 2 months). Subscriptions run until you cancel (no minimum commitments)

What is the cheapest flower subscription?

The Bouqs offer one of the cheapest flower subscriptions which starts at just $36 per delivery. 

How long will my flowers last?  

Fresh cut flowers typically last between 7 to 12 days on average.

How does Petal Republic build their reviews and recommendations?

Our fundamental mission at Petal Republic is to showcase exceptional floristry across a global network of cities where we live and work. Here are the key pillars that guide us: List

  • Floral Design: floral creativity, style, and artistry are paramount to us. We strive to uncover exceptional florists and highly skilled floral design studios curating unique, personalized and compelling floral arrangements. In addition, we celebrate a broad array of styles be they classical, contemporary, artistic or avant-garde. 
  • Shopping and delivery: we look for the best customer experience. In particular, websites and shopping channels that are easy to navigate, have smooth and simple purchase functions, clearly represent on screen what the customer will actually receive and provide choice and flexibility with ordering and delivery. 
  • Customer feedback: based on our own shopping experiences, speaking to other recent customers directly, recommendations and opinions from industry experts, as well as consolidating wider reviews and benchmarks across social media and other channels. 
  • Sustainability: floristry, like any industry, has a responsibility to improve and promote sustainable business practices. Accordingly, we embrace those who are instigating change and working to make the planet a better, cleaner place today and for the future.   



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