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The Best Florists for Flower Delivery in Chicago

Updated August 27th, 2021 by Petal Republic Chicago

Welcome to our local guide to flower delivery in Chicago. From historic and landmark flower shops to the best floral design studios, there’s a world of stunning floristry to be found for every style preference and budget. Here you’ll find 26 of our favorites crafting all sorts of beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements for romantic gestures, birthdays, anniversaries, thank you messages, sympathy & condolence, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more throughout the year. In addition, many provide same-day flower delivery across Chicagoland when you need fresh seasonal flowers in a snap. Enjoy!

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25 Best Options for Flower Delivery in Chicago, Illinois:

1) Ode à la ROSEFrench Floristry$$
2) UrbanStemsModern & stylish$$
3) FloomArtisan & eclectic $$
4) Flowers For DreamsModern & stylish$
5) Marguerite GardensArtistic & contemporary$$$
6) Cornell FloristArtistic & contemporary$$$$
7) Fleur De LisEuropean & contemporary$$$
8) Halsted FlowersCreative & uplifting$
9) Asrai GardenArtistic & contemporary$$$$
10) Larkspur Chicago Organic & natural$$$
11) Stella Grey BloomsChic & contemporary$$$$
12) Venus ET FleurModern European$$
13) Sprout HomeCustom floral designs$$
14) FleurSeasonal & stylish$$
15) Dilly LilyModern European$$$
16) Bloom Floral Modern & stylish $$$
17) Bunches ChicagoEnglish Garden Chic$$$
18) Steve’s Flower MarketModern European$$
19) Field & FloristOrganic, homegrown blooms$$$
20) FromYouFlowersClassical & Contemporary $
21) Tea Rose Flower ShopModern & stylish$$
22) Jazzy FlowersArtistic & contemporary$$$
23) StemsModern & stylish$$$
24) A Pretty FlowerClassical floristry$$
25) That’s Amore FloristClassical floristry$$
26) Mangel FloristArtistic & contemporary$$$$

The Best Florists for Flower Delivery in Chicago

1) Ode à la ROSE

Sumptuous French floristry featuring exquisite rose and mixed-stem seasonal arrangements. Prices from $50. 

About Ode à la Rose:

Ode à la Rose is a great local French floristry studio steeped in Parisian floral design.

Here you’ll find lovingly crafted, and beautifully packaged flower arrangements with a contemporary French twist. In addition to their exquisite, best-selling rose collection, expect a range of luscious seasonal blooms and chic dried floral arrangements.

Prices range from $50 to $100+ for one of the studio’s signature arrangements. Perfect for a stylish floral gift for the likes of Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday flowers, anniversaries, and more throughout the year.

Chicago Flower Delivery Options:

Flower delivery services are available same-day, next-day, or on a specified day across Chicago.


  • Phone: 1.312.600-9994

2) UrbanStems

Modern & stylish floral arrangements for gifting and the home. Prices from $50.

About UrbanStems:

UrbanStems are a popular flower delivery and gifting specialist known for their stylish and vibrant floral arrangements which are designed in partnership with the likes of Vogue and other leading collaborations. These always make an excellent floral gift for friends, family, and loved ones in addition to a beautiful arrangement for the home or office.

Expect to pay from $50 for one of their signature flower bouquets and they also offer a great flower subscription service in addition to a cool collection of houseplants and gift baskets for delivery throughout Chicago.

Chicago Flower Delivery Options:

UrbanStems deliver the next day across Chicago, Illinois, and the surrounding areas on all orders placed by 2 pm.


  • Phone: (855)-61-HAPPY

3) Floom

The online platform bringing together local artisan florists across Chicago. Prices start from around $40.

About Floom:

Floom’s the place that brings together all the best local artisan floristry studios in Chicago (including the likes of Mudd Fleur, Marguerite Gardens, and JMB Haute Floral Design). Here you’ll find some of the most talented, independent floral designers in the city crafting an excellent range of creative and unique floral arrangements for gifting and the home.

