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The Best Florists and Specialist Nurseries Offering Nationwide Orchid Delivery in the United States

Welcome to our guide to the best orchid delivery services in the United States today. Here you’ll find 15 leading florists and specialist nurseries delivering an excellent range of composed orchid plants and nursery fresh orchids ready to be potted and grown at home. What’s more, expect a great variety of orchids for sale throughout the year including classic Phalaenopsis orchids, Cattleya Orchids, Cymbidium Orchids, Vanda Orchids, Orchid Mantis, and Magenta Orchids to name but a few. In addition, each delivers nationwide throughout the USA and many offer speedy same-day or next-day orchid delivery options. Enjoy! 

15 Best Options for Orchid Delivery in the USA:

1) The SillBest for Contemporary Orchids$$
2) UrbanStemsBest for Gifting Orchids$$
3) Ode à la RoseBest for Chic French Styling$$$
4) BloomsyBoxBest for Farm-Fresh Orchids$
5) FLOWERBXBest for Luxury Orchids$$$$
6) FromYouFlowersBest for Choice$$
7) HausermannBest for Orchids in Bud$$
8) The BouqsBest for Orchid Subscriptions $$
9) Odom’sBest for Rare Orchids$$$
10) ProFlowersBest for Same-Day Orchid Delivery$$
11) Marlow OrchidsBest for Electic Home Grown Orchids $
12) 1-800 FlowersBest for Cheap Orchids$$
13) TelefloraBest for Classically Composed Orchids $$
14) Brookside OrchidsBest for Seedlings & Meristems$$
15) Carter and HolmesBest for Home Grown Cattleyas$$

Where to find the Best Orchids for Sale in the USA


An excellent modern plant emporium delivering orchids throughout the United States.

About The Sill:

The Sill is a great spot for reconnecting our modern urban lives with a little touch of nature. They’re known for their extensive variety of houseplants in addition to an excellent array of orchids. 

What’s great is every order comes with access to The Sill’s team of plant experts who go over and above to ensure your new plants thrive in your home. 

Orchids for Sale at The Sill:

Here you’ll find a great collection of live and faux Phalaenopsis orchid plants. Their signature orchids are available in pink, purple, blue or white color variants. Each arrives potted, in full bloom, with a choice of cool planters so you’ll just have to unpack and position upon delivery. 

There’s also a petite pink and white option standing 14” tall ($75) and a very cool and maintenance-free faux orchid Phalaenopsis from $75 as well. 

Orchid Delivery Options: 

The Sill delivers orchids throughout the United States. Orders typically arrive within 7 to 10 days. 


Modern and stylishly composed orchids for gifting and the home. 

About UrbanStems:

Founded by 2 good friends intent on creating a better flower gifting experience, UrbanStems has grown to become one of the stand-out online flower and plant delivery specialists in the country. 

Here you’ll find beautiful floral designs and an ever-expanding collection of houseplants, orchids, cacti, and succulents. 

Orchids for Sale at UrbanStems:

UrbanStems curates an excellent collation of orchid plants composed in stylish and elegant brass and ceramic potting vessels. You’ll find everything from classic white and pink moth orchids through to stunning yellow-red lip phalaenopsis orchids, white phalaenopsis amabilis orchids, and the very chic double purple orchids. 

Prices are also largely affordable starting from around $60. Great for gifting as well for the home or office. 

Orchid Delivery Options: 

Same-day orchid delivery is available in New York City and Washington DC and next-day delivery throughout the rest of the United States. 


Elegant, contemporary European floristry. 

About Ode à la Rose:

Ode à la Rose is a charming NYC-based floristry studio with deep roots in French floral design and plant styling. They’re loved for their epic rose collection of course but also curate a great collection of orchids for sale which are available for delivery nationwide. 

Orchids for Sale at Ode à la Rose:

Here you’ll find a host of exquisitely composed orchid plants featuring classic Phalaenopsis, Purple Vanda, and Magenta varieties. Each arrives with an elegant vase or potting vessel. 

