My Flowerbx Hand-Tested Delivery Review

For stylish, single-variety bouquets, Flowerbx is a popular option for upmarket floral treats throughout the year. In this in-depth Flowerbx review, I’ll share my complete experience ordering three different bouquets, including their quality, design, value for money, customer experience, and whether I’d recommend this flower delivery service for gifting and the home. 

Flowerbx Flower Delivery Review

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My Experience Ordering Flowers at Flowerbx – The Essentials:

Overall Score:

Style & Design:Chic, elegant, and upmarket. The bouquets received closely resembled the designs presented when placing the order.
Quality & Freshness:Overall incredibly fresh throughout. All arrangements arrived pre-bloom and an in impeccable condition. Top marks.
Packaging: Robust, well-constructed, and mostly recyclable. The bouquets were clearly well-protected in transit.
On-Time Delivery:Arrived on time within the designated delivery window (via UPS). 
Ease of Ordering: Fast and efficient, though it’s worth double-checking delivery areas and time frames in your respective location. 
Value For Money:Expect to pay anywhere from $70 to $150+ depending on size for an individual arrangement, making Flowerbx a more premium flower delivery option. Overall, the quality and presentation were excellent, so I strongly recommend this service for flexible budgets and special occasions. Be prepared for a bit of work to unbox and compose the arrangements on delivery.  
OVERALL: 4.6 out of 5

How I Tested Flowerbx for this Review: 

How I Tested Flowerbx
Credit: Petal Republic

For my review of Flowerbx, I ordered three different bouquets. There are a few key areas I look to judge against when determining the merits of a flower delivery service. Here’s how I assessed Flowerbx:  

Style and Beauty: 

Creativity, style, and artistry are paramount. I assessed the level of effort that had gone into the individual floral designs and the overall presentation of the arrangements received from Flowerbx. 

Quality and Freshness: 

I observed the quality of the flowers received in terms of freshness, color, fragrance, size, and stage of blooming. 

Floral Collections: 

I assessed the breadth, quality, and customization options across Flowerbx’s latest floral collections.


I looked at the overall customer experience of ordering flowers from Flowerbx. In particular, how easy the website was to navigate, how smooth and straightforward were purchase functions, and how clearly what’s represented on screen resembles what the customer will actually receive.

Delivery and Arrival Times: 

Including the delivery areas served, the cost of delivery fees, and whether the flowers were delivered on time.  


I looked at how much and the types of packaging materials Flowerbx utilized for the delivery and other factors, such as the source of flowers themselves (in terms of where they were grown and how far they traveled).   

Value for Money: 

I assessed the overall service in terms of the flowers received and the experience of ordering arrangements from Flowerbx in relation to other popular flower delivery services. 

About Flowerbx

About Flowerbx
Credit: Petal Republic

Flowerbx is a unique proposition in the sense that they only offer single-variety flower arrangements. Simply put, there are no confusing floral designs with color clashes and inappropriately paired flowers. Here’s where you’ll find floral arrangements showcasing one individual type of flower. 

There are lots of different flowers to pick from as well, spanning numerous types of roses, peonies, hydrangeas, freesia, snapdragons, carnations, hyacinth, ranunculus, orchids, and more. The collections and choices are impressive. 

The business was founded a few years back now in 2015 by Whitney Bromberg Hawkings – an ex-Tom Ford exec turned global florist. They deliver throughout the UK and much of Europe today, in addition to the East Coast in the United States. 

Where do Flowerbx Flowers Come From? 

Where are my Flowerbx flowers coming from
Credit: Petal Republic

Most flowers are sent directly from specialist markets in Holland in addition to Costa Rica, Israel, Thailand, Italy, and also Ecuador. Where you’re based will play a role in how sustainable you feel these flowers are. In general, the US receives the vast majority of the cut flowers sold in this market from South American farms, whereas Europe tends to import from Africa as well as sourcing from specialist growers across the continent. 

What’s also unique is that the flowers are essentially cut to order. Once you place a delivery request online, Flowerbx cuts and prepares the order for delivery, and it’s typically sent out within 24 hours. This method helps ensure you’re getting some of the freshest flowers around and reduces wastage (a significant challenge in the floristry industry). 

My Flowebx Experience 

As noted, for this review, I ordered three different arrangements. Here’s what they looked like on the Flowerbx website for reference: 

Framboise French Peony (from $110): 

Frambroise Peonies from Flowerbx

Cotton Candy Snapdragons (from $80): 

Cotton Candy Snapdragons from Flowerbx

Pink Sweet Avalanche Roses (from $120): 

Pink Sweet Avalanche Roses from Flowerbx

The Online Ordering Experience at Flowerbx Was Excellent: 

The Online Shopping Experience at Flowerbx

Overall, I found the Flowerbx website to be straightforward, fast, and easy to browse. Given their focus on single-variety flower arrangements, I felt the best place to start was to browse through the current variety of flowers they had available. 

The variety of flower types was genuinely impressive, featuring numerous types of roses, carnations, snapdragons, peonies, hyacinths, lisianthus, irises, tulips, orchids, freesia, daisies, and viburnum, to name but a few. 

Each flower type is often available in various color tones and unique botanical characteristics you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. You can also pick and choose the quantity of stems you’d like with each order. I found the standard sizes were fairly generous (typically 12 to 20 cut flowers per order), though there are many choices to upsize to something grand and decadent. 

