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From You Flowers is an online delivery service that partners with local florists to send fresh flower arrangements, houseplants, and gift baskets throughout the United States. When you visit their website, you’ll find literally thousands of arrangements to pick from, and many of them cost less than $50! They’re arguably one of the country’s cheapest same-day national flower delivery services. To see if their affordable flower arrangements matched up with the colorful bouquets displayed on their website, I ordered three different flower arrangements on this occasion. I’ve detailed my experience here to help you decide whether these are the best blooms for you! 

From You Flowers Flower Delivery Review 2021

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My From You Flowers Experience – The Essentials:

There are several key factors that go into the experience of receiving a great bouquet of flowers. Here’s how I scored From You Flowers on this delivery round:


Style & Design:A mix of modern and classical. The arrangements received resembled the color schemes presented online with some differences in the details.
Quality & Freshness:The majority of flowers appeared fresh, with a few wilted blooms and slightly discolored leaves. Some flowers were partially open upon arrival, while others were fully blooming.
Packaging: All bouquets arrived in sturdy glass vases.
On-Time Delivery:Arrived on the specified delivery day.
Ease of Ordering: Easy to navigate and order. It took a while to figure out what I wanted with all the options.
Value For Money:The three bouquets I ordered cost between $40 and $65 when not on sale. Considering the freshness and size of the bouquets, I think this represented a good value. Frequent sales throughout make these flowers even more affordable. However, delivery fees can add up if you’re ordering more than one arrangement.
Overall Score:4 out of 5

About From You Flowers

Celebrate Today Flower Arrangement Delivery by FromYouFlowers
Credit: Petal Republic

A bit of background – From You Flowers is a flower delivery company that partners with a network of over 20,000 florists. 

By working with local florists, they can provide fast delivery and freshly arranged bouquets. They’re not directly a florist themselves, more a connection to a vast network of local florists wherever you might live.

They have two headquarters in Old Saybrook, CT, and one in NYC. While much of the behind-the-scenes work takes place at these locations, most of their arrangements are designed and delivered by local florists.

What is From You Flowers Known For?

From You Flowers is best known for affordable flower arrangements and same-day delivery throughout the week. Many of their arrangements start from just $20 to $30, making them an affordable option for most budget considerations.

Along with low prices, From You Flowers offers a vast selection of flower arrangements, houseplants, and gift baskets to pick from. They sell both classic and modern bouquets crafted from flowers such as sunflowers, roses, alstroemeria, and tulips.

While some online flower options stick to a few color palettes, From You Flowers offers a little bit of everything. You can choose from bright bouquets filled with yellow daisies and red carnations and subdued bouquets filled with shades of white, pink, and salmon.

Since they partner with local florists for most of their deliveries, you can expect hand-delivered arrangements that are ready-to-go on delivery. That means no unpacking a box or arranging a bouquet yourself.

My From You Flowers Experience: 

The Arrangements I Ordered

To get a feel for the wide variety of arrangements From You Flowers offers, I ordered three bouquets on this occasion. Here is what they looked like on the From You Flowers website: 

Cotton Candy Flower Arrangement by From You Flowers

Cotton Candy:

The Cotton Candy bouquet is a mixture of light pink and white roses, mini light pink carnations, and green poms.

You're in My Heart Flower Arrangement by From You Flowers

You’re in My Heart:

The You’re In My Heart arrangement is a twist on romantic red roses. It contains red roses as well as red carnations.

Celebrate Today Flower Arrangement by From You Flowers

Celebrate Today:

Celebrate Today is a bright bouquet filled with colorful carnations, alstroemeria, and button poms.

The Online Ordering Experience at From You Flowers:

The Online Ordering Experience at From You Flowers

The From You Flowers website was easy to navigate with headers breaking items down by occasion, flower type, and availability. I especially liked the search bar at the top, which allowed me to find purple bouquets or products containing succulents quickly.

Since there were so many items available and I didn’t have something specific in mind, I spent a good bit of time looking through the website. However, it was relatively easy to find if I was looking for a particular type of flower.

Once I found a bouquet I liked, the website displayed the different size options available. As I clicked through each size, the photo changed, giving me a good idea of what the actual bouquet would look like.

