What to Expect from Roses Only: My Hand-Tested Flower Delivery Review

Roses Only is a flower delivery service specializing in premium-quality long-stemmed roses. They offer bouquets of roses in various colors and sizes, with the option to add gifts with your purchase. Here you’ll find our in-depth, hands-on, Roses Only review to see if their lavish roses live up to their premium price tag. 

Roses Only Flower Delivery Review

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My Experience Ordering Flowers from Roses Only – The Essentials:


Style & Design:Stylish and luxurious. The roses I ordered were a close match to the images presented on the Roses Only website.
Quality & Freshness:Some of the outer rose petals were slightly crisp at the edges, but it was easy to pull those away and make room for fresh petals. Aside from that, the roses appeared fresh and of high quality.
Packaging: Robust, well-constructed, and mostly recyclable. The bouquets were well-protected in transit, and I thought the packaging really added to the overall experience. 
On-Time Delivery:My bouquet arrived within the specified delivery window. Delivery windows were only Tuesday through Friday though.
Ease of Ordering: Fast and clutter-free throughout the website. There were a few options to add gifts to your order, but it was easy enough to continue through to checkout.
Value for Money:The overall value at $109 for 18 long-stemmed roses was reasonable considering the quality of the roses, the style, packaging, and overall experience of the service. Additionally, the flowers remained presentable for nearly two weeks, so I felt like I got more out of my order.
Suitable Occasions: Valentine’s Day, romantic gestures, and anniversaries.
Overall Score:4.3 out of 5

About Roses Only

Roses Only
Credit: Roses Only

Who Are Roses Only?

Roses Only is a flower delivery service that started in 1995. They offer high-quality long-stemmed roses in various colors and bouquet sizes. They also sell gifts you can include with your bouquet purchase, like a box of chocolates or a stuffed bear. 

The company’s founder is James Stevens, an Australian rose enthusiast who grew up immersed in his family’s floristry business. With Roses Only, Stevens’s goal was to create the ‘Tiffany of flowers.’ From this idea, he built his brand, selling the best roses from growers worldwide. 

What Is Roses Only Known for?

Roses Only center around premium, Equatorial Roses. These would be considered a luxury option for the likes of Valentine’s Day and romantic gestures throughout the year. 

Floral gifts are available in a range of color palettes and style options to upsize and add-on items such as flower cards, stuffed toys, chocolates, champagne, and more.

Roses Only Delivery Details

Roses Only delivers bouquets anywhere within the contiguous United States. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer delivery to Alaska or Hawaii. Additionally, they deliver in Australia, the UK, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Singapore.

They have US-wide next-day delivery available from Tuesday through Saturday. To take advantage of this, you need to order before 1 pm Pacific time the day before you want your flowers to arrive. 

Aside from these delivery options, you can also choose specified-day delivery. After adding order details during the checkout process, you can select the date you want to deliver your flowers.

Do They Only Sell Flowers? 

As the name suggests, this company only sells long-stemmed roses in various sizes. Currently, they have red, pink, and yellow roses available to order online. You can also add a box of chocolates or a teddy bear to your order. 

Where Are My Roses Only Flowers Coming from?

What Occasions Would I Order Roses Only For
Credit: Petal Republic

Roses Only sources their flowers from equatorial growers to ensure the best quality and the longest stems possible. They primarily source their roses from Kenya, Ethiopia, Colombia, and Ecuador. 

The growing conditions for these flowers are at least 8,000 feet above sea level. This helps the roses get optimal sun exposure and temperature for larger blooms. 

Sustainability of Roses Only Products

Roses Only produces their signature packaging with sustainably-sourced materials. This includes a cardboard box, tissue paper, and other recyclable packaging. 

Roses Only’s Floral Style, Collections, and Prices

On Roses Only’s website, you’ll see collections organized by rose color and occasion. They also have a Roses & Gifts menu where you can see options for including a gift with your bouquet. 

