10 Amazing Benefits of Watermelon Peperomia Plants That I Love

With striped green leaves and cute red petioles, watermelon peperomia plants are beautiful additions to homes and offices. But these plants do more than just beauty spaces! I’ll cover ten of my favorite uses and benefits of watermelon peperomia plants so you have even more reasons to add one of these plants to your home.

10 Amazing Benefits of Watermelon Peperomia Plants That I Love

1. Forgiving of Missed Waterings

If you know you’re the type who isn’t great at following schedules or staying on task, the watermelon peperomia could be a great plant for you. Their succulent-like leaves mean they’re tolerant of light drought, so they won’t perish if you forget to water them for a few days.

However, these plants aren’t as drought-tolerant as cacti and succulents, so don’t think you can forget about them for an entire month.

2. Safe for Pets and Children

Since watermelon peperomia plants are non-toxic to dogs, cats, and humans, they are safe additions to just about any home. You don’t have to worry if someone sneaks a taste of the leaves or chews on the red petioles. That said, try to discourage your critters from eating the plant.

3. Great for Small Areas

Great for Small Areas

Watermelon peperomia maxes out around a foot tall and a foot wide, so it’s a great option for small spaces. Try placing it on the corner of your desk, on a windowsill, or on a floating shelf.

While some may not consider it a benefit, these plants are slow-growing. That means they won’t suddenly take over the space they’re growing in.

4. Can Help Reduce Stress

You may have heard that spending time in nature can help lower stress. And that’s true! But you don’t need to head to the forest or desert to experience reduced stress.

Studies show that working with plants can help reduce feelings of stress. That means that spending time watering, pruning, and repotting your watermelon peperomia can alter your mood. Another study suggests that looking at live plants can reduce stress, so try placing a watermelon peperomia in your office or bedroom.

5. Low-Maintenance Houseplants

Low-Maintenance Houseplants

If you want to boost the greenery in your home but don’t want to deal with watering schedules, humidifiers, and grow lights, the watermelon peperomia is a great choice. The plants don’t require much water and are happy with average household humidity.

The number one issue growers face with these plants is overwatering. Remember to use a well-draining, chunky soil mix and only water when the leaves become flimsy.

6. May Help Improve Focus

Plants not only help relieve stress, but they can also improve our focus. Placing a watermelon peperomia plant in your office may make it easier to stay on task.

One study investigated the impacts that live plants, artificial plants, and photos of plants had on mood. Results showed that looking at live plants resulted in the largest increase in positive feelings like calmness and comfort. Live plants also decreased theta waves, which indicates decreased levels of drowsiness and low concentration.

7. Quickly Beautify Spaces

There’s no denying that peperomia plants are gorgeous. When I first saw the plant’s long, red petioles and vibrant green leaves, I knew I wanted to add this plant to my collection. And I felt the same way about it after I brought it home! 

8. Useful in Feng Shui

Useful in Feng Shui

Feng shui is the practice of arranging spaces to impact energy flow. Placing specific elements in designated areas of your home can affect elements of your life like career, family, and creativity.

Since watermelon peperomia plants are symbols of growth, prosperity, and good luck, using them in feng shui can lead to positive life changes. For example, placing a watermelon peperomia in the career corner of the bagua map may lead to a better job or promotion.

9. Increases Oxygen Levels

Watermelon peperomia, like all plants, completes a process known as photosynthesis. During this process, plants take in carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight to produce carbohydrates and release water and oxygen. Therefore, watermelon peperomia plants increase atmospheric oxygen levels.

Remember that these plants are quite small, so they won’t lead to a noticeable increase in oxygen.

10. Easy to Propagate

Watermelon Peperomia Plants are easy to propagate

If you fall in love with your watermelon peperomia and want to add a few more to your home (or share some with friends), you’re in luck. These plants are easy to propagate via leaf cuttings, so you can have a new plant within a few months.

The first step to grow a new plant is to use a sharp knife to remove a leaf and petiole. Cut the red petiole so it’s about half an inch long, then place it in a container of well-draining soil mix. Cover the plant with a plastic bag, and keep the soil moist. Roots will form within a month.

Wrapping Up

Along with being beautiful, watermelon peperomia plants are pet-safe and easy to care for. Plus, they can decrease stress and increase focus.

For more, see my step-by-step Watermelon Peperomia care guide.

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Briana holds a B.S. in Plant Sciences from Penn State University. She manages a small market garden where she grows vegetables and herbs. She also enjoys growing flowers and houseplants at home.

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