Sure, flowers are a romantic gesture, and they can be a great way to show your partner you care. But what about flowers on a first date? Is showing up with a bouquet a way to let your date know you’re serious, or will it come off a bit too strong? We’re going to dive into whether or not you should give flowers on a first date as well as the best types of flowers to give.

14 Best Types of Flowers to Gift on A First Date

Are Flowers a Good Gift for First Dates?

Are Flowers a Good Gift for First Dates?

Just as the characteristics and likes vary depending on the person, so does the answer to this question. Some would love to receive flowers on a first date, while others may find it a little too much.

Before you give flowers, think about your date. If you already know them as a friend or through shared acquaintances, use this information to determine whether or not they would appreciate flowers on your first date.

If you don’t know the person well, flowers may come off a bit too strong on a first date. This is especially true if you’re meeting at a casual location like a bowling alley or brewery. And if you’re walking around a park or event, your date will have to carry the flowers with them all night.

If you’re still unsure, a good rule of thumb is to give conservatively. While a bouquet of a dozen roses may seem overwhelming and send your date running, a single peony or sunflower is more likely to be seen as a sweet gesture.

Remember, you can always opt to give flowers once you’ve gotten to know each other better.

When Should I Give Flowers on a First Date? 

Giving flowers can be an excellent way to show your date you’ve thought about them and are willing to put effort into the relationship. It shows that you planned ahead and are willing to put in some extra effort.

However, flowers might also be considered to be more of a traditional gift. If you know your date is into big displays of romance or holds traditional values, they may be more likely to appreciate flowers.

What’s more, if you decide to bring flowers to the first date, try to plan the handoff so your date doesn’t have to carry them around. If you’re picking your date up at their house, give the flowers then. And if you’ll be meeting your date out, opt for a more petite, sturdy bouquet that is easy to carry and will hold up to activities.

The 14 Best Types of Flowers to Gift on First Dates 


Roses make great flowers for first dates

As one of the most iconic symbols of romance, you should be very careful when giving roses on a first date. Although red roses are most closely linked to strong love, your date will likely view any type of roses with romance in mind.

Due to their potentially strong messaging, it’s best to save roses for unique first dates. Maybe you’re finally meeting your date in person after talking to them for months online and over the phone. Or perhaps you’re meeting up with someone you were very close with years ago.

Since a single rose expresses love at first sight, this could be a good option if you fell for your date as soon as you saw them.


Sunflowers for first dates

Bring a sunflower to your first date if you want to send a message that you’re light and sweet yet full of energy. These bright flowers are almost guaranteed to bring a smile to your date’s face.

While these flowers may seem playful, they have a deep meaning of adoration and loyalty. Depending on how the date goes, you can bring up this symbolism to your date later on.

Sunflowers also have large pollen, so they are unlikely to cause issues due to allergies.


Peonies make lovely first date flowers

With plenty of delicate and elegant ruffles, peonies are another excellent choice for a first date flower. Not only are they gorgeous, but they also have a sweet, floral fragrance.

Peonies can symbolize many things, and the symbolism varies depending on the flower color. Red peonies are linked to romance, yellow blooms symbolize a fresh start, and pink flowers symbolize happiness.

Since peonies’ petals are so delicate, choose peonies that are just starting to bloom. If you give your date a flower that has already fully bloomed, it may leave a trail of petals during your date.


Ranunculus are a chic choice for first dates

Looking to send the message that you want to get to know the layers and layers of your date’s personality? Then the ranunculus could be your best bet.

The delicate flowers sit atop long stems—one look at them makes it easy to see why they symbolize charm. Like with most flowers, red will send the message of passionate romance, while pink is linked to lighter love. And orange and yellow are good choices if you’re looking to brighten your date’s day.


Carnations are a timeless floral gift for first dates

Although they’re often seen as the rose’s cheap cousin, a high-quality carnation can be a great gift for a first date…as long as you choose the right color.

All shades of red are linked to admiration, but the exact meaning depends on the shade. Light red blooms mean friendship, while darker red flowers signify a more serious romance. It’s best to stay away from purple and yellow carnations, as these both have negative symbolism.


Dahlias when in season are excellent first date flowers

Since they’re large flowers, a single dahlia stem can be a good choice for a first date. Your date won’t have to carry around a bouquet, but the beautiful flower will let them know you’ve put in some extra effort.

Dahlias come in a wide variety of colors, forms, and sizes, so you’ll have lots of options to choose from. If you want to make a big statement, opt for an impressive dinner-plate dahlia. And if you prefer something a bit more subdued, cute pompon dahlias will do the trick.

When it comes to color, make sure to stay away from dark maroon dahlias, aka black dahlias. Their negative associations could scare off your date before your time together even begins.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies make a colorful first date flower arrangement

As simple yet beautiful flowers, gerbera daisies can let your date know you care without overwhelming them with a grand display. Yellow gerbera daisies symbolize friendship and happiness, so they could be a good gift for someone you’re just getting to know. However, if you want to send a stronger message of love, red is the best choice.


