Best Photos of the Week: March 15th, 2024

Explore a collection of our favorite photographs and digital art from the world of botany, floristry, and nature this week.

Photos of the week March 15th 2024

1) Bright and Bold Pansy Flowers

Colorful hybrid pansy flowers growing in a garden under the warm sun.

Colorful pansy flowers growing in a garden

2) Zinnia Gardens in Bloom

A beautiful collection of vibrant red, yellow, and pink zinnias in a summer garden.

Red zinnia flowers in bloom

3) Serene Hydrangeas

Brilliant white hydrangea bushes flowering in a traditional Japanese garden.

White blooming hydrangea flowers in a Japanese garden

4) The Pink House

Plumes of flowering pink rose pushes bloom in the front yard of an old house.

Pink roses adorn the front yard of a home

5) The Wild Garden

A summer garden in full bloom with tulips and colorful wildflowers.

Colorful wildflowers growing in a spring woodland

6) Summer Meadows

A wild summer meadow against a blue sky with scattered clouds.

An array of summer wildflowers in bloom against a blue sky with scattered clouds

7) The Gentle Stream

Pink and yellow wildflowers grow next to a quiet stream.

Yellow and pink spring flowers growing next to a stream

8) The Yellow House

A lovely old home and garden filled with a beautiful collection of yellow flowers.

A beautiful old house with plumes of yellow flowers adorning the walls of the home and garden

9) Country Life

A large mature tree overlooks a spring field in bloom, carpeted with low-growing daisies.

A large mature tree in a country meadow with small white wildflowers in bloom

10) Vintage Floral Designs

A wild and ethereal floral design featuring fresh-cut wildflowers and foliage.

A vintage wildflower floral arrangement featuring various flower types in shades of pink and yellow

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