Floom Flower Delivery Review: Your Complete Buying Guide

Floom is an online floral delivery service that serves locations in the UK and the US. They offer an extensive selection of characterful bouquets sourced from independent local florists, as well as houseplants, hampers, and other thoughtful gifts. For my in-depth Floom flower delivery service review, I ordered two bouquets of different sizes and styles. Below, I’ve shared my complete experience with Floom’s delivery service and bouquet quality to help you decide if they’re right for you!

Floom Flower Delivery Review

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My Experience Ordering Flowers from Floom:

Overall Score:

Style & Design:Charming, bright, and vibrant. The bouquets that I received very closely resembled the designs I saw online when I placed my order.
Quality & Freshness:Fresh, with both pre-bloom and full-bloom flowers throughout.
Packaging: Robust, well-constructed, and recyclable. One box had a small dent on arrival, but both of my Floom bouquets were well-protected in transit and undamaged on arrival.
On-Time Delivery:Both of the flower arrangements I ordered arrived on time, within the specified delivery window.
Ease of Ordering: Fairly quick, with a few minor issues navigating the website. Everything was straightforward, but some pages took a little longer to load. I also had trouble sorting available bouquets by price. 
Value For Money:The overall value of £30 to £50 ($40 to $75+) for my arrangements was good considering the flower types, the style, and the delivery service. Both arrangements were very fresh and consistent with the images online.
Overall Score: 4.5 out of 5

About Floom

About Floom

What Is Floom and Where Are They Based?

Floom is an online floral marketplace that connects customers with local independent florists in the UK and the US. They offer a wide range of bouquets and unique flower arrangements suitable for various style preferences and budgets. 

The company is based in the UK but also serves customers in the US. So, it’s a convenient platform for customers to order arrangements from local florists in most locations in either country.

What Is Floom Known for?

Floom is known for its selection of artisanal flower arrangements sourced from independent local florists. Their signature style leans toward modern and whimsical designs, with eye-catching bouquets that are suitable for special occasions or showing loved ones you care. 

As a company that prioritizes quality and character, I’ve found Floom to be a suitable choice for special occasions and everyday gifting. The company gives buyers access to local florists, providing the unique benefit of supporting businesses in their community.

My Floom Experience 

The Flowers I Ordered

I ordered two bouquets from Floom that were fulfilled by two separate local, independent florists. Here is a summary of how each of the bouquets was listed on Floom’s website.

Floom The Zoe Arrangement

The Zoe is a small and charming bouquet that includes roses and lisianthus​ among several other colorful blooms. The bouquet I received was very similar to the image on the website, although I believe the eucalyptus stems may have been left out of mine.

Floom 12 Pink Roses

This is a romantic bouquet of one dozen soft pink roses combined with eucalyptus stems. The online description recommends this bouquet for Valentine’s Day or a similar romantic occasion and I agree. It’d make a great gift to show someone special that you care.

This bouquet was almost identical to the images available online, which I appreciated. Some of the images featured a slightly lighter shade of pink than my roses.

Some of the outer petals appeared a little dry, or past their peak, though they arrangement did spring back to life after being composed in a vase and rehydrated with water from the vase.

The Online Ordering Experience at Floom

The Online Shopping Experience at Floom

Floom’s website was charming and visually clutter-free. However, some of the pages loaded slowly, and the experience wasn’t as smooth to navigate as I would have liked.

My online ordering experience with Floom started by browsing through the main Flowers category. I entered my postcode and saw options available in my area, as well as the specific local florist that could fulfill the order.

I also saw the option at the top of the page to “Get Free Delivery.” Clicking that link gave me the option to join Floom’s newsletter in exchange for free delivery for a first-time order over £50 (or £60 for same-day order) which was a nice touch.

Once I chose the arrangement I wanted, I could see details, reviews from other customers, and care instructions right on the product page. When I added my bouquet to my basket, a window invited me to select a delivery date. Each delivery date had the same shipping cost next to it – £6.99.

