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Where to go for the Best Dried Flower Arrangements in NYC 

Dried flower arrangements can be truly exquisite. Not only do they encapsulate the season in which the flower was grown but they also provide a sumptuous array of subtle tones and textures that can be coaxed into a stylish composition to be enjoyed for months and years to come. Here you’ll find 10 of our favorite florists and flower shops for dried flowers in NYC today. These excellent floristry studios compose an array of chic pampas, grasses, dried & preserved florals and foliage across an assortment of creative bouquets and vase arrangements. What’s more, many offer speedy dried flower delivery throughout New York City and we’ve included options for a range of style preferences and budget considerations. Enjoy!  

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10 Great Options for Dried Flower Delivery in New York City

1) Terrain$$5 to 7
2) UrbanStems$$1 to 2
3) Floom$$1 to 2
4) Popupflorist$$2 to 4
5) Ode à la ROSE$$$1 to 2
6) Stems Brooklyn$$2 to 4
7) Buunch$$$$3 to 5
8) Élan Flowers$$$2 to 3
9) Botanique$$$2 to 3
10) Flower Girl NYC$$$1 to 2

The Best Florists for Dried Flowers in NYC

1) Terrain

A stunning collection of dried and preserved flower bouquets, single variety stems, garlands and wreaths. 

Terrain Dried Flower Arrangements NYC
Credit: Terrain


Terrain is an excellent collection of garden centers and nurseries with several locations sprinkled around the US today. 

They’re also part of the wider Anthropologie group of companies and are well regarded for their wild, ethereal, and natural floral designs.

Terrain’s Dried Flower Arrangements NYC: 

Here you’ll find one of the largest collections of preserved flower bunches, dried stems, and artistically composed wreaths and garlands available for delivery throughout the year. 

Seasonal dried flower bouquets start at around $48, with many single variety dried flower bunches from just $20 including Preserved Conical Gum Branches, Double Wheat Bunches, Preserved Yarrow, Mini Lotus Pods, Beech Leafs, Grass Bouquets, Rice Flowers, Phalaris, Lagurus, Hydrangeas and Pink Oat Straw to name but a few. 

Terrain’s dried wreaths are particularly compelling. The collection starts from around $98 and features a wide assortment of Holiday options for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Each is expertly composed featuring a host of preserved florals including Native Grasses, Mixed Moss, Dried Palm Petals, Dried Bakuli Pods, Preserved Corn Husks, Maple Leaves, Dried Perennials and much more. 

Dried Flower Delivery Options to NYC: 

Dried and preserved flower arrangements are available for delivery throughout New York City. Orders are typically delivered in 5 to 7 days. 

2) UrbanStems

Chic and stylish dried flower arrangements and speedy same-day delivery throughout NYC 7-days a week. 

UrbanStems Dried Flowers New York City
Credit: UrbanStems


UrbanStems are loved for their modern and stylish floral arrangements. Here you’ll find an ever-evolving collection of beautiful bouquets composed in partnership with the likes of Vogue and other leading design collaborations. 

A great choice for gifting, particularly for birthdays, anniversaries, thank you messages, celebrations, housewarmings, and new babies, in addition to beautiful centerpieces for the home or office. 

UrbanStem’s Dried Flower Arrangements NYC: 

Dried flower arrangements start from $38 for a bunch of classic 15” dried pampa grass.

Their signature ever-lasting mixed-stem dried bouquets range from $90 up to $175. These feature a wide assortment of preserved flower stems including Craspedia, Thistle, Star Flower, Mini Pampas, Pink Pampas, Eucalyptus, Stargrass, Preserved Green Bell, and Mini Strawflower to name but a few. 

Each arrives complete with a stylish white ceramic vase. 

Dried Flower Delivery Options to NYC: 

UrbanStems provide same-day dried flower delivery throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island (orders by 4 pm). 

3) Floom

The best artisan NYC floristry studios. 

Floom Dried Flower Delivery New York City
Credit: Floom


Floom’s the cool platform that brings together all the best independent florists in NYC in one easy to use site. Simply enter your zip code and Floom will search for all the creative floral arrangements being crafted that particular day or week. 

Above all, expect unique, creative works of art from some of the best floristry teams in the city. 

