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Our Favorite Florists for Weekly or Monthly Flower Subscription Delivery in Chicago, IL

Updated December 18th, 2021 by Petal Republic

There’s nothing quite like fresh-cut, seasonal flowers in the home. The perfume, the full luscious blooms, and the ornate arrangements that rotate with the seasons really are special. That’s what makes a regular flower subscription box – be it weekly or monthly – such a treat. Here you’ll find 12 of our favorite flower subscription services delivering throughout Chicago today. Perfect for the home in addition to making an excellent floral gift for anniversaries, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, the Holidays, or a thank you gesture to a friend, loved one, or colleague. Enjoy! 

12 Best Flower Subscription Services in Chicago, IL:

1) Ode à la Rose Best for Seasonal French Floristry$$
2) LarkspurBest for Locally Grown Flowers$$$
3) UrbanStemsBest for On-Trend Arrangements$$
4) Asrai GardenBest for Wild & Artistic Floral Designs$$$$
5) Field & FloristBest for Orangic & Natural Flowers$$$
6) Enjoy FlowersBest for Farm-Fresh DIY Flowers$
7) Cornell FloristBest for Elegant Arrangements$$$
8) Sprout HomeBest for Creative & Eclectic Arrangements$$$
9) BloomsyBoxBest for Affordable Farm-Fresh Flowers$
10) Farmgirl FlowersBest for Modern & Stylish Arrangements$$$
11) Flowers for DreamsBest for Seasonal DIY Flowers$$
12) 1800 FlowersBest for Choice & Convenience. $$

The Best Flower Subscription Services in Chicago:

1) Ode à la Rose ($$$): Best for Chic French Floristry

  • Prices from $68 per delivery.

About Ode à la Rose:

Ode à la Rose is one of our favorite local flower delivery services in Chicago. Here you’ll find a captivating French floristry studio with deep roots in Parisian floral design.

Expect a world of decadent blooms sourced from leading European, domestic, and international flower farms. A stand-out flower subscription option for gifting and the home.

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Flower Subscription Options:

The Ode à la Rose flower subscription service is available in either medium (approx 20 stems per delivery) or large (around 30 stems) size options. You can pick between weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly deliveries with savings to be found the longer you sign-up for.

Each delivery features a signature Ode à la Rose bouquet filled with an array of seasonal blooms which is composed by their excellent in-house floristry team.

Delivery Options:

The Ode à la Rose flower subscription delivery service is available throughout Chicago, IL.

2) Larkspur ($$$): Best for Locally Grown Flowers

  • Weekly or monthly flower subscription plans from $85 per delivery.
Larkspur Flower Subscription Service
Credit: Larkspur

About Larkspur:  

Larkspur is a leading floral design studio that also operates its very own local flower farm. They started growing their own flowers in 2008 using very traditional organic farming practices to cultivate unique flower varieties. 

Above all this is a great option for farm-fresh, local, beautiful flowers, and seasonal floristry with all orders shipped directly from the farm.

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Flower Subscription Options: 

Larkspur offers 3, 6, or 12-month subscription plans starting from $255 for a 3-month commitment.

Each delivery you’ll receive a curated floral arrangement featuring the best of what’s growing and in season from Larkspur’s very own farm and other local growers in the region. 

Expect all sorts of interesting flower types to feature including parrot tulips, peonies, daffodils, garden roses, peonies, and more. A great option for unique, seasonal, local floristry.

Delivery Options:

The Larkspur flower subscription delivers on Wednesdays or Thursdays each week and is available across Chicago. 

3) UrbanStems ($$): Best for On-Trend, Seasonal Flowers

  • Weekly or monthly flower subscription boxes start at $55. 
UrbanStems Flower Subscription Delivery Service in Chicago
Credit: UrbanStems

About UrbanStems:  

UrbanStems are a popular option for modern, stylish, and on-trend bouquets and floral arrangements. They collaborate with a number of leading design partners including the likes of Vogue and Kate Spade across a choice of seasonal and luxury floral arrangements. 

In short, here you’ll find one-of-a-kind collections featuring a great choice of fresh seasonal flowers sourced from eco-conscious growers throughout. Perfect for gifting and the home or office.

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Flower Subscription Options: 

UrbanStems offers three distinct flower subscription plans which are available for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly delivery: 

  • The Classic Plan ($55 per delivery + glass vase included with 1st delivery) – features a rotating selection of timeless designs. 
  • The Seasonal Plan ($75 per delivery + glass vase included with 1st delivery) – handpicked floral arrangements that prioritize the seasons at hand.
  • The Luxe Plan ($105 per delivery + curated vase with each delivery) –  includes premium and luxury flowers, and expansive, creative designs. 

