11 Best Florists for Peony Delivery in NYC

Peonies are captivating flowers, loved for their ornate, delicate structure and exquisite floral tones across various majestic colors. In short, these unique flowers make exceptional gifting arrangements and sumptuous ornamental centerpieces for the home. While the peony season is typically a short one, with first blooms arriving in late Spring and coming to a close in September, several specialist growers are producing numerous types of peony flowers year-round. Here, you’ll find 11 of our favorite peony flower delivery services in New York City today.

Best Florists for Peony Delivery in New York City

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Best Options for Peony Flower Delivery in New York City:

More Info :Price: Delivery:Online Shop:
1) Ode à la Rose$$Same-dayodealarose.com
2) UrbanStems$$Same-dayurbanstems.com
3) FLOWERBX$$$Same-dayflowerbx.com
4) Gabriela Wakeham$$$$Same-daygabrielawakeham.com
5) Peony’s Envy$$$2-3 dayspeonysenvy.com
6) Teleflora$$Same-dayteleflora.com
7) Élan Flowers$$$$Same-dayelanflowers.com
8) Floom$$$Same-dayfloom.com
9) Winston Flowers$$$$2-3 dayswinstonflowers.com
10) Blooming Affairs$$Same-daybloomingaffairs.com
11) Richard Salome Flowers$$$Same-dayrichardsalomeflowers.com

1) Ode à la Rose

Peony arrangements start from $89.99, and same-day flower delivery is available across NYC. 


Ode à la Rose is a leading French-infused New York City florist. Highly regarded for their modern European design aesthetics and epic rose collections, you’ll also find an elegant array of peonies throughout the year. 

Their luscious pink peonies are aptly named after the famous French actress Sarah Bernhardt. Moreover, you can pick a range of sizes, starting with ten stems ($89.99) up to 25 ($205).

These lovely blooms are creatively arranged in their special signature boxes and are readily available to ship same-day throughout NYC—an excellent choice for gifting and a peony treat just for yourself. 

For more, see our in-depth Ode à la Rose review.

Delivery Options:

Same-day peony flower delivery is available across NYC. Open every day, the deadline is 5 pm EST, except on the weekend, when the order deadline is 12 pm.


  • Online Shop: Ode à la Rose
  • Telephone: 1.646.660.5281
  • Email: info@odealarose.com

2) UrbanStems

Stylish and on-trend flower and gifting specialist curating an excellent assortment of single and mixed-stem peony arrangements. Prices start from $90.


UrbanStems are a popular option for modern and stylish floral arrangements curated in partnership with Vogue and other leading collaborations.

I love their beautiful collection of single-variety peony arrangements and signature UrbanStems mixed arrangements featuring modern and contemporary designs.

Prices are generally affordable throughout, and they offer one of the speediest flower delivery services in the city.

For more, see our in-depth UrbanStems review.

Delivery Options:

UrbanStems offer a speedy same-day flower delivery service throughout NYC, seven days a week.


  • Online Shop: UrbanStems
  • Telephone: (855)-61-HAPPY
  • Email: care@urbanstems.com


Modern, stylish, and contemporary single-stem flower delivery specialist. Same-day peony delivery is available throughout NYC, with prices starting from $115. 


Loved by the fashion world, FLOWERBX is the creation of ex-Tom Ford exec Whitney Bromberg-Hawkins. In short, the business focuses solely on single-stem floral arrangements. These are sourced from the best growers worldwide and delivered directly to your door. You’ll find an excellent assortment of unique blooms throughout the year. 

Peonies are typically available in various colors, including Cotton Cloud, Powder Pink, and Primrose. Ten of these beautiful stems start at around $115 and go up to 40 stems for $310 if you’re after a genuinely spectacular peony show.  

For more, see our in-depth FLOWERBX review.

Delivery Options:

Same-day peony flower delivery is available throughout Manhattan. 


  • Online Shop: FLOWERBX
  • Telephone: 1.718.606.0285
  • Email: contact@flowerbx.com

4) Gabriela Wakeham

Luxury Manhattan Floral Design Studio. Prices typically start from $195+, and same-day peony flower delivery is available throughout Manhattan.


Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design is a leading Manhattan floral design studio and one of the best upmarket same-day flower delivery services in New York City. Above all, here, you’ll find a luxurious collection of peony floral arrangements expertly designed by a skilled team in the heart of the New York Flower District

What’s more, these are premium peony affairs. Perfect for gifting for special birthdays, celebrations, and landmark occasions and making excellent ornamental centerpieces in the home. Expect to pay $200 for one of the studio’s signature peony creations. 

Delivery Options:

Same-day peony flower delivery is available across New York City Monday to Saturday every week.


5) Peony’s Envy

A leading, peony nursery and display garden of national repute within easy reach of NYC.


Peony’s Envy is an exceptional nursery and display garden in Bernardsville, New Jersey. In short, here you’ll find one of the most extensive collections of tree, herbaceous and intersectional peonies in the United States. As well as attending numerous flower shows and horticultural events across the country, they also ship peonies nationwide from May to September. 

As you might expect, a dizzying assortment of fresh-cut peonies is available to order online. We recommend browsing the various varieties to find the color and stem combinations that best match the occasion or arrangement you’re shopping for. The site will also handily guide you through the range of peonies available, highlighting fragrant, historic, hybrid, and cut flower or landscaping options throughout. 

Delivery Options:

Fresh-cut peonies are available for local pick-up and shipping via USPS to New York City, which typically takes 2 to 3 days. 


6) Teleflora

Affordable peony arrangements curated by local NYC florists. Prices from $60 and same-day peony delivery is available across New York City. 


Teleflora has been a dependable option for affordable flower delivery in the United States for years now. In short, they are the platform that connects local florists in one streamlined site. You’ll also typically find peonies across various designs that rotate throughout the year.

Expect a mix of classical, timeless compositions and more modern and contemporary arrangements. Prices usually start from around $60, making it one of the more affordable options for peony flower delivery in NYC.

In addition, Teleflora regularly runs promotions and discounts across their arrangements, so keep an eye out on their website as well.

For more, see our in-depth Teleflora review.

Delivery Options:

Same-day peony flower delivery is available throughout NYC (orders by 1 pm). 


  • Online Shop: Teleflora
  • Telephone: 1.800.493.5610

7) Élan Flowers

Luxurious peony arrangements start from $175, and flower delivery is available throughout New York City. 


Élan Flowers is an immaculate floral design studio that has been crafting stunning floral arrangements for over three decades. Here you’ll find classical and timeless floristry using only the finest peony flowers.

Peonies will typically start featuring in their collections in late April / early May. Prices start from around $175, and make stand-out gifting arrangements as well as head-turning centerpieces for the home, office, or a particular venue. 

Delivery Options:

Same-day peony flower delivery is available across Manhattan (please call the studio directly to confirm availability). In addition, flower delivery is available across Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island, and we recommend ordering a minimum of 24 hours in advance. 


  • Online Shop: Élan Flowers
  • Telephone:
  • Email: studio@elanflowers.com

8) Floom

Peony arrangements from $100 and same-day flower delivery is available throughout New York City. 


Floom is a unique online floristry platform that brings together all the best NYC artisan florists in one convenient place. The business was born out of a desire to create a better floral gifting and ordering experience.

The peony collection typically covers a range of studios, so you’ll find several styles and stem combinations. These will include wrapped peony bouquets, mixed stem arrangements in stylish vases, and a range of interesting boxed floral creations. Prices typically start from around $100.

For more, see our in-depth Floom flower delivery review.

Delivery Options:

Same-day, next-day, or specified-day peony flower delivery is available across NYC. 


  • Online Shop: Floom
  • Telephone: 1.646.968.0316
  • Email: hello@floom.com

9) Winston Flowers

An award-winning, luxury florist and floral design studio. Peony arrangements start from $225; delivery is available throughout New York City. 


Winston Flowers is an award-winning, luxury florist and revered floral design studio. The business is HQ’d out of Boston, and there’s a dedicated floral design studio right here in NYC. Here’s where you go when you’re after some seriously opulent floral arrangements.

Come peony season, and you’ll find a mesmerizing collection of unique peony creations. Moreover, expect each to be artfully composed, featuring the best peonies of the season, complete with fresh seasonal foliage and greenery.