Chrysanthemums for first dates

Chrysanthemums, also known as mums, often pop up on porches, and doorsteps come fall. But they also make excellent cut flowers and can be a good choice for a first date.

These flowers carry all sorts of positive symbolism, including joy, happiness, and long love. While any color can impress, pink mums are linked to gentle love, making them a top choice for a first date.

Mums are also sturdy flowers that can last for a few hours out of the water, so they could be a good choice if you don’t want to bring a vase to your date.

Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies are an upmarket option for first dates

While calla lilies have many meanings, they are often seen as a symbol of new beginnings. Therefore, they could make a good gift for a first date. 

Purple callas symbolize enchantment, so they could be a good choice as long as you’re not worried about scaring your date away. Pink lilies are tied to appreciation, so they can also be a good option.


Hydrangeas are a lovely choice for first date bouquets

A single hydrangea bloom can be a great flower for a first date. If you choose to give your date a hydrangea, opt for pink or purple flowers. Pink flowers symbolize heartfelt emotions and kindness, while purple flowers symbolize deep understanding.

Hydrangeas also have large pollen that rarely becomes airborne, so they are a good choice if you’re unsure of your date’s allergies. 


Gardenia flowers are fragrant floral option for first date flowers

If you know your date loves strong floral fragrances more than the flowers themselves, the gardenia is your friend! While these white flowers may appear plain, their fragrance is intoxicating.

Gardenias also symbolize trust and hope, both of which are good things to bring to a first date.

Due to their strong fragrance, be sure your date doesn’t have any allergies or sensitivities before giving them a gardenia.


Tulips are a classic first date flower

Tulips are one of the most popular flowers, and for good reason! Therefore, tulips are often a safe choice if you’re unsure what type of flower your date likes.

If you’d like to make giving tulips a little extra special, you can choose a more unique variety like a parrot tulip or double tulip.

When it comes to choosing colors, orange signifies connection and understanding, while red tulips symbolize romance.


Orchids for first date gifts

While you can give your date fresh cut orchids, potted orchid plants are a more common option. If you know your date loves caring for plants and doesn’t mind a challenge, an orchid could be a good gift. However, if you’re unsure of your date’s feelings about houseplants, it’s best to stay away from orchids.

Yellow orchids symbolize new beginnings, so they’re a good option for a first date.


Zinnias make a beautiful option for first date flowers

As common and hardy garden flowers, zinnias are a thoughtful yet simple gift for a first date.

A mix of a few different colors of zinnias can bring some brightness and fun to the date. You can also choose one color: red signifies romance, yellow friendship, and pink happiness.

Are Plants a Good Option for First Dates?

Are Plants a Good Option for First Dates

If you are worried about flowers wilting during your date, you can opt to give a plant instead. However, ask yourself some questions before you do so.

Do you know if your date has a place to put a plant or interest in taking care of it? While a tiny houseplant may seem like it doesn’t require a lot of care, it can push unwanted responsibility onto your date.

If you know your date likes plants, it’s best to give something small. Succulents can be a great choice due to their low-maintenance nature and small size.

When you’re choosing a plant, you should also keep in mind if your date has any pets or children. Use this information to select a plant that won’t endanger any human or animal house members.

Flowers and First Dates FAQs: 

What Flower is Appropriate for a First Date?

There are many different flowers that are appropriate for first dates, including chrysanthemums, carnations, and dahlias. No matter what type of flower you choose, consider giving a single flower or small bouquet rather than a large arrangement.

Is It Good to Bring Flowers on a First Date?

Some people will appreciate flowers on a first date, while others may find them off-putting or too strong. If you are unsure how your date will feel, it may be best to save flowers for a later date.

Should You Give a Girl a Rose on a First Date?

A rose on a first date can either charm a girl or scare her away. Roses are symbols of romance, so you may want to choose a flower that isn’t associated with strong feelings.

How Soon is Too Soon to Get a Girl Flowers?

This depends on the individual! Some girls will appreciate flowers on a first date, while others prefer never to receive flowers. A safe practice is to wait until you know how your date feels about receiving flowers.

What Should I Bring on a Date Instead of Flowers?

Alternative gifts to flowers include a handwritten note, a bottle of your date’s favorite beverage, or a custom playlist.

These popular online florists curate a wide variety of fresh flower arrangements that are suitable for gifting on a first date. Many also provide a speedy same-day or next-day flower delivery service nationwide. 

Ode à la Rose ($$$)

Ode a la Rose Online Flower Delivery Service in the USA
Credit: Petal Republic

Ode à la Rose is a high-end French florist with locations in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, DC, and Philadelphia (in addition to nationwide next-day delivery service). Their style is romantic yet sophisticated, so it’s an excellent company for those who love the finer things in life.

Ode à la Rose prices start at $55 and go up to $360 or more. The company can fulfill orders within the contiguous United States. Additionally, they can do same-day deliveries in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, DC, and Philadelphia.

Ode à la Rose’s collection features various bouquets of roses and tulips. You can also choose from their main shop page, which has mixed bouquets suitable for first-date gifting. 

