Gazing Skyward: The Deep Meaning Behind Stargazer Lilies

Stargazer lilies, or Lilium ‘Stargazer’, are beautiful flowers with a unique and mesmerizing look. These flowers become even more fascinating when you learn about their meaning, symbolism, and history. In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about the Stargazer lily, from its origins to its meanings today.  

Ultimate Guide to Stargazer Lilies Meaning and Symbolism

Stargazer Lily Symbolism – Key Takeaways

The Stargazer lily’s most well-known meanings today are abundance and good fortune. The flower resembles a perfect star—a common symbol of prosperity in some cultures. The flower wasn’t represented in the Victorian language of flowers, as it was a fairly new hybrid first cultivated in 1974.

Etymological Meaning

The Stargazer lily got its common name because the bloom faces upwards, toward the stars. The creator of these flowers wanted to highlight that the plant didn’t grow facing down like other lily varieties. Its genus name Lilium is the Latin plural version of the word lily. 

Common Stargazer Lily Colors and Their Meanings

The Meaning, Symbolism, and Cultural Significance of Stargazer

Stargazer lilies come in various colors, each with its own unique meaning. Here are some of the most common Stargazer lily colors and their symbolism:

  • White: White Stargazer lilies represent similar qualities to other white flower meanings. These include purity, innocence, and reverence.
  • Pink: The most common Stargazer lily variety exudes a sense of extravagance. For this reason, pink Stargazers symbolize prosperity, abundance, and wealth.
  • Yellow: Yellow Stargazers have a sunny, cheerful look. They can represent friendship, gratitude, and joy.

Stargazer Lily Myths and Folklore

Given this flower’s short history, they aren’t many myths or pieces of folklore associated with the Stargazer lily. However, in some cultures, lilies are seen as a gesture of sympathy after loss. 

Due to its associations with purity and innocence, the white lily is often used in funerals to represent the departed loved one. Additionally, some cultures use the lily as a symbol of reincarnation. So, it is common to see the flower in ceremonies honoring the dead.

Stargazer Lily Cultural Significance

Despite the lily’s use in funerals, most people see Stargazers as symbols of life, wealth, and abundance. This flower is also popular for Easter arrangements and decorations.

Historical References to Stargazer Lilies 

Historical References to Stargazer Lilies 

Now, Stargazer lilies are such a new hybrid species that they don’t have references from cultures like Ancient Egypt, Greece, or Rome. Additionally, the flower did not have a meaning in the Victorian language of flowers.

However, the lily family has a long history and cultural significance. For example, as far back as the Egyptian and Assyrian empires, the lily represented sovereignty and innocence. Additionally, frescos in Crete dating back to 1600 and 1500 BC depict flowers that resemble lilies. 

Stargazer Lily Religious and Spiritual Meanings

The Stargazer lily doesn’t have any specific religious or spiritual associations. However, some may consider the Stargazer lily a symbol of rebirth or reincarnation. 

This is why it’s common to see Stargazers in bouquets around the Easter holiday. Additionally, white Stargazer lilies resemble other lily varieties. So, they make a popular choice for funerals and celebrations of life.

Suitable Gifting Occasions for Stargazer Lilies

You can give Stargazer lilies as a gift on various occasions. It makes a suitable addition to an arrangement for Mother’s Day, Easter, birthdays, and anniversaries. The flower is also a lovely choice for funerals and celebrations of life.

Stargazer Lilies FAQs

What do Stargazer lily flowers symbolize?

The Stargazer lily is most commonly associated with life, abundance, and resurrection. It is also seen as a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

Are Stargazer Lilies lucky?

There is no well-known connection between the Stargazer lily and luck. However, given the plant’s associations with abundance, many see this hybrid flower as a sign of good fortune.

Do Stargazer lilies come back every year?

Stargazer lilies are perennial bulbs. That means you can plant them in your garden and enjoy beautiful blooms year after year.

How long do Stargazer lilies last?

Fresh-cut Stargazer lilies can last up to two weeks with the proper care. To extend the life of your Stargazer lilies, keep them in a sunny spot and make sure to change the water in their vase every few days.

Do Stargazer lilies flower more than once?

Typically, Stargazer lilies only flower once during their growing season. They will bloom for two to three weeks before their flowers fade.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know all about the meaning of stargazer lilies, why not buy a bouquet for yourself? They’re elegant flowers sure to add a striking focal point to any indoor space. Whether for home or as a gift, knowing this flower’s meaning will make the purchase even more special.

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