From there, I clicked continue and the bouquet was added to my basket. The next button invited me to proceed to checkout, where I entered my details and placed my order. All in all, the checkout process was smooth and instilled confidence that they’d process my order successfully. 

The Delivery Process

The Delivery Process From Floom

My orders from Floom came on time, within the delivery window I selected when placing the order. They both came in separate cardboard boxes that were large but lightweight. One of the boxes was minimally dented on arrival, but both of the bouquets were secure and undamaged.

My deliveries came with a small card with details about Floom, and the pink roses had flower food taped to the paper that the bouquet came wrapped in. Neither of the flower arrangements came with care instructions. However, their listings online shared details for care, which I thought was a nice way for the company to minimize packaging waste.

Setting Up My Floom Flowers at Home

The flowers came pre-arranged in both of the bouquets I ordered. All I needed to do was remove the paper and packaging that secured the flowers together, trim the stems, and place them in a vase with fresh water. 

All things considered, the process of setting up my bouquets was easy. Plus, it was nice that they were already arranged, so I didn’t have to do much to ensure they looked beautiful in their vases!

Floom Flower Delivery Review – The Verdict 

Highlights of ordering from Floom

My Overall Opinion of the Flowers I Received

I’d say the flowers I received from Floom were generally good value for money. They looked just like the images online, they were in pristine condition on arrival, and they stayed beautiful for more than a week. 

Highlights of Ordering from Floom

YouTube video

There were several highlights throughout my experience ordering flowers with Floom. Here are a few aspects that stood out:

  • Supporting local florists – I appreciated that I could support independent florists in my area by ordering through Floom. It allowed me to get to know some florists near me and feel like I was supporting businesses in my community.
  • Accurate online images – Another great thing about the bouquets I ordered from Floom is that they were almost identical to the images I saw online. This isn’t always the case with online flower delivery companies. So, I appreciated the florists’ efforts to stay true to the original designs and meet my expectations as a customer.
  • Beautiful arrangement designs – Both of the bouquets I received were beautifully arranged on arrival. The designs felt unique and high-quality compared to traditional bouquets. Plus, I didn’t need to do any arranging when they arrived, which I appreciated.

Considerations for Ordering from Floom

There are a few things that could have improved my experience shopping with Floom. First, I had a few technical issues navigating the website, specifically with the loading speed of certain pages. Additionally, the site didn’t present the lowest-priced options first when I selected the option to sort by “price low to high.”

Another thing I would love to see is more details about the sustainability practices of Floom’s partner florists listed on the product pages. However, I did appreciate that the company included care instructions online, as it minimized the waste of packaging materials that came with my bouquets.

What Occasions Might Someone Consider Ordering from Floom

Suitable Gifting Occasions to Order From Floom

Given the company’s wide range of price points and designs, Floom would be a great choice for special occasions or everyday gifting. Here are the specific occasions currently available to shop on Floom’s website:

  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Mother’s Day
  • Congratulations
  • Sympathy
  • Easter
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Baby Flowers
  • Housewarming
  • Peony Season (or specific seasonal flowers depending on the time of year)
  • Pride Collection
  • Thank You

Additionally, Floom offers flowers for events like funerals and weddings. The company also has specific categories for seasonal occasions, like gifts for teachers at the end of the school year.

There are cheaper options out there for fresh flower delivery, but if you’re interested in unique floral designs curated by local florists in your area, then Floom genuinely stands out as an excellent flower delivery service for gifting and the home. 

Alternatives to Floom

If you’re interested in exploring other options for flower delivery in the UK, here are a few companies to consider:

  • Appleyard – If you want a bouquet with a more sophisticated, elegant aesthetic, Appleyard Flowers is an excellent choice. The company offers bouquets and gifts for various occasions, with luxurious extras like truffles and bottles of champagne. Appleyard’s prices may be similar to or slightly higher than Floom’s, but they have options for various budgets. See our in-depth Appleyard flower delivery review here.
  • Flowerbx – Flowerbx is another excellent choice if you’re looking for flower delivery in either the UK or the US. The company offers luxury bouquets of a single flower type. So, they’re a great pick if you want to send an arrangement of someone’s favorite flower. You can shop categories from under £45 to over £75. See our in-depth Flowerbx review here.
  • Bloom & Wild – Bloom & Wild is a UK-based flower delivery company specializing in letterbox flowers and hand-tied bouquets with a wild, natural aesthetic. The company has plenty of affordable options if you’re looking for something at an accessible price point. See our in-depth Bloom and Wild review here.