Prices are a little more premium than you’ll find elsewhere with single potted orchids starting at $90 going up to $150 for one of their signature creations. 

Orchid Delivery Options: 

Ode à la Rose provides same-day orchid delivery in NYC, Philadelphia, and Chicago and next-day delivery throughout the United States. 


Farm-direct orchid delivery specialist. 

About BloomsyBox:

BloomsyBox is a great option for those looking for farm-fresh orchids. Every orchid is shipped directly from their growing facilities which helps to keep costs down as well. 

Orchids for Sale at BloomsyBox:

Here you’ll find a super affordable collection of bright orchid plants starting at just $35. These are typically younger blooming orchids that are approximately 10” tall. Perfect for a window ledge or mantlepiece throughout the home. 

There’s a choice of colors and orchid varieties to be found as well including whites, pinks, purples, and orange. Each arrives potted in a cute ceramic planter. 

Orchid Delivery Options: 

BloomsyBox ships orchids nationwide throughout the United States. Orders typically arrive within 7 to 10 days. 


Stylish online florist delivering pristine orchids nationwide. 


Loved by the fashion world, FLOWERBX is a super-stylish online florist renowned for its premium floral arrangements and upmarket house plants. 

In short, they work with a network of leading growers across Europe and the Americas and ship directly to homes, offices, venues, and installations throughout the country today. 

Orchids for Sale at FLOWERBX:

FLOWERBX curates an excellent selection of Vanda, Cymbidium, and Phalaenopsis orchids available in a range of sizes, colors, and potting vessels. 

Prices are on the premium side with smaller, single stem orchids starting at $80 with their signature orchid collection ranging from $130 to $210 respectively. 

A great choice for a luxurious ornamental centerpiece in the home or special gift for a landmark occasion. 

Orchid Delivery Options: 

Same-day orchid delivery is available throughout New York City and Los Angeles and next-day across the United States. 

6) FromYouFlowers ($) – BEST FOR CHOICE

Masters of cheap nationwide orchid delivery. 

About FromYouFlowers:

FromYouFlowers are one of the most dependable options for cheap flower delivery in the United States. Here you’ll find a dizzying array of affordable flower arrangements and house plants readily available for same-day delivery throughout the country. 

Orchids for Sale at FromYouFlowers:

FromYouFlowers is home to one of the most extensive blooming orchid collections available for online delivery. Here you’ll find both classically composed and more modern, avant-garde orchid compositions and an array of color and size options to pick from. 

Classic, single white potted orchids start at just $39.99 and there are numerous options ranging up to around $100. 

Orchid Delivery Options: 

Same-day, next-day, or specified day orchid delivery is available throughout the United States. 

7) Hausermann ($$) – BEST FOR ORCHIDS IN BUD

Legendary orchid producer dating back to the 1920s. 

About Hausermann:

Located in the heart of the American Midwest, Hausermann operates one of the largest orchid growing facilities in the entire country. They produce the vast majority of orchids from seed and well regarded for their extensive range of rare and unique orchid plants. 

Orchids for Sale at Hausermann:

It’s well worth a browse across their online catalog to see what’s available and growing. Expect a world of choice throughout the year however including classic Cattleya, Cymbidium, Phalaenopsis, Paphiopedilum, and Vanda orchids. 

For the experienced orchid enthusiast, there are many gems to be found including Masedevalia, Bulbophyllum, Laelia, and Tolumnia orchids as well. 

Prices range considerably depending on size and variety with younger orchids starting from around $10 to $15. A great option for those dedicated to nurturing and growing orchids in the home. 

Orchid Delivery Options: 

Orchid delivery is available nationwide throughout the United States. Orders typically arrive within 7 to 10 days. 


A modern, stylish, and affordable flower and plant delivery specialist. 