From there, checkout and delivery were simple. There was a refreshing lack of upselling (other than recommended vases), which I appreciated. 

Taking Delivery of My Flowerbx Arrangements: 

Taking Delivery of My Flowerbx Arrangements
Credit: Petal Republic

I’d specified a delivery slot for a couple of days after placing the order (same-day options are available in many locations if you need fresh flowers in a snap). 

The arrangements arrived via UPS, who delivered the boxes within the designated time slot I’d received (9:30 am to 1:30 pm). 

As you can see below, the packaging was simple yet elegant. I’d feel confident sending these to a friend, family member, or client. 

Unboxing my Flowerbx Flower Arrangements
Credit: Petal Republic

Once I opened the box, the flowers were in pristine condition and very securely protected in transit. Additionally, there wasn’t too much excess packaging included, which I appreciated, and all elements were recyclable. 

The stems of each arrangement were also cleverly wrapped in a hydrating water pad, and there was no evidence the flowers had suffered in transit. Overnight shipping helps here as well. 

Flowerbx Flower Arrangement with Hydrating Pad on Stems
Credit: Petal Republic

Attached to each bouquet was a sachet of flower food and instructions on preparing the arrangement for display. I would have appreciated more detail about the origin and types of flowers received alongside the bouquet – something I’ve enjoyed with other comparable flower delivery services. 

Flowerbx Bouquets Arrive with a Sachet of Flower Food
Credit: Petal Republic

Setting Up My Flowerbx Arrangements at Home Was Fun, But Required a Bit of Work: 

The Flower Buds on My Flowerbx Bouquets Were Pre-Bloom
Credit: Petal Republic

Flower deliveries typically fall into two categories – those that are hand-delivered, composed, and ready to display by a local florist and those arriving from slightly further afield that require a little work yourself to compose and display at home. 

Flowerbx arrangements are shipped straight from the major flower markets, so while you’re getting some of the freshest flowers around, you will need to do a little work to make these looks as beautiful as the arrangements you saw displayed on their website at the time of order. I love this part, but for others, it’s a consideration. 

Flowerbx Bouquet Fresh From The Box
Credit: Petal Republic

The flowers arrived in ideal condition and at the perfect point of pre-blooming. Note that unless you’ve ordered vases in addition to the bouquets, you’ll need to have a display vessel at home to transfer the arrangements to. 

Next, I simply snipped about 2 inches off the stems of each bouquet (ideally at a 45-degree angle) and filled the vases with water mixed with the flower food provided. I also removed a few slightly dried petals from the outside of each bouquet. 

Flowerbx Review Verdict - The Peonies
Credit: Petal Republic

The arrangements weren’t going to look stunning on day 1, but overnight the buds started to emerge, and the displays were spectacular from day two onwards. The snapdragons, in particular, went from a little floppy to elegantly standing proud once they’d had a chance to rehydrate fully. 

The Verdict – A Stunning, if Slightly Premium, Flower Delivery Service for Gifting and the Home

Flowerbx Review - The Verdict
Credit: Petal Republic

After a week with my Flowerbx arrangements, they still look absolutely gorgeous. I’d be optimistic that these fresh market flowers will remain looking fantastic for at least 9 to 10 days once you’ve composed them. From my experience, these are some of the longest-lasting flowers I’ve tested over the past 12 months.  

I loved the uncomplicated floral designs and elegant simplicity of single-variety flower arrangements. They feel refreshing and chic and look beautiful once displayed. 

Flowerbx Review - The Verdict Snapdragons
Credit: Petal Republic


  • Beautiful selection of flowers to pick from. 
  • Stylish packaging and presentation throughout. 
  • Very secure delivery 
  • Long-lasting flowers
  • Suitable for gifting and the home for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, housewarmings, new baby celebrations, sympathy gestures, and more.


  • Premium pricing throughout. 
  • The arrangements require a little work to compose and display at home.
  • Flowers may arrive from various global markets, so their mileage (and sustainability considerations) may vary dependent on your location. 

For more, see Flowerbx’s latest floral collections here

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Flowerbx Flower Delivery Review FAQs: 

How Much Are Flowerbx Arrangements? 

Flowerbx bouquets typically range from $80 to $200+, depending on the size of the arrangement. 

Where does Flowerbx Deliver?

Currently, Flowerbx delivers nationwide in the UK and throughout much of Europe. In the US, Flowerbx ships to the following east coast states: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Delaware.

How Much Are Flowerbx Delivery Fees? 

Flowerbx delivery fees range from $15 (for standard delivery) to $25 for express or same-day delivery to specific locations. 

How Long Do Flowerbx Arrangements Last For? 

Whilst the individual types of flowers are a factor, you can expect your Flowerbx flowers to last for at least 8 to 10 days, potentially longer with due care and attention. 

What’s Included in a Flowerbx Delivery? 

Flowerbx arrangements arrive wrapped in brown paper, protected by a special hydration pad, alongside flower food to use once you compose the arrangement. 

When Does Flowerbx Deliver? 

Flowerbx typically delivers flower arrangements from Monday to Friday each week. The flowers arrive via their delivery partners, such as UPS. 

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