Bloom & Wild Flower Delivery Review: Your Complete Guide to Letterbox Flowers

Bloom & Wild is a popular online florist best known for their creative letterbox flower delivery service. They have a wide range of bouquets, houseplants, and other gifts like hampers, flower subscriptions, tasty treats, and more. For our in-depth Bloom & Wild flower delivery review, I recently ordered two of their letterbox flower arrangements. I’m excited to share my honest review of the company’s flower delivery service and bouquet quality to help you decide if they’re right for you!

Bloom and Wild Flower Delivery Review

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My Experience Ordering Flowers from Bloom & Wild – The Essentials:

Overall Score:

Style & Design:Vibrant and wild-looking. I loved the natural aesthetic of both arrangements I ordered. I’d say both bouquets were even more impressive in person than they appeared in the photos online.
Quality & Freshness:Fresh, pre-bloom flowers throughout. Some flowers took a couple of days to open up, which was clearly explained in the materials I received. The bouquets lasted longer than expected as well. Some of the flowers stayed vibrant for more than two weeks.
Packaging: Robust and well-constructed “letterbox” packaging. The bouquets were well protected in transit. The materials delivered with the bouquets added a nice touch and helped me understand how to arrange and take care of the flowers. I also appreciated that everything that came with the flowers was 100% recyclable.
On-Time Delivery:Everything arrived within the specified delivery window.
Ease of Ordering: Fast and intuitive. There were options to add additional items or gifts throughout, but that didn’t feel overwhelming as I went through the ordering process.
Value For Money:I’d say Bloom & Wild’s overall value at around £19 to £80 per arrangement is excellent, considering the flower types I received, the style, packaging, quality, and overall service. I was thoroughly impressed and have already recommended this service to a few friends! The only thing I’d say is that some buyers might prefer pre-arranged bouquets. I had to do a little arranging myself to best showcase the flowers in their vases.
Overall Score:4.7 out of 5

About Bloom & Wild

About Bloom and Wild

Bloom & Wild is a UK online florist that sells a range of bouquets, houseplants, gifts, hampers, flower subscriptions, and more. 

Interestingly, it was the first company to create a bouquet that could be delivered through your letterbox. So they’re known for this innovative “letterbox” packaging concept which takes some of the stress out of wondering if your recipient will be home.

Now, Bloom & Wild’s signature style comes out in floral arrangements with a wild and natural flair. Their distinctive designs set them apart from more traditional, highly stylized bouquets. In my experience, their natural aesthetic makes Bloom & Wild a suitable choice for everyday gifting or special occasions.

My Bloom & Wild Experience 

The Flowers I Ordered

I ordered two letterbox bouquets from Bloom & Wild to get a feel for the range and quality of their flowers. Here is a summary of the bouquets I ordered as they’re presented on the company’s website:

Bloom and Wild - The Davi

The Davi is a vibrant bouquet of 15 stems, including orange roses, eucalyptus, limonium, spray carnations, alstroemeria, and solidago. Davi means “adored,” which is how the company says your loved one will feel upon receiving this bouquet. I have to agree — it’s a small yet beautiful bouquet that feels just right for “thinking of you” or “just because” gifting.

Bloom and Wild - Florists Pick

One great thing about Bloom & Wild is they have a rotating selection of limited-edition bouquets hand-picked by their floral team, depending on the freshest blooms at that time. 

One of the bouquets I ordered was a florist’s pick bouquet with spectacular peonies that burst to life over several days and brightened up my living room. This has to be my favorite bouquet I’ve ordered in a long time. I received so many compliments on the peonies from neighbors as I took these photos!

You can visit Bloom & Wild’s Flower page to find the current florist’s pick at the time you’re ordering your bouquet. This bouquet would make an excellent choice for a special celebration or as a gift for a loved one who enjoys seasonal flowers.

The Online Ordering Experience at Bloom & Wild

The Online Ordering Experience at Bloom and Wild

Bloom & Wild’s website is clutter-free and easy to navigate. Overall, I found the ordering process smooth and accessible. 

