What Color Do Peonies Come In?

Peonies come in a wide variety of colors and forms, making them a cut flower staple, beloved by ornamental gardeners worldwide. This guide covers the many peony flower colors available, with recommendations on the best types in each color category.

What Color Do Peonies Come In

Peony Color Varieties:

Pink Peonies

Pink Peonies

Pink Peonies are arguably the most popular. There is plenty of variety in this shade, from deep to pastel blush pink, ensuring every gardener has an option.

Paeonia lactiflora ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ is a standout and favorite among flower gardeners. The double blooms are ruffled in a stunning pink shade that has won it many awards, including the Royal Horticultural Societies Award of Garden Merit.

Try ‘Neon’, a Japanese Peony with a bright pink center for a deeper pink. They flower midseason on tall stems up to 36 inches in height.

Try these other cultivars for a wide range of pink shades and shapes:

  • Do Tell
  • Comanche
  • Lady Alexandra Duff
  • Martha Bulloch
  • Dinner Plate

White Peonies

White Peonies

White Peonies are the way to go for a more muted color palette. Paired with other white ornamentals like Dahlias, they create a stunning show of flowers in their respective seasons.

Early to Midseason varieties are great for gardeners in warmer zones. The crisp white ‘Duchesse de Nemours’ is an older cultivar (over 150 years), collecting many awards and appreciation in long-time gardeners’ hearts.

‘Bride’s Dream’ is a Japanese cultivar of Paeonia lactiflora that produces masses of white flowers with a creamy center. The large flowers are an absolute standout in any perennial bed.

But, the ultimate favorite of all the white varieties is the fragrant ‘Shirley Temple’. The romantic blossoms start out a soft pink and fade to white over the blooming season, providing continual interest.

Other white varieties include:

  • Elsa Sass
  • Gardenia
  • Miss America
  • Krinkled White

Cream Peonies

Cream Peonies

If you’re looking for a softer white Peony, cream varieties are ideal. They combine the lightness of white varieties with the softness of blush or yellow types.

This color category features one of the earliest Peonies to bloom of the herbaceous types – ‘Claire de Lune’. The single flowers are a creamy yellow with large, bright golden centers. These flowers are the perfect way to welcome the Peony season.

The favorite of the blush-cream category is ‘Mother’s Choice’. This variety has won the American Peony Societies Gold Medal for the stunning double flowers with densely packed petals. It also has a beautiful fragrance, perfect for sensory gardens.

Another popular option is ‘Bowl of Cream’, beloved for its large flowers 12 inches in diameter.

Red Peonies

Red Peonies

For lovers of bright red flowers, there is no shortage to choose from in the Peony genus. Hues range from a deep red to neon, suiting any garden design.

Award-winning hybrid ‘America’ is one of the most popular single blossom Peonies on the market. A vigorous grower withstanding harsh weather, this variety reliably produces several velvety red blooms early on in the season.

This color group also has double blossoms, such as ‘Henry Bockstoce’ and ‘Karl Rosenfield.’ They both have bright red hues, with the latter featuring a touch of bright pink to make the large blossoms appear almost luminous.

That’s not all there is when it comes to red Peonies. Try these varieties:

  • Buckeye Belle
  • Cytherea
  • Red Charm
  • Scarlett O’Hara

Maroon Peonies

Maroon Peonies

The many dark and mysterious red Peonies are deserving of their own category for their beauty and popularity.

The darkest of all the red flowers, hybrid ‘Chocolate Soldier’ is (as evident in the name) almost chocolate brown-red with a bright yellow center. Shapes vary per flower, creating continual interest throughout the season.

‘Early Scout’ joins ‘Claire de Lune’ as one of the first of the season to bloom. The scarlet petals appear above dense green foliage, staying a compact 24 inches in height.

Several varieties feature this dreamy scarlet hue, including:

  • Topeka Garnet
  • Merry Mayshine
  • Illini Warrior

Yellow Peonies

Yellow Peonies

Yellow Peonies are less common, but no less beloved than other types. Most are pastel or cream yellow, but there are also brighter options for color lovers.

Itoh variety ‘Prairie Charm’ has large semi-double flowers with dense petals that pop up midseason. This is another award-winning flower with a devoted fan base.

Try ‘Bartzella’ – another intersectional Peony with golden yellow 8-inch flowers for something a little brighter. These popular plants can produce up to 60 flowers per season, ensuring there is plenty to enjoy throughout summer.

Orange Peonies

Orange Peonies

Similar to yellow Peonies in tone, there are also a couple of coral types with stunning orange flowers that perfectly compliment any summer garden.

‘Singing in the Rain,’ an Itoh Peony, has a peachy tone in the pretty, delicate petals. They appear atop tall stems 3-4 feet in height and can tolerate warm weather better than other types.

For a combination of pink and orange, opt for ‘Pink Hawaiian Coral.’ The blooms make excellent cut flowers or add a touch of orangey-pink brightness to your beds early on in the season.

Multi-Colored Peonies

Multi-Colored Peonies

Single tones are not the only options in the Peony genus. There are also several multi-colored types that add a touch of something different to perennial gardens.

  • Golly: A combination of blush and white petals, with a halo of yellow staminodes in the center.
  • Cora Louise: Large flowers with stark white petals and deep purple bases.
  • Festiva Maxima: Largely white flowers dotted with raspberry pink that appears almost painted on.
  • Athena: Peach-colored petals with bright pink-purple bases and a contrasting gold center.

Types of Peonies

Types of Peonies

Peonies are separated into three types – herbaceous, tree, and intersectional or Itoh.

Herbaceous Peonies are the most common, with many popular species falling under this category. The flowers appear on long stems from May to June, with a short peony blooming season of under two weeks.

Tree Peonies are woody shrubs that are far hardier than their herbaceous counterparts. They also flower for more extended periods of around two weeks on average and keep their foliage throughout the year rather than dying back in fall.

Itoh or intersectional Peonies are hybrids developed by horticulturist Toichi Itoh from Tokyo in 1948. They have herbaceous characteristics and develop woody stems – the best of both worlds. They produce masses of flowers that can bloom for up to one month long.

These types of peonies are further categorized into six flower shapes, namely:

  • Single
  • Japanese
  • Anemone
  • Semi-Double
  • Bombe
  • Full Double

These flowers are not only beloved for their variety in shapes but also in colors.

Wrapping Up

There is a Peony type for almost every color of the rainbow. No matter your garden design or color palette, there is a Peony variety for you.

For more, see our in-depth guide to the best companion plants for peonies in your garden and whether peonies can grow in California and Florida.

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