About The Bouqs:

The Bouqs is a stylish Los Angeles-based floristry business that has grown to serve the entire United States today. 

In short, they’re well regarded for speeding up the time it takes from order to delivery by shipping all their floral arrangements and plants directly from the flower farms and nurseries where they are grown. This helps to ensure you’re getting fresh cut florals and live houseplants days fresher than you might find elsewhere.  

Orchids for Sale at The Bouqs:

The Bouqs curates a nice and simple selection of affordable farm-fresh blooming orchids. Prices range from just $59 to $69 featuring a choice of classic white, pink and purple flowering plants. Each arrives potted in a choice of stylish ecopots and is ready-to-go on delivery. 

Perfect for gifting to friends and family as well as an affordable option for the home or office. 

Orchid Delivery Options: 

The Bouqs deliver orchid plants nationwide. Orders are typically delivered within 3 to 5 days. 


A leading Florida-based orchid producer shipping nationwide. 

About Odom’s:

Located in Fort Pierce, Florida, Odom’s operates over 90,000 square feet of greenhouses making them one of the largest retail growers of orchids in the USA. They’ve been in operation for over 50 years now and ship nursery-fresh orchids throughout the country. 

Orchids for Sale at Odom’s:

Odom’s are well regarded for their extensive collection of Cattleya orchids in addition to producing a great selection of Vandas, Phalaenopsis, Lady Slippers, Oncidiums, and many species from different genera. 

What’s great is most of their orchids are mature, blooming size plants, so you’ll get to enjoy their full blooming spectacle upon delivery. Prices start from around $20 to $40 and there’s a range of specialty and luxury orchids available from $100+. 

Orchid Delivery Options: 

Orchid plants are shipped throughout the US every Monday and Tuesday via FedEx ground or express delivery options. 


Modern, stylish, and affordable orchid plants available for same-day delivery throughout the United States. 

About ProFlowers:

ProFlowers form part of the massive FTD group of flower and plant delivery companies. They’re well regarded for their modern and stylish approach to potted plants and floral arrangements in addition to speedy same-day orchid delivery services throughout the country. 

Orchids for Sale at ProFlowers:

ProFlowers typically carry a handful of potted orchid plants throughout the year. Expect a choice of classic white and pink orchids and a rotating collection of yellows, peaches, and purples. Every orchid arrives potted with a modern ceramic planter. 

Prices typically range from $35 to $95 and make a great gift as well as a stylish addition to the home or office.

Orchid Delivery Options: 

Same-day, next-day, or specified day orchid delivery is available throughout the United States. 


A specialist orchid grower located in Scottsville, NY. 

About Marlow Orchids:

Marlow Orchids is an excellent producer of rare, interesting, and hybrid orchids. They’re based in upstate New York just outside of Rochester and ship nursery fresh orchids throughout the United States. 

Orchids for Sale at Marlow Orchids:

Marlow specializes in a range of species orchids including Angraecoids, Lady’s Slipper Orchids, and Dendrobium in addition to numerous hybrid orchids such as Phalaenopsis, Oncidium, Cattleya, Paphiopedilum, and Phragmipedium.

Orchids plants are typically shipped as younger plants ready to be potted, grown, and nurtured at home. Prices typically range from $10 to $30. 

Orchid Delivery Options: 

Marlow Orchids ship nationwide. Orders typically arrived within 7 to 10 days. 

12) 1-800 Flowers ($) – BEST FOR CHEAP ORCHIDS

About 1-800 Flowers:

1-800 Flowers have been a mainstay in the flower delivery world for over 40 years now and are loved for their bright, fresh, and affordable bouquets and potted houseplants. They also deliver orchids same-day across much of the country. 

Orchids for Sale at 1-800 Flowers:

Here you’ll find a great selection of potted orchids in a variety of colors and style options. They’re a great option for gifting as well as for the home. 