Bonus – you can pause, edit, skip a delivery at any time. Plus you’ll save anywhere between 10 – 25% on each delivery depending on the number of months 

For 10% off Classic & Seasonal subscription plans (and 15% off Luxury Subscriptions) at UrbanStems use our special code: PETAL at the checkout.

Delivery Options:

Specified-day delivery is also available throughout Chicago. 

4) Asrai Garden ($$$$): Best for Wild & Artistic Floral Designs

  • Weekly or monthly flower subscriptions start from around $100 per delivery.
Asrai Garden Flower Subscription Service in Chicago
Credit: Asrai Garden

About Asrai Garden:  

If you’ve ever stepped into one of Asrai Garden’s two city locations you’ll know what an immersive experience their retail stores create. It’s moody and atmospheric with a heavy scent of fresh blooms and exquisite tropical plants.

Here you’ll find a highly skilled design crafting an array of creative and artistic flower arrangements for gifting and the home with some vintage taxidermy on the side!

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Flower Subscription Options: 

Asrai Garden offers 3, 6, or 12-month subscription plans ranging in price from $365 up to $1,445 for 12 deliveries over the course of the year. There are a few different size options as well depending on whether you’re after something ornate for a side table or a grand and lavish centerpiece in the home or office. Either way, expect a compelling floral creation for each delivery. 

Delivery Options:

Deliveries are made on either Thursdays or Saturdays each week and Asrai Garden delivers throughout Chicago. 

5) Field & Florist ($$$): Best for Organic Flower Arrangements

  • Weekly or monthly flower subscriptions from $75 per delivery.
Field & Florist Flower Subscription Delivery in Chicago
Credit: Field & Florist

About Field & Florist:  

Field & Florist is a delightful floral design studio and flower nursery. What makes this studio very special is the fact they harvest flowers from their very own flower farm in Three Oaks, MI. The farm is centered around organic growing practices with no pesticides or harmful chemicals used anywhere in their production.

The farm supplies the flower shop with a rotating collection of fresh flowers throughout the growing season from late March through October typically. 

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Flower Subscription Options: 

Here you’ll find an excellent flower subscription service centered around local seasonal blooms. Typically the season runs from spring through to late fall so expect the colors, textures, and flower types to evolve as we move through the seasons. Flowers come from both the Field & Florist farm as well as other local producers and a few national flower farms as we hit the winter months.  

Each delivery is priced at $75 and features around 8 to 10 different flower types each time. Very nice!

Delivery Options:

Field & Florist’s flower subscription service delivers Thursday each week throughout the city of Chicago. 

6) Enjoy Flowers ($): Best for Farm-Fresh DIY Flowers

  • Weekly or monthly flower subscription boxes start at $44.
Enjoy Flowers Subscription Box Delivery in Chicago
Credit: Enjoy Flowers

About Enjoy Flowers:  

Enjoy Flowers is a family-owned and operated flower subscription specialist with over 50 years of experience in the floristry world. 

What’s unique about Enjoy Flowers is that fresh blooms and charming flower arrangements ship right from their very own farms. They also produce a number of unique flower varieties that you won’t find elsewhere. 

What’s more – they are Rainforest Certified which ensures the growing process is as kind to the environment as possible. For instance, over 96% of the rainwater on their farms is collected and re-used in irrigation for the flowers. Nice. 

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Flower Subscription Options: 

Enjoy Flowers make this nice and simple. Firstly – pick between 3 styles:

  • The Signature Collection (from $53) – featuring ready-to-go artisanal, stylish arrangements – expect roses, calla lilies, tulips, and more.
  • The Farm Fresh Collection (from $44) – featuring the season’s best blooms such as spray roses, carnations, Matsumoto, and more. 
  • The DIY Collection (from $44) – leaves the floral design to you, simply receive the best stems ready to be arranged at home. 

Then select a size (regular, medium, or large) and frequency (every 2 weeks or once per month). Easy. 

For more, see our in-depth Enjoy Flowers review here.

Delivery Options:

A free, specified-day flower delivery service is available throughout Chicago.

