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Where to Go for the Best Houseplants and Greenery in Los Angeles

Updated March 8th, 2022 by Petal Republic LA

Plants make great house guests. Not only do they help purify the air, but they’re also great for connecting our modern urban abodes with a little touch of nature. Plus, they look superb in virtually any setting and many plant varieties require minimal maintenance so needn’t be a burden either. Here you’ll find 19 of our favorite spots for both indoor and outdoor plants in Los Angeles today. Whilst most provide plant delivery services throughout Los Angeles there are a couple of great nurseries where you can swing by and collect as well.  

19 of the Best Plant Delivery Services in Los Angeles:

1) Bloomscape$$2-3
2) UrbanStems$$1-2
3) Terrain$$$ 1-2 days
4) Mickey Hargitay Plants$$Pick
5) Léon & George$$$3-5
6) Floom$$$
7) The Sill$$2-4
8) From You Flowers$ 1-2 days
9)$$ 3-5 days
10) Lively Root$$ 3-5 days
11) Artemisia Nursery$$ Pick
12) Folia Collective$$ 2-3
13) Fig Earth Supply$$Pick Up
14) Landmark Plant Co.$$ 1-3
15) Cactus Store$$$5-7
16) POTTED$$1-2
17) Roger’s Gardens$$$2-5
18) Wild Flora$$$2-3
19) French Florist$$

The Best Plant Shops & Plant Delivery Options in Los Angeles:

1) Bloomscape ($$)

Bloomscape Plant Delivery in Los Angeles
Credit: Bloomscape


Bloomscape was founded by Dutch horticultural maestro Justin Mast. They curate one of the best (and largest) online plant collections around and through some innovative packaging are masters at delivering plants in pristine condition. They also handily provide expert care instructions with each order. 

Plant Range:

Bloomscape is well regarded for its extensive array of houseplants, edible and flowering plants, herb plants, and cacti. Their online store is also very user-friendly to those new to the plant world. For instance, you can easily sort between pet-friendly varieties and those that do well in varying light conditions. 

What’s more, you’ll find all their indoor houseplants arrive ready-to-go complete with stylish pots, and the appropriate soil mix. All the most popular indoor houseplants are here including jade plants, yucca plants, jasmine plants, ferns, and rubber plants to name but a few. 

Prices typically start from around $30 for smaller plant varieties; $60 for medium; and $100+ for larger plant specimens. 

Plant Delivery in Los Angeles:

Bloomscape ships throughout Los Angeles Country with deliveries typically arriving in 2-3 days. 

2) UrbanStems ($$)

Modern and stylishly composed houseplants and succulents start at around $40.

UrbanStems Plant Delivery in Los Angeles
Credit: UrbanStems


Much-loved flower delivery specialists UrbanStems are also a great spot for stylishly composed tropical and blooming houseplants. They work directly with a network of leading nurseries to curate an excellent assortment of plant life perfectly pitched for gifting and the home.

What’s great is every plant arrives potted and ready-to-go on delivery and prices are competitive throughout.

Plant Range:

UrbanStems carry a curated assortment of orchids (from $70); succulents (from $40); and houseplants (from $45). Expect to find lots of houseplant favorites such as fiddle leaf fig bushes, ZZ plants, snake plants, palms, ferns, and more. Each arrives complete with an interesting and unique planter.

Plant Delivery in Los Angeles:

UrbanStems provide next-day plant delivery throughout Los Angeles County.

3) Terrain ($$$)

Wild, natural, and eclectic plant life for the home and patio.

Terrain Plant Delivery in Los Angeles
Credit: Terrain


Terrain is part of the Anthropologie family of companies. Their business is rooted in the natural world and focuses on a range of natural décor, living gifts, and planted arrangements.

Plant Range:

Terrain source the majority of their plants from their own network of nurseries in the US. Here you’ll find a great variety of houseplants, succulents, air plants, miniature evergreen trees, and more. 

Prices start from around $50 for small potted indoor plants such as ferns, ficus, and palms, $70+ for larger and more mature plant varieties including ZZ plants and snake plants; and $90-$100+ for potted trees such as Lime, Olive, and Lemon Cypress. 