In addition, they pride themselves on ensuring what you see on screen is exactly what you receive. Expect lovingly curated bouquets and compelling vase arrangements throughout.

Prices start from around $40 with lots of options for more elaborate and lavish creations if you’re after something particularly spectacular.

Chicago Flower Delivery Options:

Floom offers same-day flower delivery throughout Chicagoland including Hyde Park, North Park, Lincoln Park, Gold Coast, Brainerd, Pullman, Englewood, South Shore, Roseland, and Washington Heights.


  • Phone: (646) 968 0316

4) Flowers For Dreams

Stylish bouquets, honest prices, and a share of profits that go to support local charities. Prices from $35.

About Flowers For Dreams:

Born out of a college project, Flowers For Dreams have quickly grown into a full-scale business serving Chicago and Milwaukee. Moreover, these are purpose-driven petals. Here you’ll find beautiful arrangements filled with organic blooms delivered by hand and bike across Chicagoland. And, this empowered business gives back to the local community through a range of charitable initiatives.

In terms of their creative flower arrangements, Flowers For Dreams keep the choices simple – typically 3 or 4 hand-tied seasonal bouquets in either small, medium, or large. Expect to pay $35 for a small bouquet wrapped in reusable sackcloth to $85 for a large bouquet in reclaimed wood or metal vases. Great for all sorts of gifting occasions for a loved one, friend, or colleague and they cater to all the big occasions including Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthday Flowers, and more.

Delivery Options:

Same-day, next-day, or specified-day delivery options are available throughout Chicago, 7-days a week.


  • Phone: 312.620.1410
  • email:

5) Marguerite Gardens

One-of-kind floristry from a highly skilled studio. Prices start at around $75.

About Marguerite Gardens:

Marguerite Gardens is a European-style florist located in the West Town neighborhood. In short, they mix classic English Garden and modern European floral designs across a range of artistic and innovative arrangements and hand-tied bouquets.

What’s more, the studio specializes in rare, unique, and hard-to-find stem combinations that spark unique floral compositions. In short, a great choice for interesting flower arrangements for the home as well as unique and creative gifting flowers for a loved one. One of our favorite floral design studios in the city.

Delivery Options:

Same-day, next-day, or specified-day delivery is available across Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas. Order by 1 pm CST (Monday to Friday).


  • Phone: 1.773.698.7092
  • Email:

6) Cornell Florist

The place to go for inspired, natural, and innovative floristry. Expect to pay upwards of $100.

About Cornell Florist:

Cornell Florist is an exceptional floral design studio crafting an array of artistic and inventive floral arrangements. Here you’ll find a host of captivating designs mixing beautiful flowers and foliage to form intricate textural elements, fragrances, and color tones throughout.

This is a great option for unique, one-of-a-kind floristry. Perfect for special gifts as well as eye-catching ornamental centerpieces for the home or office. There’s also a great collection of unusual houseplants.

Delivery Options:

Same-day, next-day, specified-day delivery is available across Chicago. The shop is open for deliveries from Tuesday through Saturday every week.


  • Phone: 1.773.324.1651
  • Email:

7) Fleur De Lis Chicago

The place to go for bespoke, custom floral design from an exceptional floristry team. Prices start at $65.

About Fleur de Lis Florist:

Located in the River North Gallery District, Fleur de Lis Florist is a great local floral design studio. Above all, they are well regarded for their bespoke floral designs. They encourage customers to share their favored stems and flower combinations which the studio will then craft into a personalized flower arrangement just for you complete with a handwritten card message.

A great choice for a host of gifting occasions when you’re looking for something a little more unique and personable.

Delivery Options:

Same-day, next-day, or specified-day delivery is available across Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas. Order by 12 pm CST.


  • Phone: 1.312.943.4444

8) Halsted Flowers

A much-loved, local, independent Chicago florist. Same-day delivery is available and prices start at $60.

About Halstead Flowers:

Based in Lincoln Park, Halstead Flowers is one of our favorite independent local florists serving the city of Chicago. Plus, with close to 30 years of experience in the industry, owner – Geneva Currin brings a deep appreciation and knowledge of the floristry world.

