14 Best Types of Flowers for Thank You Gestures

Nothing says a heartfelt thank you quite like a bouquet of flowers perfectly suited to the receiver and the intended meaning. Universally loved, flowers are perfect thank-you gifts for close friends and family or even acquaintances and colleagues that can be difficult to buy. In this guide, I’ll cover the best types of flowers for thank-you gestures.

Best Types of Flowers to Gift for Thank You Gestures

1) Roses

A beautiful bouquet of roses in different colors including lavender, pink and white

As the quintessential cut flower, roses are likely the first bloom that comes to mind when considering gift giving. They generally have romantic connotations, ideal for saying thank you to a partner for doing something special. But, rose colors have different meanings, with two specifically relating to thanks and gratitude – dark pink and peach.

A combined bouquet of these two colors is the best way to express your appreciation on any occasion. When thanking friends, aim for a bouquet of yellow roses to symbolize cheerfulness and warmth.

2) Peonies

A person holds aloft an stylish bouquet of pink and white peony flowers

These stunning flowers are available in a range of soft, pretty colors from white to cream and pink. They are perfect thank you gifts around their short blooming season in May and June each year. Peonies symbolize love, romance, and a happy marriage, making them ideal for thanking a spouse on an anniversary or other special day.

Some say they represent love at first sight – the ultimate romantic connection.

3) Tulips

A vase arrangement filled with pink tulip flowers

With perfectly rounded ends, soft petals, and stunning colors, tulips are a wonderful gift for many scenarios, including thank yous. While all tulip colors are lovely (especially the sought-after purple-black tulips), orange, in particular, symbolizes appreciation and admiration, matching the intention of a thank you gift perfectly.

4) Carnations

A bouquet of pink carnation flowers wrapped in pink paper

Carnations are a classic cut flower beloved by florists and gift recipients alike. Their dense blooms have a delicate quality to them, suitable for thank you gifts for close relatives or loved ones. There are several colors to choose from, from deep red to soft yellow.

Carnations are also one of the birth flowers for January. With an overall symbolism of motherly love and care, they can be used on Mother’s Day to give sincere thanks to the important people in your life.

Color choice is important here, as some have positive connotations while others have negative ones. Pink and red carnations signify admiration, love, and appreciation. Avoid striped Carnations that indicate regret or yellow Carnations that indicate disappointment.

5) Dahlias

A vase arrangement filled with pink and yellow dahlia flowers

Dahlias symbolize kindness and positivity, as well as inner strength. They are the perfect thank you flower for someone you admire and look up to, like a mentor or family member.

Best of all, there are so many different types to choose from. There are 20 bloom types and many colors available to craft the ideal bouquet for your chosen recipient. Depending on what you’re looking for, some types may be tricky to find, so you may need to shop around before deciding.

6) Gardenias

A single soft creamy white flowering gardenia flower

These sweet-smelling flowers are beloved by gardeners across the world. The blooms may not last as long as some other types in a bouquet, but they are guaranteed to fill a room with their scent during their short lifespan. Gardenias symbolize trust, hope, and gentleness, making them ideal thank you gifts for someone close to you.

7) Camellia

A branch with pink blloming camellia flowers

Early-blooming camellia flowers symbolize romantic love and devotion. Much like roses or peonies, they are suitable thank you gifts for a partner on a special occasion or a ‘just because’ gift to make them smile. Various colors are associated with different types of love. Choose white flowers for care, pink for longing, and red for desire or passion.

8) Irises

Purple iris flowers growing in a garden

The intricate and delicate Iris flower is the birth month flower for February. As one of the few truly blue flowers (and not a shade of purple that looks blue), they are great thank you gifts for lovers of this stunning color.

They signify wisdom, hope, and courage in the language of flowers and are suitable for anyone you look up to. They also symbolize royalty and are the 25th wedding anniversary flower.

9) Hydrangeas

Large hydrangea bushes flowering in a garden with large pink and blue flower heads

Hydrangeas are one of the most popular ornamental plants for home gardeners. Their large flower clusters are wonderful in cut flower bouquets, often used in wedding arrangements and décor.

Hydrangeas symbolize strong and heartfelt emotions, making them the number one choice for a meaningful thank you gift. While all colors are stunning, purple hydrangeas, in particular, symbolize gratitude and royalty, and leadership.

10) Ranunculus

A small white vase filled with fresh cut pink, white, and red Ranunculus flowers

The dense flowers of the Ranunculus, packed with petals in a wide range of colors, are hard to resist on any occasion. These beautiful blooms are highly sought-after for gifting, with many varieties and flower types to choose from.

For thank you gifts, in particular, look for a yellow Ranunculus that symbolizes friendship and positivity or a white Ranunculus that conveys elegance and appreciation.

