The Best Flowers for Mothering Sunday

Welcome to our expert guide to Mother’s Day Flowers in the UK. Here we’ll walk you through the best blooms to pick for Mothering Sunday and share our top picks for Mother’s Day flower delivery.

Floral Traditions of Mother’s Day

Floral Traditions of Mother's Day

The earliest records of Mothering Sunday go back to the 16th Century. During this period, it was a tradition for people to return to their home or ‘mother church’ to attend a service at the end of lent. Subsequently, this activity was known by the term to go ‘a-mothering’.

Later, this day was associated with giving domestic servants a well deserved holiday. They could then return to attend a service at their ‘mother church’ with their family. Many of these workers were of child age. It became a custom for these children to pick flowers on their way to attend the service and give to their mothers. As the years passed, the tradition of gifting something to one’s mother on this day, usually flowers, grew and grew.  

In the early 1900s, Mother’s Day really hit primetime thanks to the efforts of Anna Maria Jarvis in the US. Anna is recognised as holding the first official ceremony to honour mothers in 1908. This was to commemorate the passing of her own mother 3 years previously as well as to honour all mothers in attendance at her church. She gifted 500 white carnations to all attendees at this inaugural ceremony.

Inspired by Anna’s work, Constance Adelaide Smith created the Mothering Sunday Movement in the UK. Constance was a passionate advocate for the day to be embraced across the British Empire. Through her writing and community work she inspired parishes across the land to more formally observe this day. 

The Best Flower’s For Mother’s Day

Mothering Sunday falls at the onset of Spring. There’s an abundance of seasonal, local blooms on offer as well as an array of fresh flowers from international growers. Here are some of our favourite flowers to consider for Mother’s Day:


Carnations For Mothering Sunday

Carnations are well-loved for the diverse array of colours they offer. They exude elegant, attractive blooms that quickly express a variety of emotions.

Pink carnations, for instance, symbolise a mother’s love. This symbolism can be traced back to an early Christian scripture that the flowers bloomed when the Virgin Mary started crying as Jesus carried the cross.

Red carnations are also a good choice, but different shades of red convey different meanings. Light red carnations represent friendship and admiration, whereas the dark red variations express sincere love and affection.

White carnations are a symbol of pure love and good luck in many cultures and are a popular gifting flower given their association to Mother’s Day.

Carnations to avoid include striped carnations which can be a symbol of regret and refusal. Purple carnations symbolize capriciousness, and yellow carnations are for disappointment and sorrow.


Tulips for Mother's Day in the UK

The tulip is one of the most popular flowers in the world. Celebrated for their spectacular range of colour and exquisite structures, the tulip is right up there with the venerable Rose. White tulips represent purity and peace and make an excellent pick for Mother’s Day. Pink tulips are also a nice choice representing good wishes, health, and confidence.


Roses Mothering Sunday

Roses have long proven to be one of the most impressive, popular and rewarding gifts anyone can receive. During Victorian times, deeper colors of roses translated to deeper love and affection. Likewise, that’s why white roses are used in wedding ceremonies, illustrating young love that’s yet to grow even stronger with time. This symbolism of purity and perceived strength make a bouquet of white roses an excellent choice for Mother’s Day.


Peonies Flowers for Mother's Day

One of our favourite flowers full stop. Compared to traditional offerings, peony flowers are more personal. They present an idea that the person who gives them has carefully thought about the perfect gift the receiver would genuinely adore. Also known as the ‘queen of flowers’ peonies are a stunning choice for Mother’s Day. 

Festiva Maxima peonies if you can find them would be my first choice. This stunning peony variety showcases elegantly layered white petals with small patches of crimson red at the center.

Mother’s Day Flowers for Delivery


Mother’s Day arrangements from £30. Nationwide next-day delivery // Same-day delivery available in London.

FLOWERBX Mothering Sunday Flowers


FLOWERBX is a farm-to-door online specialist founded by Whitney Bromberg Hawkings – a 19 year veteran at Tom Ford turned leading global florist. Most importantly, they work with a network of the best growers in the UK and abroad and focus on delivering the best blooms as soon as possible post-harvest. In short, blooms are typically days fresher and last longer than you’ll find elsewhere. 

2. Appleyard Flowers

Mother’s Day arrangements from £20. Nationwide next-day delivery.

Appleyard Mother's Day Flowers
Credit: Appleyard Flowers


Appleyard has a stellar reputation for great floral design, affordable prices, and excellent service. Firstly, flowers are sourced from a network of specialist flower growers across the UK and sustainable farms in Kenya. Secondly, the expert design team curates a range of British design-led arrangements with the best fresh blooms. Online ordering is a breeze and each floral arrangement is delivered in exquisite, sustainable packaging. 

3.Bloom & Wild

Mother’s Day flower arrangements from £20. Nationwide next-day delivery.

Bloom & Wild Mother's Day Flowers
Credit: Bloom & Wild


Bloom and Wild are the boffins behind the best letterbox delivery service in the UK. Having literally measured 100s of letterboxes by hand they’ve created the perfect delivery vessel. Subsequently, you’ll never have to worry about your mum being home to collect these blooms. In addition, there are also some nice benefits to this method. Flower buds are neatly packaged pre-bloom so your mum will get to witness their full spectacle for longer at home once they are unpacked. Moreover, this part is fun as well. Bloom and Wild handily include simple flower arranging instructions in the delivery box to help you create the perfect arrangements.

4. Floom

Mother’s Day floral arrangements from £50. Nationwide next-day delivery // same-day delivery available in London.

Floom Mother's Day Flowers
Credit: Floom


Floom is the creative online marketplace that brings together the best local, artisan florists in one easy to use website. Most importantly, Floom takes pride in creating a better flower gifting experience. Here you’ll find bouquets and floral arrangements carefully prepared by exceptional florists. Moreover, designs are unique and creative. In addition, ordering, delivery and general customer service are also top-notch.

5. Waitrose

Mother’s Day floral arrangements from £20. Nationwide delivery is available 7 days a week.

Waitrose Mother's Day Flowers
Credit: Waitrose


Waitrose is hands down the best supermarket florist. Above all, you’ll find an extensive array of affordable (and luxury) bouquets and plants perfectly considered for Mother’s Day. In addition, Waitrose has their own exclusive designs which cover a range of classic and contemporary arrangements. They also conveniently deliver 7 days a week.


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