Terrain Flower Delivery and Service Review

Terrain is an upmarket option for fresh and dried flower arrangements for gifting and the home throughout the year. They form part of the wider Anthropologie group of companies and offer a wide selection of stylish homeware, flowers, and plant life which are available for delivery nationwide. The company prides itself on ‘merging house and garden’ with items that have a bright yet natural aesthetic. I recently ordered two bouquets from Terrain to try out their flower delivery service. Here you’ll find my in-depth Terrain flower delivery review.

Terrain Flower Delivery Review

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My Experience Ordering Flowers from Terrain:


Style & Design:Stylish and unique. The bouquets I received resembled the designs presented when placing the order. However, the scabiosa was swapped out for anemone, and the hydrangea colors varied slightly.
Quality & Freshness:The Summer Scabiosa bouquet came with fresh and fragrant pre-bloom flowers. The hydrangeas I ordered had a few spots on the petals and appeared to be affected by the cold during transport.
Packaging: Functional and minimalistic. The Summer Scabiosa bouquet was well-protected. The hydrangeas would have benefitted from a bit more protection.
On-Time Delivery:Both of the bouquets I ordered arrived within the specified delivery window.
Ease of Ordering: Fast and easy to navigate through the checkout process.
Value for Money:I thought the overall value was good given the flower types, creative combinations, and arrangement design. I was more impressed with the Summer Scabiosa arrangement than the Fresh Hydrangea Bunch. These flowers were fresher, and the arrangement felt really unique.
Suitable Gifting Occasions:Thank you gestures, birthday celebrations, house warmings, new baby celebrations, Mother’s Day, the Holidays.
Overall Score:3.5 out 5.0.

About Terrain

Terrain Logo

Terrain is a shop that sells home, garden, and lifestyle products. The company’s flagship store is in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. They have other locations in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, California, and Maryland.

Additionally, Terrain is a sister brand to Anthropologie & Co. So, they have capsule shops in a few Anthropologie locations across the country. Their brick-and-mortar shops have an indoor-outdoor atmosphere. They feature areas like plant nurseries, event spaces, and garden cafes.

What Is Terrain Known for?

Terrain ties a modern yet natural style into everything they offer. The company focuses on chic aesthetics and premium-quality products like their sister company Anthropologie. Terrain has an upscale feel while still appealing to shoppers who enjoy days spent digging in the dirt.

Where Does Terrain Deliver? 

Terrain delivers flowers and plants to locations in the contiguous United States. They do not currently offer flower delivery to Alaska, Hawaii, US territories, international locations, APO/FPO/DPO addresses, or PO boxes. 

Standard Terrain orders will ship in 24 to 48 hours if you order from Monday to Wednesday. After 10 am on Wednesdays, orders ship the following Monday. 

You can make express and overnight orders with Terrain as well. Express orders will ship the same day if you order before 10 am and the next business day if you order after 10 am. 

Does Terrain Sell Only Flowers?

Terrain Homeware
Credit: Terrain

Terrain’s online shop sells everything from garden furniture and spa products to houseplants and fresh flowers. Other related offerings include wreaths and garlands, dried bunches and stems, and gardening kits and seeds. They also sell items like planters, terrariums, and gardening tools and gear.

Where Are My Terrain Flowers Coming from?

Terrain sources flowers from growers around the world. You can find the country where flowers are sourced in the details section on individual product pages. For example, this small Valentine’s Day bouquet was sourced in the US, while the preserved hydrangeas came from Italy. 

Sustainability of Terrain’s Products

Terrain floral style and selection
Credit: Petal Republic

Terrain offers some sustainable products in their online shop. These include beeswax food storage wraps and reusable produce bags. Some of the materials my bouquets came in were recyclable as well. However, I didn’t notice specific information about sustainability during my ordering process.

Terrain’s Floral Style, Collections, and Prices

Terrain’s flower collections include Fresh, Dried+Preserved, and Faux+Metal designs. Their fresh bouquets feature an impressive variety of flower species, colors, and textures. Options range from wild and natural to chic and modern styles. 

Prices for Terrain’s arrangements vary from around $60 to $130, depending on the size and flowers in your bouquet. For example, a fresh eucalyptus bunch costs $64, while this fresh anemone bunch is $128.

My Experience with Terrain

The Arrangements I Ordered

I ordered two different arrangements from Terrain to get a feel for their quality and style. Here’s a quick summary of how they’re listed on the company’s website.

