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The Best Plant Delivery Services for Bird of Paradise Plants

The Bird of Paradise is famed for their striking split leaves and exotic style, making them a stunning ornamental centerpiece in the home or office. Here you’ll find nine great houseplant delivery specialists offering some of our favorite Bird of Paradise plants for sale today. There’s a range of sizes to pick from, in addition to an array of styles, planters, and pots suitable for a host of living environments. What’s more, each offers nationwide plant delivery through the United States. Enjoy!

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Bird of Paradise Plant Care for everything you need to know about nurturing the plant at home and our essential guide to the best potting soil for Bird of Paradise.

Where to Find the Best Bird of Paradise Plants for Sale:

1) Léon & George$$$$5 to 7
2) The Sill$$7 to 10
3) Bloomscape$$5 to 7
4) FLOWERBX$$$4 to 5
5) Lively Root$$7 to 10
6) Home Depot$7 to 10
7) Etsy$$7 to 10
8) Rooted$$7 to 10
9) Garden Goods Direct$$7 to 10

The Best House Plant Specialists for Bird of Paradise Plants:

1) Léon & George ($$$$)

Leon and George Bird of Paradise Plants for sale
Credit: Léon & George

About Léon & George: 

Famed house plant specialists Léon & George are loved for their upmarket, contemporary European style and pristine plant life. Here you’ll find some of the largest options for spectacular interior plants – each expertly composed in stylish pots and carved wooden stands.

They are a good option for those looking for grand ornamental centerpieces throughout the home or office. 

Bird of Paradise Plants for Sale: 

Léon & George’s Bird of Paradise is a towering majesty of a plant standing up to 7 feet tall. These plants are a genuinely incredible spectacle if you have a suitable spot in your home.

Each plant arrives potted with an excellent choice of contemporary plants. Plus, they offer lifetime expert plant care support which is excellent.  

Priced at $599 as shown. 

Delivery Options: 

Léon & George deliver Bird of Paradises throughout the United States. Orders typically arrive within 5 to 7 days. 

2) The Sill ($$)

About The Sill: 

The Sill is a modern, stylish, and trendy plant destination. They’re loved for their stand-out community of plant enthusiasts and offer one of the most supportive customer service teams around if you need any help nurturing your plant at home. Perfect for those new to the world of plant parenthood as well as those looking to expand their collection. 

Bird of Paradise Plants for Sale: 

The Sill’s signature Bird of Paradise plant (Strelitzia reginae) is on the larger size (typically arrives 3 to 4 feet tall). Each arrives potted with one of their creative planters (Priced from $88 as shown).

They’re also known for their excellent faux-houseplants, which are a great option for those looking for something stylish with zero maintenance. Their faux Bird of Paradise stands at 5’ tall and comes paired with a ceramic floor planter ($300 as shown). 

Delivery Options: 

The Sill delivers Bird of Paradise plants nationwide, typically within 5 to 7 days.

3) Bloomscape ($$$)

Bird of Paradise Plants for Sale at Bloomscape
Credit: Bloomscape

About Bloomscape: 

Master plant merchants Bloomscape curate one of the best house plant collections around, featuring a wide variety of options for every living environment and experience level. What’s great is they oversee the entire growing process and also have some cool tricks to ship plants throughout the country in pristine condition every time. 

Bird of Paradise Plants for Sale: 

Here you’ll find an impressive homegrown Strelitzia Nicolai, which arrives approximately 34″-42″ tall. Every plant is potted, and ‘ready-to-go’ on delivery and includes a choice of stylish eco pots (which have been crafted using plastic salvaged from the ocean). Priced at $199 as shown. 

Delivery Options: 

Bloomscape delivers Bird of Paradise plants nationwide. Orders typically arrive in 5 to 7 days. 

4) FLOWERBX ($$$)

Bird of Paradise Plants for Sale at FLOWERBX


FLOWERBX is a stylish online florist revered for their elegant single variety floral arrangements sourced from the best European and South American growers. 

Today, they also have a growing houseplant collection and deliver to much of the northeast and California. They’re a lovely choice for those looking for classic and luxurious plant styling and larger, more mature plant life.   

Bird of Paradise Plants for Sale: 

FLOWERBX Bird of Paradise plants arrive approximately 31”-35” tall, and each includes an elegant white planter that is ready to display on delivery. Priced at $275 as shown. 

Delivery Options: 

FLOWERBX delivers Bird of Paradise plants throughout much of the United States today. Orders are typically delivered within 4 to 5 days. 

5) Lively Root ($$)

Bird of Paradise Delivery from Lively Root
Credit: Lively Root

About Lively Root: 

Lively Root is a leading houseplant nursery located in San Marcos, California. They produce a vast selection of popular plants throughout the year and are well regarded for their eco-conscious growing practices. What’s more, they ship nationwide throughout the contiguous United States. 