The website has flower, plant, and gift categories listed in convenient drop-down menus. So, it’s easy to dive right into the occasion or bouquet type you’re looking for.

While browsing the letterbox flowers, I was able to sort the options by price points, next-day or specified-day delivery, color, or occasion. When I clicked on the bouquets I wanted, I could see more information about the flowers in each bouquet, what to expect for delivery and receiving my flowers, and some reviews for these specific arrangements.

Once I decided on my bouquets, I simply clicked send on the top right corner of the screen. From there, a screen appeared with items that would fit in the box to add something extra to the gift, like birthday chocolates, a letterbox vase, a candle, or a flower press kit for preserving the flowers. 

However, this step didn’t feel overwhelming. It was easy enough to scroll down, click skip, and continue through the 4-step checkout process by providing my delivery details. I also appreciated the option to send a free gift card with a personalized note for your recipient.

After reviewing my order, I proceeded to the secure payment page. All in all, the checkout process felt straightforward. Plus, it instilled trust that I’d receive the bouquets based on the details and specifications I provided.

The Delivery Process

The Delivery Process from Bloom and Wild

All of my Bloom & Wild bouquets came on time. Although the packaging makes it possible to deliver them through the letterbox, the delivery person hand-delivered them to me, which I appreciated. 

The packaging was stylish and branded, which made the experience feel special and different from other flower deliveries I’ve received. Even though it was a rainy day, both packages arrived in great condition. The flowers were pre-bloom and undamaged when I received them.

Unboxing my Bloom and Wild Flowers

Bloom & Wild included detailed care instructions and guidance for arranging my bouquets inside both delivery boxes, which I found helpful. The florist’s pick bouquet had care details specific to the peonies, which was a thoughtful touch and made the overall delivery process feel tailored to me and my flowers.

The Davi bouquet came with flower food for day 1 and day 3, while the other arrangement didn’t come with flower food. I thought the extra flower food in The Davi was a nice touch and likely helped maximize the life of the blooms. Several of the flowers in this bouquet were still vibrant after two weeks!

Setting Up My Bloom and Wild Flowers at Home

Setting Up My Bloom and Wild Flowers at Home

One thing about the Bloom & Wild letterbox flowers is they didn’t come pre-arranged. However, the packages did come with detailed arranging guides specific to the bouquets I ordered. I had fun trying my hand at arranging my blooms, but some people may prefer to receive flowers in a pre-arranged bouquet.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that my flowers came in a pre-bloom state. So, they took a couple of days to reach their potential for beauty and vibrance. 

However, the materials inside the package made this clear with some fun language about how the flowers were “sleepy” and would take some time to “wake up” after traveling to my home. This rang true for me, as both of my bouquets started slightly droopy, but became truly striking over the next couple of days!

Bloom & Wild Review – The Verdict 

Bloom and Wild Flower Delivery Review - The Verdict

My Overall Opinion of the Flowers I Received

I thought Bloom & Wild offered excellent value considering the quality of the arrangements, the longevity of the flowers, and the custom feel of the packaging and care instructions. Everything came in pristine condition which led me to trust the company’s claims for quality and care. 

The flowers closely resembled the images on the website. In fact, I’d say they were even more beautiful than I expected them to be. I would absolutely order from this company again. It will likely become a go-to choice for me when it comes to UK flower delivery.

The longevity of my blooms varied depending on the flower type, but most of them lasted longer than expected. Plus, the company made it clear that certain flowers, like the peonies, have a shorter vase life than others. I thought that was a helpful way to set expectations for how long I could enjoy that bouquet.