In short, here you’ll find a great collection of everyday flowers as well as creative, occasion-ready arrangements for special gifting occasions such as Mother’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, and more.

Expect to pay $60 to $90 plus delivery for one of their best-selling creations.

Delivery Options:

Same-day delivery is available across Chicago (orders by 2:30 pm CET). Please note, there’s a minimum order value of $75 on fresh flowers. $40 for plants and gifts.


  • Phone: 1.773.883.8600

9) Asrai Garden

A trendy retail outpost in Wicker Park known for stunning flower arrangements and luxurious fine jewelry. Prices start at around $80.

About Asrai Gardens:

If you’ve ever stepped into one of Asrai Gardens 2 city locations you’ll know what an immersive experience their retail stores create. It’s moody and atmospheric with a heavy scent of fresh blooms and exquisite tropical plants.

Here you’ll find a highly skilled design crafting beautiful flower arrangements with some vintage taxidermy on the side!

Expect to pay from $80 for one of the studio’s signature floral creations.

Delivery Options:

Next-day or specified-day delivery is available across Chicago.


  • Phone: Wicker Park: 312 344 1467 // West Loop: 773 782 0680
  • Email:

10) Larkspur

The place to go for homegrown, sustainable, organic, and regenerative flower farming! Prices start at $75.

About Larkspur:

Located in Southwest Michigan, Larkspur started growing its own flowers in 2008 using very traditional organic farming practices to cultivate unique flower varieties. Importantly, their season runs typically from April through September. Plus, varieties change throughout the year with the seasons as you might expect. Above all this is a great option for farm-fresh, local, beautiful flowers, and seasonal floristry with all orders shipped directly from the farm.

Delivery Options:

Next-day or specified-day delivery is available across Chicagoland. Larkspur typically requests 1-2 day’s notice to prepare your order.


  • Phone: 1.312.226.5567
  • Email:

11) Stella Grey Blooms

The place to go for chic, affordable flower arrangements and amazing vases. Prices start at $45.

About Stella Grey Blooms:

Stella Grey Blooms in an independent full-service Chicago florist and gift shop. Here you’ll find chic floral designs featuring a range of modern and contemporary styles. What’s more, they have some of the best flower vases, planters, and vessels in the city.

A great option for birthday flowers, anniversary flowers, thank you messages, and more. Prices are also on the affordable side starting at around $45 for the best-selling arrangements. You can include a card message with each arrangement as well.

Delivery Options:

Next-day or specified-day delivery is available across Chicago and surrounding areas.


  • Phone: 1.773.270.5925
  • Email:

12) Venus ET Fleur

The place to go for epic rose arrangements that last a full year! Prices range from $50 to $350+.

About Venus ET Fleur:

Venus ET Fleur is all about grand, premium rose arrangements. When you need to make a seriously impressive statement (particularly with matters of the heart) these might well be your best bet. What’s more, their special preserved rose collections promise to still look spritely a year from receipt!

Expect to pay $50 to $100 for a small, token arrangement – full-on boxed flower arrangements start at $200 and keep going.

Delivery Options:

Next-day or specified-day delivery is available across Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas.


  • Phone: 1-800-808-9830
  • Email:

13) Sprout Home

The place to go for bespoke, custom-designed bouquets and arrangements. Prices start at around $60.

About Sprout Home:

Sprout Home’s online offering is a little different from most. Firstly, browse through some inspirational bouquets and complete a short creative brief for Sprout Home to follow. Then, specify your budget and any other key considerations (such as a card message) and Sprout home will do the rest. The result, a unique and eclectic bouquet is all yours! Expect to pay from $60 plus delivery.

Delivery Options:

Next-day or specified-day delivery is available across Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas.


  • Phone: 1.312.226.5950
  • Email:

14) Fleur

A creative lifestyle boutique curating charming, seasonal flower bouquets. Arrangements start at just $35.