Prices typically start from around $225, and make epic gifting arrangements and stunning centerpieces for the home or office.  

Delivery Options:

Peony flower arrangements are available for delivery throughout New York City. The studio typically requests orders 24 to 48 hours before the intended receipt date.


10) Blooming Affairs

A full-service neighborhood florist located in Flatiron, Manhattan. Peony arrangements start from $55; next-day delivery is available throughout NYC. 


Blooming Affairs is an upmarket flower shop located in the heart of Flatiron. Here you’ll find a broad range of fresh-cut floral arrangements tailored to various gifting occasions and readily available for delivery throughout the city.

Moreover, expect elegant peony designs that lean on contemporary European styles. There’s also a range of options suitable to most budget considerations, with charming peony creations starting from $55. 

Delivery Options:

Next-day or specified-day peony flower delivery is available across New York City. 


  • Online Shop: Blooming Affairs
  • Telephone:
  • Email: bloomingaffairs@gmail.com

11) Richard Salome Flowers

Peony arrangements start from around $100, and same-day flower delivery is available across NYC.  


Richard Salmone Flowers is the go-to florist for many on the Upper East Side and across New York City. Here you’ll find a great collection of fresh flowers, indoor plants, sumptuous fruit, and gourmet baskets.

The studio’s designs cover classical and contemporary styles; you’ll typically find a great assortment of peony arrangements. Prices start from around $100 for smaller, composed arrangements in glass vases, with more expansive creations from $150 and up. I particularly enjoy the studio’s peony and rose bouquets that make an exquisite floral combination.

Delivery Options:

Same-day, next-day, or specified-day peony flower delivery is available throughout New York City. 


Peony Delivery New York City FAQ:

When is the peony season in NYC? 

Peonies typically bloom from late Spring (end of April / early May to September). Many leading NYC florists and flower shops will feature these venerable blooms during this period. Many growers can cultivate peony flowers year-round, and they are readily available to order online.  

How much do peony flower arrangements typically cost in New York City?

The price of peony flower arrangements in New York City varies significantly depending on the respective flower merchant you might be considering ordering from, the type of arrangement you’re selecting, and the size are contributing factors. Typically you can expect lower-cost flower arrangements to start between $50 to $100, mid-range from S$100 to $150, and premium/luxury arrangements anywhere from S$150+. 

What is the cut off time for same-day peony flower delivery in NYC?

Most New York City florists and flower shops will request same-day peony flower delivery orders placed by 1 pm local time. Some merchants provide later cut-off times if the delivery is within a 1 to 2-mile radius of their location. In these instances, the latest would be 5 pm. 

How much are peony flower delivery fees to New York City?

Same-day and expedited peony shipping is typically a $15 to $20 surcharge on most peony flower delivery orders. Standard shipping is typically $10 to S$15. The size of the peony flower arrangement and distance to the recipient’s location can also be a factor when delivery fees are calculated.

Can I have peony flowers delivered to residential and office locations in NYC? 

Yes, most NYC florists and flower shops can deliver peony arrangements and bouquets to various locations as long as they are within their delivery area. This includes offices, venues, events, hotels, apartments, and other residences.

How can I send peony flowers to NYC?

Most local NYC florists and flower shops have online ordering facilities. Hence, sending peonies is as simple as finding an arrangement that suits your requirements on their online shop and placing an order. Most also accept various payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, and many others. Should you not happen to have access to the internet, orders placed via the telephone are also readily accepted across virtually every florist and flower shop in NYC. 

About the Author:

Andrew Gaumond is the Editorial Director at Petal Republic and a passionate content creator around all things flowers, houseplants, and gifts.

Andrew has trained professionally in the floristry industry and has personally hand-tested 100s of flower arrangements from numerous floristry studios throughout the United States.

For this local peony flower delivery guide in New York City, Andrew consulted our first-hand product reviews, consolidated verified brand and service reviews, and factored in recommendations from readers and other editorial staff members at Petal Republic.

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Andrew is the Editorial Director at Petal Republic. He holds a BSc degree in Plant Sciences and has trained professionally at leading floristry schools in London and Paris. In amongst overseeing a global editorial team, Andrew's a passionate content creator around all things flowers, floral design, gardening, and houseplants.

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