Be Mine: The Bouqs 2023 Valentine’s Day Bouquets Are On Point (And On Sale)

When my flowers from The Bouqs arrived, my husband proudly said, “Oh there they are, I was wondering when the flowers I got you would get here.” It was February 3rd (insert eye roll here). But had they actually been from him, this would have been quite the romantic gesture. The two bouquets I ordered from The Bouqs arrived immaculately packaged, healthy, and among the nicest arrangements I’ve ever received— via snail mail or otherwise. 

The Bouqs Flower Delivery

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So if you’re looking for the perfect sweet surprise for your S.O. this Valentine’s Day, keep reading. Here’s my hands-on review of shopping the 2023 Bouq Valentine’s Day Collections

A Bit About The Bouqs

About The Bouqs

If you haven’t heard of The Bouqs, then you probably haven’t ventured too far into the world of flower delivery. This California-based company is a bonafide leader in the flower and plant delivery space—and with good reason.

Started by two friends (one of whom is a third-generation farmer), this company has stuck with its original mission to bring responsibly-sourced blooms to the masses. With tons of choices and a website that’s super easy to use, this company has quickly become my go-to for ordering flowers online, especially when the sad grocery store displays just won’t do (which is always).  

Valentine’s Day Collections from The Bouqs

The Bouqs Valentine's Day Collections

No matter how grand (or modest) of a gesture you plan to make this V-day, The Bouqs has flower arrangements for everyone—especially since they’re offering all sorts of discounts and special offers from now through the big day (simply enter the code once you get to the checkout): 

2/13-2/14Save 20% on Valentine’s Day Farm-Fresh Flowers and Gifts from The Bouqs Co. with VDAY20

Looking to spend the big bucks and woo a long-lost love? There’s something called 100 Roses that might just be the ticket. Want to remind your newly single bestie that she’s still your number one? Check out St. Galentine’s. 

But probably the best part about these floral arrangements is the sheer amount of choice and customization within every bouquet order. Once you’ve settled on the perfect bouquet for your special someone, you can further customize how many stems and even what vase it comes in. 

And for the multi-colored carnation haters out there (of which I proudly consider myself to be one)—these aren’t your typical grocery store bouquets. 

In fact, you can easily avoid the traditional looking V-day bouquets by choosing a classically beautiful arrangement like Buttercream or even something more exotic like Wild About U. And if your SO isn’t a fan of flowers? Well, then you might just get them a potted plant—like this Desert Fairytale cactus

My Bouqs Valentine’s Day Arrangements

My Bouqs Valentine's Day Arrangements

I ordered and received two Valentine’s Day arrangements from The Bouqs, including a Deluxe Cotton Candy bouquet, as well as an original Strawberry Sunset bouquet

All bouquets are available in three sizes, starting with the Original (your typical-size arrangement of 12 stems), then Deluxe (24 stems), or, finally, the Grand (36 stems). Because of the variety of greenery and texture included in all floral arrangements, even the smallest size ends up looking like a full complete bouquet. In contrast, the next size up is already bigger and more luxe than most bouquets you can buy in stores. 

Another thing to note when ordering from the company is that you won’t be able to pick exactly what your bouquet looks like—the stems are mixed. But when you choose your bouquet you’re essentially buying into that overall color scheme and look, which the company adheres to in the final arrangements. Each bouquet also comes with a list of what’s in it, so if you have someone who hates a certain type of flower, you can easily avoid them. 

Taking Delivery

Taking Delivery of My Bouqs Valentine's Day Flower Arrangements

When my Bouqs arrangements arrived, I was really impressed by how thoughtfully they were packaged. Although there was minimal waste (something I love to see from flower companies), the flowers arrived in excellent condition and were safely nestled in their boxes, along with the vases provided for each arrangement. 

Sometimes when receiving floral arrangements in the mail, it can be hard to determine the best way to open the package without damaging your flowers, but this wasn’t a concern with The Bouqs. Their packaging was intuitive and provided optimal protection with little waste. Using tissue paper between flowers and rubber bands and some cellophane to keep things in place, the flowers were ready to be displayed right out of the box—something else I absolutely loved!

Setting Up my Bouqs Valentine's Day Flower Arrangements

Only a few petals fell off each bouquet, and many of the blooms were as of yet unopened, which the company does intentionally to ensure you get to enjoy your flowers for longer. Over the next few days my bouquets blossomed with an array of colorful roses, fragrant eucalyptus stems, and lilies that were the perfect mid-winter pick-me-up. 

Along with the vases, the arrangements arrived with customizable note cards and some care info (including a cheat sheet on Rose Care 101), as well as flower food. The vases themselves were also nice without being over the top, and something I can see myself using again for future bouquets. 

Make Your Bouqs Bouquet Memorable

Making Your Bouqs Valentine's Day Flowers Memorable

If you’re not sure where to start with your Bouqs order, I’d recommend first determining two things: Your budget and the color scheme/overall look you’d like. With helpful filters like “Flower Type” and “Color” as well as organizing your search results by Price or “Best Sellers”, the company makes it easy to find the perfect bouquet relatively quickly. 

Once you’ve got these details down, you can further customize your order by choosing the best size bouquet, as well as the perfect vase to complement it. Add in a little note before you checkout, and don’t forget to set your intended delivery date. The company is currently offering standard delivery in time for Valentine’s Day, or you can get things shipped faster by choosing Next Day Shipping and shopping their collection of “First Available” arrangements. 

Tips For Ordering From The Bouqs

Tips for Ordering Valentine's Day Flowers from The Bouqs

When it comes to buying flowers with The Bouqs, you should expect to pay anywhere from $40-200 per order. Shopping the lower end of this spectrum will get you classically beautiful bouquets while shopping the higher end of it will mean more dramatic statement bouquets like the previously mentioned 100 Roses. Most customers shopping with The Bouqs can expect to spend between $50-100 for lush, medium-sized bouquets. 

The Bouqs currently delivers in all 50 states, with most of their flowers being sourced from farms and shipped via FedEx Tuesday-Saturday. The company also partners up with local florists to provide same and next-day delivery seven days per week in select cities around the country. You can enter your zip code here to see if this service is offered in your area. If it is, you may be able to get flowers delivered in as little as two hours—we’re looking at you, last-minute shoppers!

Besides Valentine’s Day bouquets, the company also provides flower arrangements for other occasions like Housewarming, New Baby, or even for larger events like weddings

Last but certainly not least, you can save money on your Bouqs order by setting up a subscription for regular flower delivery. This will save you 30% off your order, plus free shipping. The best part? You can customize your subscription every month by selecting the arrangements and size, skip a month, and even spread the joy by switching up the recipients. 

The Final Word

The Bouqs Valentine's Day 2023 Collections - The Final Word

It’s rare that something coming in the mail excites me more than a new book from Amazon, but I can honestly say I loved receiving my bouquets from The Bouqs. One more bit of praise I have to sing before signing off here?

The Bouqs really knows its audience with its “One-Click Roses” feature. While it’s definitely intended for the forgetful partner who can’t tell a rose from a lily, it’s also a really convenient link to have on hand—and dare we say, even pass on to said partner just in time for them to place an order before the big day. 

For more, check out The Bouqs 2023 Valentine’s Day Collections.

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