10 London Flower Subscriptions You Can’t Miss, Hand-Tested and Reviewed

Welcome to our guide to the best flower subscription services in London today. Here you’ll find a collection of our favorite local florists curating a lovely variety of weekly or monthly flower subscription plans suitable for gifting or the home. Expect everything from mixed seasonal arrangements that rotate with the seasons to creative flower subscription boxes filled with peonies, roses, ranunculus, lilies, tulips, delphiniums, and more. Many offer very flexible options as well so you pause, edit, or cancel anytime. Enjoy! 

10 Best Flower Subscription Services in London

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The Best Options for Flower Subscriptions in London:

1) FLOWERBXBest for Single Variety Flowers$$$flowerbx.com
2) Freddie’s FlowersBest for Farm-Fresh Flowers$freddiesflowers.com
3) AppleyardBest for Stylish British Floral Designs$$appleyardflowers.com
4) Bloom & WildBest for Affordable Fresh Flowers$bloomandwild.com
5) Arena FlowersBest for Ethically Sourced Flowers$$arenaflowers.com
6) PetalonBest for Creative, Seasonal Flower Arrangements$$$petalon.co.uk
7) bloomonBest For Perfectly Imperfect Floral Designs$$$bloomon.co.uk
8) Grace & ThornBest for One-Of-A-Kind Floristry$$$$ graceandthorn.com
9) Moyses StevensBest for Luxury Flower Subscriptions$$$moysesflowers.co.uk
10) Rebel RebelBest for Artistic & Inventive Floral Designs $$$rebelrebel.co.uk

The Best Flower Subscription Services in London:

1) FLOWERBX (£££): Best for Single Variety Flowers

Flowerbx Flower Delivery Review
Credit: Petal Republic


FLOWERBX is the creation of ex-Tom Ford exec Whitney Bromberg Hawkings. They centre around seasonal, single variety flower arrangements and work with some of the best UK and European flower producers around. 

Expect a rotating collection of seasonal stems and hard-to-find flower varieties throughout the year, including exquisite roses, ranunculus, peonies, calla lilies, irises, and much more.

Flower Subscription Range:

FLOWERBX offers three distinct flower subscription plans: 

  • Classic (from £45 per delivery) features a seasonal collection of flowers such as tulips, freesias, roses, and hyacinth. 
  • Premium (from £80 per delivery) features more exotic and luxurious stems, including orchids, lush dahlias, long-stem lilies, ranunculus, and amaryllis. 
  • Roses Only (from £60 per delivery) features a rotating collection of rose colors and varieties throughout the year. 

Classic & Premium plans can also be upsized to larger arrangements for each delivery for a £25 surcharge. We’ve found the standard-sized deliveries to be decent, though. You’ll also receive a chic vase with your first delivery.

All subscription plans are available for delivery every 7, 14, or 28 days. 

Delivery Options: 

FLOWERBX provides same-day and specified-day flower delivery options across London.

2) Freddie’s Flowers (££): Best for Farm-Fresh Flowers

Freddie's Flowers Flower Subscripition Service in London, UK
Credit: Freddie’s Flowers

About Freddie’s Flowers:

Freddie’s Flowers are all about farm-fresh blooms and creative, affordable designs. Their arrangements change weekly based on what’s growing and in-season, which we love. 

Fresh seasonal flowers arrive neatly packed each week in one of their signature boxes. Simply unpack and follow the expert arranging instructions included, and you’re good to go. 

Flower Subscription Range:

This one is super simple. There’s one plan (£25 per week including delivery), and Freddie and the team will add you to their weekly London drop-off.  

Expect a wide variety of flowers to feature throughout the year, including roses, tulips, alstroemeria, delphiniums, carnations, lilies, and dahlias, to name but a few. 

Delivery Options: 

Freddie’s Flowers arrive in one of their signature boxes from Monday to Friday each week. 

3) Appleyard (££): Best for Stylish British Floral Designs

Appleyard Flower Delivery Review - The Verdict
Credit: Petal Republic

About Appleyard:

Appleyard London is best known for its sustainably sourced flowers and modern British designs. 

They’re a popular flower delivery service in London for stylish and affordable flower arrangements for gifting and the home throughout the year. 

Flower Subscription Range:

Appleyard curates a variety of flower subscription plans (starting from £25 per delivery).

You can pick between 3, 6, or 12 months of pre-paid delivery options, with each delivery scheduled for a specified day of your choosing each month. 

Expect a mix of seasonal and British native flowers to feature that evolves and rotates as we move through the growing seasons. 

For more, see our in-depth Appleyard flower delivery review.

Delivery Options: 

Appleyard offers specified-day subscription delivery options throughout London. 

