My Favorite Spots to Position Watermelon Peperomia Plants

After bringing your watermelon peperomia plant home, one of your first big decisions is determining where to place it. I prioritize a location with optimum light, but you can also take feng shui into account. Join me as I cover how to determine where to position your watermelon peperomia plant and my personal favorite spots for optimal growth.

My Favorite Locations to Position Watermelon Peperomia Plants

Watermelon Peperomia’s Ideal Environment

If you want to choose a location that will make your watermelon peperomia happy, you need to know what it likes! These plants like lots of bright yet indirect light. If you place them in a dim area, you’ll notice slow growth and even faded colors. However, lots of direct light can burn the foliage.

As far as temperature goes, these plants like it warm. The ideal temperature range for Watermelon Peperomia plants is between 60–80°F and avoid sudden changes.

Since they’re native to tropical regions, these plants like high humidity. However, they can tolerate average household humidity over time.

And since they remain under a foot tall, they can fit onto windowsills, floating shelves, and small coffee tables.

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Suitable Locations for a Watermelon Peperomia

A Watermelon Peperomia in a bright open living room

Now that we know what conditions this plant likes, it’s time to determine what area of our home provides the ideal environment. There’s no one perfect location, so you may need to experiment at home.

That said, I’ve found that my watermelon peperomia plant is happy next to a west-facing window for most of the year. This area provides lots of bright afternoon light to keep the plant happy. However, since this area becomes cold in the winter, I keep a close eye on my plants during this time.

If I notice the plant feels cold or the leaves turning yellow or drooping, I move my plant off the windowsill and onto a window-side table. Although this area isn’t as bright, it protects the plant from the cold window.

Also, I don’t have a south-facing window in my home. If I did, I would tuck my plant next to this bright area. And the windows in my home are smaller, so the interior of my house is pretty dark. If it were brighter, I could place it on a coffee table or shelf near the middle of my home.

Feng Shui for Watermelon Peperomias

Feng Shui for Watermelon Peperomias

Along with considering what environmental conditions will make you watermelon peperomia happy, you can also take feng shui into account. Feng shui involves arranging spaces to harness chi, aka essential energy, and create balance.

A significant component of feng shui is the bagua, the energy map of a room that contains eight different regions. Each region represents a portion of your life, like family, career, and health. The elements that are placed in each region can have a big impact on the region in question.

So, what does a watermelon peperomia symbolize? Many people say this plant’s lush leaves symbolize prosperity and growth. Others think the plant brings good luck. No matter the case, the watermelon peperomia is associated with positive change.

Therefore, the watermelon peperomia can help improve an area of your life where you struggle. Do you need help finding a job you like? Place the plant in the career area of your room. Struggling to come up with a paint color for your kitchen? Then, place the plant in the creativity zone.

I’m not promising that your watermelon peperomia will cure all your problems, but it won’t hurt. Just make sure your plant still receives the light and temperature it needs to thrive because a sick and dying plant will only bring negative energy to your home.

Poor Locations for Watermelon Peperomia Plants

Where not to position watermelon peperomia plants in the home or office

My watermelon peperomia plant has been happy in several different spots in my home. You’ll probably find that your plant will also thrive in a handful of different locations. However, there are some spots that you should avoid.

First, remember that watermelon peperomia aren’t low-light plants. Although they are native to the forest floor, they still like to receive a moderate to high amount of light. If you place them in a windowless bathroom or dim corner of your living room, the plants will become stunted and possibly discolored.

On the other hand, you should also avoid locations that receive lots of direct light. For example, placing your plant on a windowsill of a south-facing window may lead to scorched leaves.

As far as temperature goes, avoid any areas with hot or cold drafts. That means keeping the plant away from air conditioning vents, radiators, and fireplaces. You should also keep them a few feet away from cold or poorly insulated windows.

Wrapping Up

Fortunately, watermelon peperomia plants can survive in a variety of locations. As long as they receive bright light and warm temperatures, they’ll remain happy.

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