Appleyard Flower Delivery Review: Our Experience and In-Depth Guide

Appleyard Flowers is a boutique floral design and gifting brand based in London. The company is known for bouquets, houseplants, hampers, and gifts in a sophisticated and luxurious style. I was eager to test out their flower delivery service, so I recently ordered one of their flower arrangements for our in-depth Appleyard Flower delivery review. Here, I’ll share my honest thoughts on Appleyard’s flower delivery service and the quality of the arrangement I received to help you decide if you’d like to order from them!

Appleyard Flowers Delivery Review

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My Experience Ordering Flowers from Appleyard London – The Essentials:

Overall Score:

Style & Design:Bright, modern, and sophisticated. The bouquet I received was similar in design to the bouquet presented online. But the color was bright, rather than the pastel tones in the bouquet shown on the company’s website.
Quality & Freshness:High-quality, fresh flowers throughout. The bouquet was in full bloom on arrival. There were a few very minimal brown spots on the hydrangeas, but they were lovely otherwise. None of the flowers came in a pre-bloom state, though the roses continued to open up over the days after delivery.
Packaging: Robust and well-constructed. The bouquet was well-protected in transit. The flowers came in a large cardboard box, so it’s probably best for your recipient to be present to receive their flowers. 
On-Time Delivery:My arrangement arrived on time, within the specified delivery window.
Ease of Ordering: Ordering with Appleyard was quick and clutter-free, and I liked the convenience of filling in my delivery details right on the product page. A few optional add-ons were presented as I filled in my details, but they weren’t overwhelming as I navigated the ordering process.
Value For Money:The overall value with a starting price of £64.99 for this arrangement is okay factoring in the flower types that were featured, the luxury style, and overall service. The bouquet was lovely, but given the overall experience, I’d personally recommend this brand for corporate gifting or special occasions rather than “just because” gifting.
Overall Score:4.4 out of 5

About Appleyard Flowers

About Appleyard Flowers

What Is Appleyard Flowers and Where Are They Based?

Appleyard Flowers is a luxury flower delivery service and gifting brand based in London. They specialize in luxury bouquets, with collections ranging from couture and seasonal blooms to dried flowers and preserved roses. 

What Is Appleyard Flowers Known for?

Appleyard Flowers is known for its premium and luxurious floral arrangements. The company is a great choice for those seeking upmarket gifts with a sophisticated flair. 

Their signature style feels modern and refined compared to other flower delivery service options. However, it’s worth noting that Appleyard has flowers and gifts available at various price points.

My Appleyard Flowers Experience 

The Flowers I Ordered

I ordered one flower arrangement from Appleyard Flowers to get a feel for the company’s style and quality. Here is a summary of the arrangement I ordered as it is presented on the company’s website:

Candy Clouds Flower Arrangement from Appleyard Flowers

Candy Clouds is an arrangement of summer flowers in pastel tones, with “cloud-like pink” hydrangeas and roses in peach, pink, white, and lilac. The bouquet was true to the description in terms of flower types and design. However, the lilac roses and pink hydrangeas were much more vibrant than the pastel tones shown on the website.

The Online Ordering Experience at Appleyard Flowers

The Online Ordering Experience at Appleyard Flowers

Navigating the Appleyard website was simple and straightforward. I enjoyed browsing through the collections featured in the dropdown menus to find a suitable arrangement. 

The images made it easy to narrow down my search. Plus, my bouquet’s product page had helpful details to ensure my questions were answered before I selected my arrangement.

I also noticed the website offers 10% off your first order if you join their newsletter. As a new customer, it’s nice to be able to take advantage of an offer like that when trying the brand for the first time.

Once I chose the product I wanted to order, I was able to fill out delivery details right on the product page. The site presented a few optional upgrades I could include in my order, like truffles, champagne, a vase, a reed diffuser, or a gift card for a specific occasion.

However, it was easy enough to scroll past those extras. My order also came with a free standard greeting card that included a brief personal message, which would be helpful for gifting.

Once I filled out all of my details on the page, I simply clicked “add to bag” and proceeded through the payment process from there.

The Delivery Process

The Delivery Process from Appleyard Flowers

My Appleyard Flowers order was delivered on time, within the specified delivery window. The arrangement came in a large cardboard box, but the flowers were upright. So, it was convenient to set them to the side until I had a moment to put them in a vase, which I appreciated.

