Looking for that perfect gift for your girlfriend? Whether it’s a special anniversary, her birthday, a romantic date night, or you need to say, “I’m sorry… I messed up” (oops!) flowers make an ideal gift for that special someone in your life. But which flowers should you choose? It all depends on the occasion and the message you want to send. Read on to learn which flowers are the best for your girlfriend.

17 Best Types of Flowers to Gift to Your Girlfriend

Are Flowers a Good Gift for Girlfriends?

Are Flowers a Good Gift for Girlfriends?

Flowers make a wonderful gift for girlfriends. A bouquet or arrangement adds color and fragrance to any room and is perfect for an occasion.

Blossoms are a fantastic way to send messages, as well. In the language of flowers or floriography, each flower (and often, each flower color) has its own specific meaning. You can choose flower combinations that send very specific, even complex, messages to your loved one without ever saying a word.

Best of all, whenever your girlfriend looks at the beautiful blossoms you chose for her, it will remind her of you! In a nutshell, flowers are a great way to show your girlfriend just how much you care.

When Should I Give Flowers to my Girlfriend?

There’s no wrong time to give flowers to your girlfriend! You can mark any special occasion with a beautiful bouquet, whether it’s her birthday, she’s received a promotion or is graduating, or any other milestone that deserves recognition. Flowers are the perfect way to start off a romantic date night, to celebrate your anniversary, or to wish her a happy Valentine’s Day. And if you need to make amends, there’s no better way to say “I’m sorry” than with flowers.

The Best Types of Flowers to Gift to Girlfriends

Across cultures and periods, people have used flowers to communicate with each other for centuries. Using flowers to send coded messages really took off in the Victorian era, when floriography was all the rage. Today, blooms are still a perfect way to let your girlfriend know how much you care. Here are some popular flowers to gift to your girlfriend.


Roses are timeless floral gifts for girlfriends

Nothing says “romance” and “passion” quite like roses, and a gift of red roses sends a message that’s all about romantic love. This connection stems back to Greek mythology when Aphrodite — the goddess of love — pricked her finger on the thorn of a white rose. A drop of her blood fell, staining the roses deep red.

Even the shade of red matters; to the Victorians, bright red roses stood for romance, while deep maroon roses stood for undying love.


Peonies make excellent bouquets for girlfriends

When given to a girlfriend, peonies also convey love and romance. To the Victorians, peonies stood for happy relationships, happy marriages, and happy life. A gift of peonies means “you are worthy of love and affection” and tells your girlfriend that she’s desirable. Different colors of peonies send additional messages. Choose red peonies for their connection to love and passion, or throw in a few pink blooms to send the message of happiness.


Tulips are a popular type of flower to gift to a girlfriend

Red tulips have long been associated with love. A gift of red tulips was a strong declaration of love in Victorian times. The flowers’ love connection comes from a Persian legend of star-crossed lovers. When a princess fell in love with a lowly stonecutter, her family conspired through a series of deceptions to keep them apart. In despair, they both took their own lives, and drops of their blood fell to the ground. Here, red tulips grew, ensuring the lovers would be together forever.


Carnations are classic flowers to gift to girlfriends

Carnations have long been associated with love, and deep red carnations mean love and affection. White carnations add the nuance of pure love into the mix, while pink carnations say, “I’ll never forget you.” In floriography, dark red carnations also mean “my heart aches for you.” A striped carnation says, “I wish I could be with you” and it is a good choice when your girlfriend is far away.



Orchids are an elegant way to show your girlfriend how much you care. These exotic flowers convey beauty and refinement and are a perfect gift for a stylish girlfriend. Pink orchids symbolize femininity, while red orchids stand for passion, love, and appreciation. The flowers have long been associated with sexuality; in ancient Greece, the plants’ tubers were associated with maleness and virility due to their shape.


