The Best Indoor Flower Pots and Planters for 2020:

Here you’ll find 50 great options for indoor planters and pots from some of our favorite home decor stores and specialist potteries today. There’s a great selection of decorative, modern, unique, and artisan indoor planters to be found including classic terracotta planters, tall ceramic pots, hand-chiseled stone basins, rattan woven baskets, spun metal hanging planters, carved solid oak pots and much more. In addition, many come in a range of size options and are suitable for a diverse array of houseplants, cacti, succulents, and flowering plants. What’s more, we’ve included options for every budget consideration and they all ship nationwide. Enjoy! 

Canopy Self Watering Indoor Planter:

Canopy self watering indoor planter from Amara
Credit: Amara
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Not only does this glass indoor planter look stunning it’s also super practical. The included rope cleverly draws water from the base section to keep the plant hydrated at all times. Perfect for those tropical species that love persistent moisture in the soil base. Nice! 

Stacking Indoor Planters by Chen and Kai:

Stacking Planter by Chen and Kai from Coming Soon
Credit: Coming Soon
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These cool stackable indoor planters feature a base ring that serves as the saucer and the planter section seamlessly aligns on top. These work great on a tabletop or side console throughout the home.

Modern Etch Pot:

Etch terracotta indoor plant pot
Credit: Verishop
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The Etch Pot is a great contemporary planter that’s available in a range of designs and colors. Each feature hand-etched symmetrical patterns and there’s also a built-in tray for drainage. Excellent. 

Ridged Fiber Stone & Wood Leg Pot:

Ridged Fiber Stone & Wood Leg Indoor plant Pot
Credit: Terrain
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This is a stand out contemporary indoor planter from Terrain that’s been crafted by hand. It features a stone planter with an stylish ridged finish and comes complete with sleek wooden legs. 

Vayu Planter & Tray:

Vayu planter and tray for houseplants and cacti
Credit: Food52
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This interesting sand-colored stoneware and pink porcelain indoor planter has me thinking of Pablo Picasso. I’d happily perch this artistic gem in a central point of view complete with neon or red prayer plant and wonder about the complexities of cubism. 

Archie Pot:

Archie Indoor Pot for side-tables and tabletops.
Credit: Verishop
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This decorative and modern planter is available in a variety of cool colors. What’s more, it’s practical as well as stylish. The base functions as a water tray allowing you to directly place the planter section on top to collect any drainage. 

Footed Indoor Terra-cotta Planter:

Footed Terra-cotta Indoor Planters
Credit Food52
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The famed terra-cotta indoor planter is a staple in any self-respecting plant enthusiasts collection. These beauties are crafted in the highly regarded Mekong Delta in Vietnam using the legendary clay found in the region. They’re also designed to create a one-of-a-kind finish on each and every planter that matures and evolves as the pot ages.  

Eros Modern Indoor Planters:

Tall blue modern terracotta indoor planter
Credit: Verishop
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This striking tall terracotta indoor planter is available in 2 colors. It’s perfect for houseplants that love to vine and overflow such as Ivy, Marble Queen Pothos, Trailing Jade, or a Philodendron Lemon Lime. It’s also expertly designed to include tray in the base. 

Mid-Century Modern Indoor Planter:

Mid-Century Modern Indoor Planter from Etsy
Credit: Etsy
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This is an excellent example of a classic mid-century indoor planter. It’s large enough to house an array of indoor plants including ferns, figs, palms, ZZ plants and more. In addition, the planter stand is made in the US from solid American Ash.

Wood Stripe Hanging Pot:

Wood Stripe Hanging Indoor Pot from Terrain
Credit: Terrain
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One of our favorite hanging planters. This charming wooden pot is perfect for smaller houseplants and works great hanging near windows where it can catch a few rays. 

Pallas Indoor Floor Planters:

Pallas Indoor Floor Planter from The Sill
Credit: The Sill
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These popular indoor planters are a firm favorite. The pot’s named after the legendary Prussian zoologist and botanist Peter Simon Pallas. They’re timeless, elegant and available in several different colors. 

Dipped Clay Pot & Stand:

Dipped clay indoor pot and stand
Credit: Anthropologie
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This stylish and affordable two tone clay pot from Anthropologie looks great as a centerpiece in the living room or hallway in the home. It’s super functional as well as the tray captures any excess water.  

