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The Best Florists for Flower Delivery in San Francisco, California

Updated April 29th, 2022 by Petal Republic

San Francisco is home to a great variety of outstanding local florists, flower shops, and floral design studios. What’s more, with easy access to some of California’s best flower farms and nurseries, you’ll find locally-sourced blooms feature prominently in many of the floristry studios across the city. Here you’ll find 20 leading San Francisco flower delivery services today catering to a host of gifting occasions throughout the year including Mother’s Day flowers, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, thank you gestures, and more. In addition, most also offer speedy same-day flower delivery in San Francisco as well as next-day or specified-day and time slot options. Enjoy!

1) Floom ($$)

The best local, artisan florists in San Francisco.

Floom Flower Delivery in San Francisco
Credit: Floom

About Floom: 

Floom’s the special floristry platform that showcases and celebrates local artisan floristry studios. They pride themselves on ensuring what you see on screen is exactly what you receive – a lovingly curated floral bouquet or flower arrangement with handwritten cards from independent working in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Prices typically start from around $50 and same-day flower is available across San Francisco and also the wider Bay Area, including Oakland

There’s also a good variety of houseplants, floral gift baskets, and hampers which are available for delivery throughout San Francisco.


  • Telephone: 1.646.968.0316

2) UrbanStems ($$)

Stylish, on-trend bouquets, houseplants, and orchids.

UrbanStems Flower Delivery in San Francisco
Credit: UrbanStems

About UrbanStems: 

UrbanStems are the quintessential modern gifting company. They pride themselves on creating stylish, one-of-a-kind floral arrangements that you won’t find anywhere else and deliver a super streamlined experience to ensure ordering flowers is an absolute breeze.

In addition, the excellent in-house designers craft an ever-changing collection of seasonal and occasion-ready designs. They’ve also partnered with the likes of Vogue and Kate Spade on a super stylish line of floral bouquets. 

Prices start from around $50 and next-day flower delivery is available across the San Francisco Bay Area. 


  • Telephone: 1.855.61.HAPPY

For more, see our in-depth UrbanStems review here.

3) The Bouqs ($$)

Affordable, farm-fresh flowers.

The Bouqs Flower Delivery in San Francisco
Credit: Petal Republic

About The Bouqs: 

The Bouqs is best known for their stylish farm-to-door flower delivery services that cut out the middleman ensuring fresh-cut beautiful flowers arrive on your doorstep in the fastest time possible. In short, this method also saves on cost so you’re getting farm-fresh flowers cheaper than you might find elsewhere. 

Arrangements rotate throughout the seasons and occasions at hand and there’s always a good selection starting from around $45There’s also a range of affordable weekly and monthly flower subscriptions available if you’re after a regular collection of the freshest blooms.

4) Sol Ambiance ($$)

Uplifting and inventive floral designs.

Sol Ambiance flower delivery in San Francisco
Credit: Sol Ambiance

About Sol Ambiance: 

Guided by the highly skilled and talented Oxana Sanukova, Sol Ambiance curates both technically impressive and artistically inventive floral arrangements from their studio on Geary Blvd. 

In short, expect an interplay of fresh fragrant flowers, seasonal blooms, berries, leaves, and branches woven together into unique and uplifting arrangements.

Designers’ choice bouquets start from $55 and there’s a range of premium and luxurious creations from $90+. 


  • Telephone: 1.415.752.2060
  • Email:

5) ACME Floral ($$$)

A lush, modern, and creative floral and event design studio.

ACME Floral flower shop in San Francisco
Credit: ACME Floral

About ACME Floral: 

ACME Floral is a great option for luxurious flower arrangements with a touch of whimsy. Here’s where you go for uplifting and innovative floral designs that mix the best seasonal blooms sourced from a network of growers around the world. 

In short, the studio caters to weddings, special events, corporate venues, and restaurants in addition to providing an excellent flower delivery service across the Bay Area. 

The studio’s signature hand-tied bouquets and vase arrangements start from $75 and there’s also a great collection of houseplants and orchids to be found from $50 and even the occasional flower crown.


  • Telephone: 1.415.735.5265
  • Email:

6) Le Bouquet ($$$)

Creative and custom seasonal flower arrangements. 

Le Bouquet florist in San Francisco
Credit: Le Bouquet

About Le Bouquet:

Le Bouquet is a charming floristry studio located in the heart of Cow Hollow. They cater to a host of floral occasions including weddings, events, dinner parties, weekly subscriptions, local bars, and restaurants in addition to serving walk-ins to their studio and flower delivery throughout San Francisco. 

