Our team at Petal Republic is always on the lookout for great local florists, reliable flower and plant delivery services, and the best gifting specialists for every occasion throughout the year. To find the best picks, our editors spend hours testing and researching services, as well as consulting with experts in the industry to help Petal Republic readers get trusted insights and advice when shopping for flowers, plants, and gifts.

Why You Can Trust Petal Republic

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At Petal Republic, we only feature services and products that have been independently researched, tested, and vetted by our editorial team. We don’t accept paid advertising or sponsorship for product or service inclusions anywhere on our site. 

In addition, we purchase the vast majority of products that feature on Petal Republic ourselves. Some brands and service providers do occasionally send us samples to enable testing. In these instances, we never guarantee positive feedback and ensure the product sample or service undergoes the same rigorous testing and vetting process. 

What’s more, we regularly update, review, and refresh our articles to ensure they are accurate, factually correct, and serve the needs of our readership. All content is written and produced by a human editor with experience and expertise in their respective fields. We do not utilize any AI tools or machine-generated content.  

What Products and Services Do We Review? 

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We focus primarily on local flower delivery services, plant delivery specialists, and gift delivery services. Our editorial teams are based throughout the United States and the United Kingdom, so these are the primary geographic areas where we review products and services. 

How Do We Test Products and Services at Petal Republic? 

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Every guide we produce at Petal Republic is researched in-depth from the outset. To start, we look at the specific category as a whole to evaluate all the various options available in the market. We delve into reader recommendations, canvass online reviews, and connect with experts in their field to define which services and products are great options to test and explore further. 

From there, our team conducts in-depth, hands-on reviews to determine what makes the cut. Each review is unique to the product or service we’re testing, based on what we think is most important for shoppers to know before they buy. For flower delivery services, for instance, we’re assessing the freshness of the individual flowers, the care and attention that has gone into the design, the options to personalize the arrangement, whether the flowers were delivered on time, as well as the respective value for money and other personal touches that may have made the experience stand out, such as bespoke gift wrapping or handwritten message cards.  

Our preferred methodology is to test products and services at home, replicating the exact same experience a reader might have if they were to order from a specific service provider. 

As noted, the vast majority of the time, we buy these products and services ourselves, but occasionally, we may request (or be sent) a sample to try out instead. Ultimately, every product or service gets tested in precisely the same way. 

What Happens After We’ve Finished Testing

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Once we’re happy that we’ve uncovered the best products and services in a particular category, we go about crafting these recommendations into a usable guide for our readership. Sometimes, these will include our favorite options for a range of different categories or occasions, and sometimes, we’ll also highlight a ‘best overall’ product or service that really stood out. 

Fact-Checking, Reader Feedback, and On-Going Content Reviews

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Once published, we love hearing feedback from our readers, which is factored into the ongoing management and review of that particular guide. Usually, we’ll update a guide at least quarterly to assess what’s new, fresh, and exciting or if specific products and services have continually exceeded expectations (or fallen short). Our editorial team discusses these factors, and we’ll make changes to ensure our picks are as accurate and dependable as possible. 

How We Make Money From Articles and Guides on Petal Republic

We primarily earn revenue from advertising placements that sit alongside editorial content on our website. In addition, we may earn a small commission if a reader visits a brand we recommended and completes a purchase. Neither advertising nor commission incentives influence what products we feature in any particular article. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions, recommendations, or feedback, we’d love to hear from you. Please email our Editorial Director, Andrew Gaumond, at andrew@petalrepublic.com