In the US, some of my favorite flower delivery services are: 

Floom Buying Guide:

Where Does Floom Deliver?

Floom provides flower delivery services in both the United Kingdom and the United States. The bouquets they deliver come from partner florists across the country. When shopping on their site, you’ll see arrangement options that are available to you depending on your recipient’s postcode.

Floom works with florists who deliver every day of the week. However, delivery options and availability will depend on the specific artisan you order from. The company asks that their partner florists deliver between 10 am and 6 pm local time for all orders made ahead of the delivery day.

Additionally, many of Floom’s partner florists accommodate same-day delivery. The company tells their independent florist partners to deliver same-day orders made before 1 pm within a window of 12 to 6 pm. However, on peak days like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day weekend, Floom’s florists do their best to deliver on time but can’t guarantee a specific delivery window.

What Does Floom Sell?

Floom sells high-quality floral arrangements, plants, and hampers. The company doesn’t have a large number of collections, but you can shop their arrangements by flower type, occasion, and color. 

While Floom doesn’t allow you to search flowers and plants by specific requirements (like light conditions or pet friendliness), they do have options that are suitable for various needs. The product pages on their website list care instructions, which should give you an idea of what to expect when caring for your flower arrangements or plants.

Does Floom Grow Their Own Flowers and Plants?

Floom collaborates with a network of local florists and independent growers to source their flowers and plants. So, they don’t have their own growing facilities, and the source of your flowers and plants will depend on the florist your order comes from.

Is Floom Sustainable?

Since Floom works with independent florists, sustainability practices will vary from vendor to vendor. So, if you want to understand the sustainability of a Floom arrangement you’re interested in ordering, the best thing to do is research the specific florist it will come from.

However, on the company’s website, they do mention sourcing from sustainable flower farms worldwide. If you’re interested in supporting a sustainable flower farm in the US or UK, Floom likely has a florist that can accommodate that preference!

Are Floom’s Flowers from British Growers?

Since Floom works with many independent growers and florists, you’re likely to find flowers sourced both within and outside of the UK. It’s best to research the specific florist you’re ordering from to learn more about where they source their blooms.

Where does Floom deliver? 

Floom delivers flowers in the UK and the US. The website allows you to search for arrangements that are available based on your recipient’s postcode. From there, you should be able to see options and local florists specific to your area.

How much are Floom’s flower arrangements?

Floom’s flower arrangements will vary in price depending on the type of bouquet, the size, and your customization options. The prices available to me ranged from around £40 to £250+ per arrangement.

How much are Floom’s delivery fees? 

Floom’s delivery fee is £6.99 for next-day or specified-day delivery. For same-day deliveries, the fee is £9.99.

How long does it take to receive flowers from Floom?

Floom can deliver flowers to arrive the same day, the next day, or on a specified day that you indicate during the checkout process. For same-day and next-day deliveries, you’ll want to be sure and order within the specific time frame indicated on the website. 

Can I make specific arrangement requests at Floom? 

No, I didn’t see an option to make specific arrangement requests on Floom’s website. However, some bouquets allowed you to add special gifts to your order. It’s worth reaching out to the company’s customer service to check whether they can accommodate a specific request.

Is a vase included with Floom flower deliveries? 

Yes, some of Floom’s arrangements come with a vase included. Others allow the option to add a vase to your order for an additional charge. 

How do I contact Floom? 

To contact Floom, you can visit their website and click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of the home page. There, you’ll see a phone number to call and options to contact the company via email or chat box. The chat box at the bottom of the screen makes it convenient to reach out to Floom for help at any point as you navigate the website.

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