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The Best Roses Delivery Services in London

Welcome to our local guide to roses delivery in London. From esteemed Mayfair floral institutions to up-and-coming east-end studios, there’s an abundance of choice at every price point to be found. What’s more, whether you want to drop £200 (plus) on something truly epic for Valentine’s Day or looking for something refined, yet feasible, we’ve brought together our favourite London florists offering a great selection of rose bouquets and arranges for delivery throughout the city whatever your budget or occasion, all available at the touch of a button.

A Rose for Every Occasion: 

Adored by Cleopatra, bathed in by Roman Emperors and encapsulated at the core of love’s true composition by Shakespeare – these decadent blooms have adorned Mother Earth for over 35 million years. The Rose is perhaps the most popular and quintessential gifting flower in the universe today and absolutely the right choice for a host of occasions – yes they are the go-to for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and gestures of love, but also celebrations, birthdays, thank you’s, friendships and so much more. 

12 Great Options for Valentine’s Day Roses Delivery in London:

Appleyard FlowersContemporary, British designs££
Bloom & Wild Founders of letterbox delivery £
Flowerstation Extensive collection of affordable roses££
FLOWERBX Exceptional single-stem rose collection £££
FloomLocal, independent artisan florists££
Roses OnlyEquatorial rose superstore£££
Rebel ReblFloral artistry in East London £££
Paul Thomas FlowersRevered master florists in Mayfair £££
Pulbrook & GouldA landmark London florist ££££
Venus ET FleurFounders of the Eternity Rose££££
McQueensA florist of global repute££££
Wild Things of MayfairImpeccable, luxury London florist££££

Roses Delivery in London: Flower Arrangements from £20 to £50: 

Appleyard Flowers

Contemporary, British design-led florist.


Appleyard Flowers have a growing reputation for modern, British floral design and exemplary flower delivery services. Above all, expect fresh cut roses sourced from a network of specialist flower growers across the UK and sustainable farms in Kenya. In addition, online ordering is a breeze, each floral arrangement is crafted by an expert florist and delivered in exquisite, sustainable packaging. They also 100% guarantee your happiness which is always a bonus!

Rose selection:

An extensive array of mixed rose bouquets and arrangements.

Expect to pay:

12 red roses start at £29.99. Larger bouquets are available around £50.

Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery in London:

  • Same-day London roses delivery (to arrive before 12 pm) is £9.99 or (to arrive before 5 pm) is £5.99.
  • 2-hour delivery window options are also available which is £7.99.

Bloom & Wild

Roses delivered straight through your letterbox.


Bloom & Wild are the founders of letterbox flower delivery in the UK. What’s great is you’ll never have to worry about your intended recipient being home to collect your rose delivery as these stems are making it there all on their own.

In short, roses are carefully packaged pre-bloom in special letterbox sized boxes. All you have to do is unpack, follow the simple arrangement instructions and you’re good to go. One of our favourite flower delivery services in London.

Rose selection:

An extensive, rotating selection of rose arrangements curated perfectly for Valentine’s Day and numerous other gifting occasions.

Expect to pay:

Boxed rose arrangements start at around £30 and go up to £50 based on size and selection.

Roses Flower Delivery in London:

  • FREE same-day London roses delivery (Monday to Friday) – orders by 12 pm.
  • FREE next-day London roses delivery – place your order before 10 pm Monday to Friday the day before the flowers are due.


Free same-day rose delivery in London 7 days a week. 


Launched back in 2001, Flowerstation has grown from humble beginnings to become one of London’s largest and well-connected florists. In short, expect a diverse and extensive collection of affordable mixed bouquets, single-stem arrangements, and gifting items. 

Rose selection:

A wide array of rose bouquets and arrangements covering numerous colours and varietals.

Expect to pay:

12 hand-tied red roses are typically £34.99, larger bouquets are around £50. 

Roses Flower Delivery in London:

  • FREE same-day London roses delivery (7 days a week) – orders by 6 pm.

Roses Delivery in London: Rose Arrangements typically from £50 to £100:


Exquisite single-stem, farm-to-door florist.