Plant Delivery in Los Angeles:

Most in-stock items are dispatched to Los Angeles locations within 24 hours after order. Shipping estimates are: 

  • regular delivery: arrives in 5-9 business days 
  • express delivery: 2-3 business days
  • overnight delivery: 1-2 business days.

4) Mickey Hargitay Plants ($$)

An urban, tropical oasis for houseplants and garden plants.

Mickey's Plants Los Angeles
Credit: Mickey Hargitay Plants


Founded in 1980, Mickey Hargitay Plants is a garden oasis in the heart of Los Angeles. Here you’ll find a full-service garden nursery carrying a broad assortment of outdoor plants, houseplants, gardening supplies, and everything you need for planning and building an urban garden.

Plant Range:

Mickey’s is well regarded for its range of indoor tropical plants, cactus, and succulents. Their online shop handily subdivides their plant range by light conditions (those plants requiring bright light, those in need of plenty of sunlight, and those happy in low-light conditions). Plants are sold in a variety of sizes with prices ranging from under $10 for 4” potted varieties to $50+ for more mature, taller plants. 

Plant Delivery in Los Angeles:

Plants at Mickey’s are available for pick-up only. They are located at 1255 North Sycamore Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90038.

5) Léon & George ($$$)

Stylish and contemporary ornamental indoor plants.

Leon & George Plant Delivery in Los Angeles
Credit: Léon & George


Léon & George is a stylish, upmarket indoor houseplant retailer with outposts here in Los Angeles as well as in New York City and Paris. In short, they’re well known for their commitment to reconnecting urban city dwellers with nature. They also focus on making plant buying a complete experience. For starters, each plant arrives ready to go in stylish potting vessels and the correct soil mix in tow. 

What’s more, they are passionate about the environment and plant a new tree in the US each time they sell a plant. Nice! 

Plant Range:

Leon and George’s plant range is perfectly tailored to city life. For instance, you’ll find a great selection of plants perfectly suited to low or minimal light conditions. In addition, many are also pet-friendly, require minimal maintenance and also serve as great air-purifying plants. 

The variety of plants available to order is also impressive. Here you’ll find Zanzibar Gems, Snake Plants, Philodendron Brasil, Silver Evergreen, Jade plants, Ferns, Palms, and various Braided Money Trees to name but a few. Prices start at around $75 for plant + pot + stand combos. Expect to pay $150+ for larger varieties.

Plant Delivery in Los Angeles:

The majority of orders ship via UPS so expect delivery in approx 2 – 5 days. Shipping fees are free on orders over $100 ($10 fee otherwise). Plant delivery is available to Anaheim, Beverly Hills, Buena Park, Burbank, Calabasas, Culver City, Glendale, Downey, Inglewood, Lakewood, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Malibu, Marina del Rey, North Hollywood, Norwalk, Pasadena, Rancho Palos Verdes, Santa Monica, Studio City, Topanga, Venice, West Hollywood, and other cities around the LA area

6) Floom ($$$)

The best artisan, independent florists, and plant studios for stylish indoor botanicals.

Floom Plant Delivery in Los Angeles
Credit: Floom


Floom is a modern online flower and plant delivery site that brings together all the best local, independent artisan florists and plant retailers. They’re super popular across a number of cities and are a great option to support the best up-and-coming studios in Los Angeles. 

Plant Range:

You’ll find a great collection of flower and plant studios online at Floom including some of our absolute favorite florists in Los Angeles (including Foxgloves and Folly, Hidden Door Floral Studio, Orchid Republic, and Desert Rose Succulents to name but a few). Each has its own unique style aesthetic but there’s always a great selection of succulent gardens, ferns, palms, silver bays, terrariums, and more. Prices typically range from $75 with some of the more creative and expansive houseplants starting from $100+. 

Plant Delivery in Los Angeles:

Same-day plant delivery is available across Los Angeles. We recommend ordering by 1 pm latest. 

7) The Sill ($$)

Houseplant delivery specialists with excellent plant-care support.

