My ‘Flowers For Dreams’ Review: Dreamy Bouquets For Every Midwest Household

If you live in the Midwest, then you might’ve heard about the company called Flowers For Dreams. Providing stunning nature-inspired bouquets and gift sets, they also offer floral arrangements for special occasions like weddings and birthday parties. I recently placed my first order with Flowers for Dreams and was seriously impressed with the flawless experience and quality of the flowers I received. Here’s my in-depth review and everything you’ll want to know before placing your first order.  

Flowers For Dreams Flower Delivery Review

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My Flowers For Dreams Experience: 


Style & Design:Natural and modern bouquets with personalized gift sets. The bouquet I received was identical to the way it was presented online. 
Quality & Freshness:Flowers were perfectly fresh upon arrival, even with some unopened blooms. However, a few flowers started to wilt on day six. 
Packaging: Robust, well-constructed, and recyclable. The bouquets were well protected without there being an excess of waste. 
On-Time Delivery:Arrived within the specified delivery window.
Ease of Ordering: Fast and easy process, with options to customize and upgrade my order. 
Value For Money:The overall value at $45 to $215 per arrangement seems good considering the quality of blooms and overall presentation and delivery. I’d happily recommend for gifting and the home. 

About Flowers For Dreams

About Flowers for Dreams
I upgraded my order with some seasonal treats

Flowers For Dreams is a Chicago-based florist that delivers all across the Midwest, including destinations in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin. They provide same and next-day delivery for some of these locales and also have offices in Milwaukee and Detroit. 

The company is a certified B corporation and has donated over $1.3 million to education, environmental, and animal rescue organizations. They’ve also partnered with charitable organizations working with Black Lives groups and those supporting refugees and veterans. 

Besides providing farm-fresh florals from US-based growers, the company also offers a variety of personalizations and gift sets—allowing you to make each order as special as the occasion calls for. Their small but mighty collection of bouquets rotates seasonally, meaning you can always find something special to send to someone or to adorn your own table. Their flowers tend to be more natural in appearance but still bright and vibrant. The company also offers weekly or monthly flower subscriptions and catering for events and weddings. 

My Flowers For Dreams Experience 

My Flowers for Dreams Experience
My arrangement was nicely packed and arrived in excellent condition

I ordered one of their signature seasonal arrangements on this occasion. The aptly named Fall bouquet ($45 – $85 depending on size) is a stunning arrangement of mums, playa roses, cream gerbera daisies, and cider-colored snapdragons. It does indeed remind you of fall and also feels like the perfect classy addition to any tablescape. 

I also decided to upgrade my order to include the company’s Fall Bundle ($35), which comes with a pumpkin pie candle (which smells delicious), a face mask, wildwood pumpkin cooking spices, and a cute little felt pumpkin. I was also tempted to include a Bang Bang pie—which is an especially sweet add-on for those looking to purchase the perfect holiday gift in the Chicago area. 

The Online Ordering Experience at Flowers For Dreams 

Fall Flower Arrangement on the Flowers for Dreams Website
Here’s what my arrangement looked like on the Flowers for Dreams website

Some flower sites try to do it all, and I really appreciated the fact that this wasn’t the case with Flowers For Dreams. The company offers a small, clean selection of seasonal bouquets, making it very easy to order something beautiful at your chosen price point. 

The upgrades are there, but not pushy. Whether you just want flowers or something extra—it’s easy to find both, and without feeling any pressure to spend more than you want to. 

Talking Delivery

Taking Delivery of My Flowers For Dreams Bouquet
The packaging was sturdy and also recyclable

My order arrived right on time as planned. As noted, the company typically services midwestern destinations (like Ann Arbor, Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Madison, to name a few). 

Depending on where you live, they may even offer same and next-day delivery services, which is great for last-minute shoppers. 

The packaging was also one of my favorite aspects of shopping with this company. It was minimal but hardy, and protected the flowers without being overly wasteful. Most of the packaging was recyclable (like the outer box and main inner components) or reusable (like the burlap wrapping the bouquet arrived in). The flowers were fresh and arrived in flawless condition. 

Setting Up My Flowers For Dreams Bouquet at Home 

Setting Up My Flowers For Dreams Bouquet at Home
My bouquet ready to be composed complete with care instructions and flower food

My flowers arrived ready to be displayed out of the box, and while I didn’t order a vase, there were plenty of options to do so, with a choice between birch, bronze, ceramic, or glass vases.

The company included care cards and a little bag of flower food as well, which I appreciated. Within minutes of receiving my package, the flowers were displayed on my table, and I was lighting up that delicious pumpkin pie candle that (almost) made up for not having an actual pie in with my order. 

The Verdict 

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience with Flowers For Dreams. I think it’s a great company, doing good work in the world, and offering quality products at the same time. I would definitely consider ordering from them again. 

How Fresh Were The Flowers Received? 

How Fresh Were The Flowers For Dreams Flowers
I loved the mix of colors, textures, and fragrances in this bouquet

While many of the blooms are still in good condition (more than 10 days later), I had a few that needed to be tossed within the first six days—and I generally like to see flowers at the price point last at least a week. 

But overall, the service and quality of the products was excellent. I was also impressed with the Fall Bundle. Add-ons tend to be pretty cheaply-made in my experience, but this wasn’t the case with Flowers For Dreams. The candle, spices, and face mask have all been put to good use and felt worth the extra cost. The little felt pumpkin was another cute touch, as was the reusable burlap wrapping the bouquet came in. 

What occasions might someone consider ordering from Flowers For Dreams?

What Occasions Are Best for Ordering from Flowers for Dreams
My Flowers for Dreams bouquet set-up at home

This company does gift sets really well, and I think they’d be a good choice for any Midwesterner looking to either send a gift or treat themselves. The homey touches included in each order really make it feel special in a way that you wouldn’t want to leave your bouquet behind in the office (unless it’s your home office)!

Given how beautifully arranged the flowers were (and how flawless they looked upon delivery), I would also consider this company for events. Not only are the flowers beautiful, but you can also feel good about supporting a company that’s supporting American growers and also involved in so many charitable initiatives. 


If you’re looking for a bit more variety to choose from (that’s also in the same price range), you might consider ordering from UrbanStems. Another option, that’s at a slightly higher price point but offers more floral gifts (like wreaths and XL-sized arrangements) would be The Bouqs

Flowers For Dreams Buying Guide FAQs:

Where do Flowers For Dreams deliver? 

The Chicago-based company delivers all across the Midwest, including destinations in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin. They also have offices in Milwaukee and Detroit. 

How much are Flowers For Dreams bouquets?

The bouquets from Flowers For Dreams range in price from $65 for their smaller arrangements all the way to $215 for larger arrangements with more add-ons. 

How much are Flowers For Dreams delivery fees? 

The company offers in-house delivery to select locations across the Midwest, but for orders outside those zip codes, customers will be charged $20 per order to cover third-party shipping costs (UPS & FedEx). 

How long does it take to receive arrangements from Flowers For Dreams?

Customers can opt for same or next-day delivery in certain Midwest cities. All hand-deliveries of this kind are made between 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM, Monday- Saturday. For deliveries further afield, you’ll have to track your order with the third-party delivery service. 

Does Flowers For Dreams sell pet-friendly flowers and plants? 

While some of the bouquets delivered with Flowers For Dreams are non-toxic and pet-friendly, the company doesn’t specifically offer “pet-friendly” plants or bouquets. 

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