Spiky Splendors: The 15 Leading Cactus Delivery Services in America, Tested & Reviewed

In this guide, you’ll find a collection of my favorite cactus delivery services shipping nationwide. In our tests, these stores offered some of the best cacti collections around, in addition to safe and secure packaging and speedy delivery options across America.

Best Cactus Delivery Services

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Where to Find the Best Cactus Plants for Sale

1) Lula’s Garden ($$)

Lulu's Garden Delivery Review
We loved the packaging and presentation from Lula’s Garden

About Lula’s Garden:

In our in-depth Lulu’s Garden review, we found this cactus and succulent studio to be an excellent option for beautifully composed succulent gardens. These creative succulent arrangements are each composed by hand in their unique gift box that doubles up as the planter. 

In short, a chic gift for a host of occasions and a stylish ornamental centerpiece throughout the home. 

Cactus Range:

Lula’s Garden sources all of its live succulents from local growers in California. Their signature cacti boxes are available across a collection of petite, deluxe, or premium boxed arrangements with a broad choice of color palettes and succulent varieties across the collection. 

Smaller arrangements start from around $25, with the larger, more expansive boxed collections going up to about $125. 

Cactus Delivery:

Lula’s Garden ships succulent plants nationwide. Orders typically arrive within 3 to 5 days. 

2) Planet Desert ($$)

Planet Desert Nationwide Cactus Delivery USA
Planet Desert offered one of the most comprehensive cactus collections in our tests


Planet Desert is a family-run wholesale and retail specialist cacti nursery in Southern California. They curate one of the most extensive and eclectic cacti collections around. 

They also source several unique cacti from leading growers worldwide and cater to those new to cacti life, in addition to more experienced collectors looking for the rarest and most unusual cactus plants around.  

Cacti Range: 

Planet Desert carries well over 400 cacti varieties at any given time. You’ll find a great selection of small baby cacti (from $5) and larger, more mature specimens (ranging from $50 to $200). 

They also offer affordable packs of cacti plants from $49 if you’re ready to start your little cacti field on your window ledge. These also make great gift options, including birthdays, thank you messages, and more. 

Cactus Delivery: 

All Cacti are carefully shipped via USPS and typically arrive in 1-4 days. 

3) Etsy ($$)

Etsy Cactus Delivery USA
Etsy has an amazing variety of affordable cactus plants for sale


Etsy is home to all things creative. Here you’ll find numerous small and independent cacti merchants crafting diverse cacti plants readily available for delivery nationwide across the US. 

Cacti Range: 

Etsy covers a broad spectrum of the cacti kingdom, from tiny baby classics such as White Bunny Ears, Epiphyllum anguliger, Eve’s Needle Crest, Echeverias, Palms, and Domino cactus to the weird and wonderful such as Tephrocactus Geometricus and Red & Yellow Moon Cactus. 

Prices are also super affordable, with cacti starting from just $5. 

Cactus Delivery: 

All Etsy merchants ship nationwide across the US using the United States Postal Services. Depending on your location, expect your cactus plant to be delivered in 1 to 4 days. 

4) UrbanStems ($$)

UrbanStems Cactus Delivery
For chic cactus gifts, UrbanStems was one of our top picks


UrbanStems is a modern and stylish online florist and plant store that delivers flowers, greenery, and cacti directly from a network of specialist growers. Each cactus plant has an elegant planter, so you just need to unpack and pick your spot. 

Cacti Range: 

UrbanStems carries a curated selection of cacti that rotates throughout the year. Most tend to be sized from 4” to 7”. Varieties typically include the famous Barrel Cactus, Fairytale Cactus, and the Heart-Shaped Hoya Cactus, to name but a few. Prices range from around $30 to $60. 

Cactus Delivery: 

UrbanStems typically deliver cactus plants nationwide within 1 to 2 days. 

5) Altman Plants ($)

Altmans Nationwide Cactus Delivery USA
For rare and unique cactus plants, Altman offers a stunning selection year-round


Altman Plants started out as a backyard hobby of cactus enthusiasts Ken and Deena Altman. Today they operate a collection of cactus nurseries across the United States and are one of the largest growers of cacti in the entire world! 