The Sill Plant Shop in Los Angeles
Credit: The Sill


The Sill is a cool, modern plant studio firmly focused on serving urban dwellers with a range of stylish greenery. What started out as an online-only affair has grown to include several bricks-and-mortar outposts today. 

Above all, they’re well known for their post-purchase support. What’s great is that with each order you’ll have direct access to The Sill’s plant experts who guarantee to be there at every step of your plant journey. A great option if you’re new to plant parenting. 

Plant Range:

The Sill carries an extensive collection of plants and accessories which are handily categorized by light preference, maintenance needs, and also if they’re pet-friendly. You’ll find a great array of snake plants, ferns, philodendrons, yuccas, palms, ZZ in addition to faux plants, orchids, and succulents. 

What’s more, they also run an excellent monthly subscription club that will provide you with fresh plants on a weekly or monthly basis. Prices typically start from around $30 for smaller plants with larger varieties running from $80 to $100+. 

Plant Delivery in Los Angeles:

The Sill provides standard and expedited plant delivery across Los Angeles. Plants typically arrive within 2-4 days.

8) From You Flowers ($)

Fast and affordable plant delivery for gifting and the home.

From You Flowers Same Day Plant Delivery in Los Angeles
Credit: From You Flowers


From You Flowers are a dependable option for cheap and fast flower and plant delivery throughout Los Angeles. They work directly with numerous local florists and plant shops as well as shipping directly to homes, offices, and venues across the country today.

Plant Range:

Here you’ll find a wide selection of potted houseplants, bonsai trees, succulent gardens, flowering garden baskets, orchids, and more.

Flowering plants such as kalanchoe, peace lilies, philodendrons, and Money Trees start from around $35 with established bonsai trees going up to $150.

Perfect for the home in addition to gifting to friends, family, and loved ones.

Plant Delivery in Los Angeles:

From You Flowers provide a same-day plant delivery service throughout Los Angeles County, 7-days a week.

9) ($$)

Online plant delivery specialist shipping affordable, nursery-fresh plants. plant delivery in Los Angeles

About: is an online-only plant delivery specialist. They work with a network of growers to deliver plants directly to homes and offices throughout the country.

Plant Range:

Here you’ll find an extensive year-round collection of house plants, air plants, cacti, succulents, flowering & tropical plants, in addition to numerous orchids and bonsai trees. 

Most plants are available in a range of size options with a choice of modern and contemporary pots and planters. What’s more, prices are generally super affordable, expect to pay from $20 to $50 for small to medium-sized potted plants going up to around $120 for larger plant specimens. 

Plant Delivery in Los Angeles: delivers houseplants throughout Los Angeles County. Orders typically arrive within 3 to 5 days. 

10) Lively Root ($$)

A leading, specialist house plant nursery located in San Marcos, California. 

Lively Root Plant Delivery in Los Angeles
Credit: Lively Root


Lively Root is an excellent eco-friendly plant nursery delivering a vast collection of house plants throughout the US directly from their growing facilities in California.   

Plant Range:

Here you’ll find a dizzying array of plants being grown year-round featuring everything from lush foliage plants to vibrant blooms and towering palm trees and figs.

What’s great is there’s always a wide choice of options suitable to a range of light conditions in addition to many suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Many are also available in a range of size options and you can include a choice of stylish pots if you’re looking for something ready-to-go on delivery. 

In short, a great choice for homegrown, nursery-fresh plants featuring all the classic house plant favorites and a number of unique and hard-to-find specimens. 

Prices start from around $30 to $50 for younger, smaller plant life going up to around $130 for larger, more mature options. 

Plant Delivery in Los Angeles:

Lively Root delivers plants to homes, offices, and venues throughout Los Angeles County. Orders typically arrive within 3 to 5 days. 

11) Artemisia Nursery ($$)

Popular retail plant nursery in El Sereno.

Artemisia Nursery Los Angeles
Credit: Artemisia Nursery


Artemisia is a retail plant nursery located in El Sereno. They specialize in California native plants, succulents, houseplants, pottery, gardening tools, and other supplies.

