Teleflora: My Hands-On Flower Delivery Review

Teleflora has been a big name in the flower delivery business for over 80 years now. While other flower delivery companies work directly with farms or deliver bouquets in boxes, Teleflora works with local florists to hand-deliver their flower arrangements. On this occasion, I decided to order two arrangements from Teleflora to see how they delivered on their promise of flowers that arrive in great condition and ready to enjoy. Here’s what I thought.

Teleflora Flower Delivery Service

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My Teleflora Experience – The Essentials:

There are several key factors that go into the experience of receiving a great bouquet of flowers. Here’s how I scored Teleflora on this delivery round:


Style & Design:Simple, timeless, and classical.
Quality & Freshness:All of the flowers and greenery looked very fresh. I was pleased with the quality.
Packaging: Since the arrangements were hand-delivered, I didn’t need to unpack the flowers. Both arrangements arrived ready to display in a vase or basket.
On-Time Delivery:Hand-delivered on time by a local flower shop.
Ease of Ordering: Easy to order. Simply find an arrangement you like, then select the size, delivery address, and delivery date.
Value For Money:The flowers I received were remarkably fresh, and they included a vase or basket with my order. They were also a good size given the relatively low price. 
Overall Score (out of 5) 4.5 out of 5

About Teleflora

About Teleflora

Who is Teleflora?

Teleflora isn’t a florist as such, but rather a service organization. With a network of over 10,000 member florists across the United States, they help you order flowers from a genuine local florist in your area. 

The premise – rather than search for a flower shop in your friend or family member’s hometown, you can simply head to Teleflora and count on them to connect you with a trusted, local shop.

Once Teleflora alerts a partner shop about your order, a local florist will begin crafting your arrangement.

Since Teleflora works with local florists, their arrangements are always hand-arranged and hand-delivered, which is one of their stand-out features (rather than hoping your flowers survive their journey in a box).

Occasions I Typically Shop at Teleflora:

Teleflora Flower Delivery Service
Credit: Teleflora

Teleflora has been in operation for years now (80+ to be more precise), and there’s a fair chance you’ve either received or ordered from them yourself in the past. 

I’ve found them to be a dependable option in the past for everyday seasonal arrangements for the home or office, thank you messages, birthday celebrations, as well as sympathy and condolence gestures. 

Typically you’ll find a vast collection of bouquets and composed flower arrangements to pick from categorized by the intended gifting occasion, color palette, or price point you’re looking to spend. 

They’re also a handy option for those occasions you need a speedy same-day flower delivery service which they offer throughout the week (cut-off time is 2 pm Monday to Friday and noon at the weekends, in your recipient’s time zone). 

Signature Styles & Collections:

Styles typically lean towards timeless and classical floral designs, but there’s also a good mix of contemporary arrangements if you’re looking for something a little more modern. 

Since Teleflora partners with florists across the country, their arrangements and bouquets feature a good variety of popular flower types. Think red roses, white lilies, and gerbera daisies rather than rarer flowers like sea holly and veronica. 

Arrangements also tend to be slightly more straightforward. This makes sense when you consider florists across the country need to be able to produce similar-looking arrangements. 

For something a little more creative and bespoke, their ‘Deal of the Day Bouquets’ are crafted to order utilizing a mix of fresh seasonal flowers that are in store that particular week.  

My Teleflora Experience

My Teleflora Experience
Credit: Petal Republic

The Online Ordering Experience at Teleflora

Although Teleflora works with thousands of individual florists, they do a good job creating a seamless and easy-to-navigate website. I’ve probably visited several hundred floristry sites this year alone as part of our editorial coverage, and this is definitely one of the better user experiences. 

You can browse arrangements by color, flower type, and occasion. Once you select a category of flowers, you can also sort by bestsellers or price.

Once you find a bouquet you like, it’s time to select a size. Most Teleflora flower arrangements are available in standard, deluxe, and premium. The product photos change as you choose various sizes, giving you a good feel of what you’ll receive. This I appreciated. 

If you don’t know what to order, you could also take advantage of the ‘Deal of the Day.’ Just enter in your budget, the occasion, and the recipient, and a florist will get to work creating a fresh floral design.

After deciding on flowers, I was given the option to add on all sorts of gift items (usually I’d rather just get through the shopping cart) but appreciate others might enjoy the convenience of balloons, stuffed animals, or chocolates. You can also add a personalized gift message at this stage.

Next, you just need to select the delivery address and date. Along with this basic information, I was able to add specialized delivery instructions. I was also given the opportunity to choose from a list of local florists or leave it up to Teleflora to decide. That’s a plus. 

