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Andrew Gaumond, Petal Republic

Hello and welcome to Petal Republic – I’m Andrew, our Director of Content. 

I’m a student of horticulture, botany, and floral design and have worked across many areas of the floristry business. 

Today, I’m based in New York City where I help to coordinate all of our content initiatives and collaborations around the world. 

Our Story

We created Petal Republic as a platform to showcase and celebrate exceptional florists, plant shops, garden centers, urban nurseries, and floral experiences across a network of cities where our writers, contributors, and collaborators live and work. 

We started out in the United States and have quickly grown across the United Kingdom, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and beyond today.  

Find Exceptional Floristry and Plant Life with Petal Republic

We’re fascinated by the history, origins, symbolism, and cultural meanings of flowers and plants in the modern world.

Here you’ll find expert guides and opinion pieces covering a vast array of flower and plant species. 

About Petal Republic

What’s more, we strive to share our experience and expertise across urban gardening, indoor and outdoor plant care and growing tips in addition to helping our readers find the perfect flower arrangement for a particular occasion or the best houseplant for their unique living environment. 

The Petal Republic Team

The Petal Republic Team

We’re a global team of content creators from a range of horticultural, botanical, floristry, and design backgrounds with a shared passion for the natural world. 

In the Media

We’re proud to have contributed to and been featured in numerous media outlets and press publications to date!

Uses and Benefits of Aster Flowers

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