Dried Flower Arrangements at Floom: 

Floom partner with numerous floristry studios throughout the city and the arrangements typically reflect the seasons and occasions at hand. 

Many of the leading studios are renowned for sourcing from local flower growers throughout NY State as well so you can expect a diverse and eclectic mix of single variety and mixed-stem dried flower arrangements throughout the year. Expect to pay from around $50.

Dried Flower Delivery Options to NYC: 

Floom provides same-day flower delivery throughout New York City. 

4) Popupflorist

Stunning floristry studio in the East Village crafting exquisite single and mixed-stem dried flower arrangements.

Credit: Popupflorist


Popupflorist started out in the pop-up game (as you might have guessed) back in 2016. Today, with roots firmly planted, they’re a cool and creative floral outpost located in the East Village catering to flower delivery, events, and floral styling throughout the city.

They’re well regarded for their fashionable floral compositions and revel in creative and artistic  design.

Dried Flower Arrangements at Popupflorist: 

Here you’ll find a great selection of bouquets and single stem dried florals with options for most budget considerations. 

Single-stem dried hydrangeas start at $20, with preserved daisy bunches or pampa grass from $35. 

The studio’s signature mixed-stem dried flower bouquets start from $75 and featuring an assortment of blooms and different color palettes to pick from. 

If you’re looking for something truly spectacular there are several ‘grand’ arrangements from $200 featuring a majestic array of dried flowers expertly composed in a cool white ceramic vessel. Delicious for years to come! 

Dried Flower Delivery Options to NYC: 

Dried flower delivery is available throughout New York City. Orders are typically delivered in 2 to 5 days. 

Popupflorist are located at 63 E 7th St, New York, NY 10003

5) Ode à la ROSE

Elegant, contemporary-European dried flower bouquets and wreaths.

Ode a la Rose Ever Lasting Flower Delivery in New York City
Credit: Ode à la Rose


Ode à la Rose is the creation of two Parisians (turned New Yorkers) intent on re-creating their beloved French floral traditions right here in NYC. 

They’re renowned for the epic rose collections as you might expect featuring a stunning array of colors and varieties. 

Their broader collection has been growing over the past couple of years and today you’ll find a great choice of European inspired mixed-flower arrangements, in addition to plants and preserved floral designs. 

Ode à la Rose Dried Flower Arrangements NYC: 

The collection centers around natural dried grasses, bunny tails, and pampas and arrives with a contemporary ceramic vase. Composed dried flower arrangements typically range from $100 to $160.  

Dried Flower Delivery Options to NYC: 

Same-day dried flower delivery is available throughout New York City. 

6) Stems Brooklyn

A Brooklyn mainstay, loved for their eco-friendly and creative floristry. 

Stems Brooklyn Dried Flower Bouquets NYC
Credit: Stems Brooklyn


One of our favorite florists in Brooklyn and a great spot for dried flowers in addition to fresh seasonal arrangements, plants, and a host of pots, planters, and home gardening accessories.

Here you’ll find a strong commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly floristry practices as well which we love.  

Stems Brooklyn Dried Flower Arrangements NYC: 

Stems Brooklyn craft an assortment of unique, handmade everlasting flower arrangements. There’s a strong commitment to the seasons so expect the collection to change and evolve as we move through the year. 

You can also pick between neutral or more color-filled tones and there’s a great choice of mason jars or stylish vases to pick from as well. Prices typically range from around $40 to $100 for one of the studio’s signature dried flower creations. 

Dried Flower Delivery Options to NYC: 

Flower delivery is available throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan, and parts of Queens. Deliveries are typically made Tuesday through Saturday each week. 

7) Buunch

A compelling floristry studio crafting seasonally inspired preserved flower arrangements for delivery throughout New York City.

Buunch Dried Flower Arrangements New York City
Credit: Buunch


Buunch is an inspired full-service floristry studio renowned for its elegant designs featuring rare, interesting, and often hard-to-find blooms. 

There’s a strong commitment to the seasons throughout their work with an emphasis on intimate collections over a vast array of designs to pick from which we love. 

Dried Flower Arrangements at Buunch: 

Here you’ll find some of the most stylish and beautiful dried flower arrangements in New York City. Prices are typically on the more premium side (anywhere from $150 to $250) so best to consider these an investment in your future happiness as they’ll keep on giving for years to come. 