Plant Range:

Artemisa is well regarded for its collection of native Californian plants. You’ll find a great assortment of Dudleya, Festuca Californica, Gold Monkey Flower, Terra Cotta Monkey Flower, California Aster, Great Basin Sagebrush, Canyon Live Oak, Western Sword Fern, Indian Mallow, Yarrow, Agave, Sagebrush, Milkweed, and Marigolds to name but a few. 

The houseplant collection is available across a number of sizes and varieties with small newbie plants priced from $5.95 and up typically. Their plant range also includes a broad assortment of Ferns, Palms, Dwarf Fiddle Leafs, Figs, Philodendron, and more. 

You’ll also find a great selection of edible plants including eggplants, sage, basil, rosemary, mint, olive, yarrow, and lemon verbena. 

The shop also stocks a wide variety of seeds and plant accessories. 

Plant Delivery in Los Angeles:

Plants are available for pick-up only. You can order online beforehand and collect your plants on arrival. 

12) Folia Collective ($$)

Stylish plant store for lush tropical botanicals, cacti, and succulents.

Folia Collective Plant Delivery Los Angeles
Credit: Folia Collective


Launched in 2016, Folia Collective is a leading Los Angeles plant shop, interior design studio, and workshop located in Eagle Rock.  

Plant Range:

In short, Folia Collective carries one of the largest collections of stylish indoor houseplants in Los Angeles. As well as a great variety of palms, snakes, yuccas, and ferns there are some really interesting and unique houseplants to be found. For instance, there’s a variety of our personal favorites including Caladiums, Euphorbia lactea cristata, Hemionitis arifolia, and Peperomia to name but a few. Prices typically range from $5 to $40 depending on size and variety. 

The shop is also home to a sumptuous selection of planters, books, accessories, soil mix, tools, gifts, and decor. 

Plant Delivery in Los Angeles:

All plants are shipped via USPS within 2-3 days of the indoor being placed. Shipping fees vary based on order size and location. 

13) Fig Earth Supply ($)

Leading garden supply shop in Cypress Park.

Fig Earth Supply Plant Nursery in Los Angeles
Credit: Fig Earth Supply


Fig Earth Supply is an excellent garden supply shop located in Cypress Park. They are well regarded for their sustainable growing practices and are centered around helping people grow their own food and care for plant life. 

Plant Range:

Fig Earth Supply carries a wide selection for indoor houseplants starting from around $5 for smaller specimens going up to $150+ for larger, more mature plants. Here you’ll find Figs, Yucca, Palms, Peperomia Rosa, Philodendron Brasil, and Rubber Plants to name but a few.  

The shop also carries a great assortment of herb, vegetable, and fruit plants should you have a little outdoor space to start growing. For instance, these include cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, tomatillos, eggplants, strawberries, beans, squash, melons, artichokes, corn, and more. 

Plant Delivery in Los Angeles:

Plants are available for pick-up only. You can order online beforehand and collect your plants on arrival. 

14) Landmark Plant Co. ($$)

Modern indoor plant, ceramic, and gift shop.


Landmark Plant Co. is a modern plant, ceramic, and gift shop located in Leucadia and Oceanside, California. As well as curating an excellent indoor houseplant collection they also provide a range of design and build services and run regular events and workshops for plant lovers in the area. 

Plant Range:

The shop carries a rotating collection of houseplants throughout the year. You’ll always find a great selection of Philodendrons, Yucca plants, Zebra plants, Palms, and Ferns to name but a few. Prices typically range from $8 to $40 depending on size and variety. The shop is also well regarded for its range of modern and stylish planters which can be mixed and matched with whatever plant you’re looking to order. 

Plant Delivery in Los Angeles:

Live plants are shipped via USPS Priority mail across Los Angeles which usually takes 1-3 business days to arrive.

15) Cactus Store ($$)

Leading cacti store located in Echo Park.


Cactus Store is a cacti specialist with retail outposts in Echo Park (and a sister plant shop in NYC). 

Plant Range:

In short, here you’ll find a stunning collection of cacti and perhaps one of the most extensive available online in the United States. We recommend browsing through their online shop to see all the available cacti.

Some of our absolute favorite cacti specimens are here including Mammillaria matudae, Euphorbia abdelkuri, and Parodia leninghausii.

