Unboxing Bloomscape: My Hands-On Plant Delivery Review

Whether you can’t shop for houseplants in person or are looking to send a plant as a gift, Bloomscape can help. This popular online plant shop grows a vast array of interesting plant life throughout the year, including Monsteras, Fiddle Leaf Figs, ZZ plants, Snake plants, Ferns, Citrus trees, and more. Delivering plants in pristine condition is no easy feat though, and in this in-depth Bloomscape review, we’ll share everything you need to know about the plants we received and overall thoughts of their service.  

Bloomscape Plant Delivery Review

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My Experience Ordering Houseplants from Bloomscape – The Essentials


Style & Design:Modern and sleek. The two plants received were the same type and size as shown on the website and looked great in a host of interior settings.
Quality & Freshness:The results were split. The monstera arrived in excellent condition, but the watermelon peperomia arrived quite damaged. Bloomscape provided a replacement though, no questions asked.
Packaging: The packaging held up well and seemed to protect the plants during transit. I also appreciated that everything was compostable/recyclable.
On-Time Delivery:The initial plants arrived during the delivery window, and the replacement arrived two weeks later.
Ease of Ordering: The website was easy to navigate, and ordering was simple.
Value For Money:The value will depend on how your plants arrive. While the monstera was a bit expensive, the large and impressive plant made it worth the cost. However, considering the original condition, the watermelon peperomia was a bit disappointing on this occasion.
Overall Score:3.9 out of 5

About Bloomscape

About Bloomscape

Who is Bloomscape?

Bloomscape is no stranger to plants — founder Justin Mast comes from a family that’s been involved in the greenhouse trade for five generations! After learning how to care for and ship plants while working in his parents’ greenhouse, Mast decided to create Bloomscape.

Bloomscape grows all of its plants in a professional greenhouse located in Muskegon, Michigan, and then ships them directly to your door.

What is Bloomscape Known For?

Bloomscape is known for healthy and stylish houseplants in sleek and simple planters. All of their plants are cared for by professional horticulturalists and then shipped directly to your door.

They carry a wide range of tropical houseplants, including orchids, peace lilies, prayer-plants, and pothos. Along with houseplants, they offer a selection of outdoor flowering plants.

Bloomscape Delivery Information

Bloomscape currently ships its items throughout the contiguous 48 states.

Since all of Bloomscape’s plants need to be selected, potted, and packaged, you can expect it to take two to five days for your plant to ship. Shipping time depends on the method you select: express shipping takes two to three days, while standard shipping takes three to seven days.

Bloomscape does not offer same-day or next-day delivery.

Since these are live plants, you’ll need to consider the weather! Bloomscape may pause shipments when the forecast predicts cold temperatures in the delivery area.

Where are My Bloomscape Plants Coming From?

The company contracts with plant growers in Florida and receives the plants at their Muskegon, Michigan greenhouse. They then repot the plants in their custom soil mix and let them continue to grow.

The plants are cared for by professionals until it’s time to ship them to your home.

Bloomscape’s Plant Collections

Bloomscape Plant Collections
Credit: Bloomscape

Bloomscape offers a wide variety of plants, including houseplants as well as outdoor plants.

Low Maintenance Plants

If you’re looking for a houseplant you can forget about for a few days or even a few weeks, check out this collection from Bloomscape. It includes drought-tolerant options like jade plants and hedgehog aloe as well as low-light plants like snake plants and ZZ plants.

While these plants won’t thrive with zero care, they are a good choice for people who claim to lack a green thumb.

Costs depend on size. Small parts start at $39, and larger plants cost up to $149.

Large, XL, and XXL Plants

Houseplants can make great statement pieces — especially if you choose a big plant from this collection. With plants that range from three to six feet tall, you’ll be able to find something to fill that big empty corner.

Some plants in this collection include ficus altissima, various types of dracaena, fiddle leaf fig, and bird of paradise.

Most of these plants cost between $100 and $250.

Outdoor Plants

While Bloomscape is best known for its houseplants, they also offer a variety of outdoor plants during warmer seasons.

While most of Bloomscape’s houseplants come in similar planters, their outdoor plant offerings are more diverse. You can choose from hanging baskets, square porch planters, and round pots.

Many of the outdoor planters contain a mix of annual flowers such as lantana, geraniums, and petunias. You can also purchase larger outdoor plants, including gardenia and Mandevilla.

Hanging baskets cost $99, planters range from $89-$99, and larger plants cost $79-$149.

Pet-Friendly Plants

If you have curious cats or dogs at home, you may want to shop Bloomscape’s pet-friendly plants. These plants are non-toxic and safe for critters.

Some pet-friendly plants that Bloomscape offers include stromanthe triostar, African violet, bamboo plant, spider plant, and red prayer plant.

Pet-friendly potted plants start at $39 and go up to $169.

My Bloomscape Experience 

The Plants I Ordered


The Bloomscape Monstera Plant
Credit: Petal Republic

The Monstera deliciosa, also known as the swiss cheese plant, has taken the world by storm the past few years. It features large leaves covered in holes.

The Bloomscape monstera is an extra-large plant that arrives 28” – 32” tall. It costs $169 from Bloomscape.

Peperomia Watermelon

Watermelon Peperomia from Bloomscape
Credit: Petal Republic

The peperomia watermelon is a small plant that arrives 7”-11” tall. The plant is described as easy-to-care-for as well as easy to propagate through stem or leaf cuttings.

It costs $49 from Bloomscape.