We love that you can specify and tweak each and every order to your exact specifications. Simply let them know any color, style, or stem preferences and the studio will work its magic crafting something unique and spectacular just for you. You can also pick between a hand-tied bouquet, or a beautiful arrangement in addition to flowers by the stem, plants, and seasonal branches. 

Prices typically range from $55 to $100 and same-day flower delivery is available across San Francisco. 


  • Telephone: 1.415.775.2133
  • Email:

7) The Floral Loft ($$$)

Locally sourced and seasonal flowers

About The Floral Loft: 

The Floral Loft is well regarded for its stylish floral creations featuring a sumptuous assortment of seasonal blooms. 

What’s great is the genuine care and attention that goes into each and every floral design. Simply guide the studio with the occasion at hand and the floristry team will make design choices based on the sentiment you’re looking to convey – be it romantic, celebratory, congratulatory, or subdued.

The studio’s designer’s choice arrangements start from $60.


  • Telephone: 1.415.796.3435

8) Not Just Flowers ($$)

A stylish flower shop located in the heart of the Castro.

Not Just Flowers in San Francisco
Credit: Not Just Flowers

About Not Just Flowers: 

Not Just Flowers is a husband & wife team that has been serving the Bay Area with fresh blooms for over 15 years now. The studio caters to weddings, events, and special occasions in addition to offering an excellent local flower delivery service. 

In short, expect expertly tailored flower bouquets and vase arrangements that feature the best seasonal blooms and foliage. Designs lean on a contemporary European style with unique elements interspersed to create truly one-of-a-kind compositions. 

The studio’s signature arrangements start from around $50 with their excellent designer’s choice bouquets from $75.


  • Telephone: 1.415.864.3134
  • Email:

9) Farmgirl Flowers ($$$)

Sustainable and environmentally conscious floristry.

Farmgirl Flowers Bouquet
Credit: Farmgirl Flowers

About Farmgirl Flowers: 

Farmgirl Flowers offer excellent customer service, a streamlined ordering process, stylish, farm-fresh arrangements, and a commitment to sustainable and environmentally conscious floristry practices. 

We love their creative burlap-wrapped bouquets which start from around $60 and go up based on how big a floral array you’re after. There’s also a line of arrangements that come complete with a stylish vase from $75. 

Above all, expect bright, color-filled, stylish compositions that make great gifting flowers in addition to excellent fresh blooms for the home or office. 


  • Telephone: 1.855.202.3817
  • Email:

10) Bell and Trunk ($$)

A floral and botanical boutique located in the Potrero Hill neighborhood. 

Bell and Trunk florist in San Francisco
Credit: Bell and Trunk

About Bell and Trunk: 

Bell and Trunk is a charming flower shop catering to weddings, special events, flower subscriptions, and delivery throughout the city. The shop is well regarded for its excellent collection of container gardens, potted orchids, terrariums, and aeriums.  

We love their creative floral designs that feel modern, fresh, and stylish throughout. The studio is also happy to craft custom and bespoke arrangements based on your exact style preference or intended sentiment. You can also pick between a range of occasion-ready arrangements – perfect for birthday flower gifts, anniversaries, celebrations, condolence and sympathy messages, and more. 

Prices start from around $55 for one of the studio’s seasonally inspired creations. 


  • Telephone: 1.415.648.0519
  • Email:

11) Ampersand ($$$)

Creative floristry studio for gifting and the home.

Ampersand flowers in San Francisco
Credit: Ampersand

About Ampersand: 

Opened in 2014, Ampersand is a local floral design studio with locations in the Mission District and Castro-Duboce. 

Everything utilized in the workshop is Californian grown wherever possible and every design is custom made to ensure a unique gifting experience. Above all, expect beautiful and artistic flower arrangements from one of San Francisco’s favorite floristry teams. 

Fresh seasonal bouquets start from around $85 and there are vase arrangements as well from $70. You’ll also find a cool selection of houseplants and interesting gifting items. 


  • Telephone: 1.415.654.0776
  • Email:

12) Bloomin Couture ($$$$)

An upmarket florist located in the heart of Russian Hill.

Bloomin Couture Same Day Flower Delivery in San Francisco, CA

About Bloomin Couture: 

Bloomin Couture is a bespoke floral and event design studio located in the Russian Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. 

The studio is headed up by Susan, who hails from a background in the fashion world and has been tutored by some of the leading Master Florists across Europe and here in the US. 