11) Gladiolus

A glass vase on a circular white dining table filled with tall white flowering Gladiolus

Closely related to the Iris, the Gladiolus flower is not usually the first to come to mind when gifting. But, the delicate flowers available in many colors, as well as their vase life, should make you reconsider.

Gladiolus symbolizes infatuation and remembrance, but each flower color has a slightly different meaning too. Red is for romance, yellow for friendship, white for innocence, and pink for motherly love. Choose your thank you gift flower color according to the recipient to convey meaning.

12) Marigolds

A cluster of orange marigold flowers blooming in a garden

Marigold flowers are all about positivity. Available in various fiery colors, they are associated with joy, optimism, and warmth. Marigolds make lovely thank you gifts for positive occasions or for that energetic, joyous person in your life.

Like other flowers, red Marigolds also have romantic connotations and are suitable thank you gifts for a significant other on a happy and positive occasion.

13) Sunflowers

A white jug on a small table indoors filled with fresh cut sunflowers

The large, sunny heads of sunflowers symbolize joy and admiration. They never fail to make people smile and make excellent thank you gifts for a joyous celebration. Their resemblance to the sun has made them significant in many cultures and religions worldwide, conveying the meaning of positivity and happiness.

14) Larkspurs

Tall and striking blue Larkspur flowers growing in a garden

With meanings of sincerity, positivity, and dedication, you can’t go wrong with gifting Larkspurs as a message of thanks. Available in many colors, each is ideally suited to a different recipient. Choose purple for first love, pink for admiration, white for a fresh start, and blue for grace and respectability.

The Best Online Flower Delivery Services for Thank You Flowers

Whether you can’t be there on the day or looking to send flowers to say thank you to friends, family, loved ones, and colleagues, these popular online flower delivery specialists curate a wide variety of thank you flower arrangements throughout the year: 

1) UrbanStems ($$) 

A colorful seasonal flower bouquet laid on a table from UrbanStems flower delivery service
Credit: Petal Republic

UrbanStems is a contemporary florist with many gifting options tailored to specific occasions. Their design focus in creating bouquets is meaning, choosing flowers, colors, and arrangements that express sincerity and emotion.

They have several bouquets under the ‘Thank You’ section with many flowers in different colors. A basic bouquet of peach roses called The Santorini is a great gift for any occasion, while the drama of larger bouquets like The Lennox is perfect for that someone special. Prices start around $50 for a basic bouquet, increasing with size and complexity.

They offer same-day or next-day delivery to major centers around the US with secure packaging that keeps flowers fresher for longer.

2) From You Flowers ($)

A colorful bouquet filled with white, yellow, and blue flowers from From You Flowers flower delivery service
Credit: From You Flowers

For the picky gifters, there is no shortage of bouquets under the Thank You section at From You Flowers. More than 250 bouquets designed to express your gratitude are available, ensuring there is an option for every kind of recipient. The Southern Peach Bouquet, featuring several flowers on this list, is well-rounded and affordable. Combine it with some Thank You Cookies for the ultimate gift for sweet tooths.

With same-day delivery around the country and very affordable prices throughout, From You Flowers is a popular option for everyday gifting and for landmark holidays and occasions. 

3) The Bouqs ($$)

A bright bouquet filled with yellow flowers from The Bouqs flower delivery service
Credit: The Bouqs

The Bouqs Company, short for ‘Bouquet’, is an online florist focusing on sustainability. They emphasize ‘farm fresh’ flowers that arrive in great condition (sometimes even before blooming) and last longer than other bouquets.

The diverse bouquets under the Thank You section have lots to offer. For positive occasions, choose the Queen Bee bouquet with sunny sunflowers, white roses, and hydrangeas. Or, say ‘You’re a Gem’ with this bouquet of white ranunculus, orange roses, and peach lilies. Bouquets start at around $50, with subscribers getting an additional 30% on every ‘bouq’.

With their subscription service, you can schedule deliveries for a particular day up to a year in advance – great for forgetful gifters. They offer same-day and next-day delivery in major cities around the country, depending on location and the chosen bouquet.

4) Ode à la Rose ($$$) 

A bouquet of fresh pink roses from Ode a la Rose flower delivery service
Credit: Ode à la Rose

Using season flowers farmed using sustainable, eco-friendly practices, Ode à la Rose is a high-end French florist with numerous floral ateliers dotted around the country today. The two owners Louis and Olivier are originally from France and brought French floral philosophies to the US in 2012. Since then, they’ve endeavored to use flowers in the French way – to tell a story.