There’s a cool array of color tones to pick from including preserved whites (featuring white grass, white strawflowers, and white alchemilla), deep blues and purples (featuring thistle, globe thistle, and dyed blue pampa grass) in addition to classic pampa grass arrangements. 

Dried Flower Delivery Options to NYC: 

Dried flower arrangements are available for delivery throughout NYC on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays each week. 

8) Élan Flowers

Luxurious, upmarket dried floral arrangements from a legendary NYC florist. 

Elan Flowers Dried Florals for Delivery in NYC
Credit: Élan Flowers


Élan Flowers is a leading NYC floristry studio located in the heart of SoHo. 

They cater to a host of events, corporate clients, and special occasions throughout the city in addition to offering a very premium flower delivery service for those looking for some of the finest floral compositions around. 

A great choice for landmark gifting occasions in addition to standout ornamental centerpieces for the home or office. 

Élan Flowers Dried Flower Arrangements: 

Here you’ll find exquisite dried lavender bunches (direct from the south of France) starting at just $45 (quite the snip). 

Composed dried flower bouquets typically start from around $90 and feature a rotating collection of dried and bleached flowers and grases. 

Dried Flower Delivery Options to NYC: 

Flower delivery is available throughout New York City. Orders typically arrive in 2 to 3 days. 

9) Botanique

A creative NYC floral and design studio composing a stellar array of dried flower arrangements. 

Botanique Dried Flower Arrangements for delivery in NYC
Credit: Botanique


Botanique’s highly accomplished team of floral designers and artists are well regarded for their deep appreciation of color, shape, and texture and create an array of stylish fresh and dried floral compositions.

The studio caters to flower delivery throughout the city in addition to weddings, events, and corporate clients. They are also a great option for custom and bespoke floral design as if you had a particular occasion at hand or stem combination in mind. 

Botanique’s Dried Flower Arrangements: 

Prices start from around $65 for a classic bunch of dried pampas composed in a glass vessel. 

Their signature preserved flower bouquets start from $85 and typically mirror the seasons at hand. They’re also well regarded for their artistic wreaths (from $125) which make a stunning addition to the home come Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

Dried Flower Delivery Options to NYC: 

Dried flower arrangements are available for delivery throughout New York City. Orders are typically delivered Tuesday through Friday each week.

10) Flower Girl NYC

A stylish Lower East Side favorite crafting exquisite dried flower crowns. 

Flower Girl NYC Dried Flower Crown Delivery NYC
Credit: Flower Girl NYC


Flower Girl NYC is a much-loved LES flower shop founded by native New Yorker Denise Porcaro. 

Best known for their creative and whimsical style the studio curates an array of exquisite fresh and dried flower arrangements in addition to house plants, handmade gifts and more. 

Dried Flower Arrangements from Flower Girl NYC: 

Here you’ll find an excellent collection of dried flower crowns (perfect if you’re looking to complete your authentic boho look). 

Prices start from $75 and feature an assortment of dried flowers and foliage.

Dried Flower Delivery Options in NYC: 

Dried flower arrangements are available for delivery throughout New York City 7-days a week. 

Dried Flowers NYC FAQ

Several leading NYC florists and flower shops are well regarded for their dried flower collections. Some of our favorites include Popupflorist, UrbanStems, Ode à la ROSE, Flower Girl NYC, Buunch, Stems Brooklyn, and Élan Flowers. 

Dried flower arrangements typically last anywhere from 18 months to 3 to 4 years. Their longevity can be prolonged by avoiding exposure to bright, direct sunlight and draughty spots in your home which can damage their delicate structure. 

Dried flowers can be artfully composed in bouquets and vase arrangements in addition to wreaths, garlands, and floral crowns. Bunches can also be tied and hung throughout the house and dried petals are also often used for potpourri. 

The biggest contributing factor to crumbling dried flowers is bright, direct sunlight. Where possible keep dried flower arrangements in shaded spots in your home or office which will also preserver their color for longer.

Dried flowers require no watering of any kind. Any water coming in contact with a dried flower arrangement will potentially lead to mould and decay. 


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