7) Cornell Florist ($$$): Best for Elegant, Hand-Crafted Arrangements

  • Weekly or monthly flower subscriptions start from $65.
Cornell Florist Flower Bouquet Subscription Service
Credit: Cornell Florist

About Cornell Florist:  

Cornell Florist is a leading local floral design studio known for its artistic and inventive flower arrangements. Here you’ll find all sorts of captivating floral designs mixing beautiful flowers and foliage to form intricate textural elements, fragrances, and color tones throughout.

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Flower Subscription Options: 

Cornell Florist offers a weekly or monthly flower subscription service throughout the year. Here you’ll receive a beautiful hand-tied, seasonal bouquet with each delivery featuring a rotating collection of flowers and styles. 

Prices start from $65 per delivery with lots of options for larger bouquets going up to $165. There’s a cheaper option as well for $35 if you’re happy to pick up at their flower shop. 

Subscriptions can also be paused or canceled at any time. 

Delivery Options:

Flower subscriptions are delivered on Thursdays each week (for the weekly plans) and the 1st Thursday of the month (for the monthly plants). 

8) Sprout Home ($$$): Best for Wild, Natural, & Eclectic Floristry

  • Weekly or monthly flower deliveries start from $60.
Sprout Home Weekly and Monthly Flower Delivery Service in Chicago
Credit: Sprout Home

About Sprout Home:  

Sprout Home is an excellent local spot for beautiful dried and fresh floral arrangements, indoor plants, garden design services, and an eclectic mix of home goods sourced from artisan producers. Today they operate two locations in West Town. 

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Flower Subscription Options: 

Sprout Home’s excellent floral subscription service is available either weekly or monthly throughout the year. Prices start from $60 per delivery with lots of options going all the way up to $200 if you’re a grand and decadent floral creation every time. 

Expect a rotating collection of flowers to feature with each delivery and floral designs that feel wild, natural, and stylish throughout. A great treat for your own home as well as a fine floral gifting option for friends, family, and loved ones. 

All subscription plans are very flexible and can be paused, amended, or canceled at any time. 

Delivery Options:

Sprout Home’s flower subscription service is available for delivery throughout Chicago on a specified day of your choosing each week or month. Collection at their design studio in West Town is also available. 

9) BloomsyBox ($): Best for Affordable, Farm-Fresh Flowers

  • Weekly or monthly flower subscription boxes start at $45.
BloomsyBox Flower Subscription Delivery Service in Chicago
Credit: BloomsyBox

About BloomsyBox:  

BloomsyBox is one of the leading farm-direct florists delivering throughout Chicago today. 

All their fresh flower arrangements are composed and shipped shortly after cutting right on the farm so you’re typically receiving blooms days fresher than you might find elsewhere (and also a little cheaper). 

Expect vibrant, bountiful floral designs throughout featuring a diverse mix of flower varieties spanning roses, peonies, tulips, carnations, gerberas, sunflowers, and more. 

They also partner with the likes of the New York Botanical Garden across a unique collection of seasonal flower arrangements and donate back a share of proceeds to plant science and environmental initiatives.  

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Flower Subscription Options: 

BloomsyBox offers a number of weekly and monthly flower subscription options in Chicago: 

Weekly subscription flowers start from just $44.99 and feature a bountiful collection of seasonal flowers spanning roses, tulips, carnations, peonies, and more. 

Monthly subscription plans range up to $70 per delivery covering deluxe, premium, and the special New York Botanical Garden collections which feature unique and eclectic flower varieties each month. 

Delivery Options:

Flower subscription boxes from BloomsyBox include hand-tied flower bouquets wrapped in eco-friendly paper. The flower buds are neatly packed pre-bloom so you’ll get to witness their full spectacle. Delivery is free throughout Chicago. 

10) Farmgirl Flowers ($$$): Best for Modern & Stylish Arrangements

  • Market Box flower subscription plans start from $72.
Farmgirl Flowers Monthly Market Flower Box Delivery in Chicago
Credit: Farmgirl Flowers

About Farmgirl Flowers:

Farmgirl Flowers have a stellar reputation for ethically sourced and hand-curated floral arrangements. What’s more, this is floristry done one stunning bouquet at a time. 

Firstly, flowers all come from local growers wherever possible. Then, an expert design team crafts a range of elegant and stylish arrangements utilizing only what’s fresh and available on that particular day. 

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Flower Subscription Options:

Farmgirl Flowers create a sumptuous Market Box ($72/month) filled with fresh seasonal flowers. In short, think of this as having an expert florist going to one of the best farmer’s markets in town and filling up a box full of the most decadent, seasonal blooms just for you. 