Dahlias are a chic floral option for girlfriends

The lovely dahlia flower comes in a rainbow of colors, sizes, and forms. They have a range of positive symbolic meanings, such as beauty, honesty, and commitment. A gift of red, pink, and burgundy dahlias tells your girlfriend that you think she’s beautiful and that you’re committed to your relationship. Dahlias can also stand for strength, making them a great gift when your girlfriend is facing challenges and overcoming obstacles.

Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies are an upmarket flower to gift to girlfriends

With their unique shape and fragrance, calla lilies are a popular choice in floral gifts. In floriography, these flowers symbolize beauty. In fact, their name comes from the Greek kallos, which means “beauty”. Ancient Greek myth ties the flowers to Venus, the goddess of love. Red calla lilies stand for romance, pink calla lilies have the additional association of admiration and affection, while purple calla lilies stand for enchantment.


Gardenia is a fragrant option to gift to your girlfriend

The fragrant gardenia symbolizes trust and hope, qualities essential to any successful relationship. If your girlfriend loves floral aromas, this is the perfect flower to add to her bouquet. In the language of flowers, gardenias mean “secret love.” In some Asian cultures, gardenias are a popular wedding flower and may be used in leis.

Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not flowers are perfect for girlfriend gifts

Add a touch of serene blue to your girlfriend’s bouquet with forget-me-nots. These little flowers may be small, but they’re rich in meaning. In floriography, forget me not stands for true love. And, of course, they send the clear message that “I could never forget you” and “I’m eternally devoted to you.” While blue is the most common color, pink forget me not also has the added meaning of faithful love.


Camellia flowers are symbolic of love and romance

The dramatic camellia is an ideal choice for your girlfriend. While the white camellia symbolizes care and adoration, the pink camellias stand for longing. The red camellia is associated with passion, romance, and desire. In floriography, a gift of red camellias would tell your girlfriend that she is a flame that burns in your heart.


Irises are a lovely floral gift for girlfriends

If you’re looking for a springtime message of love and passion, consider giving your girlfriend a bouquet of yellow irises. These early bloomers symbolize passion and let your girlfriend know you find her both desirable and beautiful. A gift of an iris is also a way to send your compliments her way.


Hydrangeas are a stunning flower gift for a girlfriend

The eye-catching hydrangea is a stunning and Instagrammable choice of floral gift for your girlfriend. When pink, these big, lovely blossoms symbolize sincere emotions and heartfelt romance. Purple hydrangeas are a symbol of deep understanding. And if you need to tell her, “I’m sorry,” blue hydrangeas are associated with feelings of sincere regret.


Daffodil flowers are a bright and uplifting floral gift for your girlfriend

Daffodils are a sign of spring and positivity. Though they’re not necessarily the best choice for a romantic date night bouquet, daffodils are a wonderful “just because” gift to brighten your girlfriend’s day. In Victorian flower language, these cheerful flowers also send thoughtful and affectionate messages, including “you’re the only one for me,” “My love for you is unequaled,” and “you make the sun shine for me.”



Chrysanthemums, commonly known as mums, are imbued with rich meaning in many cultures worldwide. To the Victorians, a gift of red mums stands for deep passionate love and strong feelings, while white mums stand for truth. Pink mums are an excellent choice in a new relationship, as they stand for affection. And if your love has been rejected? Send yellow chrysanthemums to signify a broken heart or slighted love.


Ranunculus flowers are a passionate option to gift to your girlfriend

Like the red rose, the red ranunculus sends a message of passion and romantic love. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit out of the box, these lovely, fluttery flowers fit the bill for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary. Pink ranunculus adds an informal hint of charm, while white and yellow blossoms are sure to brighten her day, say “congratulations” or “happy birthday,” or simply let her know you’re thinking of her.


Hyacinth flowers are perfect for sincere sentiments and apologies

If you need to apologize to your girlfriend, saying “I’m sorry” with flowers makes your sentiments more sincere. A bouquet of hyacinths or bluebells sends just the right message. In the language of flowers, blue hyacinth stands for humility and constancy, while pink hyacinth means “love everlasting.” (Pro tip: Add some striped carnations to let her know you truly are sorry.)