About Fleur:

Fleur Inc. is a cool and eclectic floral and lifestyle boutique. What started out as a floral bucket shop back in 2002 has grown to become a creative outpost for a range of home goods, linens, jewelry, fragrances as well as delectable floral creations.

In short, here you’ll find expert local florists curating a collection of delightful, seasonal, hand-tied bouquets featuring all sorts of beautiful flowers. These are available in 3 sizes Small ($35), Medium ($50), and Large ($75) – each comes with a cute card message as well.

Delivery Options:

Next-day or specified-day delivery is available across Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas.


  • Phone: 1.773.395.2770
  • Email:

15) Dilly Lily

A high-end Chicago florist and floral design studio crafting colorful and inventive arrangements. Delivery is available across Chicago and prices range from $35 to $150+.

About Dilly Lily:

Dilly Lily is a high-end Chicago flower shop and floral design studio based in Lincoln Park. In short, they are best known for their creative flower arrangements that mix vibrant and uplifting colorful designs with a little twist of the unexpected.

What’s more, the skillful floristry team is adept at crafting a broad array of styles should you have a particular composition or stem combination in mind.

In addition, the shop carries a great collection of unique and thoughtful gifts including candles, greeting cards, house plants, jewelry, and an elegant gift basket collection.

Prices start at around $35 but expect to pay $100+ for one of the studio’s signature floral creations.

Delivery Options:

Same-day flower delivery is available across Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas.


  • Phone: 1.773.404.0602

16) Bloom Floral

A modern and stylish Chicago flower delivery service offering speedy same-day delivery. Prices from $75.

About Bloom Floral:

Bloom Floral is a modern and stylish Chicago flower delivery specialist well known for its trendy bouquets and vibrant floral arrangements.

Here you’ll find all sorts of color-filled designs tailored to numerous gifting occasions throughout the year including birthdays, romantic gestures, new baby celebrations, thank you messages, sympathy and condolences, in addition to special collections for the likes of Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and the Holidays. There are plenty of beautiful flowers to pick from as well including dazzling roses, pristine orchids, and one of the most extensive peony collections in the city.

Prices typically range from $75 to $150 dependent on the size and scope of the floral design.

Delivery Options:

Same-day flower delivery throughout Chicago is available on all orders placed by 4 pm (Monday to Friday) and 11 am on Sundays. Note the studio is closed on Saturdays.


  • Phone: 312.934.6947
  • Email:

17) Bunches Chicago

The place to go for affordable garden-chic floral designs. Prices start at around $50.

About Bunches:

Serving Chicagoland since 1978, Bunches are a stand-out professional florist whipping up stylish and chic arrangements.

Their design style has been described as ‘garden chic with a contemporary attitude’. Above all, there’s a great selection of ready-to-go floral designs tailor-made to a host of gifting occasions.

A perfect gift birthday flowers, thank-yous, celebrations, Mother’s Day flowers, anniversaries, and many more. Prices start from $50 and the team can include a handwritten card message as well.

Delivery Options:

Same-day flower delivery is available across Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas.


  • Phone: 1.773.975.2444

18) Steve’s Flower Market

A much-loved Chicago mainstay crafting an extensive assortment of single and mixed stem arrangements. Prices start from $40.

About Steve’s Flower Market:

Steve’s Flower Market is a long-standing, family-owned, and operated Chicago florist.

In short, they’re the go-to for many looking for fresh, European-inspired floral designs. What’s more, they cater to an extensive array of floral gifting occasions and are suitable for budgets of all sizes. So, if you’re just looking for market-fresh blooms for everyday occasions under $50 you’ll find a great selection of best-selling designs here. Larger and more decadent floral arrangements are also available which are typically priced from $100.

Delivery Options:

Same-day, next-day, or specified-day delivery is available across Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas.


  • Phone: 1.312.929.4217

19) Field & Florist

The place to go for sumptuous, home-grown, farm-fresh blooms. Prices start at around $75.

About Field & Florist:

Field & Florist is a delightful floral design studio and flower nursery. What makes this studio very special is the fact they harvest their own blooms from their flower farm in Three Oaks, MI. The farm is centered around organic growing practices with no pesticides or harmful chemicals used anywhere in their production.