Highlights of Ordering from Bloom & Wild

YouTube video

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of ordering bouquets from Bloom & Wild. Here are a few highlights that contributed to my positive experience with the company:

  • The wild, natural aesthetic – Flowers are a common gift, so many of us have grown accustomed to the traditional aesthetic of most flower arrangements. I loved the unique, wild look of my Bloom & Wild bouquets because it made my arrangements feel truly special compared to others I’ve received before.
  • The emphasis on sustainability – I enjoyed the fact that there was zero plastic in either of my Bloom & Wild packages. The details on package recycling and delivery emissions helped me see the company’s genuine efforts to care for the environment.
  • The customized materials for arrangement and care – I loved that my bouquets came with care instructions specific to each arrangement. This added a thoughtful touch and made me feel like the company cared about the longevity and enjoyment I got from my flowers post-delivery.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Bloom & Wild Flowers

One consideration I’ll emphasize is that the letterbox flowers might not be preferable for every recipient. They come unarranged laying flat in a box. So, they require attention straight away to ensure they’re arranged and hydrated after delivery.

This is a unique experience that I personally enjoyed. But some buyers may prefer pre-arranged bouquets that are easier to set up quickly no matter what time of day you receive them.

What Occasions Might Someone Consider Ordering from Bloom & Wild

Bloom & Wild’s selection would be suitable for a wide range of occasions, or as a “just because” show of appreciation for someone you love. Here are the specific occasions you can shop right now on their website:

  • Birthdays
  • With Sympathy
  • Congratulations
  • Thank Yous
  • Treat Myself
  • New Baby Gifts
  • Just Because
  • Big Gestures
  • Romantic Gifts
  • New Home
  • Get Well Soon
  • Friendship Day (or seasonal holidays throughout the year)
  • All Occasions

Additionally, the company has options for businesses and flower subscriptions. You can choose three, six, or twelve months or an ongoing flower subscription. I think one of the monthly flower subscription options would make a lovely gift for someone special, or as a fun way to celebrate yourself.

For more, see Bloom and Wild’s latest collections here.

Alternatives to Bloom & Wild

Looking for a different type of UK flower delivery service? Here are a few alternatives to consider when deciding where to order your next bouquet.

  • Appleyard – Appleyard Flowers is a UK-based option for buyers looking for arrangements with an elevated aesthetic. This company has a mix of flowers, plants, hampers, and gifts at various price points. However, the overall feel is more sophisticated and traditional than Bloom & Wild. See our in-depth Appleyard flower delivery review here.
  • Flowerbx – Flowerbx is a delivery service that offers bouquets and gifts to buyers in the UK and the US. They specialize in bouquets of a single flower type, which is perfect if your recipient is partial to a specific bloom. See our in-depth Flowerbx review here.
  • Floom – Floom is another flower delivery company that ships to recipients in the UK and the US. They source arrangements from independent, local florists, which is a fun way to support a business near you. See our in-depth Floom review here.

Bloom & Wild Buying Guide FAQs:

Where Does Bloom & Wild Deliver?

Bloom & Wild caters to customers across the UK and select international locations. Additionally, the company has specific pages on its website for local flower delivery within London, Edinburgh, and Bristol. For international orders, Bloom & Wild has pages specific to deliveries in France, Germany, Ireland, and Austria.

Bloom & Wild provides multiple options to accommodate various delivery preferences. They offer same-day and next-day delivery services across the UK for urgent gifting needs. The website also has the option to search for bouquets by “available soonest” to help buyers looking for a thoughtful gift delivered as quickly as possible.

If you prefer to plan a specific date for flower delivery in the coming days or weeks, Bloom & Wild offers the option to specify a preferred delivery date during the checkout process. This is a helpful feature if you want a bouquet to arrive for a birthday or another time-sensitive occasion.

What Does Bloom & Wild Sell?

Bloom & Wild sells flowers, flower subscriptions, plants, and a range of gifts. Here are the flower categories currently available on their website:

  • Seasonal flowers
  • Letterbox flowers
  • Hand-tied bouquets
  • Dried flowers
  • Luxury flowers
  • Flower subscriptions
  • Business gifting

When it comes to Bloom & Wild’s plants, you can shop by size, seasonal plants, or even send “letterbox” plants in a parcel that fits through your letterbox. The company also sells hampers, tasty treats, and gifts you can browse by occasion, from birthdays, sympathy and thank you, to new baby, housewarming, and romantic gestures.

