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The Best Florists For Everlasting and Preserved Roses in the USA

Updated January 17th, 2022 by Petal Republic

Preserved roses are an elegant gifting option with gestures of the heart throughout the year. Perfect for Valentine’s Day of course in addition to birthdays, anniversaries, and those moments you just want to share a little love. Whilst they might be a little more premium compared to fresh roses, these are a gift that will keep on giving for months and years to come (just don’t water them!). Here you’ll find 11 of the best floristry studios today curating a beautiful collection of everlasting and preserved roses for sale and each ship nationwide throughout the United States. Enjoy!

11 Best Options for Preserved Roses Delivery:

1) Ode à la RoseBest Overall$$$
2) Roses OnlyBest for Eco-Friendly Roses$$$
3) Venus ET FleurBest for Luxury Eternal Roses$$$$
4) From You FlowersBest for Same-Day Delivery$$
5) FloomBest for Artisan Preserved Roses$$$
6) The Only RosesBest for Creative Styling$$$
7) Rose Box NYCBest for Modern & Stylish Designs$$$$
8) 1-800 FlowersBest for Affordable Everlasting Roses$$
9) La Fleur BouquetsBest for Custom Shades$$$
10) Eternal RosesBest for Sweetheart Gift Boxes$$$$
11) The Million RosesBest for Bespoke Arrangements$$$

The Best Florists for Preserved & Everlasting Roses:

1) Ode à la Rose ($$$): BEST OVERALL 

Ode a la Rose Preserved Roses Delivery
Credit: Ode à la Rose

Preserved Roses Collection, Prices, and Delivery:

Famed French florists Ode à la Rose are loved for their elegant take on Parisian floral design. Based out of New York City, they now ship an impressive preserved rose collection throughout the US. 

Individually preserved rose buds start from $89.99 and there’s a host of opulent designs composed in chic ceramic or polished brass vases going up to $365 if you’re after something particularly fancy. 


Roses Only Preserved Roses Delivery in the USA
Credit: Roses Only

Preserved Roses Collection, Prices, and Delivery:

Roses Only source all of their lush rose flowers from specialist equatorial growers. Here at incredibly high altitudes, the farms produce some of the longest-stemmed and fullest blooms around. Fresh rose flowers are then treated with a special environmentally friendly solution which guarantees the roses will look immaculate for a full 12 months. 

Prices start from $89 for a chic box of 9 red infinity preserved roses with options going up to $149 for 25 roses. 


Venus ET Fleur Eternity Roses Delivery in the US
Credit: Venus ET Fleur

Preserved Roses Collection, Prices, and Delivery:

Venus ET Fleur is a grand option for those looking for immaculately composed eternity roses. Fresh rose flowers are sourced from leading Ecuadorian farms and specially treated at one of their dedicated facilities in NYC and Los Angeles. Here they preserve as well as add an array of unique pigments to the rosebuds so you can pick between all sorts of unique and vibrant colors.

Gifting options span numerous French-inspired hat boxes in addition to refined suede and transparent acrylic vessels. Individual preserved roses start from $44 but expect to pay from $250+ for one Venus ET Fleur’s signature masterpieces. 


Credit: From You Flowers

Preserved Roses Collection, Prices, and Delivery:

From You Flowers are a popular online flower delivery specialist that’s home to a vast array of affordable flower arrangements throughout the year.

Their preserved roses collection features an assortment of soft, bold, and radiant colors to pick from including classic reds, pinks, and whites. Each arrangement features a dozen specially preserved rose buds composed in a chic hat box.

These are typically priced at $159.99 (you can use our special code to get 20% off via the link below).

What’s more, From You Flowers offer a speedy same-day delivery service nationwide, 7-days a week.


Floom Everlasting Roses Delivery in the USA
Credit: Floom

Preserved Roses Collection, Prices, and Delivery:

Floom’s the excellent local-floristry platform that helps you to find the best independent, artisanal floristry studios in your local area. Here you’ll find a host of eclectic floral designs for gifting and the home throughout the year. 

Collections change and rotate dependent on your location but there’s typically an excellent selection of dried and preserved rose flowers to be found composed in a host of unique and creative vessels. Prices typically range from $100 to $300. 