The packaging was elegant and secure, adding to the luxury feel of ordering with this company. The flowers were tied with the company’s signature black ribbon, all in full bloom. 

They were wrapped in protective, plastic gift wrapping and looked great right after I pulled them out of the box. So, I’d say this bouquet would be a great choice if you want your recipient to enjoy the full beauty of their arrangement as soon as it arrives.

The plastic hydration source preserving the stems also allowed the flowers to sit upright. So, I could display them that way until I was ready to move them over to a vase. 

Setting Up My Appleyard Flowers at Home

The bouquet I ordered arrived pre-arranged, so I didn’t need to do anything to ensure they looked beautiful in my home. These flowers also came with flower food that was easy to mix into fresh water. 

Then, I had to remove the ribbon and packaging paper that the bouquet came in. From there, I cut the stems at an angle, transferred the flowers from their hydration source to a vase, and they were ready to display.

Appleyard Flowers Delivery Review – The Verdict 

Appleyard Flower Delivery Review - The Verdict

My Overall Opinion of the Flowers I Received

Overall, I’d say these flowers were good value for money. The hydrangeas did have a few brown spots. But I know that particular flower type is difficult to preserve in transit, and they still looked beautiful in the arrangement.

I might order from this company again for a more sophisticated occasion. For example, I’d choose this brand if I were decorating for an event or sending a show of appreciation to a client or colleague. 

My flowers resembled the image on the website in terms of design but not color. So, buyers might want to do additional research or look through reviews to get a feel for how their chosen bouquet looks on arrival. 

Highlights of Ordering from Appleyard Flowers

YouTube video

There were several stand-out aspects to the overall experience of ordering flowers with Appleyard Flowers. Here are a few of the highlights of my experience:

  • Longevity – The bouquet I ordered looked great for several days after it arrived. The longevity of this arrangement gave me confidence that if I ordered an Appleyard bouquet as a gift, my loved one would get to enjoy it for a generous period of time. 
  • Luxury feel – The design and quality of the flowers I received felt premium. Plus, ordering from Appleyard had a luxury feel, both in terms of the shopping experience and the quality of items available on their website.
  • Attention to detail – The process of buying from Appleyard gave me the impression that this company prides itself on attention to detail. From the details available on the product page to the packaging my bouquet came in, I truly felt that the company cared about me and my experience with their flowers.

Considerations for Ordering With Appleyard Flowers

One way my Appleyard experience would have been better is if the flowers resembled the images on the website more closely. Of course, I understand that sourcing flowers involves substitutions from time to time. So, it’s likely that the color variation was specific to my area and the flowers available nearby.

However, the product listing didn’t mention that the colors might vary so much. So, I’d suggest reading reviews to ensure your Appleyard bouquet was delivered to others as they appeared in the images.

What Occasions Might Someone Consider Ordering from Appleyard Flowers?

Suitable Gifting Occasions to Order From Appleyard Flowers

Appleyard Flowers are suitable for a range of special occasions. Here are the occasions currently available to search on the company’s website:

  • Birthday
  • New Baby
  • Romance
  • Sympathy
  • Anniversary 
  • Thank You
  • Flowers for Teachers
  • Congratulations 
  • Graduation Gifts (or seasonal items depending on the time of year)

Additionally, the company offers special options like flower subscriptions and a wedding collection. Given the company’s luxury aesthetic, I’d say Appleyard would make an excellent choice for wedding decor and bouquets.

Alternatives to Appleyard Flower Delivery

If you’re interested in exploring other options for UK or London flower delivery, here are a few companies to choose from with various aesthetics and price points.

  • Bloom & Wild – Bloom & Wild is a UK-based flower delivery company specializing in letterbox flowers and hand-tied bouquets. Their aesthetic is more wild and natural than Appleyard’s, and they have cheaper options. So, this is a nice alternative if you’re looking for a “just because” gift. See our in-depth Bloom and Wild review here.
  • Flowerbx – Flowerbx delivers flowers to locations in the US and the UK. Their arrangements are similar or slightly higher in price to Appleyard’s selection. Their specialty is bouquets of one single flower. So, they’re a great choice to impress someone with their favorite flower type! See our in-depth Flowerbx review here.
  • Floom – Floom is a flower delivery company with independent florists that serve US and UK locations. They have options with more of a whimsical aesthetic and a wider range of prices — from a single rose for £10 to 100 red roses for £675. See our in-depth Floom review here.

