About Ovando Floral Studio in New York City

Ovando is a premium, luxury botanical space on the Upper East Side founded by Sandra de Ovando. Sandra was born in Mexico City and brings influences from both Western and Eastern floral design theory to this very upmarket florist. Here, you’ll find an artistically curated collection of contemporary and unique floral arrangements. Expect pristine flowers and foliage across beautifully crafted vase arrangements and exquisite centerpieces. They also cater to weddings, events, and floral installation projects across New York City.

About Ovando Floral Studio in New York City

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Collections & Prices:

Ovando curates a range of floral collections throughout the year that mirror the seasons, key gifting events, and holidays.

Signature arrangements fuse elements of Ikebana with classical European floral design languages to produce an array of bold, creative, and unique floral designs.

In my tests, I was impressed with the wide variety of flowers that feature, from lush peonies and velvet red roses to brilliant white orchids in luxuriously composed glass vase arrangements.

Smaller, individual floral arrangements start from around $130, with options going all the way up to $1,700 or more, if you’re after something truly epic (and your budget accommodates!).

In my experience, this isn’t your everyday floristry studio, but if you’re after something genuinely unique produced by a very creative and artistic team, this might be a lovely option for special floral gifts and eye-catching centerpieces for the home or office.

Weekly and monthly flower subscriptions are also available throughout the year.

Our Highlights:

  • Intriguing and artistic floral designs.
  • A stunning variety of flower arrangements to pick from.
  • Custom bouquets and composed arrangements are available upon request.


  • Closed on weekends.
  • Premium pricing throughout.

Reviews From the Web:

Google Reviews3.8 out of 5 (20 Reviews)
Wedding Wire4.2 out of 5 (13 Reviews)
Facebook4.4 out of 5 (83 Votes)

Local Delivery Options:

A local flower delivery service is available throughout much of New York City, including Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn. Delivery fees from $15 and may vary depending on your location.

It’s worth checking with the studio directly for same-day and expedited local delivery in NYC. Typically, I’d recommend ordering 24 to 48 hours in advance where possible.

Locations and Opening Hours:

1091 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10028, United States

  • Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED


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