Fresh Hydrangea Bunch:

Terrain Fresh Hydrangea Bunch
Credit: Terrain

This bouquet features 20 stems of assorted hydrangeas sourced in the US. It’s an impressive arrangement with the most abundant blooms available. Hydrangea color will vary depending on the time of year. 

Summer Scabiosa, Veronica + Mint Bouquet:

Terrain's Summer Scabiosa Veronica Mint Bouquet
Credit: Terrain

This bouquet features a mix of scabiosa, veronica, and mint sourced directly from growers in the US. It was designed to celebrate the blue and green tones of summer. The color of these blooms will vary, depending on the season. 

The Online Ordering Experience at Terrain

Online Shopping Experience at Terrain

Terrain’s website features many different products. So, I had to search through a few menus to find the flower arrangements on offer. 

I started at the home page and found the Plants + Flowers drop-down menu. From there, I clicked Bouquets + Flowers. I was taken to a page that showed all of the arrangements currently available. 

You can search Terrain’s bouquets by price, which I appreciated. However, there weren’t too many bouquets on offer, so it was easy to browse through and see everything available. I liked this aspect too, as flower delivery websites can sometimes feel overwhelming with endless options to choose from. 

I clicked the product pages of the arrangements I liked best. There, I could read more about the flowers in each bouquet and see several detailed images of the flowers. Terrain has high-quality images of their arrangements, which helped me feel good about the ones I chose. 

After deciding which arrangements I wanted, I was prompted to choose the quantity. Then, I clicked Add to Basket, and a small window popped up to confirm the items in my cart. I liked this, as I could keep shopping without being directed to another page or bombarded with upgrades and extras. 

Once I added both of my arrangements, I clicked my basket. There was an overview of my products, including price, quantity, size, and color. Next, I clicked Continue to Checkout and added my shipping information. 

After filling in these details, I clicked Continue to Shipping Options. There was space to add an optional gift message and a fee clearly listed for ground shipping. Next, I clicked Continue to Payment, where I entered my payment information and clicked Place Order.

Overall, I thought this ordering process was smooth. I liked that the payment page had all of my information listed and buttons for any necessary editing. 

Receiving My Deliveries from Terrain

Terrain Flower Delivery Packaging
Terrain Flowers in Packaging
Terrain Flowers in Box
Unboxing Terrain Hydrangeas

Both of my Terrain orders arrived within the delivery window, though a couple of days apart. The hydrangeas arrived first, in a box that said, California Flowers. The package was sturdy, but there was a small hole at one end where the flowers were slightly exposed during transit. 

Unfortunately, the hydrangeas had some spots on their petals and seemed to have been affected by the cold weather. However, they did look better once I arranged them in a vase and gave them time to rehydrate. 

The Summer Scabiosa bouquet came in an unmarked box that kept the flowers safe during transit. The flowers arrived fresh and pre-bloom, and the mint gave the bouquet a wonderful fragrance. 

I noticed that the scabiosa in this bouquet was substituted for what appeared to be blue anemone. These flowers were a vibrant shade of violet and opened up nicely after a few hours in the vase. 

Neither of my delivery boxes came with flower food, care instructions, or information from Terrain. This was slightly disappointing, as I was unsure how to care for the bouquets to maximize their longevity properly. 

The hydrangeas did come with damp cloths wrapped at the ends of their stems. This was nice, as it helped them stay hydrated during transit. 

Setting Up My Terrain Bouquets at Home

Setting Up Terrain Flower Arrangements at Home
Credit: Petal Republic

The Summer Scabiosa bouquet came pre-arranged in a lovely design. All I had to do was trim the stems and place them directly in a vase filled with water. 

My hydrangeas came in separate bunches, so I needed to arrange these myself. Additionally, the stems were thick, so I had to use strong shears to cut the ends before placing them in their vase. 

I always enjoy arranging flowers, so I found this an enjoyable part of the process. However, I can see how this arrangement may feel inconvenient to some recipients.

The Verdict 

Terrain Flower Delivery Verdict
Credit: Petal Republic

My Overall Opinion of the Arrangements I Received

I thought the Summer Scabiosa arrangement was a great value for the price. Between the fresh mint fragrance and the vibrant colors, this was one of my favorite bouquets I’ve ordered. 

All of the flowers in the Summer Scabiosa bouquet were pre-bloom and in excellent condition on arrival. I’d love to order this bouquet for a friend, as it really added a nice touch to my kitchen decor.

YouTube video

The hydrangeas were nice, but I think they may have been better to order in the spring or summer months. They had a few spots on the petals and seemed to be affected by the cold during transport. 