Appleyard Buying Guide:

Where Does Appleyard Flowers Deliver?

Appleyard Flowers delivers to most locations in the UK. They offer both standard and next-day delivery options seven days a week in most areas. Additionally, the company has same-day delivery available to select postcodes in London.

However, there are a few locations in the UK that Appleyard won’t deliver to, as lengthy periods in transit can affect the overall quality of their products. The company doesn’t deliver to the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, the Isles Of Scilly, and a few specific locations in Scotland. You can find a list of specific postcodes the company can’t deliver to on their delivery information web page.

Appleyard does deliver to hospitals, hotels, and business addresses. But you will want to visit the link above to read specific considerations for these types of flower deliveries.

What Does Appleyard Flowers Sell?

Appleyard Flowers offers various premium products and gifts but primarily focuses on floral arrangements. Here are the flower collections Appleyard currently has on their website:

  • All Flowers
  • Offers
  • Couture Collection
  • Seasonal Flowers
  • Dried Flowers
  • Preserved Roses
  • Letterbox Flowers
  • Best Sellers

You can also shop for flowers by occasion, gift set, delivery area or time, flower type, or price. The company also offers a comprehensive range of plants for the garden, indoor houseplants, and more. Additionally, Appleyard provides helpful information for shoppers, like whether specific plants are safe for pets and basic care instructions.

Does Appleyard Flowers Grow Their Own Flowers and Plants?

Appleyard Flowers does not list the specific growers they source their flowers and plants on their website. However, the company does indicate a commitment to caring for the natural environment and shares that they source from local growers whenever possible.

Is Appleyard Flowers Sustainable?

Appleyard Flowers emphasizes their commitment to sustainability on their website. They prioritize sustainably sourced flowers and work with Fairtrade farms that provide workers with above-average wages, good working conditions, healthcare benefits, childcare services, and education.

In addition to the recyclable cardboard and paper packaging they ship their flowers in, Appleyard intends to further their sustainability efforts moving forward.

Are Appleyard’s Flowers from British Growers?

Yes, Appleyard Flowers does source a percentage of their flowers from British growers. The flowers they can’t source locally come from Kenyan farms. 

Where does Appleyard Flowers deliver? 

Appleyard Flowers delivers their bouquets and gifts to most locations across the United Kingdom. They don’t deliver to the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, the Isles Of Scilly, and some areas of Scotland. The company lists specific postcodes they can’t deliver to on the Delivery Information page of their website.

How much are Appleyard’s flower arrangements?

Appleyard’s flower arrangements vary in price, depending on the bouquet’s size, style, and additional gifts or features. Prices range from around £20 to more than £300 for the most luxurious bouquets and gifts.

How much are Appleyard’s delivery fees? 

Appleyard Flowers offers various delivery options, and the fees may vary based on the chosen delivery service. For example, for my arrangement to be delivered the next day (on a weekday), the options were standard tracked delivery by 9 pm for £5.99, priority tracked delivery by 5 pm for £7.99, premium tracked delivery with a 2-hour delivery slot for £9.99, guaranteed tracked delivery by 1 pm for £13.99, or hand delivery within London for £12.99.

How long does it take to receive flowers from Appleyard Flowers?

The delivery time for Appleyard Flowers varies depending on your chosen delivery option and your recipient’s location. Next-day delivery is available for orders placed before a specific time, depending on the day and location. Same-day delivery is also an option for select bouquets and areas if you order before the indicated cut-off time.

Can I make specific arrangement requests at Appleyard Flowers? 

No, Appleyard Flowers doesn’t allow you to customize their bouquets freely. However, they do have bespoke options for wedding bouquets and corporate gifting. Additionally, contacting the company’s customer service may be worth directly if you have a specific arrangement request in mind.

Is a vase included with Appleyard’s flower deliveries? 

Some of Appleyard’s bouquets come with the option to add a vase for an additional cost. You’ll want to check the product details for your chosen arrangement to see if it comes with a vase or if you can add one for an additional charge.

How do I contact Appleyard Flowers? 

You can contact Appleyard Flowers’ customer service through their website by starting on their Help Centre page. You can find options for contacting the company through live chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or an email form through the company’s website. 

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