Cacti Range: 

Altman’s carry of the most extensive and eclectic ranges of cacti available for delivery anywhere. There’s a dizzying array to browse through across their excellent webshop. We recommend searching through and finding those that meet your preferred aesthetic and are suitable to your exact living environment in terms of available light and general ambient temperature.

Most cacti are sold as smaller, younger plants, with prices typically ranging from $5 to $15. 

Cactus Plants & Cactus Flower Delivery: 

All cacti are shipped via FedEx and typically arrive in 2 to 5 days, depending on your location.

6) Bloomscape ($$)

Bloomscape Prickly Pear Cactus Delivery USA
We loved the large and dramatic cactus plants from Bloomscape


Bloomscape is one of the best houseplant delivery services around. They also curate a refined collection of mature cactus plants for delivery across the US. 

Moreover, they’re well regarded for their innovative packaging technology that ensures cacti arrive in pristine condition and provide some of the best after-sales support anywhere. 

Cacti Range: 

Bloomscape’s cactus collection typically includes larger, more mature cacti specimens ranging in height from 12” to 20”. We particularly adore their Prickly Pear Cactus (from $80), complete with the appropriate soil mix and planter and ready for delivery. 

Cactus Delivery: 

Bloomscape cactus delivery typically arrives in 2 to 4 days. 

7) Terrain ($$$)

Terrain Cactus Delivery USA
Terrain offered an impressive selection of beautifully composed cactus plants


Terrain (part of the Anthropologie family of companies) focuses on everything wild, natural, and organic. Their cacti collection is sourced from their very own network of nurseries across the US, and they’re well regarded for their contemporary range of accompanying planters. 

Cacti Range: 

Terrain carries our favorite cacti starter sets ($58) featuring an assortment of 12 cactus plants, soil, and growing pots. 

They also typically have several spectacular mature specimens, should you have the space (and budget) to accommodate, such as the impressive Euphorbia Peruviana Plant ($398). 

Cactus Delivery: 

Cactus plants from Terrain are typically delivered in 3 to 4 days across the US. 

8) Urban Succulents ($$)

Urban Succulents Cactus Gardens for delivery Nationwide across the USA
Urban Succulents was a top pick for unique and creative cactus styling


Based out of San Diego, Urban Succulents craft an array of beautiful cacti centerpieces. These stylish and artistic creations make excellent gifting arrangements for various occasions and stunning ornamental centerpieces for the home or office. 

Moreover, their cactus plants are all grown locally in Southern California. 

Cacti Range: 

Here you’ll find a rotating collection of elegant cactus gardens expertly composed in wooden box planters. The studio mixes and matches several varieties to create compelling structures, textures, and colors throughout. 

Prices range from around $45 to $85. 

Cactus Delivery: 

Cactus plants are shipped via USPS using Express or Priority and typically arrive in 2-3 days.

9) Léon & George ($$$)

Leon and George Desert Cactus Delivery USA
Léon & George stood out for their luxurious and oversized cactus plants


Léon & George is an upmarket and contemporary houseplant specialist with locations in Paris, New York, and Los Angeles

They’re highly regarded for their premium and perfect plant life and stylish assortment of planters.

Cacti Range: 

Léon & George typically carries a refined collection of large to extra large cactus plants, such as their Desert Cactus (from $599), which stands 5 feet tall! These are delivered complete with a choice of high-end planters in various finishes and make an awe-inspiring centerpiece in the living room, hallway, or office. 

Cactus Delivery: 

Depending on your location, Cactus plants are typically delivered in 1 to 3 days. 

10) Whitton Greenhouses ($$)

Christmas Cactus Delivery USA
Whitton Greenhouses are a great spot for Christmas and Easter cactus plants


Whitton Greenhouses is a family-run cactus nursery that’s been in operation since 1978. They primarily specialize in Christmas cactus (schlumbergera) and Easter cactus (rhipsalidopsis) plants.

Cacti Range: 

Whitton Greenhouses grow a stunning array of Christmas and Easter cactus plants that are available in 2” ($5.99) and 4” varieties ($9.99). 

Cactus Delivery: 

Cactus plants are shipped USPS Priority Mail 2-3 days delivery from early March to around mid-December. 

