ProFlowers Review: Does Their Flower Delivery Stand Out?

ProFlowers has been a mainstay in the online flower delivery world for years now and is a popular option for farm-fresh arrangements and handcrafted bouquets from local florists across the United States. For our hands-on review, I recently ordered two ProFlowers arrangements. I wanted to learn more about their delivery service and flower quality as well as their overall style and suitable gifting occasions. Here you’ll find my honest review of ProFlowers to help you decide if they’re a good option for your next gifting arrangement. 

ProFlowers Flower Delivery Review

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My Experience Ordering Flowers from ProFlowers – The Essentials:


Style & Design:Bright, cheerful, and stylish. The bouquets I received closely resembled online images. In fact, I thought they looked better in real life than on their product pages. 
Quality & Freshness:Fresh and high-quality flowers in both bouquets. Both contained pre-bloom flowers that opened up well after a day or two.
Packaging: The Proflowers packaging was robust, well-constructed, and mostly recyclable. One arrangement was hand-delivered in a basket without packaging, which I enjoyed. Both bouquets were well-protected in transit.
On-Time Delivery:Both bouquets arrived within the specified delivery window. One even arrived early. 
Ease of Ordering: Ordering through ProFlowers was fast and straightforward. I was shown some upgrades for my order along the way, but it was still easy to navigate past them to checkout. 
Value For Money:I thought the overall value from around $60 to $90 for my arrangements was very decent, given the flower types, design, quality, and service I received. Additionally, both of my arrangements were impressive in terms of longevity; they each looked great for around two weeks. However, delivery fees aren’t cheap and will quickly add to the total cost of your order (even if you’re ordering a relatively modest bouquet). 
Overall Score: 4.3 out 5

About ProFlowers

About ProFlowers
Credit: ProFlowers

ProFlowers is a flower delivery service that was founded in 1998 in San Diego, California. They work with local florists around the US and internationally to provide fresh flowers and same-day delivery. In addition to flowers, ProFlowers offers various gifts and plants.

What is ProFlowers Known for?

ProFlowers is known for locally-sourced flowers, affordable prices, and fast delivery. The company offers a wide variety of arrangements and styles and a large selection of plants and gifts. Their bouquets are great as everyday gifts, but they have categories ranging from birthdays to corporate gifting. Today, they’re a wholly-owned subsidiary of the giant floristry business FTD. 

Where Does ProFlowers Deliver?

ProFlowers delivers to most locations in the US and Canada. Additionally, they have an international shop that delivers to more than 125 countries around the world. The company offers same-day delivery for US and Canadian locations if you order before 2 pm on weekdays or 1 pm on weekends. 

Do They Only Sell Flowers? 

ProFlowers sells more than just fresh flower arrangements. They also offer various gift baskets, plants, and food gifts like chocolate-covered strawberries. The plants ProFlowers offers range from potted orchids to money tree plants. 

Where are my ProFlowers Arrangements Coming from?

Where are my Proflowers coming from
Credit: Petal Republic

ProFlowers operates a similar model to other large online flower delivery services by partnering with local florists to fulfill orders placed on their site. Their collections are somewhat standardized, so in theory, a local florist can fulfill the same order across the country. 

In addition, ProFlowers works with local flower farms domestically and internationally to deliver fresh-cut seasonal flowers directly to homes and offices. 

Sustainability of ProFlowers Products

ProFlowers only works with farms with fair labor standards and proper environmental stewardship. The company audits the farms they source from internally and through third-party organizations.

ProFlowers Floral Style, Collections, and Prices

ProFlowers Floral Style and Collections
Credit: Petal Republic

The arrangements available from ProFlowers come in various colors, textures, and flower types. You can search bouquets by flower variety, color, or seasonal blooms. 

Additionally, ProFlowers has collections for occasions from birthdays and sympathy to upcoming holidays. The company also has product categories like corporate gifts, potted plants, and gift baskets. 

Now, prices vary significantly based on the products you choose. ProFlowers offers flower arrangements from $20 to more than $200. Their bouquets come in a few different sizes, which will further adjust the overall price of your order. 

For example, the Beautiful Spirit Basket I ordered comes in standard, deluxe, and premium sizes. The standard size has fewer blooms at $75, the deluxe is $90, and the premium offers the fullest arrangement for $105. 

