Freesia Flowers: A Symphony of Colors, Meanings, and Emotions

Thanks to their intoxicating fragrance, gem-like colors, and long vase life, freesias have long been popular in home gardens and florist shops. In this guide, I’ll cover everything you need to know about these beautiful blooms, including their meaning, symbolism by color, suitable gifting occasions, and cultural significance in the language of flowers.

Everything You Need to Know About Freesia Flowers

Freesia Flower Meaning – Key Takeaways

The freesia flower represents innocence, friendship, and thoughtfulness in the language of flowers. It symbolizes purity, trust, and thoughtful gestures that foster strong and lasting friendships.

Etymological Meaning of Freesia

The name “freesia” dates back more than two centuries. They’re named for Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese, a German botanist who brought the plants to Europe from Cape Province, South Africa, about 200 years ago.

The botanist Christian Ecklon named the flower after Freese in the 1800s to commemorate their friendship.

Freesia Flower Symbolism by Color

Freesia flowers bloom in a wide range of colors. Many hues in the language of flowers are associated with specific meanings and are imbued with symbolism. For instance, in numerology, freesia symbolizes the number nine. This stands for obligation and selflessness.

Red Freesia Flower Meaning

Red Freesia Flower Meaning

Red freesia blossoms said to be the most fragrant, symbolize passion and love. They may be gifted to a romantic partner.

White Freesia Flower Meaning

White Freesia Flower Meaning

When given as a gift, white freesia flowers symbolize innocence, purity, and trust. They are often used in wedding bouquets and decorations, and they’re a popular choice for flower girls to scatter at weddings.

Pink Freesia Flower Meaning

Pink Freesia Flower Meaning

Pink freesia blossoms stand for motherly love. Like other pink flowers, they may also symbolize femininity, making them a popular choice in wedding bouquets or gifts to aunts, sisters, daughters, or mothers.

Yellow Freesia Flower Meaning

Yellow Freesia Flower Meaning

Soft, yellow freesia flowers symbolize joy and renewal. Their sunny color lends an air of optimism. When given as a gift, the yellow flowers represent friendship and emphasize the trust that’s felt between friends.

Purple Freesia Flower Meaning

Purple Freesia Flower Meaning

As with many other purple flowers, purple freesia flowers represent royalty, beauty, and strength.

Multi-Color Freesia Flower Meaning

Multi-Color Freesia Flower Meaning

When bouquets incorporate multiple colors, the freesia flower meaning symbolizes friendship. Freesias are thoughtful, colorful gifts that are appropriate for friends and co-workers.

Freesia Flowers in Japanese Culture

Meaning, Symbolism, and Significance of Freesia Flowers in Japanese Culture

Every spring, people flock to Hachijojima Island — about 150 miles south of Tokyo — to marvel at the color and fragrance of freesias. At the base of Hachijo-Fuji, a dormant volcano, more than 350,000 freesias bloom from March 20 to April 5. The air is filled the air with the sweet, citrus scent of freesia while the fields riot with color. The Freesia Festival welcomes spring with music, craft markets, and flower picking.

Freesia Flower Meaning in Victorian Times

In the 19th century in England, freesia flowers symbolized a secret message. At this time, floriography (or using flowers to send coded messages) was a popular trend. In a society where feelings were often repressed, flowers allowed people to communicate their true feelings to one another without using spoken or written words.

The freesia indicated that someone had a secret to pass along. Receiving a bouquet of freesia was an indication of extreme trust.

Freesia Flowers in Australian Culture

In Australia, freesia symbolizes the arrival of spring. In many parts of the country, the freesia flower grows easily, thanks to friendly climate conditions.

For Australians, freesias can be used to celebrate important moments in life, like a birthday or engagement. They may be gifted to offer condolences; they’re also an acceptable flower to give in a professional setting.

Freesia Flower in Tattoos

When used in a tattoo, the freesia flower lends a delicate, fresh appearance. It may symbolize themes related to innocence, trust, friendship, renewal, or wisdom.

Suitable Gifting Occasions

Suitable Gifting Occasions for Freesia Flowers

Freesias’ long-lasting blooms and pleasant fragrance make them a wonderful choice when giving the gift of flowers. Different colors offer different meanings, making them appropriate for certain occasions.

For instance, white freesia is appropriate for weddings, engagements, and anniversaries. Freesia is traditionally given on a couple’s seventh anniversary.

Red freesias symbolize passion and love and may be given to a romantic partner. Yellow freesias are an appropriate gift for birthdays, including for friends, family, and even co-workers.

Freesia Flower Fragrance

Freesia flowers are prized for their pleasant, citrus-like fragrance. Their aroma is often described as sweet, alluring, or even heady. Pink and red varieties are said to be the most fragrant.

The Meaning and Symbolism of Freesia Flowers FAQs:

What is the general meaning of freesia flowers?

Freesia flowers generally symbolize innocence, friendship, and thoughtfulness. They represent purity, trust, and thoughtful gestures that foster strong and lasting friendships.

Are there different meanings associated with the different colors of freesia flowers?

Different colors of freesia flowers can carry additional meanings. For example, white freesias often symbolize purity and innocence, while yellow freesias can represent joy and friendship. Pink freesias can convey appreciation and romance, while lavender freesias may embody elegance and grace.

Do freesias have any cultural or traditional symbolism?

Although freesias do not have traditional symbolism in specific cultures, their symbolism of friendship and thoughtfulness can be universally appreciated and applied.

Can freesia flowers be used to convey specific messages or emotions?

Freesia flowers can convey various messages and emotions. Because they are commonly associated with friendship, they are popular for expressing appreciation, gratitude, and fondness for someone. They can also be given as a thoughtful gesture or to celebrate a special occasion.

Are freesias associated with any specific occasions or events?

The freesia flower is often used in floral arrangements for birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations of friendship. They can also be given as gifts to express condolences or to brighten someone’s day with their vibrant colors and delightful fragrance.

Can freesia flowers be combined with other flowers for symbolic purposes?

Yes, freesias can be combined with other flowers to create meaningful floral arrangements. For example, pairing them with roses can enhance the expression of love and friendship, while combining them with lilies can symbolize purity and elegance. The choice of accompanying flowers can add depth and layers of symbolism to the arrangement.


Freesia flowers are beloved worldwide for their color, scent, and long-lasting flowers. With a range of beautiful hues, symbolic values, and meanings, it’s easy to send a personal message with freesia flowers.

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