UrbanStems ($$)

UrbanStems Online Flower Delivery Service in the USA
Credit: Petal Republic

UrbanStems is a very stylish flower delivery service headquartered in Washington, D.C. They sell fresh and dried flower bouquets and other items in their modern, farm-fresh style. You’ll also find unique collaborations with the likes of Vogue and Kate Spade.

This company’s prices range from about $35 to $175 or more, depending on the arrangement you choose. UrbanStems delivers across the United States, with next-day delivery available in most locations. Additionally, orders to New York City and Washington, D.C., can be delivered on the same day.

UrbanStems’s collection features beautiful seasonal bouquets of fresh flowers and houseplants. You can add other gifts to your order, like candles, sweet treats, and gift sets for coffee and tea lovers.

Teleflora ($$)

Teleflora Online Flower Delivery Service
Credit: Petal Republic

Teleflora is a well-known flower delivery service offering same-day delivery services nationwide. They provide everyday bouquets with a wide range of flower varieties and styles. So, they’re sure to have something to suit a first date. 

Teleflora is also a cost-effective choice, with prices starting at $35. Prices go up to around $280 for larger arrangements. Another benefit is that this company offers same-day delivery for most locations in Canada and the US.

This company has a collection dedicated to romantic flowers to make your shopping experience easy. They recommend roses, tulips, lilies, and orchids. However, the collection features all sorts of flower varieties, designs, and color palettes. 

Flowerbx ($$$)

FLOWERBX Online Flower Delivery to the United States

Flowerbx is a luxurious online flower company famed for its gorgeous bouquets for decor and gifting in their minimalistic, contemporary style.

Prices at Flowerbx start around $52 for smaller arrangements. They go up to $140 or more for more extravagant options. They currently deliver to the following states: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Delaware.

This company’s flower delivery includes fresh flower bouquets, floral room sprays, candles, and more. Among the flower arrangements available are bright yellow roses and ‘cotton candy’ snapdragons.

The Bouqs Co. ($)

The Bouqs Farm Fresh Flowers

The Bouqs Co. is an excellent choice for flower delivery. This California-based flower delivery service creates stunning farm-fresh arrangements. Plus, they work in collaboration with eco-friendly growers.

This company’s arrangements start around $40 and go up to $80, depending on the size and design of your bouquet. You can deliver flowers from The Bouqs to all 50 states. However, orders to Hawaii and Alaska may be subject to certain limitations.

The Bouqs collections are full of bright and stylish arrangements. You can choose from classics like roses and lilies or try a unique arrangement featuring sunflowers or succulents. 

Proflowers ($$)

Proflowers Flower Delivery
Credit: Petal Republic

Proflowers is a San Diego-based online flower delivery service. The company offers fresh and unique floral designs for everyday gifting. They also sell other gifts like baskets and food items.

This online florist sells flower arrangements starting at around $20. Their more intricate designs can cost up to $200. This company accepts orders from all across the United States and Canada. In some locations, same-day delivery is also available.

Proflowers feature cheerful arrangements and baskets full of beautiful blooms. You can also browse through other items like potted plants and bulb gardens. 

Floom ($$$)

Highlights of ordering from Floom
Credit: Petal Republic

Floom’s the smart floristry platform that connects local, independent, and artisanal floristry studios in one easy-to-use website. Here you’ll find vibrant and whimsical designs, as well as romantic and sentimental arrangements.

This company’s bouquets cost anywhere from $55 to $90. Luckily, Floom collaborates with local florists around the United States. So, depending on the recipient’s address, you can request same-day delivery on some products.

Floom’s romantic flowers include everything from classic roses to greenery arrangements. You can choose a bouquet with many flower varieties or keep it simple with items like a colorful tulip arrangement. 

From You Flowers ($)

From You Flowers Online Flower Delivery Service in the USA
Credit: Petal Republic

Another excellent pick for first date flowers is From You Flowers. They offer a vast collection of fresh floral designs at prices that are hard to beat, with prices starting at just $19.99. Yet, you can still find more elevated designs at prices reaching $200 or more if you’re after something particularly grand. 

From You Flowers also offers a same-day delivery service, 7-days a week. Plus, they usually have discounts available to make your purchase even more affordable.

At From You Flowers, you can browse romantic flowers in a nearly endless range of styles and varieties. The company has other gifts you can add to your order, like potted orchids, chocolate-covered strawberries, and stuffed bears.

Wrapping Up First Date Flowers

While flowers can be a great way to show your care for and interest in someone, they can also send strong signals. Therefore, if you don’t know much about your date, you may want to save flowers for a later time. However, if you do give flowers on a first date, opt for a small bouquet and avoid flowers that symbolize strong love or negativity.

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Briana holds a B.S. in Plant Sciences from Penn State University. She manages a small market garden where she grows vegetables and herbs. She also enjoys growing flowers and houseplants at home.

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Briana holds a B.S. in Plant Sciences from Penn State University. She manages a small market garden where she grows vegetables and herbs. She also enjoys growing flowers and houseplants at home.

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