Official Zodiac Flowers Based on Your Astrological Sign

Everyone knows you can match flowers to your favorite color, mood, or aesthetic. But did you know that certain flowers pair with your zodiac sign? Interestingly enough, each zodiac sign is associated with certain types of flowers. So, astrology can help you find the types of flowers to choose for your home or garden. Read on to learn more about the perfect flowers for your astrological sign. Or let this list inspire you to grow a garden of zodiac flowers.

Ultimate Guide to Zodiac Flowers Based on Your Astrological Sign

Aries (March 21–April 19) – Tiger Lily

Orange Tiger Lily flowers

The tiger lily is a vibrant flower often seen as a symbol of strength and courage. This flower also represents confidence, ambition, and determination. These qualities mirror Aries, the sign known for assertiveness, bravery, and honesty.

The tiger lily is the perfect flower for those who are strong-willed and bold. It’s a statement flower that stands out in even the most extravagant bouquet. 

There are species of tiger lily native to various regions around the world. One variety native to North America is called Lilium columbianum. This flower is a striking orange color reminiscent of Mars, the planet that represents Aries. 

Additional flowers associated with this sign include:

  • Gerbera daisies
  • Poppies
  • Red roses

Taurus (April 20–May 20) – Rose

A bouquet of red rose flowers

Roses are the ideal flower for those born under the Taurus zodiac sign. The rose is a classic flower known to represent abundance and beauty. These characteristics are attractive to the hard-working and nature-loving Taurus.  

Those born under the Taurus sign are down to earth and in touch with the natural world around them. Roses can come in various colors (including blue), but the most popular for Taurus is pink.

While Taurus is a practical sign, this group still loves to indulge in the finer things in life. They enjoy the occasional romantic evening or luxurious experience. Roses capture this aspect of Taurus as well. 

More flowers that represent Taurus are:

  • Sweet Williams
  • Lilacs
  • Foxgloves

Gemini (May 21–June 21) – Lily of the Valley

White Lily of the Valley flowers

People who fall into the Gemini zodiac sign are adaptable, curious, and quick-witted. They are represented by two symbols: the twins and the planet Mercury. Geminis are gentle yet firm when they need to be, making them excellent communicators.

The adaptable yet gentle spirit of Gemini makes the lily of the valley a perfect flower for this group. Typically, this flower represents purity, sweetness, and innocence. It’s a small, bell-shaped bloom that can signify hope and new beginnings.

Lily of the valley is a member of the Asparagaceae family, including asparagus, hyacinths, and agaves. This plant is native to Europe and Asia and has been introduced to North America. Lily of the valley flowers have a sweet, delicate scent often used in perfumes.

A few other flowers that symbolize Gemini are:

  • Chrysanthemums
  • Orchids
  • Azaleas

Cancer (June 22–July 22) – White Carnation

White Carnation flowers in bloom

White carnations represent Cancer because they evoke a feeling of peace and calm. This sign is known for being sensitive and compassionate, so they bring tranquility to others in their lives. 

Cancers are often very nurturing and devoted. They have a solid connection to their families and friends and can be very loyal.

The carnation is a member of Dianthus, a genus that includes pinks and sweet Williams. The word Dianthus stems from the Greek words for divine and flower

Carnations are native to the Mediterranean and have been cultivated for thousands of years. They bloom in many colors, including white, pink, red, purple, and yellow. 

Some other flowers associated with this sign include:

  • Jasmine
  • Lotuses
  • Morning glories

Leo (July 23–August 22) – Sunflower

A field of golden yellow sunflowers

The Leo zodiac sign is associated with lions, and what better flower to reflect this powerful energy than the sunflower? Sunflowers are bold and vibrant blooms, mirroring Leo’s energetic personality. 

The sunflowers symbolize strength and loyalty, both common Leo traits. Leos are also known as natural leaders. Sunflowers reflect this trait well with their height and ability to stand out from miles away.