Now, Roses Only’s prices vary based on the number of stems you want in your bouquet. For example, you can get a bouquet of six long-stemmed roses in any of the available colors for $55. On the higher end, 36 long-stemmed roses cost $269. These prices do not include shipping costs or any gifts you may decide to add to your order.

My Experience Ordering Flowers From Roses Only

The Bouquet I Ordered

I selected one of their classic collections for this review: 18 long-stemmed red roses. Here is a summary of how this product is described on the Roses Only website. 

18 Long-Stemmed Red Roses:

Roses Only Long Stemmed Red Roses
Credit: Roses Only

This bouquet of 18 long-stemmed red roses is a great way to express your love to someone special. The stems are 50 to 60 centimeters long, and blooms are deep red and fragrant. 

Everything is wrapped up in a Roses Only signature gift box designed to make a lasting impression. These flowers should look great for five to seven days minimum with the proper care.

The Online Ordering Experience at Roses Only

Roses Only Online Shopping Experience

Roses Only’s website is straightforward to navigate. I appreciated this, as shopping online can often feel overwhelming with many pop-ups, ads, and promotions. 

The limited selection of products meant I could search through and quickly find what I was looking for. I clicked Red Roses from the menu options and then selected the gift box of long-stemmed roses. 

After navigating to the product page, I chose my preferred stem count from a drop-down menu. A few extra gifts were presented as optional upgrades to my order. These were a box of chocolates for $18, a teddy bear for $18, and various quantities of extra roses I could add to my bouquet for $8 per rose. 

Then, I clicked Add to Cart and was taken to my shopping basket. There, I had the option to continue shopping or proceed to checkout. 

When I clicked Proceed to Checkout, a window popped up inviting me to add one of the extras to my flower order. I didn’t mind this, as some shoppers may miss these gift ideas on the original product page. 

From there, I clicked continue and started the three-step checkout process. The first step involves filling in information about your recipient. You can also include the occasion and a gift message on this page. Next, I chose the delivery date I wanted and clicked continue. 

The second step was to choose a shipping method. I chose US-wide delivery, which was $25 for my location and date. Step three was the payment page, so I filled in these details and clicked Pay Now. 

Overall, I found this checkout process to be very smooth. The only issue I had was changing the date for my order. I picked the wrong date the first time and couldn’t seem to navigate back to choose a new date. Admittedly, this could have been a user error on my part. 

Receiving My Flowers from Roses Only

Roses Only Packaging
Credit: Petal Republic

My order arrived on time, in a sturdy box with the Roses Only logo on the side. I opened it up to find the signature gift box wrapped in a green ribbon. This presentation felt special and added to the experience of receiving my roses. 

The roses arrived slightly pre-bloom as I would have expected. They were fragrant and vibrant, and their presentation inside the box was impressive. Each stem came with a plastic pouch at the end to maintain hydration in transit. 

Additionally, the delivery box came with care instructions. I found this helpful, especially the tips on removing thorns and outer petals of the roses to keep them looking fresh. 

Setting Up Roses Only Bouquets at Home

Setting Up My Roses Only Arrangement at Home
Credit: Petal Republic

Luckily, the instructions in the box offered plenty of helpful information for flower care. I started by removing the individual hydration packets from each stem. Then, I cut the stems at an angle using shears. 

From there, I selected a vase and filled it following the instructions. The only step I was unable to follow was adding flower food. I couldn’t find flower food in the delivery box I received, but it may have gotten lost in the other packaging contents. 

The roses came arranged to make a beautiful first impression, but not necessarily for placing directly in the vase. I had to do a bit of arranging myself, but I found this to be an enjoyable part of the process. 

The Verdict 

Roses Only Flower Delivery Verdict
Credit: Petal Republic

My Overall Opinion of the Arrangement I Received

Roses Only promises a premium product, and I think they deliver on that promise. I thought the flowers I received were a good value considering the quality of the roses, the packaging, and the overall experience from ordering to delivery. 