The Arrangements I Ordered

Out of the hundreds of options on Teleflora’s website, I ordered the Enduring Passion bouquet and the Sweet Tranquility Basket on this occasion. Here’s what they looked like on the Teleflora website at the time of ordering: 

Teleflora Enduring Passion Flower Arrangement

Enduring Passion Bouquet:

“The enduring passion bouquet is a classic dozen red roses—one of my favorite arrangements to test from any florist. There are so many different types of roses in the floristry world, and I love to assess the quality and freshness of such a time-honored staple.” 

Teleflora Sweet Tranquility Flower Arrangement

Sweet Tranquility Basket:

“This arrangement contains orange and yellow roses, white daisies, pink asters, and other colorful blooms. All of the flowers are set in a wicker basket which is a nice change-up to the classic hand-tied bouquet I usually go for.” 

Taking Delivery

Both arrangements were delivered by the same local flower shop on the expected delivery day and time (two ticks! – this doesn’t always happen in the flower delivery world btw). 

I also wanted to note that the delivery person was particularly amiable on this occasion (3 ticks!).  

While I don’t mind unpacking flowers at home, boxes can become a hassle to those without much time or space (or for those wanting to reduce their wastage). These arrangements arrived fully composed and ready to display on delivery which was actually a lovely treat. 

Not only were the flowers already set up, but they were also incredibly fresh. When I received the flowers, outdoor temperatures were right around freezing. However, since the flowers went right from the flower shop to my door, this cold did not affect the condition of the blooms.

Setting Up the Teleflora Bouquets at Home

The bouquets didn’t come with any instructions or flower food, simply a note containing a personalized message, my address, and the flower shop’s name. I personally like to switch out the water in the composed vase every few days, so I would have appreciated the extra flower feed to sustain the blooms as long as possible.

Since I suspected the bouquets had been arranged earlier that day, I didn’t bother trimming the stems. I did check to see that the floral foam used to keep the arrangement in place in the Sweet Tranquility Basket was moist (it was). Here’s what the flowers looked like on delivery: 

Sweet Tranquility Basket From Teleflora
Credit: Petal Republic

The basket arrived sturdy and well-composed. The various flower styles and colors were scattered throughout, creating what I felt was a cheerful, and warm arrangement.

Here’s what the roses looked like on delivery: 

Enduring Romance bouquet from Teleflora
Credit: Petal Republic

I was really pleased with the condition of these. They looked extremely fresh, with no signs of discoloration. Since they were already sitting in water, I didn’t have to wait for them to rehydrate before I enjoyed them either.

While both bouquets were pleasantly arranged, I took a few minutes to rearrange the roses in the Enduring Romance bouquet.

The Verdict 

The Teleflora Verdict - Petal Republic
Credit: Petal Republic

Overall Opinion of the Arrangements

Overall, I was impressed by the arrangements. Both items arrived looking very fresh, and it was nice not having to unpack anything and deal with waste.

The delivery person was also lovely and friendly. While I didn’t expect this, I thoroughly enjoyed being handed a vase rather than picking up a box from my porch.

Most importantly, the arrangements closely resembled the online photos and the quality stood out, especially given the modest price.

What I loved: hand-delivered, no packaging to deal with, incredibly fresh, thoughtfully considered.  

What could have been better: designs were a little modest, traditional. I would have appreciated some additional flower feed. 

Thoughts One When You Might Want to Consider Ordering from Teleflora: 

Teleflora is a great choice for occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, new homes, funerals, and more. There’s a vast assortment to pick from, so you should be able to find something for most taste preferences. 

Also, if you want to keep costs to a reasonable amount, there are many size options to pick from, so you can be confident of finding a fresh arrangement for around $40 to $50. 

Since Teleflora flowers are delivered ready to admire, they’re also a good option for people who don’t have the time or ability to unpack and arrange flowers. I can imagine sending them to friends and loved ones, particularly an elderly relative in a care home or a friend who has just lost a loved one.

I’d also be keen to order from Teleflora when I’m concerned about the weather. While I might be worried about the impact heat or cold will have on boxed flowers, I wouldn’t need to worry about a Teleflora delivery.

For more, check out Teleflora’s latest collections here

Alternatives to Teleflora

For alternative options, FromYouFlowers offer a similar service at slightly cheaper price points. 

For more modern and on-trend arrangements, check out The Bouqs, UrbanStems, or Ode à la Rose for a particularly chic option (if you’re happy to spend $100 or more).   

I’ve enjoyed ordering from BloomsyBox as well this year – they offer lush and generous arrangements straight from the farm at very affordable prices. 

For more, see our in-depth guide to the best online flower delivery services.

Teleflora Buying Guide:

Where is Teleflora Located?