The studio caters to a host of occasions including dinner parties, corporate events, product launches, editorial features, mitzvahs, weddings, and birthday parties in addition to styling private residences. 

Pricing and delivery are custom to each and every order so we recommend reaching out to the studio in the first instance to discuss an upcoming occasion. 


  • Telephone: 1.415.867.4660
  • Email:

13) IXIA ($$$)

Bespoke, one-of-a-kind floristry.

IXIA floral design studio in San Francisco
Credit: IXIA

About IXIA: 

Here you’ll find enchanting works of floral art that incorporate a spectacular array of nature’s finest specimens. Expect branches, tree trunks, driftwood, mosses, stones, and pods that are interspersed with stunning flowers and foliage. 

You’ll also find a range of floral compositions rooted in classical floral design with just the right twist of innovation to create something new and unique. These make great gifting arrangements for birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, and a host of other gifting occasions.


  • Telephone: 1.415.860.9096
  • Email:

14) Marigold ($$$)

A stunning newcomer to San Francisco’s floristry scene.

Marigold flower arrangements in San Francisco
Credit: Marigold

About Marigold: 

Marigold is the creation of floral design pals Aubriana Kasper and Gena Winter. A relative newcomer to San Francisco’s floristry scene, they opened their doors in the Mission District back in June 2018. 

The studio caters to weddings and events in addition to crafting hand-tied bouquets and vase arrangements for pick-up or delivery throughout San Francisco. 

What’s more, they are well regarded for their organic and whimsical style with fresh seasonal blooms sourced daily from the best local farms and the San Francisco Flower Market. These artistic compositions make great gifting florals as well as excellent ornamental centerpieces in the home or office.


  • Telephone: 1.415.660.7933
  • Email:

15) Blumen ($$$$)

An artistic and inventive floral design studio located in the Castro.

Credit: Blumen

About Blumen: 

Blumen (German for “flowers”) was launched in spring 2018. Founder Bruce Scarrow brings over 30 years of experience in the flower world to this intriguing floristry studio. 

Above all, Blumen is highly regarded for its use of beautiful flowers, natural foliage, and greenery in addition to stones, liches, and branches to compose their unique and artistic floral arrangements. 

As well as enchanting vase arrangements the studio also crafts creative hanging floral pieces for walls and entryways if you’re in need of a unique twist on interior design. What’s more, studio classes are available if you’d like to learn some floristry tricks from these artistic masters.   


  • Telephone: 1.415.923.8910
  • Email:

16) Venus ET Fleur ($$$$)

Creators of the Eternity Rose.

Venus ET Fleur Rose Flower Delivery San Francisco CA
Credit: Venus ET Fleur

About Venus ET Fleur: 

Sometimes with gestures of the heart, only roses will do. That’s where Venus ET Fleur comes in. What started out as a luxury floral atelier in NYC has grown to become a national purveyor of premium rose compositions. 

In short, they curate rose arrangements the classic French hat box way – elegant vessels filled to the brim with opulent rosebuds. What’s more, they are the founders of the eternity rose – pristine roses that are specially treated to last over 12 months with minimal to no maintenance. A true gift that keeps on giving. 

Rose arrangements come in all shapes, sizes, and colors imaginable with small individual roses starting from $44 with the studio’s larger creations ranging from $100 to $300+. 


  • Telephone: 1.800.808.9830
  • Email:

17) Bloomers ($$$)

A landmark, upmarket San Francisco florist located in Pacific Heights.

Credit: Bloomers

About Bloomers: 

Established in 1977 by founder Patric Powell, bloomers are a full-service floral design studio located in Pacific Heights.  

Here you’ll find luxury hand-tied bouquets and vase arrangements, in addition to potted orchids and stunning holiday centerpieces come Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Prices typically start from around $100 for one of the studio’s signature floral arrangements and flower delivery is available across San Francisco.  


  • Telephone: 1.415.563.3266
  • Email:

18) The Bud Stop ($$)

Neighborhood florist and wedding design shop located on Union Street.

The Bud Stop Florist in San Francisco, CA
Credit: The Bud Stop

About The Bud Shop: 

The Bud Stop is a local neighborhood favorite that’s been crafting beautiful and affordable floral creations since 1980. 

In particular, we love The Bud Stop for their classic everyday flowers. Taking a stroll past their Parisian-style sidewalk stand you’ll see a spectacle of stunning blooms and fresh-cut flowers throughout the year. 

What’s more the studio curates a range of elegant designs for all major gifting occasions including Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. 