Heliotrope flowers symbolize eternal love and make an excellent floral gift for girlfriends

Also known as the cherry pie plant, heliotrope is an excellent choice when you need flowers for your girlfriend. In floriography, heliotropes mean “eternal love,” and what could be more romantic than that? They also send a message of devotion, thanks to their connection to the Greek myth of Clytie, who loved the sun god, Helios. He transformed Clytie into a heliotrope flower, and every day, she turns her face (blossoms) and follows the sun as it travels across the sky.

Are Plants a Good Option for Girlfriends?

Are Plants a Good Option for Girlfriends?

If you want to give your girlfriend a gift that will last and last, a living plant is a good option. When choosing plants, keep environmental conditions and plant care needs in mind. For instance, think about the light exposure in your girlfriend’s home and how much maintenance she’s able and willing to provide.

If you want your plant gift to have meaning, consider plants that offer good Feng Shui energy. Plants with heart-shaped leaves, for instance, are thought to attract love into one’s life.

Consider color, as well. A gift of plants with pink or red blossoms or foliage can up that romantic vibe.

The Best Flowers for Girlfriends FAQs:

While many flowers are associated with romance, red roses and red tulips are the most commonly linked to love. Other great choices include red camellias, peonies, carnations, and ranunculus.

In the language of flowers, several types are linked strongly to femininity. These include carnations, tulips, and peonies. Chrysanthemums, irises, pink orchids, and dahlias are also tied to feminine traits.

Flowers commonly associated with relationships in floriography include roses, tulips, and peonies.

Take your girlfriend’s tastes into consideration when choosing flowers. Does she have a traditional or more contemporary style? What are her favorite colors and scents? What message do you want to send? Considering these factors will help you choose the perfect floral gift for your girlfriend.

These popular online florists curate a wide variety of fresh flower arrangements that are suitable for gifting to girlfriends for numerous occasions throughout the year. Many also provide a speedy same-day or next-day flower delivery service nationwide. 

Ode à la Rose ($$$)

Ode a la Rose Online Flower Delivery Service in the USA
Credit: Petal Republic

Ode à la Rose is a high-end French florist with locations in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, DC, and Philadelphia (in addition to nationwide next-day delivery service). Their style is romantic yet sophisticated, so it’s an excellent company for those who love the finer things in life.

Ode à la Rose prices start at $55 and go up to $360 or more. The company can fulfill orders within the contiguous United States. Additionally, they can do same-day deliveries in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, DC, and Philadelphia.

Ode à la Rose’s collection features various bouquets of roses and tulips. You can also choose from their main shop page, which has mixed bouquets suitable for gifting to your girlfriend. 

UrbanStems ($$)

UrbanStems Online Flower Delivery Service in the USA
Credit: Petal Republic

UrbanStems is a very stylish flower delivery service headquartered in Washington, D.C. They sell fresh and dried flower bouquets and other items in their modern, farm-fresh style. You’ll also find unique collaborations with the likes of Vogue and Kate Spade.

This company’s prices range from about $35 to $175 or more, depending on the arrangement you choose. UrbanStems delivers across the United States, with next-day delivery available in most locations. Additionally, orders to New York City and Washington, D.C., can be delivered on the same day.

UrbanStems’s collection features beautiful seasonal bouquets of fresh flowers and houseplants. You can add other gifts to your order, like candles, sweet treats, and gift sets for coffee and tea lovers.

Teleflora ($$)

The Teleflora Verdict - Petal Republic
Credit: Petal Republic

Teleflora is a well-known flower delivery service offering same-day delivery services nationwide. They provide everyday bouquets with a wide range of flower varieties and styles. So, they’re sure to have something to suit your girlfriend. 

Teleflora is also a cost-effective choice, with prices starting at $35. Prices go up to around $280 for larger arrangements. Another benefit is that this company offers same-day delivery for most locations in Canada and the US.