4) Bloom & Wild (£): Best for Affordable Fresh Flowers

Bloom and Wild Flower Delivery Review
Credit: Petal Republic

About Bloom & Wild:

Modern florists Bloom & Wild are well regarded for their fresh letterbox flower delivery service. Each carefully packaged flower box is perfectly sized to fit through your letterbox and includes expert instructions to make flower arranging part of the experience at home. 

Moreover, there’s a focus on British design and seasonal flowers throughout their stylish array of mixed stem arrangements. They’re always an easy and dependable option for gifting and the home, taking the worry out of being home to accept delivery. 

Flower Subscription Range:

Bloom & Wild offers a monthly flower subscription service in 3, 6, or 12-month months (weekly or bi-weekly options are also available if you prefer more frequent deliveries).

You can pick between their ‘Classic’ (from £20 per delivery) or ‘Seasonal’ (from £25) collections (we prefer their seasonal flower collections), which offer a varying range of fresh-cut flowers and color palettes throughout the year. 

Subscriptions are also very flexible, and you can pause, edit, or cancel any time. 

For more, see our in-depth Bloom & Wild flower delivery review here.

Delivery Options: 

Bloom & Wild deliver throughout London. Flowers are typically delivered from Monday to Saturday each week.

5) Arena Flowers (££): Best for Ethically Sourced Flowers

Arena Flowers Subscription Flower Delivery Service in London, UK
Credit: Arena Flowers

About Arena Flowers:

Arena Flowers source all of their fresh flowers from a network of fairtrade growers, and there’s an emphasis on seasonal blooms throughout. 

There’s also care and attention given to the packaging and design of each arrangement to minimise the impact on the environment. Their business is also carbon-neutral at this point. 

Designs feel bright, stylish, and modern throughout, and prices are generally very affordable. 

Flower Subscription Range:

Arena Flowers offer weekly, fortnightly, or monthly flower subscription plans. Each works out at around £25 per delivery. 

There’s an option for either their classic, ethical collections or pet-friendly options featuring specially selected flowers that won’t bother the cat. 

Expect lots of exciting flowers to feature, including Amaryllis, Cinerea, Oriental lilies, Roses, Antirrhinum, Lisianthus, Tulips, and Green Bells.

Delivery Options: 

Specified-day flower subscription delivery options are available throughout London. 

6) Petalon (£££): Best for Creative, Seasonal Flower Arrangements

Petalon Flower Subscripition Service in London, UK
Credit: Petalon

About Petalon:

Petalon does things a little differently from your average flower shop. Every Friday, they launch two new bouquets which are then made available for delivery throughout London over the next seven days. It’s great that designs change weekly, so there’s always something new and interesting just around the corner. 

What’s more, there’s an emphasis on seasonal flowers and foliage throughout, and by keeping the designs limited, they also reduce a lot of wastage. 

In addition, every bouquet arrives wrapped in hessian, and prices include carbon neutral delivery and a donation to the excellent Bee Collective. 

Flower Subscription Range:

Petalon’s flower subscription service is available as a weekly or monthly plan throughout the year. 

Standard-sized bouquets are priced at £38 per delivery, with a larger option at £58. Each delivery typically features a mix of imported flowers or their own Cornish-grown flowers when in season. 

Subscriptions are very flexible as well, and you can pause, edit, or cancel at any time. 

Delivery Options: 

Petalon delivers 7-days a week throughout London through the delivery partner DPD. 

7) Bloomon (££): Best For Perfectly Imperfect Floral Designs

Bloomon Flower Subscription Service in London, UK
Credit: bloomon

About bloomon:

Bloomon works with many UK and international flower farms to source their seasonal flower collections. Every arrangement is composed by hand, and they’re well regarded for their free-flowing and natural style. 

Each arrangement is carefully selected in bud form as well, so you’ll get to enjoy the entire spectacle of the blooms at home.

Flower Subscription Range:

Bloomon’s flower subscription plans are nice and straightforward. All you need to do is pick a size (Pixie – £23.95, Original – £27.95, or Deluxe – £34.95), and they’ll take care of the rest. 

Fresh, seasonal flowers arrive wrapped (in recycled paper) in ‘imperfectly perfect’ bouquets ready to be composed in a vase at home. 

Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly plans are available, and all can be paused, edited, or cancelled at any time. 

Delivery Options: 

A local flower subscription delivery service is available throughout London. Delivery days are typically Thursdays and Fridays each week. 

8) Grace & Thorn (£££): Best for Artistic, One-Of-A-Kind Floristry

Grace and Thorn Flower Subscription Service in London, UK
Credit: Grace & Thorn

About Grace & Thorn:

Grace & Thorn is an upmarket, full-service floristry studio catering to fashion brands, weddings, special events & occasions, and home installations in addition to flower delivery services throughout London. 