A florist loved by the fashion world – FLOWERBX is the creation of Whitney Bromberg Hawkings – a 19-year veteran at Tom Ford turned leading icon of the floristry world. Above all, FLOWERBX focus on doing a few things better than anyone else – stems are sourced directly from the best growers ensuring they have the freshest blooms possible (typically days fresher than we’ve experienced elsewhere). This also saves on those middle-men costs enabling FLOWERBX to offer exceptional arrangements at attainable price-points.

Rose selection:

Potentially one of the finest single-stem rose collections in London, expect an extraordinary array of colours and varieties.

Expect to pay:

A classic bouquet of 20 red roses is £65, 30 red roses is £85. Prices go up to £220 for 100 red roses if you want to go large.

Roses Delivery in London:

  • Same day rose delivery in London – orders by 3pm from Monday to Friday and 1pm on Saturday
  • Next-day rose delivery in London – orders by 12pm previous day £7.50
  • Standard rose delivery in Lodnon – order 2 days before.


The best local, independent artisan florists in London


Floom is the revolutionary online marketplace that brings together the best local, independent florists in one streamlined site. For instance, Here you’ll find many of London’s best artisan florists including the likes of Floetica, Bontanique Workshop, Bloomside and Larkspur and Lavender.

Rose selection:

In short, expect one-of-a-kind floral creations produced by some of the city’s finest floral design studios all backed by Floom’s promise that whatever you see on screen is exactly what you’ll receive.

Expect to pay:

From £50 for smaller rose bouquets to £100+ for more expansive floral creations: 

Roses Delivery in London:

  • Same-day flower delivery in London: £9.99 flat fee. Orders by 1 pm.
  • Next-day delivery or specified-day delivery in Edinburgh: £6.99 flat fee.
  • FREE delivery available for new customers signing up for Floom’s newsletter!

Roses Only

A rose for every conceivable occasion.


Founded by Australian-born James Stevens, Roses Only has grown to serve a wide international audience. Roses Only focus on sourcing the finest stems from equatorial growers in Ecuador, Columbia, Kenya, and Ethiopia where the altitude (roughly 8,000 feet above sea level) creates the perfect climatic conditions to produce exceptional large head roses and very long stems.   

Rose selection:

A diverse and extensive array of boxed rose arrangements covering numerous gifting arrangements, colours, and price-points. 

Expect to pay:

A 12-stem red rose gift box starts at £75, 24-stems are £125.

Roses Delivery in London:

  • Same-day rose delivery in London: orders by 11 am weekdays – £11.95 flat fee.
  • Next-day rose delivery in London: orders by 4 pm for delivery Tuesday to Saturday – £9.95 flat fee.

Rebel Rebel

Floral artistry in East London


Founded in 2000, Rebel Rebel is a highly regarded east-London based florist known for their creativity and artistic floral design. What’s more, seasonal, mainly British stems are sourced daily from the New Covent Garden flower market and curated into an array of spectacular arrangements.  

Rose selection:

As bouquets rotate with the seasons expect an ever-changing selection of rose arrangements tailored to a plethora of occasions.

Expect to pay:

Curated bouquets are typically £50 to £70.

Roses Delivery in London:

  • Same-day flower delivery in London: Orders by 10 am – £5 surcharge.
  • Next-day delivery or specified-day delivery in London: orders by 4 pm.

Paul Thomas Flowers

Revered master florists in Mayfair.


Established in Mayfair in 1989, Paul Thomas Flowers are a family of master florists. Above all, expect bold, expressive floral creations, led by quintessential English Garden design. What’s more, the finest stems are sourced daily from the New Covent Garden flower market serving to create an array of spectacular floral compositions for London’s leading hotels, restaurants, businesses and private homes. Their online ‘boutique’ offers a wide selection of rose and other flower arrangements.

Rose selection:

A range of single-stem and mixed rose bouquets that rotate with the seasons and occasions. 

Expect to pay:

Rose bouquets are typically available from £75. 

Roses Delivery in London:

  • Same-day rose delivery within central London, orders must be received by 3 pm Monday-Friday and by 11 am on Saturday – £10.
  • Same-day rose delivery within the Greater London area, orders must be received by 2 pm Monday-Friday and by 11 am on Saturday – £20.