11) Starr Nursery Cactus Delivery ($$)

Starr Nursery Cactus Delivery USA
Starr Nursery offers one of the most comprehensive cactus collections around


Located in the desert Southwest, Starr Nursery is a specialist grower of cactus, succulents, and agaves.  Since 1985, they’ve produced an exceptional collection of rare, interesting, and hard-to-find cactus plants.  

Cacti Range: 

Starr Nursery carries a diverse range of cacti throughout the year, including many Ariocarpus, Coryphantha, Echinocactus, Ferocactus, Mammillaria, Obregonia, Stencactus, and Thelocactus to name but a few. 

Prices start from just $6, with rarer specimens and larger, more mature cactus plants going to around $80. 

Cactus Delivery: 

All cactus plants are carefully shipped bare-root via USPS Priority Mail on Mondays and Tuesdays each week. 

12) 1800 Flowers ($$)

1800 Flowers Cactus Dish Garden Delivery USA
For same-day cactus delivery, 1-800 Flowers was a very dependable option


A big fish in the flower delivery world, 1800 Flowers also offers an extensive collection of cacti plants for delivery across America. In our 1-800 Flowers review, we felt they were a dependable option for gifting and the home.

Cacti Range: 

1800 Flowers focus extensively on gifting arrangements such as cacti dish gardens (from $39.99) and potted cactus gardens in cool ceramic planters (from $69.99). These feature a great collection of colorful and exciting baby cacti. An excellent option for someone’s birthday or thank you message and a fabulous centerpiece for the home or office. 

Cactus Delivery: 

1800 Flowers provides same-day or next-day cactus delivery across much of the continental United States. 

13) Floom ($$$)

Floom Cactus Delivery USA
Floom offered a host of creatively composed cactus plants from artisan florists.


Floom is the place that brings together all the best local artisan and independent florists and plant shops together in one easy-to-use website. Here, you’ll find bespoke, custom, and creative cactus arrangements crafted by some of your city’s best local plant studios. 

Cacti Range: 

The range of cacti plants available will vary city by city, but expect to find an exciting collection of standalone potted cacti, cactus dish gardens, flowering cactus plants, and more. Expect each to be expertly considered in creative planters and artistic compositions. 

Prices typically start from around $50. 

Cactus Delivery: 

Floom provides same-day cactus delivery on most items in most urban centers (including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, and Houston).

14) Cactus Jungle ($$)

Cactus Jungle Cactus Delivery San Francisco Bay Area
One of our favorite cactus nurseries serving the Bay Area


Owners Hap Hollibaugh and Peter Lipson have grown cactus for over 30 years. 

Today, Cactus Jungle has two dedicated cacti nurseries in Berkeley and San Anselmo in California. This excellent garden center is highly regarded for its knowledgeable staff and exceptional choice of cactus plant varieties. 

Please note delivery is only available across the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Cacti Range: 

Cactus Jungle grows numerous cacti varieties throughout the year. You’ll find some real gems here, including Myrtillocactus Elite Crest ($69.95), Echinopsis Spachiana ($44.95), towering Cleistocactus Straussii ($95), and the classics such as Epostoa guentheri ($19.95) and Prickly Pears ($59.95). 

Most also come in various sizes, from more miniature baby cacti to super-tall column varieties. 

Cactus Delivery: 

Local cactus delivery is available throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. 

15) Plantshed (NYC Only) ($$$)

Plantshed cactus delivery New York City
A trendy NYC spot for chic cactus plants


One of our favorite florists in New York City, Plantshed, are also well-regarded for its extensive cactus collection. They also maintain their own growing facilities in the city and have a dedicated rooftop garden on the Upper West Side. 

Cacti Range: 

Plantshed curates a great choice of gifting cacti arrangements, including terrariums, cactus gardens, cactus dish gardens, and individual cactus plants potted in their stylish planters. Perfect for birthdays, thank-yous, and more throughout the year. 

Expect modern and stylish designs that are ideally considered for city life. Prices typically range from $25 to $75. 

Cactus Delivery: 

Plantshed provides same-day cactus delivery throughout Manhattan and next-day cactus delivery across Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx. 