This company has a collection dedicated to romantic flowers to make your shopping experience easy. They recommend roses, tulips, lilies, and orchids. However, the collection features all sorts of flower varieties, designs, and color palettes. 

Flowerbx ($$$)

FLOWERBX Luxury Floral Arrangements
Credit: Flowerbx

Flowerbx is a luxurious online flower company famed for its gorgeous bouquets for decor and gifting in their minimalistic, contemporary style.

Prices at Flowerbx start around $52 for smaller arrangements. They go up to $140 or more for more extravagant options. They currently deliver to the following states: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Delaware.

This company’s flower delivery includes fresh flower bouquets, floral room sprays, candles, and more. Among the flower arrangements available are bright yellow roses and ‘cotton candy’ snapdragons.

The Bouqs Co. ($)

The Bouqs Floral Style and Collections
Credit: Petal Republic

The Bouqs Co. is an excellent choice for flower delivery. This California-based flower delivery service creates stunning farm-fresh arrangements. Plus, they work in collaboration with eco-friendly growers.

This company’s arrangements start around $40 and go up to $80, depending on the size and design of your bouquet. You can deliver flowers from The Bouqs to all 50 states. However, orders to Hawaii and Alaska may be subject to certain limitations.

The Bouqs collections are full of bright and stylish arrangements. You can choose from classics like roses and lilies or try a unique display featuring sunflowers or succulents. 

Proflowers ($$)

Proflowers Same Day Flower Arrangements for Girlfriends
Credit: Petal Republic

Proflowers is a San Diego-based online flower delivery service. The company offers fresh and unique floral designs for everyday gifting. They also sell other gifts like baskets and food items.

This online florist sells flower arrangements starting at around $20. Their more intricate designs can cost up to $200. This company accepts orders from all across the United States and Canada. In some locations, same-day delivery is also available.

Proflowers feature cheerful arrangements and baskets full of beautiful blooms. You can also browse through other items like potted plants and bulb gardens. 

Floom ($$$)

Highlights of ordering from Floom
Credit: Petal Republic

Floom’s smart floristry platform connects local, independent, and artisanal floristry studios in one easy-to-use website. Here you’ll find vibrant and whimsical designs and romantic and sentimental arrangements.

This company’s bouquets cost anywhere from $55 to $90. Luckily, Floom collaborates with local florists around the United States. So, depending on the recipient’s address, you can request same-day delivery on some products.

Floom’s romantic flowers include everything from classic roses to greenery arrangements. You can choose a bouquet with many flower varieties or keep it simple with items like a colorful tulip arrangement. 

From You Flowers ($)

From You Flowers Affordable Flower Arrangements for Girlfriends
Credit: Petal Republic

Another excellent pick for girlfriend flowers is From You Flowers. They offer a vast collection of fresh floral designs at prices that are hard to beat, with prices starting at just $19.99. Yet, you can still find more elevated designs at prices reaching $200 or more if you’re after something particularly grand. 

From You Flowers also offers a same-day delivery service, 7-days a week. Plus, discounts are usually available to make your purchase even more affordable.

At From You Flowers, you can browse romantic flowers in a nearly endless range of styles and varieties. The company has other gifts to add to your order, like potted orchids, chocolate-covered strawberries, and stuffed bears.

Wrap Up

Flowers are the perfect way to let your girlfriend know how much you care. Whether it’s her birthday, your anniversary, or a special date night, she’s achieved a milestone in life (or you need to say you’re sorry), and a beautiful bouquet of blooms shows her you’re thinking of her. Choosing flowers that send messages of love, admiration and affection will brighten her day and make her feel beautiful and loved, no matter the occasion.

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Linsay is an American copywriter based in the Pacific Northwest with a background in academic writing and research. Linsay holds Master's degree in both Anthropology and Library and Information Sciences and has written for numerous national and international publications including USA Today, SFGATE, Hunker, and The Bump across an array of topics in the gardening, green living, and travel sectors. When she's not writing, you'll usually find Linsay reading, kayaking, sailing, snowboarding, or working in her garden.

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