The Only Roses Preserved Rose Flower Delivery in the USA
Credit: The Only Roses

Preserved Roses Collection, Prices, and Delivery:

The Only Roses offer one of the most comprehensive choices in terms of styling and composition. Here you’ll find lushcious individual red eternity roses composed alongside plush teddy bears, gold keyrings, ornate music globes, and glass domes, in addition to a host of classic French hat-boxes and heart-shaped vessels. 

Prices start from $39 with lots of options going all the way up to $1,500 or more for their truly luxurious collections. 


Rose Box NYC Preserved Flower Delivery
Credit: Rose Box NYC

Preserved Roses Collection, Prices, and Delivery:

Rose Box NYC are well known for their stylish and fashion-conscious designs that make eye-catching centerpieces throughout the home or office. Here you’ll find some of the most creative and unique vases and composed rose arrangements around across a collection of carved-wooden balls, cut glass cubes, stainless steel vases, and more.

Prices start from around $100 for a single rose in a signature Rose Box jewelry cube and go up to $1000 or more for a gigantic half ball filled with 150 luxury red eternity roses.  


Preserved Roses Collection, Prices, and Delivery:

1-800 Flowers have been mainstays in the online flower delivery world for years now and offer one the most affordable (and fastest) services around. Their Magnificient Roses collection features a wide range of color options spanning classic reds, pinks, and whites, in addition to some very vibrant and bold alternatives such as deep burgundy, shimmering gold, and blue velvet. 

Each preserved flower arrangement is composed in a timeless circular or rose-shaped box and starts from $180 for a dozen roses going up to $280 for three dozen preserved rose flowers. 

9) La Fleur Bouquets: BEST FOR CUSTOM SHADES

La Fleur Bouquets Preserved Flower Delivery
Credit: La Fleur Bouquets

Preserved Roses Collection, Prices, and Delivery:

La Fleur Bouquets offer an amazing 24 different colors to pick from across their boutique preserved rose collections. There’s also a contemporary, Parisian touch across every arrangement which features a custom-designed keepsake box with every order that is stamped by hand with a hot wax logo. Very nice!

Prices start from $39 for a petit preserved rose flower with options going up to $399 for one of their grand squares brimming with decadent rose buds. 


Eternal Roses Preserved Flower Delivery in the USA
Credit: Eternal Roses

Preserved Roses Collection, Prices, and Delivery:

Eternal Roses are well regarded for the quality of their craftsmanship and design detail across an intimate collection of everlasting rose arrangements. All of their handpicked collection of rose flowers go through a unique plant-based preservation treatment process which ensures they’ll remain lovely for 3 years or more. 

What’s more, here you’ll find one of the best collections of smaller, sweetheart gifting collections composed across an excellent choice of velvet-lined boxes, acrylic cubes, and intimate heart vessels. Prices start from around $80. 


The Million Roses Preserved Roses Delivery
Credit: The Million Roses

Preserved Roses Collection, Prices, and Delivery:

Los Angeles-based The Million Roses might well be home to the most flexible and customizable preserved rose collections around. Here you can pick and choose between a kaleidoscope of colors and mix and match with a host of classical or more contemporary vases and vessels dependent on the occasion and sentiment at hand. 

You’ll find options for most budget considerations as well with smaller preserved rose arrangements starting from around $49 and plenty of choice going up to $500 or more for lavish and grand designs.

Preserved Roses Buying Guide: 

Are preserved roses real flowers?

Yes! Preserved roses are genuine fresh cut flowers that go through a special treatment process to maintain their structure for months and years to come.

How are roses preserved?

The process of preserving a rose flower requires multiple stages to ensure the original form and structure of the rose flower are maintained. Importantly, the flowers are harvested at their peak – typically when the bloom is at its fullest and most voluptuous. The rose flowers then go through a process of re-hydration and immersion in a range of solutions before dying is applied in various colors and prepared for arrangement.

How do I care for preserved roses?

Preserved roses are sensitive to sunlight so it’s best to keep them away from any direct light sources for extended periods. In addition, never water a preserved rose flower and avoid touching directly with your hands.

How long will preserved roses last?

Preserved roses are typically guaranteed to last for a minimum of 12 months, but in practical terms, they often still remain immaculate for much longer.

Do eternal and preserved roses have a scent?

Yes, the unique treatment process to preserve a rose flower also ensures the fragrance is captured for many months to come.


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