Cactus Delivery Buying Guide:

Can you send a cactus in the mail?

Yes, many cactus nurseries and specialist cacti stores use a range of innovative methods to send cactus in the mail carefully. More miniature baby cacti are often shipped bare-root, wrapped in a paper towel, with the whole plant wrapped in a protective layer such as newspaper. 

Larger cactus require special packaging boxes that protect their overall structure in transit.  In addition, many plant shops and nurseries will often ship on Mondays and Tuesdays only to minimize the chance of a cactus plant being held over the weekend.

Does cactus need sunlight?

Yes, all cactus plants need a regular source of sunlight to help them grow and stay healthy both indoors and outdoors. If you’re keeping cacti indoors, we recommend looking for a window ledge (preferably south-facing if possible) or somewhere in your home or office where the cactus has it least moderate to bright prevailing light conditions throughout the day. At a minimum, try to ensure your cactus receives at least 4 to 6 hours of sunlight per day.

How do I know if my cactus is healthy?

Healthy cacti maintain consistency in color and texture throughout the cactus plant. Fading of colors, burnt leaves, sagging, or leaning in a particular direction may indicate over or under-watering, lack of light, or inappropriate temperatures for that cactus plant. 

How do you tell if a cactus is over or underwater?

As a simple, general rule of thumb, an overwatered cactus often looks a little bloated (which can lead to root rot) while an underwatered cactus plant’s tell-tale signs are a generally pale, non-vibrant color. 

There are several factors to consider when determining an appropriate watering cycle for your cactus plants. This includes the soil type (how quickly it drains and its ability to retain moisture), the position of the cactus plant relative to light (which provides heat), and the general ambient temperature and relative humidity where the cactus plant lives.

Additionally, cacti require less watering in winter and more during spring through summer.

How long does delivery usually take?

Delivery times can vary based on the service and your location, but most services aim to deliver within 3-7 business days after an order is placed. During peak seasons or due to unforeseen circumstances, delivery may take longer.

What happens if my cactus arrives damaged or dead?

Most reputable plant delivery services offer a guarantee or refund policy for plants that arrive damaged or dead. If your cactus arrives in poor condition, you should immediately contact the company’s customer service with photos and details.

What care instructions come with the delivered cacti?

Most companies include care instructions specific to the type of cactus you receive. This usually contains information about watering, light requirements, and temperature preferences.

Compare the Best Cactus Delivery Services in the USA:

1) Lula’s GardenModern & Stylish$$2-5 dayslulasgarden.com
2) Planet DesertNursery Fresh$$1-4 daysplanetdesert.com
3) EtsyCreative & Eclectic$$1-4 daysetsy.com
4) UrbanStemsModern & Stylish$$1-2 daysurbanstems.com
5) Altman PlantsNursery Fresh$2-5 daysshopaltmanplants.com
6) BloomscapeModern & Stylish$$$2-4 daysbloomscape.com
7) TerrainWild & Natural$$$2-4 daysshopterrain.com
8) Urban SucculentsCreative & Contemporary$$$2-4 dayssucculentlyurban.com
9) Léon & GeorgePremium & Contemporary$$$$1-3 daysleonandgeorge.com
10) Whitton GreenhousesNursery Fresh$2-3 dayswhittongreenhouses.com
11) Starr NurseryNursery Fresh$$2-3 daysstarr-nursery.com
12) 1800 FlowersClassical & Contemporary$$1-2 days1800flowers.com
13) FloomCreative & Artisan $$$1-2 daysfloom.com
14) Cactus JungleNursery Fresh$$2-3 dayscactusjungle.com
15) PlantshedModern & Stylish$$$2-3 daysplantshed.com

The Best Cactus Delivery Services – Wrapping Up

I was impressed with several cactus delivery services offering nationwide shipping throughout the USA. Lula’s Garden, Bloomscape, and Planet Desert stood out for delivering high-quality cacti in secure packaging and offering speedy delivery options. These services provided a wide range of cacti to choose from, utilized secure packaging, and included care instructions with each order.

Check out our Ultimate Guide to How to Water Cactus to ensure your plants thrive at home and everything you need to know about Cactus Meaning and Symbolism and the uses and benefits of cactus plants.

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