Prices start from just $34.99 for a very cute mini purple Phalaenopsis Orchid in a cool tin planter. In addition, you’ll find many larger, and grander orchids composed in a host of interesting potting vessels going up to $120. 

Orchid Delivery Options: 

Same-day, next-day, or specified day orchid delivery is available throughout the United States. 


The place to go for the best local, independent floristry studios in your city. 

About Teleflora:

Teleflora is the place that brings together all the local, independent florists and flower shops in one easy-to-use website. Ordering is always a breeze and you’ll find an extensive array of affordable floral designs and houseplants readily available for same-day delivery in your area. 

Orchids for Sale at Teleflora:

Teleflora caters to both everyday and classical design in addition to more contemporary and artistic orchid creations. Simple classic white, single stem orchids start from around $45 with more artistic creations going up to around $120. 

Always a dependable option for gifting for friends and family. 

Orchid Delivery Options: 

Same-day, next-day, or specified day orchid delivery is available throughout the United States. 

14) Brookside Orchids ($$) – BEST FOR SEEDLINGS & MERISTEMS

Long-standing orchid nursery delivering a large variety of orchid plants in bud or bloom throughout the United States.  

About Brookside Orchids:

You’ll find Brookside Orchids nestled in the hills close by to Stanford University, CA. They’ve been in operation for over 40 years now and are well regarded for their huge variety of orchid plants that are produced at their nursery locations in Menlo Park and Pacifica. 

Orchids for Sale at Brookside Orchids:

Brookside carries both starter orchid plants in bud in addition to more developed options in full bloom. Younger plants typically range from $10 to $30 with their signature collection of mature specimens from $90+. 

Orchid Delivery Options: 

Orchid plants are shipped throughout the US every Monday and Tuesday via FedEx ground or express delivery options.

15) Carter and Holmes ($$) – BEST FOR HOME GROWN CATTLEYAS

Highly regarded retail and wholesale orchid nursery delivering plants throughout the United States.

About Carter and Holmes:

Carter and Holmes have been producing an exquisite collection of orchid plants for over 60 years now. They cater to both retail and wholesale customers both domestically and internally and well regarded for their quality and variety of orchid plants. 

Orchids for Sale at Carter and Holmes:

Note, virtually all orchids are delivered as very young plants that will need to be potted and grown until bloom at home. Prices typically start from around $10 with rarer varieties going up to around $40 per plant. 

Orchid Delivery Options: 

Orchid plants are shipped throughout the US every Monday and Tuesday via FedEx ground or express & USPS delivery options.

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Orchid Delivery Buying Guide FAQs:

Younger orchids in bud typically range in price from $10 to $30. You’ll need to pot, nurture, and grow the orchid plant once you receive it at home. Orchid plants in bloom typically start from $40 to $50 for a single stem 10″ orchid plant with larger and more expansive blooming orchid plants ranging from $50 to $150+.

Orchids need access to a light source to enable them to thrive in your home. Somewhere near a southern or easterly facing window would be ideal. Try to avoid the plant being exposed to bright direct light for extended periods though. A window ledge behind Venetian blinds helping to break the direct light would be perfect.

Orchids are delicate flowering plants that take significant care and attention to produce making them labor-intensive and thus more costly to the end consumer. Many orchid varieties are also very rare with numerous varieties considered to be endangered species due to their natural habitats being eroded.

With due care and attention, it’s quite possible for an orchid plant to last a lifetime. Most orchid plants will also consistently bloom once to twice a year

Orchid plants do not require daily watering. As with all plants, over-watering is one of the most common reasons for poor plant health. Aim to only water when the soil is 80 – 90% dry which will typically occur every 10 to 14 days dependent on the prevailing conditions in your home.

After you notice the blooms have started to fall off you’re fine to leave the stem as it is or if there are any signs of yellowing you can also cut back to the closest node.

Typically an orchid plant will bloom once a year in the home. However, dependent on the particular orchid variety and conducive growing conditions in your home orchid plants can bloom twice a year.


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