  • Telephone: 1.415.931.1835
  • Email:

19) Rossi and Rovetti ($$)

A landmark local SF flower shop.

Rossi and Rovetti flower delivery in San Francisco
Credit: Rossi and Rovetti

About Rossi and Rovetti: 

Rossi and Rovetti were founded by two Italian Immigrants back in 1871. Today they lay claim to being one of the oldest florists still in operation in the United States. 

Here you’ll find a great selection of affordable flower arrangements under $50 in addition to larger and more expansive arrangements ready-to-go for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, and more.


  • Telephone: 1.415.543.4400
  • Email:

20) From You Flowers ($)

Cheap flower delivery throughout the Bay Area.

FromYouFlowers Cheap Same Day Flower Delivery in San Francisco
Credit: From You Flowers

About From You Flowers: 

Sometimes you just need a world of choice and the most affordable prices. This is the beauty of From You Flowers. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a larger collection of flower bouquets anywhere in the city. 

From a dozen red roses for just $29.99 to fresh seasonal bunches featuring tulips, carnations, daisies, and more from $25 there’s something for every budget consideration. 

What’s more, speedy same-day flower delivery is available 7-days a week. 


  • Telephone: 1.855.372.7386
  • Email:

The Best Flower Delivery Services in California:

For more, see our local floristry guides to Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, Sacramento, Oakland, Bakersfield, Fremont, Chula Vista, Riverside, and Fresno.

San Francisco Flower Delivery Buying Guide:

How much does a typical flower bouquet cost in San Francisco? 

The price of floral arrangements varies significantly depending on the respective flower merchant you might be considering ordering from. Expect low-cost flower bouquets to start between $25 to $40; mid-range from $50 to $90; and premium/luxury arrangements anywhere from $90 to $250+. 

What is the cut-off time for same-day flower delivery in San Francisco? 

Most San Francisco florists and flower shops will request same-day flower delivery orders are placed by 1 pm local time. There are some merchants that provide later cut-off times if the delivery is being made within a 1 to 3-mile radius of their location. In these instances, the latest would be at 5 pm. 

How much does flower delivery cost in San Francisco?

Same-day and expedited shipping is typically a $15 to $25 surcharge on most flower delivery orders. The size of the arrangement and distance to the recipient’s location can also be a factor when delivery fees are being calculated.

Can I have flowers delivered to residential and office locations in San Francisco?

Yes, most San Francisco florists and flower shops are able to deliver flowers to a variety of locations as long as they are within their delivery area. This includes offices, venues, events, as well as hotels, apartments, and other residences.

How can I send flowers to San Francisco?

The vast majority of local San Francisco florists and flower shops have online ordering facilities in place so sending flowers is as simple as finding an arrangement that suits your requirements on their online shop and placing an order. Most also accept a variety of payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, PayPal, and many others. Should you not happen to have access to the internet, orders placed via the telephone are also readily accepted across virtually every flower shop in San Francisco.

How does Petal Republic build its reviews and recommendations?

Our fundamental mission at Petal Republic is to showcase exceptional floristry across a global network of cities where we live and work. Here are the key pillars that guide us: List

  • Floral Design: floral creativity, style, and artistry are paramount to us. We strive to uncover exceptional florists and highly skilled floral design studios curating unique, personalized, and compelling floral arrangements. In addition, we celebrate a broad array of styles be they classical, contemporary, artistic, or avant-garde. 
  • Shopping and delivery: we look for the best customer experience. In particular, websites and shopping channels that are easy to navigate, have smooth and simple purchase functions, clearly represent on screen what the customer will actually receive and provide choice and flexibility with ordering and delivery. 
  • Customer feedback: based on our own shopping experiences, speaking to other recent customers directly, recommendations and opinions from industry experts, as well as consolidating wider reviews and benchmarks across social media and other channels. 
  • Sustainability: floristry, like any industry, has a responsibility to improve and promote sustainable business practices. Accordingly, we embrace those who are instigating change and working to make the planet a better, cleaner place today and in the future.   


I’ve long been fascinated with the world of flowers, plants, and floral design. I come from a family of horticulturists and growers and spent much of my childhood in amongst the fields of flowering blooms and greenhouses filled with tropical plants, cacti, and succulents from all over the world. Today, my passion has led me to further explore the world of horticulture, botany, and floristry and I'm always excited to meet and collaborate with fellow enthusiasts and professionals from across the globe. I hold a BSc degree in Plant Sciences and have trained professionally at leading floristry schools in London and Paris.

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