The farm supplies the shop with a rotating collection of fresh flowers throughout the growing season from late March through October typically. A sumptuous delivery service that’s well worth considering for a special occasion. A card message can be included with all orders as well.

Delivery Options:

Next-day or specified-day delivery is available across Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas.


  • Phone: 1.773.698.7491   
  • Email:

20) FromYouFlowers

Fast and affordable flower delivery for every occasion. Prices from $25.

About FromYouFlowers:

FromYouFlowers are one of the most dependable options for cheap and speedy flower delivery in Chicago. Here you’ll find a vast inventory of fresh floral arrangements ready-to-go for every gifting occasion imaginable. Expect numerous options for a range of style preferences as well with collections covering everything from timeless and traditional through to more contemporary and avant-garde designs.

Seasonal arrangements start as low as $25 with a classic dozen red roses from just $29.99. There are also lots of houseplants, blooming dish gardens, succulents, cacti, gift baskets, and more ranging in price from around $30 to $70.

Delivery Options:

FromYouFlowers offer a same-day flower delivery service throughout Chicagoland, 7-days a week.


  • Tel: 855.372.7386

21) Tea Rose Flower Shop

A charming Chicago florist curating a wide assortment of uplifting arrangements. Prices start at just $40.

About Tea Rose Flower Shop:

Tina Skorey is the creative force behind Tea Rose Flower Shop bringing over 15 years of floristry experience to the business. Above all, here you’ll find a wide assortment of fresh beautiful flowers, creativity imagined with a stylish and modern twist. These are uplifting flower arrangements that are perfectly suited to a host of floral gifting occasions. Prices start from under $50 and there’s a great selection for most budget considerations.

Delivery Options:

Next-day or specified-day delivery is available across Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas.


  • Phone: 1.773.588.5588
  • Email:

22) Jazzy Flowers

A creative full-service Chicago florist. Delivery is available across the city and prices typically range from $50 to $400.

About Jazzy Flowers:

Jazzy Flowers is a full-service Chicago Florist catering to a wide array of special events and occasions throughout the city. They also offer a great online flower delivery service that covers a sizable collection of occasion-ready arrangements tailored to a host of budget considerations.

For instance, you can order a custom-designed, seasonal bouquet starting at $50, or a grand, expansive floral creation at $300+ should you be in the market for something truly epic. In addition, their floral designs cover a range of styles from classical to ultra-modern and tropical.

Delivery Options:

Next-day or specified-day delivery is available across Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas.


  • Phone: 1.312.421.7167

23) Stems

The place to go for bespoke floristry from a highly creative design studio. Prices start at around $60.

About Stems:

Stems is a full-service florist providing fresh floral designs for everyday retail, as well as amazing wedding flowers, corporate events, the holidays, and other special occasions.

Above all, the studio is known for its custom, whimsical arrangements that prioritize seasonal blooms. You’ll also find inventive use of colors, tones, texture, and interesting stem combinations that make the studio’s floral designs unique from anything you’ll find elsewhere. What’s more, Stems will happily craft a bespoke design should you have a particular occasion or vision in mind.

Delivery Options:

Same-day (order by 11 am), next-day or specified-day delivery is available across Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas.


  • Phone: 1.312.243.4470
  • Email:

24) A Pretty Flower

A charming family-run, Chicago florist. Same-day flower delivery is available across the city and floral arrangements typically start at around $60.

About A Pretty Flower:

A Pretty Flower is a charming Chicago florist that’s owned and operated by the Mother and Daughter team Juli & Dragica. Here’s where you’ll find genuine care and attention given to each and every floral creation. They also handpick the flowers they sell and are in touch with each step of the process from beginning to end.

The floral designs are elegant and stylish with a contemporary note. Plus, you’ll find a great selection of arrangements, be it a beautiful bouquet or exquisite vase design tailor-made to a range of gifting occasions as well as the holidays. Prices typically start from around $60.

Delivery Options:

Same-day, next-day, or specified-day delivery is available across Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas.


