Birthday Flowers for Him: 15 Stunning Varieties That are Perfect for the Man in Your Life

It only happens once a year, so why not make it an extra-special day? That’s right, we’re talking about birthdays — and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a gift of colorful, fragrant flowers.

Birthday Flowers for Him

The practice of giving blossoms as gifts is rooted in deep meaning and underscores a long connection between humans and flowers. After all, flowers indicate that a plant will soon bear fruit and mark the changing seasons; perhaps that’s why we see evidence of the ceremonial importance of flowers stretching back thousands of years. Think of the sacred lotus in ancient Egypt, floral garlands in ancient Greece, marigolds in Hinduism, and floral art during the Renaissance. And, of course, there’s the language of flowers, which began in the Ottoman Empire and spread across Asia and Europe a few hundred years ago.

Across time and culture, humans have always assigned meaning and symbolism to flowers and they’ve long been a perfect choice to commemorate special occasions, such as birthdays. But, you might ask, are flowers a suitable choice for a man’s birthday? The answer is simple: Yes! An appreciation of floral beauty isn’t limited to just one gender. A gift of colorful, fragrant blossoms will brighten anyone’s birthday.

Some flowers have a bit of a more “masculine” appearance, too. Consider factors such as color — bold hues such as red, yellow, orange, purple, blue, and white are always great choices — as well as flower structure.

Of course, when choosing flowers for a man’s special day, you’ll want to consider his specific preferences. Fortunately, there are flowers to match everyone’s tastes.

Gifting Considerations Based on the Occasion and Your Relationship

Gifting Considerations Based on the Occasion and Your Relationship

When choosing a floral gift, the occasion you’re commemorating matters. Why? Because different types and colors of flowers have different meanings and significance.

For instance, red roses are strongly associated with love, passion, and romance. A bouquet of a dozen deep red roses wouldn’t be the most appropriate choice for, say, a co-worker, platonic friend, or a boss. Yellow roses, however, are associated with joy, warmth, and friendship. These cheerful blooms are a perfect gift for birthdays, congratulations, housewarmings, and even the workplace.

But when it comes to giving flowers to a man on his birthday, the most important thing to consider has to be his preferences, interests, and personality. For instance, if he loves spicy cologne, he may appreciate the scent of carnations, viburnum, Daphne, or stargazer lilies.

You may choose flowers in his favorite color family, too. For instance, if he loves the color red, you could choose Sweet Williams, which symbolizes masculinity, or light red carnations, which stand for admiration. Or perhaps he’s a fan of yellow; gladiolus (which represents victory, strength, and integrity), goldenrod (which stands for fortune), and snapdragon (which signifies strength and vitality) would be perfect choices.

15 Best Types of Birthday Flowers for Him


Sunflowers are perfect birthday flowers for him

Sunflowers are a perfect addition to any birthday bouquet. After all, a birthday is above all a celebration, and sunflowers are among the happiest, most cheerful flowers you can choose. In the language of flowers, these sunny yellow, orange, red, or sometimes creamy blooms convey happiness, warmth, and positivity. They also symbolize adoration, as well as trust and loyalty — traits that any man can appreciate and aspire to.


Proteas are perfect birthday flowers for him

Looking for birthday flowers for a man with distinctive taste? A bouquet of proteas fits the bill. These native South African and Australian flowers have a unique and bold appearance, with bright red, yellow, burgundy, cream, or white petals surrounding a prominent white center. Different protea colors have different meanings. For instance, yellow symbolizes energy and hope, while red represents love and protection. Burgundy petals represent maturity, wisdom, and success, while cream signifies elegance, appreciation, and professionalism.


Chrysanthemums are perfect birthday flowers for him

The lovely chrysanthemum symbolizes longevity and joy and is important in Chinese and Japanese folklore. Mums come in various colors and sizes, making creating a lovely birthday bouquet for him easy. Chrysanthemum color meanings include pink, which stands for longevity and royalty; yellow, for happiness and celebration; green, for good fortune and health; and orange, for excitement and passion.


Orchids are perfect birthday flowers for him

Orchids make an ideal birthday gift for the man who appreciates beauty and luxury. And while these elegant flowers have delicate blooms, in the language of flowers, they send a message of toughness and resilience. When choosing these sophisticated flowers for a birthday gift, consider yellow orchids such as Cattleyas, Oncidium, or Phalaenopsis, as they’re associated with friendship.


Irises are perfect birthday flowers for him

Consider a birthday gift of irises for the man who loves the color blue. These lovely blossoms symbolize courage and admiration and grow in a range of blue shades. In floriography, the iris sends a message of wisdom and valor, as well as hope. They’re also among those rare flowers that grow in true blue hues. In many European cultures, a blue iris symbolizes royalty; in ancient Egypt, irises signified power, and in Japanese culture, the blue iris symbolizes heroism.



One of the most versatile flowers around, lilies suit any occasion and come in a rainbow of colors and varieties. For his birthday, stargazer lilies offer a spicy, masculine fragrance reminiscent of cologne. 

The calla lily is associated with vitality and fertility, and its striking structure and robust white blooms make it a dramatic center of attention. A gift of a peace lily — usually given as a live plant — offers lovely flowers and helps purify the air.



If you’re looking for a classic floral gift for a man’s birthday, you can’t go wrong with carnations. These perennial favorites symbolize love, admiration, and distinction. Plus, they’ve got a wonderful spicy scent that resembles cloves, so they won’t overwhelm him with a too-sweet or cloying fragrance. While dark red carnations may be associated with love, light red carnations convey admiration.