The flowers were in great condition when I received them, and the initial presentation in the box was beautiful. The flowers looked great after I arranged them in the vase. I followed the care instruction to remove outer petals every day, which kept them looking beautiful for nearly two weeks. 

Additionally, the arrangement I received was nearly identical to the images on Roses Only’s website. This gives me confidence that if I ordered a bouquet for a friend, they’d receive the same quality in their gift as well. 

With that said, I would order from Roses Only again. It seems like their standard of quality would carry through to their other products. So, I’ll keep them in mind for special occasions or recommending to friends

Highlights of Ordering with Roses Only

YouTube video

One notable benefit of ordering from Roses Only is the ease of navigating their website. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for without too many distractions, ads, or pop-up windows. This is a significant difference from other flower delivery services I’ve seen. It makes me feel better about using or recommending the service.

Additionally, the quality of the flowers is better than other services I’ve used. They looked great from the time I received them and lasted nearly two weeks. Opening the box to 18 carefully arranged long-stem roses certainly makes an impact, and they looked just as lovely as a focal point in my living room. 

I also enjoyed Roses Only’s product packaging. It felt like receiving something special compared to your ordinary shipping box. I also liked that the packaging was made from sustainably sourced materials.

Areas Roses Only Could Improve

Areas Roses Only Could Improve
Credit: Petal Republic

I would have loved to read more about Roses Only’s sustainability efforts on their website. They mention sustainably sourced packaging, which is great. However, I couldn’t find more information about the materials and sourcing involved. 

Additionally, as I mentioned, I found it challenging to change my delivery date once I had passed that step in the checkout process. This could have been an error on my end. However, it may be helpful to have a clear ‘edit my order’ feature where I could adjust the date before the final payment page. 

What Occasions Are Best to Order from Roses Only?

I’d recommend ordering from Roses Only for special occasions, especially as a romantic gesture. It’s an excellent service if you’re looking to impress someone special on an anniversary, birthday, or Valentine’s Day. I can also see the yellow or pink roses being great to give loved ones on occasions like Mother’s Day.

Alternative Rose Delivery Services to Consider

For a similar level of quality, you can try Ode à la Rose. This French florist has roses in many different colors and other flower species to choose from. UrbanStems also offers a good year-round rose collection if you’re after stylish, on-trend bouquets and mixed-seasonal arrangements.

If you’re looking for affordable arrangements, From You Flowers, Teleflora, BloomsyBox, and The Bouqs, are all dependable options to consider. They also have bouquets of roses and gifts available for romantic gestures. You’ll find lots of variety and deals available online. So, it’s easy to find something at a lower price for almost any occasion. 

Roses Only Buying Guide FAQs:

Where is Roses Only located?

Roses Only started in Australia. However, they also have flower delivery available in the US, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.

How long can Roses Only flowers stay boxed?

Roses Only flowers are packaged and shipped to be fresh upon arrival. However, you should take them out of the box soon after receiving them to keep the flowers looking great for as long as possible. 

How long do Roses Only flowers last? 

If you follow the care instructions, your Roses Only flowers can last a minimum of five to seven days. The flowers in my bouquet looked great for a week and remained presentable for nearly two weeks.

Where does Roses Only deliver? 

You can order Roses Only bouquets for delivery across the contiguous United States. The company doesn’t deliver to Alaska or Hawaii.

How much are Roses Only flower arrangements?

Roses Only flower arrangements vary in price depending on the number of flowers you order. To give you an idea, a bouquet of long-stemmed red roses starts at $55 for six flowers and goes up to $269 for 36 stems. 

How much are Roses Only’s delivery fees? 

Roses Only offers next-day delivery across the US. This costs between $19.50 and $35, depending on your location. Standard shipping fees will also vary by location. For example, the cost to ship to my location was $25. 

Does Roses Only offer same-day delivery?

Roses Only offers same-day delivery only in San Diego, California. This offer is only available Monday through Friday if you order before 11 am. 

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