Larissa Runkle

Larissa is a writer, gardener, and herbalist living in the San Juan mountains of Colorado. Her writing has been widely published in lifestyle and personal finance publications all over the country, and she's also the creator of the weekly newsletter @rootedintribe.

For anyone who’s grown up spending any amount of time outside, there are certain plants we’re simply taught to avoid, like the rash-inducing leaves of Poison Ivy and Poison Oak or the deadly toxic Water Hemlock. But something we don’t often consider? The deadly plants that could be growing right under our noses…that is to say, the ones in our…

When you hear Hummingbird Mint, you probably think of one particular plant—likely one with a tall stock of brightly colored blooms in purple, orange, or magenta. That’s because Hummingbird Mint (also known as hyssop or anise-hyssop) is a common name used to describe multiple species of flowering plants within the genus known as Agastache. Adored by all kinds of pollinators…