Additionally, the hydrangeas faded quickly and didn’t last as long as my other arrangement. However, I love the look of hydrangeas, so I’d consider ordering these again at a warmer time of year.

YouTube video

Both of these arrangements varied slightly from the images on Terrain’s website. The scabiosa flowers were swapped for blue anemones, and the hydrangeas came in different colors than the photos online. 

However, the company clearly stated that the blooms vary depending on the time of year, so I didn’t mind these changes. In fact, the anemone made the Summer Scabiosa bouquet look even better than I expected. 

Highlights of Ordering with Terrain

Terrain Flower Delivery Verdict
Credit: Petal Republic

One of the benefits of ordering with Terrain was the care they put into their floral designs. I was impressed with the creativity of the Summer Scabiosa arrangement and some of the other bouquets I saw on their website.

The Summer Scabiosa bouquet also introduced me to something I had never seen before: mint as a part of a flower arrangement. I loved the fresh scent the mint brought into my home. 

Now, I’m excited to discover other ways to incorporate mint into flower arrangements. I’d be happy to order that bouquet again for myself or a friend. 

I also enjoyed the ordering process with Terrain. They had curated a selection of arrangements that was easy to browse through without feeling overwhelmed. The checkout process felt smooth and wasn’t loaded with pop-up windows, sneaky upgrades, and other promotional offers. 

Areas Terrain Could Improve

Areas Terrain could improve
Credit: Petal Republic

I’d say there was room for improvement with the hydrangeas I ordered. They had spots and slight wilting from transit, which affected the overall quality. However, I could tell this bouquet would normally be beautiful. So, I’d consider buying it again at a warmer time of year. 

Additionally, I wished my order came with care instructions, flower food, and some information about Terrain. These small touches would help to improve my experience with the flowers and my sense of connection to the company. 

What Occasions Are Best to Order from Terrain?

I think Terrain would be a good flower delivery service for everyday occasions or stylish interiors. They’d also make a nice gift for a special occasion, or a just-because delivery for a friend. The company has versatile designs that would work well for various events and occasions. 

For more, see Terrain’s current collections here.

Alternative Options to Consider

For a luxurious offer at a similar premium price point, try out UrbanStems. This company has a wide selection of stylish flower arrangements. In fact, their collections include Vogue and Kate Spade New York. Ode à la Rose is another chic option for gifting and the home.

If you’re looking for something more affordable, you could consider Teleflora, or From You Flowers. This shop has an endless selection of flower arrangements, so you’re sure to find something for any occasion. Plus, this company always has deals and offers to make your purchase even more affordable. BloomsyBox, Enjoy Flowers, and The Bouqs all offer bountiful farm-fresh flower arrangements throughout the year with prices typically between $40 to $60 per bouquet.

For more, see our favorite online flower delivery services here.

Terrain Buying Guide:

Where is Terrain located?

Terrain’s flagship shop is located in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. They have several store locations and capsule shops in Anthropologie across Pennsylvania, Connecticut, California, and Maryland.

How long can Terrain flowers stay boxed?

Terrain’s flowers are shipped to be fresh when they arrive at your door. However, due to the perishable nature of flowers, it’s best to remove them from the box soon after receiving them. 

How long do Terrain flowers last? 

Terrain’s flowers can last around a week with the proper care. Of course, this will vary depending on the flowers you order and the environment you keep them in.

Where does Terrain deliver? 

Terrain delivers flowers across the contiguous United States. They don’t do flower deliveries to Hawaii or Alaska. Additionally, they do not ship to international locations, US territories, PO boxes, or APO/FPO/DPO addresses.

How much are Terrain flower arrangements?

Terrain flower arrangements vary in price depending on the flowers you choose and the seasonal offers available. For example, a bouquet of fresh eucalyptus costs as low as $64, while a large Valentine’s Day bouquet costs $128 on the higher end. 

How much are Terrain’s delivery fees? 

Terrain’s delivery fees vary depending on the price of your order and the shipping method you choose. Standard shipping starts as low as $7.95 for orders up to $49.99. Delivery for an order of $500 or more can go up to $77.95 for overnight shipping.

Does Terrain offer same-day delivery?

Terrain has express and overnight shipping options. If you order express delivery before 10 am, your order will ship the same day. After 10 am, orders will ship the next business day. Additionally, orders from Monday to Wednesday before 10 am will go out between 24 and 48 hours after you place the order. 

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