Sunflowers are native to the Americas and come in many colors. However, the most common sunflower is yellow with a brown center. Sunflowers are annual plants and can grow more than 16 feet tall.

A few other flowers that symbolize Leo are:

  • Marigolds
  • Crocuses
  • Dahlias

Virgo (August 23–September 22) – Chrysanthemum

Yellow Chrysanthemum flowers in bloom

Chrysanthemums are the flower for Virgo, given their symbolism of well-being and friendship. Despite the Virgo zodiac sign’s tough reputation, they are fiercely loyal to those they hold dear.

Additionally, the chrysanthemum signifies the transition from summer to autumn. This flower’s blooming season coincides with Virgo season, making it the ideal representative of this sign.

The chrysanthemum is native to Asia and comes in many colors, including white, yellow, pink, red, and purple. This flower is low-maintenance and can grow in various climates. Chrysanthemums prefer full sun but will tolerate partial shade.

Other flowers that represent Virgo include:

  • Violets
  • Asters
  • Honeysuckle

Libra (September 23–October 23) – Tea Rose

Red and white Tea Rose flowers growing in a garden

Tea roses suit Libras well because they symbolize peace, elegance, and love. Common Libra traits include a strong sense of justice, an eye for aesthetic beauty, and a deep adoration for those in their social circle. So, tea roses make an excellent choice for anyone born under this sign.

The tea rose is a beautiful flower with a delicate aroma and lovely appearance. Other meanings of the flower include hope, new beginnings, and positivity. Libras can bring cheer to any situation, and this flower mirrors that trait well.

Now, tea roses are hybrid garden roses developed in France in the 1800s. They are larger, showy roses that look beautiful growing in the garden or as part of a cut flower arrangement.

Additional flowers associated with this sign are:

  • Hydrangeas
  • Gardenias
  • Gladiolus

Scorpio (October 24–November 21) – Geranium

Pink Geranium flowers in bloom

Geraniums align well with the Scorpio zodiac sign because of the various meanings they carry. For example, geraniums symbolize protection in some cultures, which suits determined and brave Scorpio.

Interestingly, some cultures believe white geraniums repel snakes, one of the animals that represent Scorpio. Perhaps the flower can protect Scorpios from negative temptations, like jealousy and resentment. 

Geraniums originated in subtropical parts of the world, primarily in the southern region of Africa. Annual varieties will bloom from early spring until the first frost, which falls within the Scorpio season in many parts of the northern hemisphere. 

A few more Scorpio flowers include:

  • Black-eyed Susans
  • Anemones
  • Peonies

Sagittarius (November 22–December 21) – Calendula

Orange Calendula flowers

Calendulas fit Sagittarius because of their ability to thrive in various growing conditions. This is a fitting representation of Sagittarius, who are known for their strength and independence.

The calendula flowers symbolize good communication, a trait that Sagittarius is known for. Many say this is one of the most emotionally intelligent zodiac signs, a trait that contributes to successful communication in relationships. 

The calendula is a striking flower that belongs to Asteraceae or the daisy family. The species often grow in cheerful hues like bright orange and yellow, reflecting Sagittarius’s positive and adventurous personality. 

Additional flowers associated with this Sagittarius are:

  • Carnations
  • Red roses
  • Clematis

Capricorn (December 22–January 19) – Aster

Pink aster flowers in bloom with yellow centers

The flower for Capricorns is the aster, given its symbolism of grace and wisdom. Capricorns are goal-driven, ambitious people who apply wisdom and logic to their decision-making process.

The connection between aster flowers and wisdom stems from Greek mythology. The myth says that when the Greek goddess Astraea cried, asters grew where her tears landed on the earth. This goddess represents justice and precision, two values that Capricorns hold dear.

The aster is native to North America, Europe, and Asia. Its colors include white, blue, pink, and purple, and it is known as an excellent flower for attracting pollinators. 