After selecting a size and entering my zip code, I was instructed to choose a delivery date. Bouquets were available for next-day or same-day delivery in my area.

I didn’t like the ordering process because I wasn’t shown the service/handling charge until after I entered the recipient’s full address and my credit card information. While this wasn’t a huge deal, it would have been nice to know this cost when I entered the recipient’s zip code. 

Plus, if you’re ordering multiple arrangements for the same recipient, you’ll need to pay separate delivery charges for each arrangement which seemed a bit excessive. 

Taking Delivery

All three arrangements were delivered on time by a local florist. They arrived in glass vases adorned with colorful ribbons. Each arrangement also contained a greeting card with a personalized message which I thought was a nice touch. 

Here’s what each arrangement looked like: 

Cotton Candy: 

From You Flowers Flower Delivery Review 2021
Credit: Petal Republic

You’re in My Heart: 

You're in my Heart Delivery Arrangement by FromYouFlowers
Credit: Petal Republic

Celebrate Today: 

From You Flowers Bouquet
Credit: Petal Republic

Since the flowers arrived pre-arranged in a vase, there wasn’t any unpacking involved. I simply brought them inside and placed them on my table. Today, many online flower delivery services are shipping flowers directly from the flower farms where they’re grown. While there are some benefits to this approach, you’ll often need to quickly compose and rehydrate the stems in addition to doing some composing yourself. 

All three From You Flowers arrangements I received looked remarkably fresh and vibrant, which was great. Most of the flowers were already blooming, rather than in bud form as well. 

There were a few wilting flowers and yellowing leaves, but I had to pick through the arrangements to spot these.

It’s worth noting the flowers did not come with any flower food or care instructions. Usually, I like to switch out the water and replace the food every few days to maximize the longevity of an arrangement. There are some at-home tricks you can turn to though, to make your fresh-cut flowers last longer

Setting Up the From You Flowers Bouquets at Home

I was pleased with the bouquets’ styles upon arrival. All of the arrangements looked full and well-balanced. While I spent a few minutes rearranging the blooms for the fun of it, this wasn’t necessary.

Since the flowers were delivered from a local flower shop, I didn’t cut the stems upon arrival. However, I did trim the stems a few days later to keep the flowers looking fresh. 

The Verdict 

Cotton Candy Arrangement by From You Flowers
Credit: Petal Republic

Overall Opinion

Overall I was impressed with the quality of the From You Flower arrangements. They all arrived looking fresh and ready to enjoy.

Considering these arrangements cost between $40 and $65, I felt they represented good value. Although these were regular-sized bouquets, they felt substantial rather than cheap.

The flowers held up well and still looked good a few days later. I did trim the stems and used some extra flower food I had lying around, which I believe helped keep the flowers looking fresh.

The actual arrangements did vary a bit from those pictured online. For example, the Celebrate Today bouquet I received did not contain any button poms and contained yellow rather than red and peach carnations. 

The Cotton Candy bouquet was also different than that pictured online. The arrangement contained a few big daisies rather than a collection of small poms. The pinks were also a bit brighter than those displayed online.

With that said, all the arrangements I received had the same color scheme and overall feel as those pictured online. I wasn’t disappointed with the differences, but I thought it was important to note you shouldn’t be surprised at some substitutions.

What I loved:

Freshness, pre-arranged style, hand delivery, the price of the arrangements. 

What could have been better:

Closer resemblance to bouquets pictured online, lack of flower feed, and delivery costs. 

Occasions I’d Order From You Flowers:

One of the things I really liked about From You Flowers was the large and diverse collection of arrangements. With bouquets of all colors and styles, I felt I could find something for just about everyone in my life as well as every potential gifting occasion. 

In terms of particular gifting occasions, I can recommend them for the likes of thank-you gestures, everyday occasions, affordable birthday flowers, house warmings, or get-well-soon flowers.

Many of their bouquets also work for moments when you want to give a quality bouquet that doesn’t feel over the top. Their arrangements would be a great way to let a friend know you’re thinking of them or congratulate a sibling on a new home.

Along with these everyday flowers, From You Flowers offers a wide selection of sympathy, funeral, and holiday flowers.


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For more, check out From You Flowers here

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