The Meaning & Symbolism of Birth Flowers in June

For those in the northern hemisphere, June marks the onset of summer and an abundant time for all sorts of beautiful flowers. Officially, the birth flowers synonymous with this calendar month are roses and honeysuckles. Here we’ll take you through everything you need to know about the history and origins of June birth flowers, their meaning and symbolism, and other popular gifting flowers in season this month.

The Official Birth Flower Calendar:

Month:Birth Flower:Meanings & Symbolism:
January:Carnations & SnowdropPink Carnations (love and appreciation), White Carnations (luck, love, and affection, Red Carnations (love and friendship). Snowdrop (hope and rebirth).
February:Violet, Iris and PrimroseViolets (faithful love, truth, loyalty, humility), Iris (hope, faith, passion, purity, and innocence), Primrose (affection, young love, undying affection)
March:DaffodilsDaffodils (new beginnings, faithfulness, luck, prosperity, and hope)
April:Daisy & Sweet PeaDaisy (purity, love, new beginnings, fertility, and motherhood). Sweet Pea (blissful pleasure, gratitude).
May:Lily of the Valley & HawthornLily of the Valley (romance, luck, happiness, purity, humility). Hawthorn (hope, love, beauty, fertility, and supreme happiness).
June:Roses & HoneysuckleRoses (love, passion, romance, purity, gratitude). Honeysuckle (happiness and eternal love).
July:Larkspur & Water LilyLarkspur (happiness, love); Water Lily (enlightenment, resurrection, purity, beauty, creation).
August:Gladiolus & PoppyGladiolus (integrity, honor, respect); Poppy (remembrance, prosperity, enchantment, sympathy).
September:Aster & Morning GloryAster (faith, love, achievement, and wisdom); Morning Glory (affection, intimate love, patience).
October:Marigolds & CosmosMarigolds (devotion, commitment); Cosmos (harmony, love, innocence, beauty, modesty, joy, and balance). 
November:Chrysanthemum & PeoniesChrysanthemum (friendship, love); Peonies (romance, prosperity, good fortune, honor, and compassion)
December:Narcissus, Poinsettia, and Holly,Narcissus (innocence and purity); Poinsettia (success, celebration); Holly (happiness and optimism).

Official Birth Flower for June: The Rose

June Birth Flower Roses

Roses, otherwise dubbed as “The Queen of Flowers,” are undoubtedly one of the most popular and most loved flowers across the globe. A plethora of colors and types are available for this famed cut flower, and even artificial roses have gained popularity and high marketability. 

History and Name Origin of Roses

Did you know that roses have been in cultivation for so long? In fact, according to fossil evidence, this woody flowering perennial is 35 million years old. A widely cultivated genus, Rosa has around 150 species grown throughout the world. Its first cultivation roots back in China, Japan, and the rest of Central Asia about 5,000 years ago. 

Roses tell many exciting stories about the flower’s history. In Greek mythology, roses are believed to have been created by the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, from her tears and Adonis’ blood. In Ancient times, the queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, wanted to be associated with the smell of roses that she used the flowers in public appearances and once filled the bed with petals of roses on her wedding night. 

The name of this plant originated from the Latin word rosa, which referred to the flower itself.  

Meanings and Symbolism of a Rose Flower

You see them everywhere, particularly on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or birthdays. It’s the flower that many people consider when thinking of gifting flowers. Because, why not? Rose will not be traditionally known as the “flower of love” for nothing. 

The June birth flower rose has many meanings and symbolism.  

Also recognized as the 15th wedding anniversary flower, a rose makes a versatile gift for different occasions. The famed cut flower conveys varying messages depending on its color. 

While red roses are perhaps the most famous expression of love, passion, and romance, white roses, on the other hand, signify humility, purity, innocence, and new beginnings. A suitable Thank You gift is a pink rose since it represents admiration, appreciation, and gratitude. It is also a symbol of happiness.   

Like other yellow flowers, a yellow rose symbolizes joy and friendship. Although giving it may also indicate jealousy. Orange roses are widely available, too, and they represent desire and enthusiasm

Also, the rose is the national floral emblem of the United States. 

Buying Tips for June Birthday Flowers: Roses 

Do you want to send roses as a gift but not too sure how to get the best ones? Here’s the key: pick fresh roses. But how? Here’s a quick guide that’s worth noting. 

  • Avoid making a mistake of buying roses that have been at the flower shop for so long. Pick the ones with crisp and firm petals as these are a good indication of freshness. 
  • Do not pick roses in full bloom. As much as possible, select roses with buds that have not opened yet and mix them with opened buds. Doing so will ensure different bloom phases. 
  • Pick roses with strong, long stems and green, healthy leaves. These roses are long-lasting. 

Roses typically last at least a week in a vase, and could even last longer with proper cut flower care and maintenance. Using flower food, changing out the water regularly, cutting the stems, and pruning are some of the ways to prolong a rose flower’s vase life. 

Official Birth Flowers for June: The Honeysuckle:

Honeysuckle June Birth Flower

Honeysuckle is the other birth flower for June. Though not as popular as roses, honeysuckle flowers and vines also suit bouquets and floral arrangements. The flowers have different colors, which vary from white to yellow, pink, and red. They are fragrant and attract pollinators such as butterflies and hummingbirds. 

This June birth flower symbolizes happiness and eternal love. It also represents sweetness, which roots back to the flower’s sweet nectar. 

We have been saying that roses and honeysuckles are the official birth flowers for June. But let’s make this clear: they are not the only options. There are lots of beautiful flowers that also bloom in June, so you have plenty of choices. Here are some of them:


Peony Flower Delivery in New York City

Peonies are sun-loving perennials that gained popularity because of their attractive blooms. Their flowers are large, fragrant, and come in a wide range of colors and types. The double-type peonies, in particular, make excellent cut flowers. 


Lilies June Birthday Flowers

Lilies, popular for bouquets and floral arrangements, are recognized as the 30th Anniversary flower. The lovely flowers bloom just in time for summer and hold several meanings. Generally, lilies are a symbol of devotion, purity, and humility. They also symbolize motherhood, rebirth, and good luck. 


Chrysanthemums birthday flowers for June

Chrysanthemums or mums are one of the best gifting flowers since they suit various occasions. Known as the birth flower for November, these blooms signify lots of positive emotions. They are a symbol of happiness, loyalty, cheerfulness, joy, and love.

Petal Republic’s Flower Guides:

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