Roses Delivery in London: Premium & Luxury Roses from £100:

Pulbrook & Gould 

Spectacular rose arrangements from a landmark London florist


Founded by Lady Susan Pulbrook and Rosamund Gould in 1956, Pulbrook & Gould are firmly established as one of the most revered florists in London. Serving leading establishments, events and businesses they also curate a spectacular array of rose arrangements available to order online. Above all, expect breathtaking style and ultra-premium stems from the finest growers expertly crafted to fit any gifting occasion.

Rose selection:

A rich, decadent assortment of colours and rose varieties curated into an array of exceptional bouquets and arrangements. 

Expect to pay:

Rose arrangements typically start at £100. 

Roses Delivery in London:

  • Same-day rose delivery in London – orders by 12 pm from Monday to Saturday.  Same-day orders placed after 12pm GMT, will need to be requested by phoning our shop on +44(0)20 7730 0030
  • Delivery prices are specified according to postcode, which is confirmed at the checkout.  Expect to pay £15 to £45.

Venus ET Fleur

Bespoke, luxury rose arrangements that last over a year with zero maintenance.


Venus ET Fleur are the founders of the ‘Eternity Rose’ which promise to deliver an arrangement that lasts for a year or more with zero maintenance. Truly a gift that will keep on giving! In particular, these are a premium choice but when you’re looking to make a grand statement, particularly in matters of the heart, these might well be a good shout. 

Rose selection:

An extensive collection of fresh cut roses and boxed Eternity Roses.

Expect to pay:

Single-stem arrangements start at £39 but expect to pay £150+ for one of their classic boxed arrangements.

Roses Delivery in London:

  • Next-day London rose delivery – all orders are shipped by courier and should arrive within 1 – 2 business days. Delivery is not available on Saturday or Sunday.


A London florist of global recognition.


Launched in 1991, McQueens is a renowned London florist of global repute. The business now operates creative studios, workshops and flower schools in London, New York, and Seoul. The go-to for leading events and institutions across the city and beyond, expect cutting-edge floral design from a truly exceptional floral design studio. 

Rose selection:

A rotating selection of mixed bouquets and single-stem arrangements dependent on season and occasion. The team will craft bespoke arrangements based on your particular requirements and budget. 

Expect to pay:

Rose arrangements typically start at £100. 

Roses Delivery in London:

  • Same-day London rose delivery -orders by 2 pm, Monday – Friday and before 10 am Saturday (depending on postcodes).
  • Next-day London rose delivery – orders before 2 pm the day before delivery, Tuesday – Saturday.

Wild Things of Mayfair

A luxurious and impeccable high-end London florist.


A favourite of the celebrity jet set, Wild Things of Mayfair are a luxury, high-end London florist. You can expect meticulous attention to detail from the quality of stems sourced from a network of the world’s finest growers to exceptional in-house designers crafting an array of sumptuous floral arrangements. 

Rose selection:

A curated selection of mixed bouquets and single stem rose arrangements tailored to the seasons and particular occasions.

Expect to pay:

Rose bouquets are typically available between £95 to £150. 

Roses Delivery in London:

  • Same-day London rose delivery – orders by 5:30 pm.

Roses Delivery in London FAQ:

Most London florists and flower shops carry a number of rose varieties throughout the year. Some of our favorite florists who are are highly regarded for their rose collections include Appleyard Flowers, Bloom & Wild, Flowerstation, FLOWERBX, Floom, Pulbrook & Gould, Rebel Rebel, McQueens, and Wild Things of Mayfair.

Yes, many florists and specialist online flower delivery services utilise special packaging technology to ensure fresh roses arrive in pristine condition. Often rose buds are shipped pre-bloom as well to ensure the delicate petals aren’t damaged in transit.

Florists typically purchase single red roses at a wholesale price ranging from £1 to £3 depending on variety and quality. Consumers can expect to pay anywhere from £4 to £10 for a single red rose in London.

Expedited / same-day flower delivery is typically a £5 to £15 surcharge on all orders. There are however some florists and flower shops who will provide free delivery on all orders typically over £50. 

Most London florists request same-day flower delivery orders by 1 pm that day. A few florists serving their local areas (typically postcodes inside a 1 to 2-mile radius) will be able to extend same-day flower delivery requests as late as 5 pm that day. 