The Online Ordering Experience at Bloomscape

Bloomscape Online Ordering

Bloomscape’s website is easy to navigate, with a sleek design and descriptive categories. You can filter plants based on size, pet-friendliness, light requirements, and more.

Once you find a plant you like, you can read about basic care requirements and click on a link to head to a page with more detailed care instructions. If the plant sounds like a fit, all that’s left to do is select your planter color. 

Before you check out, you can take a look at the suggested items, including plant stands and pruning scissors. The Bloomscape website also includes a separate section where you can shop for a wide range of plant care tools.

When it’s time to check out, you’ll be prompted to enter your delivery address as well as your preferred shipping method.

Taking Delivery

Taking Delivery of Bloomscape Plants
Credit: Petal Republic

Both plants arrived within the specified delivery window, and I received an email from FedEx letting me know they had arrived.

Each plant arrived in a sturdy cardboard box. Each pot was packed into a smaller box that sat snugly inside the exterior box. This seemed to help the plant from moving around during the shipping process.

The monstera plant was covered in a paper sleeve, and the peperomia watermelon foliage was set inside a light fabric covering.

To unpack both plants, I removed the box covering the planter and then cut away the protective sleeve. Finally, I removed the coco fiber mat that was set on top of the soil.

Bloomscape Delivery Box
Credit: Petal Republic

The plants’ conditions varied quite a bit. Upon unpacking the peperomia, I discovered many of the leaves were discolored and/or cut. As I gently investigated them with my fingers, about half of the leaves fell off the stems.

When all was said and done, the peperomia watermelon plant looked quite sad.

I notified Bloomscape of the plant’s condition, and they sent a replacement that arrived about two weeks later. The second plant was in better shape than the first, but it still contained a fair amount of damaged leaves.

The monstera was a different story. Upon unpacking it, I was met with a gorgeous plant in great shape. The only damage was some slight bruising to one leaf.

Both planters were stylish and sturdy, without being too heavy. Additionally, the care instructions included with each plant were very informative and helpful.

Setting Up Bloomscape Plants at Home

Setting Up Bloomscae Plants at Home with Care Instructions
Credit: Petal Republic

Both plants were pretty much ready to go as soon as they arrived. The plants’ leaves were a little compressed from their packaging, they naturally spread out over the next few days.

As mentioned above, many of the peperomia watermelon leaves fell off as I tried to inspect the plant. The replacement peperomia was a bit better, but a handful of leaves still fell off during the unpacking process.

Since I was left with leafless stems, I used a pair of scissors to cut the stems at the soil surface.

The care instruction card helped ensure I placed the plants in a suitable environment. It also let me know how big the plants would grow, so I could pick an area with enough room for future growth.

Once the plants were in their final home, I watered them well.

Our Bloomscape Review – The Verdict

Overall Opinion

Overall, my opinions about Bloomscape were a little mixed on this occasion. The monstera arrived in great shape, but the peperomia watermelon wasn’t quite what I was hoping for.

After a few days, all of the plants seemed in fine condition, although both peperomia plants were still missing leaves. However, the damaged plants seemed like they would bounce back within a few months.

With that said, all plants were packaged well and closely resembled the size and type of plant displayed on the website. If you order a plant from Bloomscape, you can be confident you won’t receive a smaller plant than what is advertised.

As far as value goes, the plants were a premium over what you might be able to find locally at your garden center or nursery. However, these plants typically come in basic black, plastic nursery pots rather than the nice Bloomscape planters and also aren’t delivered to my front door, so you need to factor in the convenience as well. 

So, would I order from Bloomscape again? It depends. I would be happy to order a plant with sturdy stems and leaves that are likely to hold up well in transit. I’d rather order anything slightly delicate in person where I can inspect the plant beforehand and also avoid any issues that might arise through transportation. 

Pros of Ordering from Bloomscape: 

  • The packaging was secure and environmentally friendly. 
  • The plants were the same size displayed online, the monstera was gorgeous, and the styling was great. 
  • It’s hard to beat the convenience of a potted and composed plant delivered straight to your front door.

Cons of Ordering from Bloomscape: 

  • The peperomia watermelon I received wasn’t in the best shape. 
  • Prices are higher than you might pay at your local nursery.

What Occasions Might Someone Consider Ordering From Bloomscape?

Bloomscape plants would make a great housewarming gift, Mother’s Day gift, or birthday gift for plant-loving individuals. Since Bloomscape offers a wide variety of plants, you can find something for just about everyone. 

If you’re looking to furnish your home or office with an array of interesting plant life, this is one of the most convenient options out there. 

For more, see Bloomscape’s current plant collections here.


Other online plant shops that offer houseplants at similar price points, as well as faux plants, include The Sill, Plants.com, Lively Root, UrbanStems, and ProPlants. And if you’re looking for interesting planters and edible fruit trees like kumquats and Meyer lemons, check out Terrain.

Bloomscape Buying Guide FAQs:

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How long can Bloomscape plants stay boxed?

Do Bloomscape offer any guarantees my plants will survive/thrive?

Where does Bloomscape deliver?

How much are plants at Bloomscape?

How much are Bloomscape’s delivery fees?

Does Bloomscape offer same-day delivery?

The Final Word

If you’re looking to order houseplants for yourself or others, Bloomscape provides a wide selection packaged in creative pots that will work in numerous interior spaces. From my experience on this occasion, I’d say stick to the more robust plant types, which should handle transportation to your home just fine. 

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