Bird of Paradise Plants for Sale: 

Priced from $50, dependent on size, Lively Root’s Strelitzia reginae is an excellent option for those with limited space or not looking for a massive plant to dominate the room. This beauty arrives approx 14” tall with a choice of modern and stylish pots.  

Delivery Options: 

Lively Root offers nationwide Bird of Paradise plant delivery. Orders typically arrive in 7 to 10 days. 

6) Home Depot ($$)

Home Depot Bird of Paradise Plants for sale
Credit: Home Depot

About Home Depot: 

Home Depot works with some of the most significant plant producers globally to offer an extensive range of houseplants for sale throughout the year. There are always numerous varieties and size options to be found, and most are available to ship nationwide. 

Bird of Paradise Plants for Sale: 

Here you’ll find a great choice of affordable young Bird of Paradise plants. Most arrive approximately 10” tall, which makes them perfect for potting and nurturing at home. 

Prices typically range from just $30 to $55. Just be sure to have a suitable decorative pot or planter at the ready, as most items arrive in a plastic grower pot. 

Delivery Options: 

Home Depot delivers Bird of Paradise plants throughout the United States. Most orders are delivered within 7 to 10 days. 

7) Etsy ($$)

Orange Bird of Paradise Plants for Sale at Etsy
Credit: Etsy

About Etsy: 

Etsy is an excellent platform for finding small-scale, independent plant growers and creatively composed plant life. There are typically numerous size options and plant varieties to be found and lots of choices when it comes to potting vessels and planters. 

Bird of Paradise Plants for Sale: 

Here you’ll find a vast variety of live and faux Bird of Paradise plants for sale throughout the year. Smaller, younger Strelitzia reginae are typically priced under $50 and there are lots of options for larger, more mature plants from $100+ if you’re after something a little more spectacular from the get-go. 

Delivery Options: 

Most Etsy merchants offer a range of Bird of Paradise delivery options. Orders typically arrive in 7 to 10 days. 

8) Rooted ($$$)


About Rooted: 

Rooted started out selling house plants from a Brooklyn apartment and has grown to become an excellent national plant retailer of some repute. They typically offer most plant species in a range of size options as well, and they ship throughout the country. 

Bird of Paradise Plants for Sale: 

Rooted offers up the exquisite Strelitzia Nicolai, which is usually available in both medium (2’ to 3’ tall) or large (3’ to 4’) size options. Prices are also affordable, starting at $79. Each plant arrives potted with a plastic planter.

Delivery Options: 

Rooted deliver Bird of Paradise plants throughout the United States. Most orders arrive in 7 to 10 days. 

9) Garden Goods Direct ($$)

White Bird of Paradise Plants for Sale at Garden Goods Direct
Credit: Garden Goods Direct

About Garden Goods Direct: 

Garden Goods Direct is a leading online Garden Center that delivers throughout the United States. They’re a dependable option for a host of plant life, annuals, perennials, indoor and outdoor trees, potting mix, fertilizer, and more. 

Bird of Paradise Plants for Sale: 

Here you’ll find the White Bird of Paradise Plant available in both 6” ($34.99) or 10” ($109.95) options. This beautiful tropical Strelitzia will potentially produce stunning white and blue flowers once it reduces maturity (typically takes five years+!). 

The plants arrive in their grower pots, so you’ll want to transfer to something a little more decorative should you be growing indoors. Also suitable for garden planting if you live in a suitable climate (grow zones 9-11 – namely Florida, southern parts of Texas, and Southern California).

Delivery Options: 

Garden Goods Direct ships Birds of Paradise plants throughout the United States. Orders are typically delivered within 7 to 10 days. 

The Best of Petal Republic

For more exceptional floristry, see our comprehensive guides to online flower delivery and the best houseplant delivery specialists in the USA.

Bird of Paradise Buying Guide:

Younger, smaller Bird of Paradise plants (around 1′ to 2′) tall are typically priced under $50. Larger, more mature Bird of Paradise plants (from 3′ to 7′ in height) typically cost from $130 to $400+, dependent on size.

Bird of Paradise plants can reach a height of 5-6ft (1.5-1.8m) and spread of 3-5ft (1-1.5m) in around five years.

A Bird of Paradise plant can grow indoors with suitable light and temperature conditions alongside frequent watering and feeding cycles.

Bird of Paradise plants enjoy lots of bright, indirect light throughout the day if possible. If you’re growing the plant indoors, a south or west-facing aspect would be perfect somewhere near a window with direct light partially broken by Venetian blinds or something similar.

Bird of Paradise plants enjoy consistent moisture in the soil base, but as with all houseplants, avoid over-watering and leaving stagnant water in the potting vessel. Water every 10 to 14 days in the spring and summer when the soil is approximately 75% dry. Remove any excess water that collects in the saucer under your planter or pot.

The Bird of Paradise plant is considered mildly toxic to both pets and humans, whilst the flowers (should they be produced) are very toxic and should not be ingested.


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