17 Best Flowers Named After Royalty

A garden is always a peaceful, regal space. But what if you want to add truly noble flowers to your landscape? Join me as I explore 17 famous flowers named after royalty that you can add to your garden. 

Royal Flowers

1. Czar Peter Tulip 

Czar Peter Tulip flowers in bloom with long white petals and pink shades

When I think of Czar Peter, better known as Peter the Great, stunning, white, and red tulips don’t come to mind. But these breathtaking flowers are named after the first emperor of Russia. 

The “Czar Peter” Tulip was named after the emperor because he was, as some historians suggest, obsessed with western horticulture. Others say that Czar Peter introduced tulips to Russia himself. Regardless, once you look at the smaller tulips, you can’t deny that they look regal. 

On the smaller side, these tulips are characterized by their striking petals that are either red with white stripes or orange with yellow stripes. Finishing off the royal look are the sharp, dark green leaves with purple markings. 

2. Duke of Windsor Rose 

Orange Duke of Windsor Rose in bloom

Many roses are named after members of the British Royal family, as you’ll see throughout this article. However, one of my favorites has to be the ‘Duke of Windsor’ Rose, named after Edward VIII, the Duke of Windsor.

This apricot-colored rose is classic, fit for the former King of England. It often has soft pink hues, highlighting the double bloom form. With the right care and in the right conditions, you’ll find that this rose bush blooms throughout spring, treating you to several eye-catching roses. 

3. Empress Eugenie Rose

A pink Empress Eugenie Rose flower in bloom

This spectacular soft pink rose is named after the last French empress, Eugénie de Montijo, wife of Emperor Napoleon III. The empress was known for her grace, elegance, and according to historians, her direct influence on fashion. 

The rose named in her honor exudes the same grace and elegance of the empress thanks to its full blooms that often feature hints of apricot and peach coloring. Not only does it add a graceful flare to any floral arrangement or garden, but it also has a sweet fragrance that makes it a crowd favorite. 

4. Empress Joséphine Rose 

If the last empress of France had a delicate, beautiful rose named after her, then it should come as no surprise that the first empress of France has her own special rose. The ‘Empress Joséphine’ Rose is named after Joséphine de Beauharnais, Napoleon Bonaparte’s first wife. The empress was known for her garden filled with rare and exotic roses and other flowers, the former being her favorite.

The rose named in her honor is as large and eye-catching as her garden must have been, with its large, double, or semi-double blooms. These roses are often a bright pink or deep magenta, with textured petals, which only add to their allure. 

5. King Edward VII Red Hot Poker 

The exotic King Edward VII Red Hot Poker with shades of red, orange, and yellow.

Speaking of unique flowers, I can’t ignore the magnificent ‘King Edward VII’ Red Hot Poker. This perennial is a distinctive plant with a vivid and fiery red-orange hue, resembling the appearance of a burning torch, hence the name “Red Hot Poker.”

It’s said this bold flower embodies the fiery spirit often associated with the King it’s named for, King Edward VII, who ruled the United Kingdom from 1901 to 1910. 

This Red-Hot Poker suites most gardens thanks to its densely packed flowers, creating a true spectacle in any landscape. Even better, it attracts several pollinators to your garden, which, in my opinion, is always a welcomed bonus.

6. King Louis Philippe Rose

A bright pink King Louis Philippe Rose

This stunning red rose is named after the last French King before the establishment of the French Second Republic in 1848, King Louis Philippe. But what makes this seemingly simple rose, so captivating is its double blooms that often have a rich red hue with hints of burgundy or purple. 

When I look at this eye-catching bloom, I can easily see how it embodies the splendor and grandeur of the royal courts of 19th-century France. 

7. Prince William Clematis 

Purple Prince William Clematis

The younger members of the British Royal Family have not been left out. A violet Clematis has been named in honor. This particular flower is known for its striking purple flowers that add an elegant, noble flare to any garden. 

The purple flowers often have hints of burgundy and resemble tulips. However, what makes them a wonderful addition to any garden is their ability to climb, allowing some landscaping creativity.  

8. Princess Alexandra of Kent Rose

Lush pink Princess Alexandra of Kent Rose

Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin, Princess Alexandra of Kent, has an English rose named in her honor. Known for her elegance and grace, the princess’s rose exudes these qualities with its full, bright pink blooms. 

The deeply cupped blooms only add to its allure and feature a sweet scent that wafts through your garden. Even better, this rose is renowned for its resistance to diseases. 