VONDOM Stones Indoor Planters:

Vondom Black Stone Indoor Planters
Credit: Vondom
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These unique modern stone planters are designed exclusively for VONDOM by esteemed designers Stefano Giovannoni and Elisa Gargan. Available in a range of colors, Stones strive to create a natural interplay between the natural world and our modern living environments. An exquisite choice for cacti, succulents, and houseplants. Plus, there are also options that come complete with their own self-watering systems. 

Charlynn Wood Indoor Planters:

Charlynn indoor wooden bowl style planters for houseplants, succulents, and cacti
Credit: Lulu & Georgia
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These refined wooden indoor planters make a great addition to a host of living spaces. Simple, yet elegant they’re perfect for mixed houseplant ensembles as well as cacti, succulents, and mosses. 

Basket Extra Large White Indoor Planter:

Basket Extra Large White Indoor Planter in two tone finish.
Credit: CB2
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This extra-large indoor planter is made from natural rattan and features a clean symmetrical two-tone graphic. What’s more, it includes a watertight liner inside so it’s perfect for houseplants and small indoor trees.  

Morris and Co. Acanthus Indoor Planter:

Morris and Co. Acanthus Indoor Wooden Planter
Credit: Lulu & Georgia
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This exceptional wooden planter features intricate carvings that pay homage to the first pattern released by Morris & Co. all the way back in 1884. This artisanal gem is made from solid teak root and would adorn any contemporary living space. 

Large Milking Indoor Planter:

Larger Indoor Milking Stool Style Planter
Credit: Coming Soon
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For those looking for an epic statement piece of indoor planter art. This exquisite modern planter from Workaday Handmade evokes a classic milking stool and is crafted completely by hand. 

Gold Faceted Tall Indoor Planters:

Gold Faceted tall indoor ceramic planters
Credit: Jayson Home
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These stylish indoor ceramic planters feature a cool metallic gold glaze. There’s also an interesting dimensional texture which shimmers light throughout the day. What’s more, each planter has a drainage hole so you’ll never need to worry about overwatering (just remember to add a tray underneath!). 

Wolter 9-Piece Wash Clay Wall Planter:

Wolter 9-Piece Wash Clay Wall Planter
Credit: Joss & Main
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This clever 9-piece wall planter has a multitude of possibilities. The wire wall frame comes complete with 9 clay pots that you could mix and match with herbs, succulents, mosses, and baby plants to create a compelling artistic installation in the home. 

Dia Natural Indoor Basket Planter:

Dia Natural Indoor Basket Planter
Credit: Urban Outfitters
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These boho-chic indoor woven basket planters are simple, affordable and effective. They work great in sunny corners throughout the house for a host of plant life and come in 3 sizes starting at just $19. 

Snohetta x Terra By Georg Jensen Small Stainless Steel Pot:

Snohetta x Terra By Georg Jensen Small Stainless Steel Pot for indoor plants and cacti
Credit: Saks
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This contemporary stainless steel indoor planter from famed Norweign studio Snohetta looks great in any contemporary urban abode. The steel provides a compelling contrast to a plethora of indoor greenery.

Cecilia Indoor Tabletop Planters:

Cecilia Tabletop ceramic Planters
Credit: West Elm
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The Cecilia indoor planters are the perfect size for tabletops and work all around the house. A great option for a host of plant life and they start at just $30. 

Aaliyah Ceramic Indoor Planter on Wooden Stand:

Aaliyah Ceramic Planter on Wooden Stand
Credit: Pottery Barn
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These interesting indoor ceramic decorative planters feature a matte glaze and artistic geometric pattern. They also come complete with a smooth pine wood base and the planter is 100% watertight and phthalate, BPA, and lead free. 

Blue & White Ceramic Indoor Planters:

Blue & White Ceramic Indoor Planter
Credit: Williams Sonoma
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We love these Ming-style indoor decorative glazed porcelain planters in blue and white from Williams Sonoma. They feature intricate botanical patterns and are large enough for a range of houseplants.

Double M Pottery – Overglazed Dot:

Double M Pottery - Overglazed Dot
Credit: Potted
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These modern handmade indoor planters are the creation of Mary McDonald of Double M Pottery. Everything she makes is handcrafted in her dedicated studio in Laguna Beach, California. What’s more, The Overglazed Dot also comes in 5 cool colors. 

Gabi Brown Indoor Planter:

Gabi Brown Indoor Ridged Planter
Credit: CB2
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The Gabi Brown terracotta indoor planter is a sculptural masterpiece. It looks great from every angle and would be particularly well suited to draping vine plants such as Ivy or Pothos. 