My ProFlowers Experience 

I ordered two different types of flower arrangements from ProFlowers on this occasion. Here is a summary of how each bouquet is described on the ProFlowers website. 

Beautiful Spirit Basket

Beautiful Spirit Basket from Proflowers
Credit: Petal Republic

The Beautiful Spirit Basket makes an excellent gift to show the recipient you care. It’s a basket bursting with beautiful pink carnations, stock, roses, lilies, and Fuji mums.

Mixed Roses

Mixed Roses from ProFlowers
Credit: Petal Republic

This colorful bouquet of mixed roses adds a touch of cheer to the recipient’s day. Fresh roses in various colors pair beautifully with lush foliage to celebrate any occasion. 

The Online Ordering Experience at ProFlowers

The Online Ordering Experience at ProFlowers

The ProFlowers website is easy to navigate, and I found the ordering process to be relatively smooth. The company’s home page features seasonal promotions and a menu of product categories to help you begin your search. 

I browsed through the company’s different arrangements and visited product pages of the bouquets I liked. On the pages, ProFlowers has several images to view for each bouquet, including visuals of the different size options. 

They also list information, including flower varieties and other important details. I especially appreciated that they added pet safety precautions in the list of bouquet details. 

Once I selected the bouquets and sizes I wanted, I clicked Add to Bag. From there, I was prompted to enter my zip code and choose a delivery date. 

I clicked Continue, and a window popped up inviting me to upgrade my order with balloons, a greeting card, a plush bear, or a box of chocolates. Typically I don’t enjoy these constant upsells but appreciate a one-stop-shop for all your gifting needs may have their upsides. 

On this occasion, I decided I didn’t need to upgrade myself, so I clicked Checkout and was taken to a page to enter my delivery details. After entering this information, I clicked Continue to Payment. 

There, I was shown delivery fees and prompted to enter my payment details. After entering this information and reviewing my order, I clicked Place Your Order.

Taking Delivery

Taking Delivery of my Proflowers
ProFlowers packaging
ProFlowers Protective Packaging
Proflowers Flower Food and instructions

One of the ProFlowers arrangements I ordered arrived early, while the other arrived right on time. The Beautiful Spirit Basket was delivered by hand and arrived ready to display in a sturdy basket. The Mixed Roses arrangement came in a robust ProFlowers box complete with flower food and care instructions. 

Both bouquets I received were beautiful on arrival. However, some of the flowers were pre-bloom and opened up nicely after a few days. Both arrangements were vibrant in color and added a lovely fragrance to my home’s living area. 

The Beautiful spirit basket’s flower appeared slightly different from the images online. I actually preferred the look of the arrangement I received, so I’ll mark that down as a bonus (though ideally, you want to be receiving what you’ve ordered). The mixed roses looked similar to the online images, and they were very lush and vibrant in person. 

The Beautiful Spirit Basket did not come with care instructions or flower food. However, I appreciated that the arrangement included a card listing the florist who fulfilled my order. As this item came ready to display on arrival, it was convenient to set up without needing to arrange flowers or cut stems. 

Setting Up ProFlowers Bouquets at Home

Setting Up my ProFlowers at Home
Credit: Petal Republic

While my basket arrangement did not require any setup, the Mixed Roses bouquet did require a bit more care. I removed the protective packaging the roses came in and cut the stems before adding them to a vase with flower food. 

I enjoyed the convenience of the Beautiful Spirit Basket. Since it didn’t require any setup, this product would be an excellent gift choice. 

On the other hand, I didn’t mind the little bit of work involved with the roses I ordered. The packaging was easy to remove, and arranging the roses was a reasonably quick process.

Both of these bouquets would be enjoyable to receive as a gift. However, it’s nice to know that ProFlowers has quality options for recipients that appreciate the convenience. 

The Verdict 

ProFlowers The Verdict
Credit: Petal Republic

Overall, I thought my ProFlowers bouquets were both good value, and I’d be happy to order from them again for friends, family, and loved ones in addition to fresh ornamentals for the home or office. 

The flowers I received were all in pristine condition, many pre-bloom to maximize the longevity of my arrangements. I enjoyed receiving one ready-to-display arrangement and another shipped in ProFlowers branded packaging. Both presentations were sturdy and appeared to be assembled with care. 