  • Phone: 1.773.506.0806
  • Email:

25) That’s Amore Florist

The place to go for high-quality, unique flowers and plants in the Southport Corridor. Prices start at around $50.

About That’s Amore Florist:

That’s Amore having been serving the Southport Corridor with fresh petals and plants since 1993. The shop is run by the husband and wife team Erik & Leah. As well as being a great option for the everyday flower bouquet the shop also prides itself on carrying an eclectic collection of rare, interesting, and unusual flowers. There’s also an extensive assortment of indoor and houseplants should you be after your next palm, yucca, or snake plant (to name but a few!) plus a great gift basket collection.

Delivery Options:

Same-day (orders by 10:30 am), next-day, or specified-day delivery is available across Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas.


  • Phone: 1.773.472.6673

26) Mangel Florist

The place to go for premium, one-of-a-kind works of floral art from a landmark Chicago florist. Prices typically start from $80.

About Mangel Florist:

You’ll find Mangel Florist located in the Drake Arcade of the historic Drake Hotel on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, Illinois. What’s more, this premier florist has been creating epic floral arrangements for well over 100 years.

In short, Mangel Florist crafts elegant floral designs that utilize premium blooms, magnificent colors, and interesting foliage and greenery across a diverse collection of arrangements. This is premium floristry that makes a great gift for landmark birthdays and anniversaries as well as special ornamental centerpieces for the home.

Delivery Options:

Same-day, next-day, or specified-day delivery is available across Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas.


  • Phone: 1.312.642.2001

Flower Delivery in Chicago FAQ:

How much does a typical flower bouquet cost in Chicago?

The price of floral arrangements varies significantly depending on the respective flower merchant you might be considering ordering from. Expect low-cost flower bouquets to start between $25 to $40; mid-range from $50 to $75; and premium/luxury arrangements anywhere from $80 to $250+.

What is the cut off time for same-day flower delivery in Chicago? 

Most Chicago florists will request same-day flower delivery orders are placed by 1 pm local time. There are some merchants that provide later cut-off times if the delivery is being made within a 1 to 3-mile radius of their location. In these instances, the latest would be 5 pm. 

How much does flower delivery cost in Chicago?

Same-day and expedited shipping is typically a $10 to $20 surcharge on most flower delivery orders. The size of the arrangement and distance to the recipient’s location can also be a factor when delivery fees are being calculated.

Can I have flowers delivered to residential and office locations in Chicago?

Yes, most florists are able to deliver flowers to a variety of locations as long as they are within their delivery area. This includes offices, venues, events, as well as hotels, apartments, and other residences. 

How can I send flowers to Chicago?

The vast majority of local florists have online ordering facilities in place so sending flowers is as simple as finding an arrangement that suits your requirements on their online shop and placing an order. Most also accept a variety of payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, PayPal, and many others. Should you not happen to have access to the internet, orders placed via the telephone are also readily accepted across virtually every Chicago florist.

How does Petal Republic build their reviews and recommendations?

Our fundamental mission at Petal Republic is to showcase exceptional floristry across a global network of cities where we live and work. Here are the key pillars that guide us: 

  • Floral Design: floral creativity, style, and artistry are paramount to us. We strive to uncover exceptional florists and highly skilled floral design studios curating unique, personalized and compelling floral arrangements. In addition, we celebrate a broad array of styles be they classical, contemporary, artistic or avant-garde. 
  • Shopping and delivery: we look for the best customer experience. In particular, websites and shopping channels that are easy to navigate, have smooth and simple purchase functions, clearly represent on screen what the customer will actually receive and provide choice and flexibility with ordering and delivery. 
  • Customer feedback: based on our own shopping experiences, speaking to other recent customers directly, recommendations and opinions from industry experts, as well as consolidating wider reviews and benchmarks across social media and other channels. 
  • Sustainability: floristry, like any industry, has a responsibility to improve and promote sustainable business practices. Accordingly, we embrace those who are instigating change and working to make the planet a better, cleaner place today and for the future.   



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