What’s more, The Market Box typically features 3 to 4 varieties of flowers and includes approximately 25 stems with each delivery. 

Delivery Options:

You can choose between weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly flower box subscriptions and specify as long as you’d like to keep receiving them. Specified-day delivery is also available throughout Chicago. 

11) Flowers for Dreams ($$): Best for Seasonal, DIY Flowers

  • Weekly or monthly flower subscription boxes start at $35.
Flowers for Dreams Weekly or Monthly Flower Delivery Service in Chicago
Credit: Flowers for Dreams

About Flowers For Dreams:  

Flowers For Dreams originally started out as a college project has quickly grown into a full-scale business serving Chicago, Detroit, and Milwaukee today. What’s more, these are purpose-driven petals. Here you’ll find beautiful arrangements filled with organic blooms delivered by hand and bike across Chicagoland. And, this empowered business gives back to the local community through a range of charitable initiatives.

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Flower Subscription Options: 

Flowers for Dreams offer two distinct flower subscription services which are available either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. 

The Artisan Plan – features hand-tied bouquets which are already assembled and ready to be displayed on delivery. There are three size options to pick from ranging in price from $35 to $75 (note the small size is particularly tiny!). 

The DIY Plan – features a bundle of fresh seasonal flowers with each delivery which you’ll need to arrange and compose yourself at home. A great option if you’re up for flexing your floral design skills. Your first delivery also handily includes a pair of clippers and a mason jar to pop the flowers in. This one is priced at $45 per delivery. 

Delivery Options:

Flowers for Dreams flower subscriptions are available for delivery throughout Chicago on a specified day of your choosing. 

12) 1800 Flowers ($$): Best for Choice & Convenience

  • Flower subscriptions start at $59.99.
1-800 Flowers Bloom of the Month Club in Chicago, IL
Credit: 1-800 Flowers

About 1800 Flowers:

A mainstay in the online flower delivery world, 1-800 Flowers also offers a convenient flower subscription service throughout the year. 

In short, The Bloom of the Month Club features a special, seasonal arrangement that rotates each month throughout the year. What’s more, each arrangement is hand-selected and hand-designed by the always dependable in-house floristry team.

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Flower Subscription Options:

Subscription flower delivery at 1-800 is super easy. Simply choose the flower subscription length you’d like – 3, 6, or 12 months (each works out at $59.99 per delivery). Then select your delivery date and away you go. 

What’s great is they include a free glass vase with each delivery so you’re good to go as soon as you receive the flowers each month. A great option if you’re thinking of gifting a flower subscription for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or other celebration.

Delivery Options:

Specified-day delivery is also available throughout Chicago. 

Chicago Flower Subscriptions Buying Guide:

What is the Best Flower Subscription Service in Chicago? 

Some of the best flower subscription services offering weekly or monthly flower delivery in Chicago include Asrai Garen, Larkspur, Field & Florist, Cornell Florist, Sprout Home, UrbanStems, The Bouqs, and BloomsyBox.

What is the cheapest flower subscription service in Chicago?

The Bouqs, BloomsyBox, and Enjoy Flowers offer some of the cheapest flower delivery in Chicago starting at just $36 per delivery. 

How long will my flowers last?  

Fresh cut flowers typically last between 7 to 12 days on average.

What flexibility do flower subscriptions offer?

Typically you’ll specify the volume and frequency of flower deliveries when you place your initial order with the respective Chicago florist. Many allow you to pause or skip a delivery and you can often switch up the style or size as well for individual orders.

When are flower subscriptions typically delivered?

Flower subscriptions are most commonly delivered in Chicago between Wednesday and Friday each week. You can typically specify any preferred date or time as well.

How much do flower subscriptions typically cost?

In Chicago, flower subscriptions typically start from around $40 to $50 per delivery with lots of options going up to $150 or more per delivery dependent on the florist and also the size and scope of the arrangement.

Are vases typically included with a flower subscription plan in Chicago?

Yes, virtually all florists include a vase to compose your flowers as part of your first delivery.


I’ve long been fascinated with the world of flowers, plants, and floral design. I come from a family of horticulturists and growers and spent much of my childhood in amongst the fields of flowering blooms and greenhouses filled with tropical plants, cacti, and succulents from all over the world. Today, my passion has led me to further explore the world of horticulture, botany, and floristry and I'm always excited to meet and collaborate with fellow enthusiasts and professionals from across the globe. I hold a BSc degree in Plant Sciences and have trained professionally at leading floristry schools in London and Paris.

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