They’re known for the off-beat approach to floral design and produce a mesmerizing display of floral bouquets and creative compositions throughout the year.

Flower Subscription Range:

Grace and Thorn’s signature flower subscription service starts from £119 per delivery. You can pick between 3, 6, or 12-month delivery plans. 

Expect a genuinely compelling floral arrangement that’s hand-delivered each month. These make a decadent treat for the home as well as a lovely gift for friends, family, and loved ones for special occasions. 

Delivery Options: 

A local flower subscription delivery service is available throughout London. A team member will contact you to discuss delivery preferences once the order is placed. 

9) Moyses Stevens (£££): Best for Luxury Flower Subscriptions

Moyses Stevens Flower Subscription Service in London, UK
Credit: Moyses Stevens

About Moyses Stevens:

This landmark London floristry studio is steeped in history and holds the prized Royal Warrant by the appointment of HRH, The Prince of Wales. 

Here you’ll find fresh flowers sourced daily from elite growers in Holland and across the British Isles. These are expertly crafted into a wide selection of beautiful bouquets and delightful floral arrangements by an expert team of florists. 

Flower Subscription Range:

Here you’ll find many floral styles to pick from, spanning English Garden, Scandinavian, Modern European, Seasonal, English Foliage options. 

Then simply select a preferred size option (regular, large, or deluxe) and whether you’d like the arrangement loose, as a bouquet, or composed in a vase. Prices start from around £40, with options going up to £120 or more per delivery, dependent on how lavish you’re looking to go. 

Subscriptions are available weekly, fortnightly, or monthly throughout the year, and you can pause or edit any time. 

Delivery Options: 

Subscription flower delivery is available throughout London and across the UK. 

10) Rebel Rebel ($$$): Best for Artistic & Inventive Seasonal Arrangements

Rebel Rebel Flower Subscription Service in London, UK
Credit: Rebel Rebel

About Rebel Rebel: 

Founded in 2000, Rebel Rebel is an award-winning east-London flower shop known for its artistic and inventive floral designs. 

There’s a seasonal focus throughout the studio’s work with fresh blooms sourced daily from the New Covent Garden flower market and then expertly composed in their workshop. 

Flower Subscription Range:

Rebel Rebel offer three size options for their weekly flower subscription service:

  • £50 p/w – Pretty Medium
  • £70 p/w – Pretty Large
  • £100 p/w – Pretty Amazing Queen

Expect an eclectic mix of fresh flowers across their collections which evolve as we move through the growing season each year. 

Delivery Options: 

Rebel Rebel’s flower subscription service delivers throughout London on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays each week. 

Note, there is a delivery fee due on the first week’s order, then each subsequent delivery is free. 

London Flower Subscription Buying Guide:

How much is a monthly flower subscription?

Monthly flower subscriptions in London typically starts from around £25 per delivery with lots of options going up to £100 or more dependent on the respective florist you are ordering from.

What is the Best Flower Subscription in London? 

Some of the best flower subscription services in London offering weekly or monthly flower delivery include FLOWERBX, Appleyard London, Bloom & Wild, Petalon, Arena Flowers, Rebel Rebel, Grace & Thorn, Moyses Stevens, and bloomon.

Is there a flower of the month club? 

Yes, most of the best flower subscription services offer a flower of the month club featuring seasonal flower varieties and occasion-specific arrangements. 

What is the cheapest flower subscription?

Freddie’s Flowers, Bloom & Wild, and Arena Flowers offer some of the cheapest flower subscriptions in London which starts at just £25 per delivery. 

How long will my flowers last?  

Fresh cut flowers typically last between 7 to 12 days on average.

How does Petal Republic build their reviews and recommendations?

Our fundamental mission at Petal Republic is to showcase exceptional floristry across a global network of cities where we live and work. Here are the key pillars that guide us: 

  • Floral Design: floral creativity, style, and artistry are paramount to us. We strive to uncover exceptional florists and highly skilled floral design studios curating unique, personalized and compelling floral arrangements. In addition, we celebrate a broad array of styles be they classical, contemporary, artistic or avant-garde. 
  • Shopping and delivery: we look for the best customer experience. In particular, websites and shopping channels that are easy to navigate, have smooth and simple purchase functions, clearly represent on screen what the customer will actually receive and provide choice and flexibility with ordering and delivery. 
  • Customer feedback: based on our own shopping experiences, speaking to other recent customers directly, recommendations and opinions from industry experts, as well as consolidating wider reviews and benchmarks across social media and other channels. 
  • Sustainability: floristry, like any industry, has a responsibility to improve and promote sustainable business practices. Accordingly, we embrace those who are instigating change and working to make the planet a better, cleaner place today and for the future.   


 For more, see our in-depth guide to the best London flower markets.

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