Teleflora’s headquarters are located in Los Angeles, but they have partner florists across the country. If you’d like to see what florist Teleflora partners with, you can check out their Find a Florist feature.

How Long Do Teleflora Flowers Last?

The life of a Teleflora bouquet depends on the type of flower and the environment they’re displayed in. Generally, you can expect your flowers to last anywhere from five to ten days.

Services Areas and Delivery

Teleflora offers delivery throughout the United States and Canada. In most areas, same-day delivery is available as long as you place your order before 2 PM on weekdays and 12 PM on weekends, in your recipient’s time zone.

Since a local florist hand-delivers these arrangements, you’ll have the option to specify delivery instructions. While florists will do their best to deliver during certain times, Teleflora can’t guarantee specific delivery times.

However, you will be able to leave special delivery instructions. For example, you can request that the driver leaves the bouquet with a neighbor if nobody is home.

While you can request that the driver leaves the arrangement on a porch or patio if nobody is home, this isn’t recommended. Instead, the delivery driver will call the recipient to schedule a delivery or leave a note instructing them to pick up their flowers.

International delivery is available for certain arrangements; contact a customer service representative to learn more.

How Much Are Teleflora Flower Arrangements?

Teleflora arrangements start at around $35 and go up to $320. The majority of their bouquets cost between $40 and $80.

Funeral sprays, wreaths, and arrangements range from $60 to $250+.

How Much Are Teleflora Delivery Fees? 

The standard delivery fee is $15.99 for deliveries in the United States and Canada. If you choose same-day delivery, there is an additional $1.99 delivery charge.

Does Teleflora Offer Same-Day Delivery?

Yes, Teleflora offers same-day delivery to most locations in the United States and Canada. Order before 2 PM on weekdays and noon on weekends, in your recipient’s time zone, to receive same-day delivery.

Do Teleflora Sell More Than Flowers?

Teleflora makes it easy to add a little something extra onto your flower order. Once you add an arrangement to your cart, you can choose to add on a balloon, stuffed animal, or box of chocolates.

Along with flowers, they offer gourmet food gift baskets, terrariums, and a variety of potted plants. You can choose from orchids, daisies, succulents, and more.

Where are My Teleflora Flowers Coming From?

Since Teleflora partners with local flower shops and florists, your arrangement will come from a nearby shop. If you place your order online, you’ll have the option to select a local florist from a provided list.

Where Do Teleflora Source Their Flowers?

Since Teleflora works with an extensive network of individual florists, it’s difficult to say where these flowers were grown. If you’d like to learn more, you can always contact the flower shop that is fulfilling your order.

What Are Teleflora’s Everyday Collections?

Teleflora offers many flowers for everyday occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and new babies. You can also find get well flowers and thank you arrangements.

Most of Teleflora’s arrangements come in a vase, but you can also find flowers tucked into baskets, teacups, pitchers, and toy cars. Expect to find roses, mums, carnations, and lilies in most arrangements.

Most of these arrangements are available in three different sizes. The majority of these bouquets cost between $40 and $100, but you’ll find flower prices fall in the following ranges.

  • Standard: $36.99 to $279.99
  • Deluxe: $46.99 to $299.99
  • Premium: $54.99 to $319.99

Seasonal and Holiday Flowers

Along with flowers that fit in every time of the year, Teleflora also offers seasonal and holiday arrangements. Expect yellows and oranges in the fall and fresh-cut greenery in the winter.

Prices for seasonal flowers are similar to the prices of everyday flowers.

Teleflora also offers seasonal potted plants and other related goods along with flower arrangements. For example, they offer poinsettias and fresh-cut wreaths in the winter.

Sympathy and Funeral Flowers

If you need to purchase sympathy or funeral flowers for a loved one, Teleflora makes it as easy as possible. Along with small sympathy arrangements, they also offer standing sprays and wreaths, funeral service bouquets, casket sprays, photo and urn tribute bouquets, and full tribute flower collections.

Prices for sympathy and funeral flowers fall in the ranges below.

  • Standing sprays and wreaths: $99.99 to $254.99
  • Funeral service bouquets: $59.99 to $274.99
  • Photo and urn tribute bouquets: $99.99 to $249.99
  • Casket sprays: $114.99 to $499.99
  • Full tribute flower collections: $559.99 to $1,259.99

What is Teleflora’s Deal of the Day?

One of Teleflora’s signature features is the deal of the day. If you’re tired of making decisions, you’ll love this option.

Just select your budget, the recipient, and the occasion, and a Teleflora partner florist will create a completely one-of-a-kind arrangement that fits your needs. With options ranging from $50 to $200, there’s a bouquet for everyone.

Wrapping Up

Have you ordered from Teleflora recently? Let us know how you got on.

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