A few more Capricorn flowers are:

  • Black poppies
  • Baby’s breath
  • African violets

Aquarius (January 20–February 18) – Orchid

Yellow and pink blooming orchids

Orchids fit Aquarius well because of their unique beauty. Orchids symbolize strength and determination, two qualities an Aquarius values greatly. 

As an air sign, Aquarius people can be challenging to understand or classify at first. Orchids fit this characteristic well as flowers with an unconventional yet striking aesthetic.

Various types of orchids belong to a large family called Orchidaceae, which contains as many as 26,000 species. They’re available in various colors, including purple, pink, yellow, and white. 

This flower’s meaning varies depending on the color. One color that represents self-reliant Aquarius well is the purple orchid. This flower represents dignity and respect, so it captures the Aquarian independence well.

Additional Aquarius flowers include:

  • Trillium
  • Birds of paradise
  • Gladiolus

Pisces (February 19–March 20) – Water Lily

Pink Water lilies on the surface of water surrounded by green lily pads

Pisces is associated with water lilies because it is a water sign. The symbol of Pisces is two fish, while the water lily is known for its ability to grow on the water’s surface.

Water lilies symbolize innocence, a trait that matches the gentle spirit of Pisces. Additionally, Pisces is an imaginative zodiac sign, so the unique water lily suits it well. Given the sign and flower have strong ties to water, they both contribute vitality and nourishment to the beings around them.

Now, water lilies are aquatic flowers that take root in the earth at the bottom of ponds and other bodies of water. The flowers bloom in many colors, including peach, white, pink, and yellow. 

Some other flowers that represent this sign are:

  • Lilacs
  • Wisteria
  • Jasmine

What Is the Zodiac?

A blue clock with zodiac symbols for each month

Most people know about astrology, but not everyone chooses to embrace it as a belief system. But no matter your views, it can be entertaining to learn about your sign and the associated characteristics. 

Now, everyone falls into one of the twelve zodiac signs, depending on their birthday. In case you aren’t sure, these signs are:

  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces 

The signs start on the first day of spring and take influence from how stars and planets align throughout the year. Astrology has been around for centuries, but the modern-day practice stems from Babylonian and Hellenistic cultures.

A person’s sign describes everything from specific personality traits to how they behave in relationships. Those interested in astrology often enjoy reading their horoscope—a forecast of future events based on their zodiac chart. 

You can read horoscopes anywhere, from the newspaper to social media. There are also many popular apps that provide horoscopes tailored to your star chart. 

Of course, astrology is not a proven scientific discipline. Still, the practice is based on the movements and placements of stars and planets within the zodiac belt. 

The zodiac is an area in the sky that contains stars, the moon, the sun, and the planets visible from earth. The movements of the bodies in the zodiac belt dictate astrological events, including the star sign a person falls into when they are born. 

Flowers and Astrology

Flowers have been associated with astrology for many years. These associations are based on the belief that planets and stars influence living beings on earth. Some people believe certain flowers express the qualities of the different star signs.

For example, one flower associated with the Pisces sign is the water lily. This is likely because Pisces is a water sign, so both the sign and the flower have strong ties to water.

A similar historical practice that assigned meaning to flowers was the Victorian language of flowers. Victorians believed in the power of flowers to express specific messages to a recipient. They would even give bouquets to loved ones based on their birth month or day.

In the language of flowers, each type of flower has its own meaning. These meanings could combine to create custom bouquets that convey a specific birthday message when given as a gift.

Of course, you may not believe in astrology. Still, it can be fun to buy flowers that pair with your zodiac sign or buy some for a friend. Zodiac flowers make a unique and thoughtful gift for a loved one’s birthday celebration.

The Final Word

Now that you know which flowers pair with each zodiac sign, you can use this information to inform upcoming birthday gifts. Whether or not you love astrology, this information can help you select a bouquet for a friend or loved one. Plus, they make a great conversation starter for anyone intrigued by zodiac flowers.

For more, see our in-depth guide to the best zodiac plants based on your astrological star sign.

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