In addition to the convenience of the Beautiful Spirit Basket, its presentation also meant less waste from excess packaging. I liked that this option added convenience while making my order more eco-friendly. 

I was impressed with the designs I received, as I thought the flowers in both arrangements looked better than they did on the website. The Beautiful Spirit Basket had abundant, fragrant blooms, and the mixed roses stood out for their vibrant hues. 

Additionally, both of these bouquets looked good for around two weeks. I appreciated the care that went into ensuring I got the most value possible from my blooms. 

Given the quality of my bouquets, I would order from ProFlowers again. The flowers were beautiful. Plus, the service gave me confidence that this company would provide quality if I were to order an arrangement for a friend or loved one.

Highlights of Ordering with ProFlowers

YouTube video

One major highlight was how well protected in transit both arrangements were. The ProFlowers box my other bouquet came in was sturdy with minimal and mostly recyclable extra material inside. 

In terms of style and design, I was really happy with each arrangement’s overall aesthetic, which earned plenty of compliments from guests in my home. 

I particularly enjoyed the variety and textures included in the Beautiful Spirit Basket. This aspect, coupled with lily blooms that opened over time, made for a pleasing visual and a charming focal point in my living area.

I also enjoyed the care instructions and flower food that came with my Mixed Roses bouquet. This made me feel that I was getting the most value out of my blooms by helping them thrive as long as possible. 

Areas ProFlowers Could Improve

One thing I’d mention is that my Beautiful Spirit Basket didn’t come with flower food, company details on ProFlowers, or care instructions. As the arrangement was ready to display, I simply topped up the container inside the basket and placed it in a spot in my living room. 

However, I would have loved to read more information on ways to maximize the longevity of this arrangement. Additionally, I would have enjoyed a bit more information on ProFlowers and the florist who brought this beautiful design to life. 

Keep an eye on delivery fees when you get through to the checkout. These can quickly add to the total cost of the order (particularly for express delivery options or around significant gifting occasions such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. 

What Occasions Are Best to Order from ProFlowers?

ProFlowers is an excellent go-to flower delivery service for holidays, birthdays, thinking of you gestures, thank yous, romantic occasions, and sympathy messages. The company has a wide variety as well, with lots of options for most budget considerations and taste preferences. So, you could order bouquets to impress someone special or add a splash of color to your home’s decor. 

For more, see the latest floral collections from ProFlowers here.

Alternatives to Consider

If you’re looking for another flower delivery service at a similar price point and breadth of choice then From You Flowers and Teleflora are both very dependable options. 

If you’re looking for farm-fresh designs, The Bouqs and BloomsyBox are both great options at a slightly higher price point. For more premium and luxurious flower delivery services, consider UrbanStems, Ode à la Rose, or Terrain.

ProFlowers Buying Guide FAQs:

Where is ProFlowers located?

The ProFlowers headquarters is located in San Diego, California. However, this company partners with local florists to service most of the US and Canada and 125 countries worldwide. 

How long can ProFlowers arrangements stay boxed?

Your ProFlowers arrangements are packaged to stay protected all the way to your doorstep. From there, you’ll want to unbox bouquets as soon as possible so they get the sunlight, water, and nutrients they need to thrive. 

How long do ProFlowers bouquets last? 

ProFlowers bouquets typically last between one to four weeks, depending on the flower varieties included. The company has a guarantee that your flowers will stay fresh for a minimum of seven days. Additionally, their potted plants come with a 14-day guarantee.

Where does ProFlowers deliver? 

ProFlowers delivers to almost every part of the United States and Canada. Additionally, they have an international shop that delivers to 125 countries worldwide. 

How much are ProFlowers flower arrangements?

ProFlowers bouquets start at around $20, and their more premium arrangements go up to $200. Additionally, many of these bouquets are available in different sizes. For example, the standard size comes at a lower cost, while the exquisite size is an option at a higher price point.

How much are ProFlowers delivery fees? 

ProFlowers delivery fees will differ depending on your order and location. Typically, delivery costs start at around $7.99. You’ll be able to see the delivery fees for your order before you check out. 

Does ProFlowers offer same-day delivery?

Yes, ProFlowers offers same-day delivery for most locations in the US and Canada. To ensure same-day delivery, you need to order before 2 pm on weekdays or before 1 pm on weekends in the time zone where you’re shipping your flowers. 

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