My Favorite Companion Plants for Monstera

Monstera plants make the perfect addition to any houseplant collection. However, when growing your own urban jungle, pairing the right plants together is important. Monsteras often thrive with several different houseplants, including philodendrons. Here is a list of my favorite companion plants for Monstera. 

My Favorite Companion Plants for Monsteras

1. Pothos 

A variegated pothos plant growing next to a window

Like monsteras, several types of pothos plants make excellent additions to any houseplant collection. Their small, vining heart-shaped leaves look lovely next to the large monstera leaves, creating a wonderful break in your décor. Even better, if you opt for a variegated pothos, like a Marble Queen, you can break up the monotonous greenery that comes with having a Monstera deliciosa.  

Not only does this pair look good together, but they also have very similar needs, adding very little to care to-do list. Like your monstera, your pothos have similar humidity, temperature, and water requirements and need plenty of bright indirect light. 

2. Philodendron

A split leaf philodendron plant growing indoors

I find that the perfect companion plant for monsteras is a philodendron. While both plants share large, lush leaves, the varying shapes complement each other beautifully. My Tree Philodendron (Philodendron bipinnatifidum) thrives next to my pair of Monstera Deliciosas, breaking up the heaving, thick foliage with its softer split leaves. 

Regardless of the type of philodendron you choose, their similar needs make these plants a perfect pair. Both need plenty of indirect sunlight, aren’t fans of wet, moist soil, and thrive in high humidity. 

3. Snake Plant 

Young snake plants and a monstera plant sitting on a white ledge

If you want to step away from soft, lush plants, then a Snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata) might just be perfect. Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, these tall, upright pointed leaves create an interesting contrast when paired with your monstera plants. 

In my experience, both my monsteras and snake plants thrive together. Thanks to their tropical natures, they both enjoy high humidity, have similar watering needs, and do well with a touch of neglect. 

Looking good next to monsteras isn’t the only thing that makes snake plants so wonderful. They also purify the air! Dracaena trifasciata ‘Laurentii’, a variegated variety even made NASA’s list of air-purifying plants in their Clean Air Study.

Follow our Ultimate Guide to Snake Plant Care for more. 

4. Jade Plant

A collection of potted houseplants in white plant pots featuring a monstera and a jade plant

Another excellent companion plant for monstera is a jade plant. Like the snake plant, jade plants create a great contrast to the large, fenestrated monstera leaves. With the proper care and environment, these pebble-like succulents can grow to about 6 feet tall. 

Unlike other succulents, jade plants can do well indoors in indirect sunlight. As long as they get several hours of bright light during the day. 

But you won’t need to fuss over these plants, which enjoy drought-like conditions. This makes a jade plant a great, low-maintenance companion for your monsteras. Jade plants also offer several benefits, like improving air quality and fostering positive feng shui. 

5. Spider Plant 

A vibrant yellow and green spider plant growing indoors

Spider plants add a unique flare to your indoor jungle. The thin arching foliage of spider plants complements the monstera’s large leaves, creating a soft but different visual texture. 

Most types of Spider plants are extremely low maintenance, needing water only when the soil has dried out and plenty of indirect sunlight. The similar needs of spider plants and monsteras make them even greater companions. 

Thanks to their easy-going nature, if you’re a newer plant parent, a spider plant might just be the perfect new addition to your growing collection. 

6. Rubber Plant 

A collection of houseplants including rubber plants and monstera plants

No houseplant collection is complete without a rubber tree (Ficus elastica). These tropical trees create the ultimate jungle-like feel, especially with their large, shiny leaves. The rubber plant leaves’ unique shape contrasts wonderfully with your monstera’s lush leafiness. 

While indoor trees can seem challenging, rubber plants are as low maintenance as monsteras and have similar needs.  Read our ultimate guide to rubber tree plant care for more!

7. Peperomia

A watermelon peperomia plant growing indoors

If your monstera plant is near a window (preferably south-facing) and you feel like you need something extra in that space, consider a peperomia! While they’re on the smaller side, these little plants have sweet, fleshy leaves that come in various textures and patterns that stand out well next to the monstera. 

Like their new large, lush friends, most types of Peperomia are sensitive to overwatering, so you won’t need to change your care-chore list too much!

8. String Of Pearls

A string of pearls succulent plant in a hanging planter with cascading pearl-like foliage

The trailing succulent String of Pearls adds a unique dimension to monstera’s foliage. When hanging above your monstera, the round, spherical leaves add an eye-catching decorative feel to your home. The trailing vines can reach about 2-3 feet long, reaching the tips of your monstera, which can grow as tall as 15 feet (depending on the monstera variety). 

String of pearls, like monsteras, do best in bright, indirect light, near a south-facing window. But, thanks to them being succulents, these stunning little vining plants won’t need much too much water, making it even easier to care for.

For more, see our complete string of pearls plant care guide

Wrapping up

Pairing these companion plants with Monstera not only enhances your indoor greenery but also creates a thriving ecosystem. Remember to consider each plant’s specific needs while ensuring they complement each other’s growth habits and aesthetics.

For more information on how to build your indoor jungle, take a look at our guide to the best houseplants for small apartments.

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