9. Princess Anne Rose

Dark pink Princess Anne Rose

Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth II’s daughter, also has an English rose named after her. This rose, also pink, is renowned for its deep pink petals. However, unlike the Princess Alexandra of Kent rose, these blooms lighten as they age, starting almost red and fading into a rich pink. 

But these aren’t just normal pink English roses. The petals often feature a soft yellow on their undersides and are quite substantial while thin. As a compact rose bush, the Princess Anne will look stunning in a terrace garden or a large pot on a patio or balcony. 

10. Princess Charlotte Chrysanthemum

Princess Charlotte Chrysanthemum displaying pink petals tinged with green

The youngest English princess has a unique, eye-catching chrysanthemum named in her honor. The Princess Charlotte Chrysanthemum has distinct flowers with pale pink petals tipped in green. As stunning as the young princess is, this chrysanthemum adds a truly unique look to any cut flower bouquet or garden.

11. Princess Margaret Rose

A soft pink Princess Margaret Rose

The vibrant, magnetic Princess Margaret of course has her own unique, loud, and eye-catching flower. The Gladiolus ‘Princess Margaret’ Rose is vivid, with its bright orange, red and yellow blooms. These plants can reach up to 4ft, allowing the ruffled bloom to stand above the rest of your garden. 

When you add this to your space, you’ll have a vibrant, showstopping centerpiece, regardless of whether you plant it, or have it in a cut flower bouquet. 

12. Princess of Wales Rose

Bright white Princess of Wales Rose

The late Princess of Wales, Princess Dianna, has a beautiful white rose named in her honor. The rose was named ‘Princess of Wales’ as a tribute to Dianna’s 10-year cooperation with the British Lung Foundation. 

Adding to its flare, though, is its soft yellow center, which draws the eye in. These full roses look fantastic no matter where you plant them. 

13. ‘Diana’s Memory’ Dahlia

Soft pink 'Diana's Memory' Dahlia in bloom
Image Source: DutchGrown

The Princess of Wales Rose is not the only flower named after Dianna. The ‘Diana’s Memory’ Dahlia is just as stunning with soft pink, or violet petals. It symbolizes elegance, kindness, and grace – Diana’s most revered characteristics. 

Together with the Princess of Wales Rose, the ‘Diana’s Memory’ Dahlia will create a regal feel in your garden. 

14. Queen Beatrix Tulip

The Queen Beatrix Tulip is a distinctive tulip variety named after Beatrix, the former Queen of the Netherlands who reigned from 1980 until her abdication in 2013. Known for her love of the country’s national flower, it’s no surprise she has her striking tulip. 

The Queen Beatrix Tulip has vibrant orange-red petals accented by broad yellow margins. This color combination creates a dazzling and eye-catching display when these tulips bloom in gardens or flower beds. 

15. The Queen Elizabeth Rose 

A pink The Queen Elizabeth Rose in bloom

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the spectacular Queen Elizabeth Rose. This blush pink rose is named after Queen Elizabeth II and is as striking and regal as she was. 

This grandiflora rose has foliage best described as glossy and features large medium double pink blooms. It’s one of the most popular roses in the world and even features in the Society’s Rose Hall of Fame. 

You will never regret adding this rose to your garden. Its royal feel will only elevate your landscape. 

16. Queen of Sweden Rose

A vase arrangement filled with pink Queen of Sweden Rose flowers

This classic rose isn’t named after one particular royal, but rather the entire Swedish monarchy and honors the friendship between Britain and Sweden. This rose bush is known for its stunning pink roses that feature apricot centers. 

Unlike several other rose bushes, the Queen of Sweden stands tall and straight, showcasing the flowers perfectly. This makes them wonderful additions to a cutting garden.  

17. Queen Victoria Agave

Queen Victoria Agave

This rare Agave is named after the one and only Queen Victoria. It’s well known for its dark green foliage with hints of white markings, which create a striking appearance.  While it can take several years to grow to reach its maximum width of 18 inches, you won’t regret adding this flowering succulent to your garden. 

With the right care, it will eventually grow a beautiful 15-foot flower spike that features creamy blooms with purple or red tips. 

Flowers Named After Royalty – The Last Word  

Growing any one of these stunning flowers is a great way to add some elegance and royal flare to your garden. With all these choices, you can explore which royal flower will work best for you and your garden.

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