Lotus Tattoos: Deep Dive into their Symbolic Stories

In this guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about the meaning and symbolism of lotus flower tattoos. The lotus has long been a sacred and deeply symbolic flower in religions and cultures around the world today. Read on to learn more about what lotus flower tattoos symbolize today.

What Does a Lotus Flower Tattoo Symbolize?

What Does a Lotus Flower Tattoo Symbolize?

What Does a Lotus Flower Tattoo Symbolize?

Regarded by many cultures as sacred, lotus flowers give various meanings and symbolism. They are called the Flower of Life because of their association with the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Moreover, a lotus flower, particularly the pink one, is the national flower of India. 

These aquatic herbaceous perennials sprout up from the bottom of a muddy body of water blooming gracefully atop the water. Meanwhile, the roots are deeply embedded in the mud at the bottom of a lake or other waters. 

This is said to mean emerging from darkness and uncertainty to rising to lightness, beauty, and enlightenment. It’s symbolic of the experience of being human, going through darkness and suffering, so you can gain perspective and find the true meaning of life.

How the Color of Lotus Flower Tattoos Affects Their Meaning and Symbolism 

How the Color of Lotus Flower Tattoos Affects Their Meaning and Symbolism 

Different color lotus flowers are also representative of different things. This can be reflected in different color lotus flower tattoos as well. 

White Lotus Flower Tattoo Meaning:

The white lotus flower tattoo holds the meaning of purity, perfection, and enlightenment. It’s one of the most important color lotus flowers in Buddhism and represents the ultimate goal a person might hold for achieving while on a spiritual journey.

Blue Lotus Flower Tattoo Meaning:

Blue is a favorite color of many people. Opting for a blue lotus flower tattoo has the meaning of controlling one’s compulsions while in control of their spirit. 

Blue lotuses represent intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom as well. At the same time, when their center isn’t fully revealed, as the blue lotus is often not fully open, it symbolizes continuous growth of mind and spirit. 

In Ancient Egypt, the blue lotus flower was associated with celebrating life and a deceased person’s transition to the afterlife.

Red Lotus Tattoo Meaning:

The red lotus flower tattoo symbolizes the heart. It takes on the meaning of love, kindness, passion, and enthusiasm and the belief that both heart and soul should be open at all times. Often, when a person gets a red lotus flower tattoo, the flower is shaped like a heart.

Purple Lotus Tattoo Meaning:

Purple is another popular color of lotus flower tattoos. It boasts a deep connection with ancient Buddhist beliefs and has significant meanings. It represents mysticism, spirituality, and the Noble Eightfold Path.

Pink Lotus Tattoo Meaning:

Pink flowers have long been associated with meanings of love and affection

The pink lotus flower is another very popular choice for lotus flower tattoos. Pink lotus flowers that are depicted with open petals and buds exposed are hailed as symbols of the highest level of enlightenment.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Lotus Flower Tattoos?

Lotus flower tattoos take on spiritual meanings in many different faiths. The white lotus flower tattoo can symbolize whatever religion the person believes in and practices. Most purple lotus flower tattoos represent Buddhism as a whole.

All color tattoos that depict the lotus flower symbolize the path to enlightenment. The white lotus flower tattoo’s spiritual meaning is also often described as a belief in yourself.

Lotus flower tattoos are also believed to represent peace on Earth or even the desire to live a more peaceful life. They can also signify that you wish for peace due to dealing with inner turmoil or being at war, both literally and metaphorically.

Does the Location of a Lotus Flower Tattoo Impact its Meaning?

The location of a lotus flower tattoo may take on different meanings as well. When a tattoo is concentrated on the spine, it’s said to represent balance.

When a lotus flower tattoo is situated on the back of the arm, it’s to show not to the person who has it but to the outside world. This can take on a variety of meanings, such as wanting to be seen and wanting to get attention.

An armband lotus flower tattoo, which sits on the inside of the forearm, signifies a mirroring of sorts. It holds the meaning of balance of wanting to achieve balance.

Wrap Up

Lotus flower tattoos continue to soar in popularity throughout different parts of the world. Just like the flowers carry significant meanings in religion and culture, the tattoos of them mean different things to different people.

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