Some of their popular thank-you arrangements include the Felice bouquet with white and pink roses, pink alstroemeria and lisianthus, pink veronica, and baby blue eucalyptus. There’s also a wider range of bouquets for special occasions that also make lovely thank you gifts. Most curated bouquets start around $80, with lower prices for basic flowers and higher ones for larger bouquets. You can also choose a vase to match the bouquet as an add-on.

Ode à la Rose offers same-day delivery in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Washington DC, as well as next-day delivery countrywide.

5) Teleflora ($$)

A table in a living room with several colorful flower flower arrangements in vases from Teleflora flower delivery service
Credit: Teleflora

Teleflora is a long-standing florist running for more than 80 years. They have over 10,000 florists throughout the US and Canada, with an additional 20,000 affiliated florists outside North America. The flowers are hand-delivered on the same day (depending on region and chosen bouquet), ensuring they remain fresh until received and for many days beyond.

With such an extensive range, there is a bouquet to suit every thank you occasion. The Shimmer Of Thanks bouquet has the word thanks nestled amongst the flowers, ensuring your message is not missed. The best-selling Be Happy bouquet featuring masses of yellow roses is also a great option to make anyone smile.

Smaller bouquets are around $40, with prices increasing to $80 for more extensive and more diverse bouquets.

6) Flowerbx ($$$) 

A marble counter top in a kitchen with several ornate vases filled with pink and purple flowers from Flowerbx flower delivery service
Credit: Flowerbx

Whitney Bromberg Hawkings, founder of FLOWERBX, started the company as a luxury florist that is both affordable and reliable. Delivering around North America and Europe, FLOWERBX focuses on seasonal and sustainably sourced flowers that exemplify the best of the season and the message you intend to send.

FLOWERBX is unique because they offer single-flower bouquets with intense colors en masse that make a big impact. Choose a large bouquet of double tulips in a stunning pink or a collection of stunning orangey-pink Tequila Sunrise roses. Prices are around $80 for 20-25 stems (depending on the flower), going up in price as more flowers are added on.

Same-day delivery is available in Manhattan and Los Angeles in the US, with next-day delivery available in all other regions.

7) Floom ($$$) 

A stylish wrapped bouquet with various colorful and unique flowers from Floom flower delivery service
Credit: Floom

Floom operates in the United States and the United Kingdom, working with local florists to develop unique bouquets tailored to your message. Offering bouquets from several independent florists in one single marketplace, there are many different styles to choose from.

While they don’t have a specific section for thank you flowers, there is bound to be something your intended recipient will love. Add your zip code when searching to filter the bouquets according to your region, ensuring the flowers arrive as fresh as possible. Floom also offers other gifts, like sweet treats and baskets that add to the meaning behind your thank-you gift.

8) ProFlowers ($$) 

A glass vase on a glass table in a living room filled with fresh cut colorful seasonal flowers from Proflowers flower delivery service
Credit: ProFlowers

Founded in 1998, ProFlowers has spent many years in the floral business, aiming to revolutionize the floral industry and how people shop for flowers. They offer a 7-day freshness guarantee and hand-deliver in many regions, keeping your thank you flowers looking good for over a day or two.

They offer single-flower bouquets or mixed bouquets in their thank-you section. You can’t go wrong with a basic bouquet full of blush pink roses or the Hello Sunshine bouquet filled with bright yellow flowers, perfect for gifting to friends. Mixed bouquets start at around $50, increasing in price as more stems are added to the design. You can also send whole plants for the avid gardeners in your life.

Proflowers delivers across the US, Canada, and Internationally. Deliveries are shipped same-day or next-day, depending on when they are ordered.

Do Flowers Make Good Gifts for Thank You Gestures?

Of all the gifts to say thank you, flowers are one of the best. They are a universal gift for almost any occasion, from a simple ‘thanks for the help’ to ‘thanks for being a great friend’.

There are so many flower options to choose from to suit the perfect occasion and to match the recipient. Each flower has a slightly different meaning based on the type and color, allowing you to clearly tailor your thank you message to say exactly what you mean.

When Should I Give Flowers for Thank You Gestures?

Flowers can be given at any time of year to say thank you on any occasion. Try giving them to a host at your next dinner party to thank you for the invitation or to a friend, family member, or colleague in recognition of an act of kindness or gesture you’re grateful for. 

Can I Send Thank You Flowers to Men and Women?

Flowers are lovely thank you gifts for anyone in your life, regardless of gender. Few can dispute the beauty of a flower, especially when the type of flower is tailored to the message you want to send. They, indeed, are the universal gift for any person and any occasion to make someone smile.

Wrapping Up

Flowers are always a suitable thank you gift for any person on any occasion. Choose the ideal flower and color for your meaning to create a truly unique and special gift.

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