The Rose Flower

June Birth Flower Roses

Rose is a broad genus of flowering plants. As a result, the flowers vary depending on the species or type. Wild roses, for instance, typically have five petals, whereas those in the Old Garden Roses and Modern Roses categories often have multiple sets of petals. More details on these types of roses below. 

The size of rose flowers ranges from miniature forms, which are about 1.25 cm (0.5 inch) across, to hybrid types measuring at least 17.5 cm (6.8 inches) in diameter. 

Types of Rose Flowers

With over 300 recognized rosa species and thousands of available hybrids of roses, you can find them in different colors, forms, and sizes. Although their broad lineage can be quite challenging to dissect, three main categories identify these famed blooms: Species (Wild) Roses, Old Garden Roses, and Modern Roses

Species Roses, otherwise referred to as Wild Roses, are rose species that occur naturally and not hybridized. They are typically shrub-like or large climbing types of perennials that require minimal maintenance. They bloom single, flat flowers once a year. 

Old Garden Roses, otherwise known as Heritage Roses, are roses that have been in existence before 1867. Included in this category are Alba roses, Ayrshire roses, Bourbon roses, China roses, Gallica roses, Moss roses, Portland roses, Ramblers roses, Tea roses, and more. These flowers have strong fragrances and beautiful bloom shapes. Moreover, they bloom once a year during the summer season.  

Modern Roses are roses hybridized after 1867. Unlike heritage roses, they flower continuously. Most importantly, they have a larger flower size and longer vase life. However, they are not as fragrant and as hardy as heritage roses. Included in this category are English roses, Floribunda roses, Grandiflora roses, Hybrid Tea roses, Rambler roses, Miniature roses, and more. 

Most Popular Rose Varieties

What the number of rose flowers in a bouquet represents

One of the most promising types of roses comes from the Modern Roses group – the Hybrid Tea Roses. A popular hybrid tea rose variety is the ‘Tahitian Sunset,’ which features apricot-pink blooms measuring up to 6 inches across. 

Another famed rose is the ‘About Face’ cultivar, which is an orange Grandiflora rose. It features bi-colored petals, rich green and glossy leaves, and long stems. The flowers grow up to 5 inches across and carry an apple-like fragrance. 

Other popular rose varieties are as follows: ‘Teasing Georgia,’ ‘Easy Does It,’ ‘Julia Child,’ ‘Mardi Gras,’ ‘Wild Blue Yonder,’ ‘Elle,’ ‘Pat Austin,’ and ‘Frankly Scarlett.’

The Number of Roses in a Bouquet and What They Represent:

What the number of rose flowers in a bouquet represents

Putting a flower bouquet together is a work of art that requires an understanding of the botanical language.

Single Rose Arrangements

A single rose is a simple yet significant way to send the message “I love you” to someone. It can also mean love at first sight. A single rose is a perfect choice for romantic occasions.

The price of a simple rose can vary depending on factors like the stem length, and timing, for instance. You could buy a single stem for as low as $1, but expect that number to double on occasions like Valentine’s day.

Simple Rose Bouquets

A simple bouquet of six flowers represents shared love. A nine-rose bouquet says, “together forever.” Simple bouquets are an excellent gift for many occasions, apart from romance, like birthdays and celebrating a friends’ achievement.

A six-rose bouquet with some baby flowers and wrapping paper can cost you anywhere between $10 to $20.

Premium Rose Bouquets

A premium bouquet with lots of roses is a fabulous gift for anniversaries and a way of showing your partner that you still admire and appreciate them.

For instance, a bouquet with 50 flowers represents love with no boundaries. A premium bouquet may range from $40 to $70.

Super Lux

Who wouldn’t admire a bouquet with a 100 roses or more? 100-rose flower bouquets signify union and complete devotion. For that reason, they fit the bill for grand romantic gestures.

Are you looking for a stunning bouquet for your proposal? A super lux rose bouquet is the one!

A super lux bouquet could be a bit heavy on the wallet, ranging from $70 and up to $100, but it definitely conveys a meaningful message.

Eternity Roses

Eternity roses can stay fresh for up to a year. They’re a fantastic way to show your significant other how special they are to you.

Eternity roses’ price can range from $40 for a single rose to $500 for a large bouquet.

For more, see our Ultimate Guide to Roses.


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