Sundara Decorative Planter:

Sundara modern ceramic indoor planter
Credit: Lulu & Georgia
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This abstract ceramic indoor planter evokes the sun rising over the mountains. It features delicious cream and brown hues and would look amazing perched on a tabletop or filling a bright corner of the room. 

Hege Flowerpot with Stand:

Modern Hedge Flowerpot with Stand
Credit: Amara
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This opulent black indoor planter makes a truly epic ornamental centerpiece. Perfect for the home living room or entry hallway. I’d pair it with a snake plant, fiddle leaf fig, or maybe even a Monstera for a truly dramatic show. 

Ceramic & Walnut Base Indoor Planter:

Ceramic and Walnut decorative Base Planter
Credit: Food52
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These refined, American-made ceramic indoor planters are an ode to mid-century craftwork. These would reside proudly in a home office as well as a range of living spaces happily housing a range of interesting plant life. 

Small Ceramic Indoor Marble Planters:

Small ceramic decorative marble planters
Credit: Etsy
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These small planters are perfect for succulent plants or mini cacti and would sit happily on any desk or window ledge throughout the home or office. A snip at just $11 as well. 

Tripod Ceramic Planter:

Modern Tripod Ceramic Planter
Credit: VÍA RAÍZ
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This contemporary and artistic indoor planter pays homage to Mayan design aesthetics. Artfully composed, this ceramic piece goes through a 3-phase firing process to create a unique finish. 

Handkerchief Planters:

Modern and decorative Handkerchief indoor planters from Jayson Home
Credit: Jayson Home
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These elegant beauties feature iconic mid-century Swiss design. Each one is crafted from lightweight resin and would work great for a low-lying cacti or succulent bed in-addition to tall, leafy green houseplants nestled on the floor or perched on a tabletop. 

Cement 6″ Indoor Hanging Planters:

Small hanging decorative cement indoor planters
Credit: Urban Outfitters
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These cool 6” hanging indoor cement planters look great in bedrooms, hallways, and living rooms. They’d work great as a duo or trio and each comes complete with a macramé knotted rope hanger so they’re easy to install as well. 

Gunmetal Low Round Pots:

Gunmetal modern style low round pots from Jayson Home
Credit: Jayson Home
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These modern spherical indoor planters are super versatile and work across a broad array of living spaces. There are 3 different size options available so perfect for a range of houseplants and greenery and each has a drainage hole. 

Snohetta x Terra By Georg Jensen Large Pot:

Snohetta x Terra By Georg Jensen Large Modern Indoor Pot for houseplants and tall cacti
Credit: Saks
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This large terra pot is the vision of leading designer Georg Jensen. This indoor planter cleverly tapers from the base giving your chosen houseplant’s roots more space to grow and breathe. The planter comes with its own base and features a stylish stainless steel badge. 

Spun Metal Standing Indoor Planters – Brass:

Spun metal modern standing planters with brass finish for indoor houseplants
Credit: West Elm
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These stylish and contemporary indoor planters are crafted from spun aluminium and include a cool brass finish. What’s more, it comes complete with a slim, x-shaped base or you can separate and stand the planter on it’s own. Plus, they’re all made at a dedicated fair trade certified facility. 

iittala Nappula Indoor Plant Pot:

iittala Nappula Indoor Modern Plant Pot
Credit: 2Modern
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These signature planters from famed designers iittala have an intriguing flowing design and stem that make stunning vessels for displaying houseplants around the home. They are available in beige, dark green, and white and also come in 2 size options. 

Burbank Modern Indoor Planters:

Burbank classic ceramic planters from The Sill
Credit: The Sill
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The Burbank Planter from The Sill is a great fiberglass tabletop pot suitable for a whole host of plant life. It’s named after revered American botanist, horticulturist, and agricultural science pioneer Luther Burbank. 

Bloomscape – Just The Pot

Large Ecopot from Bloomscape
Credit: Bloomscape
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This excellent Ecopot from Bloomscape boasts clean, uncomplicated lines and is perfect for a vessel for a host of plant life. What’s more, each pot and saucer is made with up to 80% recycled plastic – most of which is pulled from the ocean. Delightful.

Rattan Footed Basket Planter:

Rattan Footed Basket Indoor Planter
Credit: Terrain
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This excellent footed bowl planter is woven from natural rattan. What’s great is it comes fitted with a special built-in liner which makes planting and watering indoor houseplants an absolute breeze. 