Whether you’re looking for plants that thrive in bright sunlight or lower light environments, you’ll find options on Bloom & Wild’s site. While I didn’t see the option to sort their bouquets and plants by pet-friendliness, they certainly have varieties that are safe around your furry friends.

The company does make it easy to sort through plant and flower options by size. Categories for small and large plants, big gestures, and just because make it simple to find a size and style that’s appropriate for any occasion.

Does Bloom & Wild Grow Their Own Flowers and Plants?

Bloom & Wild doesn’t grow all of their own flowers and plants. But they do source their flowers and plants from a network of trusted nurseries that they discuss transparently on their website. 

Nearly 60% of Bloom & Wild flowers grow in Europe, while around 34% come from Kenya. They share that this is a conscious choice to avoid growing in hothouses in cooler climates. Even with airfreight, they explain that the carbon footprint of growing in a warm climate is six times less than it would be using heated greenhouses.

Is Bloom & Wild Sustainable?

Bloom & Wild places a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility across their website and branding materials. As indicated above, they make their sustainability practices transparent across their website. 

Plus, the company shares helpful information related to the sustainability of your order. You can opt for emissions-free delivery as you go through the checkout process. And you’ll receive information in your delivery to help you recycle all of the packaging that came with your order.

Bloom & Wild’s website has the most up-to-date information on its sustainability initiatives. So, interested customers can read up on updates like the company’s achievement of carbon neutrality, how they’re reducing carbon emissions, and their latest efforts to map the carbon footprint of every last stem in their bouquets.

Are Bloom & Wild’s Flowers from British Growers?

Bloom & Wild has a team of florists and horticulturists that source flowers in the UK. They grow their British flowers just 20 miles away from their UK warehouse. While the company doesn’t grow all of its own flowers and plants at that location, you can shop for local flowers by looking out for the ‘Grown in the UK’ stamp on its website.

Where does Bloom & Wild deliver? 

Bloom & Wild delivers across the United Kingdom, Ireland, and to various locations in Europe. They offer delivery to both residential and business addresses, including hospitals and workplaces. The website has specific pages for local delivery in Bristol, London, Edinburgh, France, Germany, Ireland, and Austria.

How much are Bloom & Wild flower arrangements?

Bloom & Wild’s flower arrangements vary in price depending on the type of bouquet and size you choose. Prices start from around £20 for smaller bouquets and can go up to £70 or more for larger, more extravagant arrangements. They also offer options for adding gifts to your order, which may impact the overall price.

How much are Bloom & Wild’s delivery fees? 

Bloom & Wild offers free next-day delivery through the Royal Mail if you order before 10 pm, with a 94% likelihood that your order will arrive on the date you choose. The company also offers premium delivery through DPD for £5 for guaranteed delivery Monday through Friday or £7 for morning DPD. Saturday through Sunday is £6 with DPD or £10 for morning DPD.

How long does it take to receive flowers from Bloom & Wild?

Bloom & Wild’s free next-day delivery service has a 94% chance of arriving on your desired delivery date. Premium delivery is guaranteed to arrive on your chosen day. You also have the option of shopping by bouquets that are available soonest in your delivery area.

Can I make specific arrangement requests at Bloom & Wild? 

No, I did not see the option to make specific arrangement requests on the Bloom & Wild website. However, it’s worth asking their customer service if this option is available for certain bouquets or arrangements.

Is a vase included with Bloom & Wild flower deliveries? 

Bloom & Wild does not include a vase with their flower deliveries. However, they do sell “letterbox” vases that you can add to your order. They’re made of tough glass designed to fit through your letterbox and endure the delivery process.

How do I contact Bloom & Wild? 

To contact Bloom & Wild, you can visit their website and go to the “Get Help Fast” page. There, you’ll find a variety of options to get in touch via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email, or a convenient chat box right on their website.

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