No list of birthday flowers would be complete without roses, but let us offer a few caveats. Of course, red roses are traditionally associated with love and romance, so save those for your significant other. However, roses in other colors have different meanings. For instance, cream roses stand for charm, orange for passion, yellow for friendship, blue for mystery, and black for courage.



You can’t go wrong with simple, cheerful daisies if your guy is laid-back and casual. These flowers are happiness personified and send a message of joy and fun. Choose white Shasta or common European daisies or a rainbow of bright, colorful Gerbera daisies. Purple daisies are associated with success and status, while yellow has an additional nuance of friendship.


Snapdragons are perfect birthday flowers for him

Snapdragon’s upright spikes are perfect for the man who appreciates structure and precision. These prolific bloomers come in various colors and add an architectural component to any floral gift. In the language of flowers, snapdragons are associated with strength and resilience due to their ability to spring forth from the rocky soil. Yellow and orange snapdragons send an additional message of positive energy, purple of royalty, and red snapdragons of vitality.


Delphiniums are perfect birthday flowers for him

Another true blue flower, the tall, stately delphinium, grows in shades of purple and white, as well. These dramatic spikes make a significant impact on a bouquet or arrangement. The delphinium stands for dignity, grace, joy, and goodwill in floriography. Historically, these outstanding flowers are associated with the mighty warrior prince Ajax. In Greek mythology, it’s said that delphinium flowers grow from the blood Ajax spilled in the Trojan War.


Asters are perfect birthday flowers for him

Don’t leave out the asters for a birthday gift with a bit of royal purple. These star-shaped blooms symbolize patience and elegance and come in a range of purple hues, as well as pink and white. Different colors of asters convey different meanings; for instance, purple is associated with wisdom and nobility, while white stands for faith and pink for kindness and love. In ancient Greece and Rome, the flowers were thought to protect against evil spirits, and in Chinese culture, asters signify devotion and faithfulness.


Gladiolus are perfect birthday flowers for him

It’s easy to see why the tall, spear-like gladiolus represents strength and honor. These bold flowers come in many hues, like pink, orange, white, red, and yellow. The striking gladiolus sends a message of honor, integrity, and strength of character. They get their name from the Latin for “little sword,” or gladius. To the Victorians, a gift of glads might mean that one’s heart is “pierced with love and passion” — just something to remember when giving a birthday gift to a platonic male friend.



Alstroemeria, also known as Peruvian lilies, come in a broad spectrum of bright colors. These cheerful blooms symbolize friendship, devotion, good health, and longevity. For a man’s birthday, consider red alstroemeria, which signifies wealth, strength, and life force, or orange blossoms, which symbolize energy, excitement, travel, and exploration. Purple alstroemeria signifies wealth and success, green represents growth and value, and yellow sends a message of health and hope.


Anemones are perfect birthday flowers for him

A harbinger of spring, anemones come in many colors. While they may look delicate, anemones have a long history and feature prominently in Greek mythology. Legend tells of red anemone flowers blooming from the wounds of the god Adonis; to the Greeks, the flowers were a symbol of the passage of time as well as love. Today, purple anemones symbolize anticipation, white aligns with sincerity, and blue sends a message of excitement, respect, trust, and intelligence.

Consider the Presentation

Consider the Presentation

When giving birthday flowers to a man, consider the container. For instance, you may want to choose a wood, metal, cement, or ceramic container rather than a clear, pastel, or cut crystal vase. A solid geometric shape and a natural color palette may make the gift feel a bit more “masculine.”

When working with a florist, let them know the gift is for a man. That way, they may focus on using robust greenery as filler rather than soft fillers like baby’s breath.

However, there’s no right or wrong way to give a man birthday flowers. Consider his preferences and choose the presentation and flowers you think he’ll most appreciate and enjoy. No matter how they’re presented, flowers will brighten his special day.

Birthday Flowers for Him FAQs:

How do I choose the best color for a man’s birthday flowers? 

Start by considering flowers in hues that are similar to or complementary to his favorite color. For instance, you may choose a monochromatic bouquet that uses a range of different flower types from the same color family or create a bouquet using all the same types of flowers.

Can I give a man a bouquet of mixed flowers, or should I stick to one type? 

Both a bouquet of mixed flowers or just one type is appropriate. The key lies in color and structure; choose robust flowers with bright or strong colors and focus on greenery as filler rather than soft, feathery fillers.

Is it appropriate to include a note or message with the flowers? 

It’s always appropriate to include a note or a message with flowers. Writing a “Happy Birthday!” wish will make your floral gift even more special.

How should I take care of the flowers after I give them to the man? 

To help cut flowers last, remove the bottom of cut stems at a 45-degree angle, using clean snips. Remove any greenery that will be underwater, and place the flowers in cool, clean water. Change the water regularly and keep away from drafts, sun, and heat sources.

For more, see our in-depth guide on how to make fresh-cut flowers last longer.

What should I do if the man doesn’t like flowers? 

If a man doesn’t like flowers, consider giving him live plants instead. Bamboo, cacti, succulents, flowering plants, and greenery are all popular options.

Wrapping Up

Your guy’s special day only rolls around once a year, so why not celebrate it with a beautiful bouquet or arrangement. Choosing flowers with colors, structures, and scents that appeal to him makes the gift even more enjoyable. Sending flowers is a perfect way to let him know you are thinking of him on his birthday. Whether he’s a co-worker, family member, partner, husband, or friend, flowers make his birthday even happier!

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