Prices range from around $20 to $200+ for larger, unique, and rare cacti. 

Plant Delivery in Los Angeles:

Plant delivery is available across Los Angeles. Orders typically arrive within 7 days. Please note plants are individually boxed and will require pots and soil on arrival.

16) POTTED ($$)

Upmarket plant shop and design boutique located in Atwater Village.

Potted Store Los Angeles
Credit: POTTED


POTTED is the creation of friends Annette Goliti Gutierrez and Mary Gray. Located in Atwater Village, they are a leading garden design boutique and plant shop that focus on houseplants & succulents and beautiful garden decor.

Plant Range:

The shop carries a wide array of plants, planters, decor, garden furniture, and accessories to help you on your green pathway. Collections rotate throughout the year but you’ll find an expertly considered selection of air plants, cacti, aloes, and more. Prices typically start from around $20. If you’re after a particular plant variety or need some advice on the best plants for your particular living environment the studio is also always on hand to share their wisdom. 

Plant Delivery in Los Angeles:

Local plant delivery is available across Los Angeles. Shipping fees vary depending on order size and distance from the shop in Atwater Village. 

17) Roger’s Gardens ($$$)

Popular garden center in Orange County.

Roger's Gardens Los Angeles
Credit: Roger’s Gardens


Roger’s Gardens is a destination home, garden, and landscaping center in Orange County. This beautiful retail location sits on seven acres of land right across from Fashion Island. 

Here you’ll find one of the most extensive plant collections around including indoor plants, outdoor plants, seasonal herbs, and vegetable plants in addition to pottery, furniture, artisan collectibles, and home decor. 

Plant Range:

The indoor plant range covers a number of plant varieties including figs, yucca, monstera deliciosa, sansevieria laurentii, ficus, dracaena, elephant ear, palms, money trees, silver bay, and snake plants to name but a few. Each can be purchased in a number of sizes with small starting from around $20 to $100+ for larger, more mature plants. 

Plant Delivery in Los Angeles:

Free plant delivery is available across Orange County. Orders typically arrive within 2 to 5 business days. We recommend checking shipping options for locations across the wider Los Angeles metropolitan area. 

18) Wild Flora ($$$)

Stylish and eclectic floral and plant studio.


In short, Wild Flora is an environmentally inspired florist, plant shop, and landscape design studio located in Studio City, Los Angeles. They offer a curated assortment of services and products, including flowers, garden & landscape designs, plants, terrariums, and environmentally friendly products.

Plant Range:

Wild Flora’s plant collection rotates throughout the year and you’ll find a great variety of plant life both in-store and online. In short, the studio is well regarded for the creative plant arrangements that mix seasonal blooms with succulents in addition to a line of standalone houseplants. Prices for their signature creations typically start from around $100 and individual plants from $30+. 

Plant Delivery in Los Angeles:

Plant delivery is available across Los Angeles. Shipping fees and delivery estimates are calculated based on order size. 

19) French Florist ($$$)

Long-standing local Los Angeles florist for composed ornamental houseplants.

French Florist Plants in Los Angeles
Credit: French Florist


A leading Los Angeles floristry and plant studio that’s been serving the city with fresh blooms and greenery since 1978. In short, the studio is well regarded for its elegant designs and extensive collections which are suitable for all budget considerations. 

Plant Range:

The plant studio is perhaps best known for its range of ceramic dish gardens and baskets which feature an eclectic mix of tropical plants and native Californian species. These typically range from $60 to $125. 

Standalone green houseplants include Areca Palms, Blooming Peace Lily, Dieffenbachia, Ferns, and Arboricola plants to name but a few. Prices typically range from $40 to $60 based on the size of the plant. French Florist is also home to one of the best orchid collections in Los Angeles.

Plant Delivery in Los Angeles:

Same-day plant delivery is available in Los Angeles, and also to the surrounding areas. 

The Best Flower and Plant Delivery Services in California:

For more exceptional floristry in the region see our expert guides to the best florists and flower delivery services in San Diego, best floral design studios and flower delivery in San Francisco, and our local’s guide to floristry in San Jose.


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