Planter by Concrete Cat:

Decorative Indoor Planter in pink, blue and orange finish.
Credit: Coming Soon
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This unique, artisanal indoor planter is unlike any other. Magical colors, compelling structure and the perfect vessel for a host of plant life in your home or office. Delightful. 

Hanging Indoor Bamboo Planter:

Hanging Bamboo decorative indoor planters and pots
Credit: Amara
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This beautiful pair of bamboo hanging indoor planters come hand finished in a cool two tone design. These would look great with any draping vine plant, pothos or even a small fern or spider plant. 

Nordic-Style Indoor Ceramic Planters:

Nordic style decorative indoor planters and pots
Credit: Etsy
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These trendy modern indoor planters are available in 3 different sizes so would work well with small plants and succulents as well as larger, more mature plants. You can also mix and match colors (there’s gold, rose, and silver). 

Ceramic Hanging Planter:

White ceramic hanging  indoor planters
Credit: Joss & Main
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These ceramic indoor hanging planters are simple, yet elegant and include twine and 3-point supports so they’re very sturdy as well. A great base for a host of hanging greenery. 

Tre Terracotta Planter:

Tre Terracotta Indoor Planter
Credit: CB2
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This ivory terra cotta indoor planter comes finished with a creative facade and a wide brown-glazed band. Would look great perched on a side console or alongside a media unit and could easily house a fiddle leaf fig bush, fern, prayer plant, pothos, or spider plant. 

Rollingwood Cast Stone Planter Box:

Rollingwood Cast Stone Planter Box
Credit: Joss & Main
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This contemporary cast stone planter box works just well indoors as it does outdoors. It’s available in 12 colors and is the perfect vessel for a row for succulents or cacti on a window ledge or centerpiece on a table or side console in the home or office. 

Stump White Cylinder Indoor Planters:

Stump white cylinder planter
Credit: Tula
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These classically designed and practical indoor planters are handmade in Roseville, Ohio. The shape is perfect for numerous houseplant varieties including tropical plants as well cacti and succulents. It’s also available in 3 sizes ranging from 10” to 15”. 

Bungalow Planter Collection:

Bungalow glazed stoneware pots and planters
Credit: Pottery Barn
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The Bungalow indoor planter collection from Pottery Barn are all handmade of glazed stoneware. They feature a creative carved look and come complete with super study wood stands. Perfect for large plant centerpieces such as mature Monsteras, Palms, Ferns, Figs and more. 

Ferm Living Plant Box:

Ferm living plant box
Credit: 2Modern
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This elegant standing plant box comes in a choice of 7 colors in a powder coated metal finish. We love the entire of creating a stunning island of greenery or row of cacti in one of these and would work in a number of locations in your home or office. 

Hanging Copper Planter:

Hanging Copper Planter
Credit: Williams Sonoma
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These beautifully simplistic hanging indoor planters are perfect for small houseplants, succulents, or even potpourri. Each is expertly crafted by hand by skilled coppersmiths in Turkey. They use time-honored spinning techniques to create the elegant shapes. What’s more, the copper will age naturally over time to a very cool deep, and rich bronze patina. 

Indoor Planters and Pots FAQ:

Yes, you’ll need some form of drainage system to care for your houseplants, cacti or succulents. Many indoor plants include a drainage hole where water can disperse as it runs through the soil. In these instances make sure you use a saucer or appropriate tray underneath to catch the excess. If you have a watertight indoor planter or pot simply go with the 2-pot system by placing whatever container your plant, cacti or succulent arrived in directly inside the watertight planter. 

Simple ceramic indoor pots typically start from around $10 and are available in a range of size options and styles. Artistic and artisanal planters can vary dramatically in price (anywhere from $100 to $1000) depending on the brand, materials used, and craftsmanship involved.  

We recommend a minimum planter size of 10” in both diameter and height if you’re looking to grow a houseplant (such as a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree or Monstera Deliciosa) of 4 feet or more tall. Your houseplants’ roots will quickly grow to fill the planter and you’ll need a sturdy base to support the plant as it grows both up and out. Ceramic, terra cotta, stone, or concrete are great materials to consider.

Modern decorative planters feature a range of interesting materials including glass, spun aluminum, brass, artisanal terra cotta, and solid wood (often oak and pine). 


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